Legend of the Digimon Queen

  Intro: Here's something entirely new, a fantasy/romance story. It's rukato of course, and this one's pretty twisted. Ruki cannot feel love or regret, at least she doesn't think so. To make life a little more exciting, she has a secret, and Takato wants to uncover it, and he's got a crush on her!

BlackGatomon: And then we add in a plot twist to make you all scream at us for the cliffhangers!

-_-;;; Indeed. Here's my disclaimer as usual: I don't own anything except maybe the plotline… but eh you never know.

Italics- Thoughts and Memories

Bold- Actions and Important stuff! (like 'shoom')

                                                      ****Chapter 1****


        "Earth to Takato!" cried Lee Jenrya, trying to get his friend's attention. Too late, Matsuki Takato was already gone from the earth, watching something behind Lee. Lee waved a hand in front of his face. "Takato!!"

  Takato blinked, startled. "Nani?"

   "You were in dreamland again," sighed Lee. "It's your turn."

  "Huh? Oh right!" Takato smiled sheepishly and put down his next card, which wasn't a very good one. Lee shook his head. "What are you looking at Takato?"

  Takato had resumed watching something through the peephole in the purple dinosaur they played in. They were playing the Digimon Card game, as usual. It was September and school had resumed; September meant cool breezes and freezing nights, new beginnings. Leaves skittered across the walkways and streets as breezes blew by, rousing them from their places and sending them into the wind. Shinjuku was always so lovely in September.

  However, that was not what Takato was looking at, not at all. Something else that captured Takato's attention, and that's pretty good considering he's got a pretty small attention span.

  Lee turned to see what Takato was looking at, and just got a glimpse of it before it was little too far to the left to see. Takato could still watch it though. Lee smiled thoughtfully. "You're looking at the Makino girl right?"


    A week ago someone new had moved into the Shinjuku district, in the deserted mansion hidden by townhouses. The family was pretty famous, Ms. Makino was a super model that had gotten a better job in little Shinjuku. The woman was gorgeous, and she had a daughter too, to most equally beautiful. That was the thing. The daughter was nicknamed the Digimon Queen, one of the best card players in all of Japan, winning many tournaments and only defeated once, by a boy who had disappeared after the tournament.

   The girl's skin was eerily white and seemed to glow against the colorful background of Shinjuku. Her eyes were violet and serene, her hair a gentle red, streaked with gold highlights and pulled up in a spiked ponytail. She wore a black leather jacket, and just barely visible under it was a broken heart T-shirt. She wore jeans and a belt, and clipped to her belt was a D-arc, a blue one.

   "I win Takato," said Lee, making Takato jump. Lee laughed a little and Ruki disappeared from view. Takato looked back at Lee. "You did?"

  "Hai," said Lee. "You were daydreaming again, about Ruki."

  "Oh…" said Takato, for that was all he could say. Ruki fascinated him in more ways than one, and whenever she passed Takato would pause to watch her go by. She was a tamer, just like him, he had seen her digimon, the equally mysterious Renamon.

  Lee jumped down out of the dinosaur. "Come on Takato, it's getting late, and we need to patrol."

  Takato jumped down. "All right. Hey, Jen?"

  "Call me Lee, Takato. I don't like Jenrya…"

   "Fine, Lee. Do you think… do you think we'll see her?"

   Lee shrugged. "I don't know Takato. She's really distant and unpredictable, plus she's creepy. You never know, she could be the enemy."

   Takato shook his head. She'll never be the enemy…

   Lee pursed his lips and smiled. "You know what Takato? I think you like her."

   Takato jumped a little, eyes wide. "N-no! Of course not!" Lee laughed at his excuse, he already knew the real answer. "Whatever you say Goggle boy."

   Takato stopped. That was her name for him… He had run into her only once before, a dark night when he was patrolling the city, looking for any sign of a wild one. That was the closet he had ever seen her…

    Guilmon by his side, he wandered the streets of Shinjuku. "Pretty quiet tonight huh Guilmon?"

  "Yea," said his dino friend, slightly shivering as a cold wind passed. "I guess no more digimon want to come and play anymore…"

  Takato laughed. "Maybe so…"

   They continued walking through the streets. It was pretty quiet, occasionally a car would wiz by, lights slicing through the darkness. The street lamps gave off a gentle glow so you could see the walkway before you, but other than that it was cold and dark in the park. Takato walked with Guilmon back to Guilmon's shed, where Takato kept him during the weekdays.

  Suddenly, Guilmon stopped in the glowing light of a streetlight a few paces forward. Takato stopped a little after him, turning to ask, "What is it boy?"

  Guilmon's eyes went viral. "Something's following us."

  Takato whirled around behind him, but nothing was there. He chuckled nervously. "You're hearing things. Come on."

  "No," said Guilmon, still rooted, eyes narrowed and watching carefully. "I'm sure of it…"

  Takato jumped behind Guilmon and shuddered. "Is it friendly?"

  "Maybe…" Guilmon murmured, barely a whisper. The harsh wind blew, knocking the heat from Takato's body, leaving him shivering. After the wind came silence, the whole city seemed dead.

   Takato shuddered as he clung to his digimon, frozen in place in the world of silence. He had never seen the city so dead before, not even the stars twinkled above them.

  Shp, shp, shp.

  Footsteps. Soft, slow footsteps, heading toward them. Takato's blood ran cold. "Guilmon what's that?"

   Something fast leapt from tree to tree, following the footsteps. The owner of them suddenly came into view as a dark shadow. Then something tall and graceful, with pointed ears, leapt onto the top of the streetlight, silhouetted by the moonlight. Takato braced himself. "Who are you?"

  The shadow paused in front of him, shrouded in the darkness of the wall. Slowly, it stepped into the streetlight where he stood, and Takato gasped. "Ruki?"

  Ruki stood, a serene expression on her face. She smelled lightly of violets, the wind ruffling her hair gracefully, and her skin glowing in such a way that you would think she was a ghost. "Do not get in my way goggle boy," she said, her voice soft and harsh at the time, her breath swirling in little clouds and disintegrating softly. The silhouette from the top of the streetlight landed softly behind her. She did not flinch. "You are in way over your head, it could be dangerous…"

  "I…" Takato had no voice. He was spellbound by her mysterious aura, speechless as she brushed past him softly and walked off, the yellow fox following her. Guilmon growled softly as she left, not at all moved by her coldness.

  Things resumed around Takato, cars rushed past once more, and the wind blew its mournful song. Ruki was gone, although Takato would have loved to follow her. Next time, he assured himself, he would follow her, and learn all about her, whether she liked it or not…

   "Takato! You're spacing out again!!" Lee cried, shaking Takato. Lee sighed, "Geez, I mention Ruki and you go off into dreamland again…"

  "Maybe that could be used to our advantage!" said Terriermon, grinning. Takato put his hands on his hips. "Hey!!"

  "Hey Chumly!!" cried Hirokazu, jogging up to catch up with them, Kenta running along at a much slower pace behind him. "Are you two talking about the Digimon Queen?"

    Lee nodded; Takato shook his head. Hirokazu laughed. "She's awesome! I'd like to fight her one day… maybe even beat her!"

  "In your dreams Hiro…" panted Kenta, catching up to them. "I heard only Akiyama Ryo was the one who actually beat her!!"

   "Really?" said Takato, interested. "What happened? How did she react?"

   Kenta adjusted his glasses, glad he was in the conversation. "No one knows except those who witnessed it, but they aren't talking, they only say it was amazing! The thing is, after he beat her, he disappeared. No one knows where he went to, but he's been gone for the past 3 years or so…"

   "Wow…" said Lee. "I wonder what happened?"

   Hirokazu shuddered, but not from the wind. "We've heard from a lot of people about his disappearance… they say that she… killed him." Kenta gulped, glasses lopsided on his face. "She's not exactly a great loser is she?"

  "She wouldn't do that!" Takato blurted out. Takato blushed as his face dawned realization and stuttered. "That's too harsh… I mean…"

   Hirokazu had a smug grin on his face. "And how would you know Chumly?"
    Takato hung his head. "I-I met her once…"

    The two boys eyes went as wide as dish plates. Kenta was totally speechless, and Hirokazu gasped. "Seriously?! Where was I?"

  "A few days ago… she told me to stay out of her way, it's dangerous…" said Takato. He had already told Lee, and he stood calmly as the two went ballistic. "Really?! It's a warning… maybe she doesn't want you to get hurt… or maybe something's coming, like a friendly warning to another tamer!! Dude that is so cool!!" exclaimed Hirokazu. Kenta was equally excited. "Yea!"

   Takato blushed. "Y-you think so?"
  "I mean think about it," said Hirokazu, putting his hands behind his head. "Maybe she likes you…" Hirokazu grinned. "Ah, whatever. Come on Kenta, let's go!"

  The two ran off, leaving Lee thinking and Takato blushing. "I wonder Takato… was it a sign of courtship… or is she really trying to tell us something?"

  "She told me to get out of the way," said Takato. "Maybe she wants to crush whatever's coming on her own…"

    Guilmon stared out into the distance. Whatever she wants or knows isn't good… I can feel it…


   Creepy eh? Momentai, the next chapter will be out soon! Rukato Itsumademo!!