Legend of the Digimon Queen

Intro: School is murder, which is pretty much why this wasn't out sooner. But now we're back and ready with the final chapter of our pretty odd story.

BlackGatomon: Oh she did appear in the 4th season? Good. That means we're doing well. And by the way, the picture we saw online she had red hair, so as far as we know she's red haired. But if she's blond on the show then we have no idea.

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Bold- actions, important stuff

Italics- thoughts, memories

                                                *****Chapter 6****

     With a smug grin plastered on the black bullet bunny's face, MegaGargomon soared toward them, gun pointed and ready to fire. Ophanimon grabbed Takato at the last second before the huge gun blasted the shield to smithereens. Takato stared in shock while Taomon desperately tried to create a new shield for them. His gape soon turned to horror when Ophanimon tapped his shoulder and showed him Guilmon.

   Guilmon was a bloody wreck, his chest looked as if it had exploded, blood still dribbling down his motionless sides. Takato's lip trembled, not knowing whether to scream or cry… or both. Ophanimon watched him as he reached out to touch his dead partner, shaking uncontrollably. "Guh-Guilmon?"

   Tears slid down his cheeks. "Guilmon…" that was all he could say. No words came to him as he trembled from head to toe, trying extremely hard not to break into hysterical tears. "My… my partner…" Takatomon! Guilmon's voice echoed through his head so clearly, yet here his pal lie, motionless and bloody. Takato had to bite his lip to keep from crying so hard it bled. Ophanimon embraced the shaken Tamer. "I shouldn't have brought you back so soon… not to all this grief…"

   Takato just buried his face in her slender figure and began to cry. Ophanimon shaded him with her golden wings and he looked up. "Can't you bring him back?"

   "He was your creation, a new digimon, a guardian. I cannot bring back an all new digimon a human created… besides, his soul lies in Daemon…" Her own face was moistened with tears. "But he is not the only thing that has died…"

   Takato turned to see Taomon collapse at the foot of the enormous mega. Suddenly something occurred to him that had never hit him before. He looked over his friend, who was holding his gun to Taomon's chest. MegaGargomon's armor had turned pitch black, his eyes now fiendishly red. The grin plastered on his face, it wasn't pride… it was almost zombie like. His eyes widened. "Lee! Terriermon!!"

   MegaGargomon didn't even look up. Ophanimon grasped his shoulders. "That is not Lee… Lee and Terriermon are dead…"

   Takato stared in disbelief at the monster before him. What happened to you? Oh god… Lee… Ophanimon's grip tightened slightly. "Daemon got hold of their souls too… before you here stands BlackMegaGargomon…"

    Takato looked from Guilmon's lifeless body to Lee and Terriermon's huge zombie form. He clapped his hands over his ears and screamed. This cannot be! Lee, Terriermon, Guilmon! You can't leave me, not now! NO!

   Surprisingly, the whole area began to shake, causing BlackMegaGargomon to lose his footing and collapse on the ground. Takato couldn't take it, and to keep his sanity he turned back to Guilmon, trying his hardest to bring him back to life. "Guilmon please, I need you now more than anything…" He shut his eyes and memories of Megidramon flashed through his mind. "I swore if anything ever happened to you like that I'd kill myself…"

   He gripped Guilmon's huge paw in his hand. "Gomenasai Guilmon…" And with that he laid his head on his friend's dismembered body and cried. Ophanimon and Taomon fended BlackMegaGargomon off, while Takato cried, vision blurring. He'd lost everything; his friends, his only love, and now his own partner, all to a demon trying to take Ophanimon to her death sentence. If he had been told earlier that this would happen, he would've laughed, but this was serious. All his allies had fallen…

   Through blurred vision he squinted and made out Daemon advancing toward him. There was a din of sounds coming from all directions, most cries of "Watch out!" But he didn't hear them. He stared through his colored world at his enemy with pure hatred. "You will not win… you will never win… I won't let you carry out this injustice… I swear over Guilmon's body I won't!"

    "Such strong words for such a little boy… your death will be swift, you won't feel a thing…" Daemon, cackling madly, reached toward Takato's chest. Takato threw his energy into it and socked Daemon right in the stomach. Daemon reeled backward in real pain, a sudden terror in his eyes. "You…"

   Takato stared at him and his vision cleared. Daemon was staring at him in terror, crippled against the wall. Puzzled, Takato looked around himself and found he was glowing. "What the?!" Takato glanced around him, all had ceased fighting to stare at him as he drifted up into the air. His gaze turned to his hands, which were now fully golden in color.

   Daemon screamed in pain as he erupted in light, 3 glowing balls of light shooting out of him like bullets. Ophanimon had shot an attack right at him to release the spirits. Two zoomed toward BlackMegaGargomon, whose armor turned back to its greenish color, eyes cleared. The last one slammed right into Guilmon's body, healing his wounds and opening his eyes.

   Takato had no idea what had just happened but he had no time to dwell on it. His head split with pain and his vision clouded again. Something was trying desperately to get out of his body. Doubled over in the air, his body erupted in gold light. Ophanimon recognized it and beamed with happiness. "Seraphimon-kun!"

    Takato's body grew three times its size, his clothing replaced with body armor. Erupting from his back came glorious wings, and to his hand a staff. He no longer remembered himself as Matsuki Takato, he was now Seraphimon: Guardian of Justice.

    Daemon screamed. "TWO?!! How did you get here?!!!!"
 Seraphimon smiled. "When she went into hiding, I went with her, but sealed the memory of my existence within the boy. He had no knowledge of possessing great power. Besides… Ophanimon is my love, I could not live knowing she was in peril."

   Terriermon and Lee de-digivolved from MegaGargomon. "So let me get this straight, you two lovebirds are Guardians of the Digimon Kingdom?! And what are we, chopped liver?!!!"

   Ophanimon rose to her lover and smiled down at Lee. "I think your friend knows…"

    Lee looked at her quizzically. "I do?"

  The two angels pointed their staffs at Lee and blasted him. Terriermon screamed, "What did you do that for?! You just killed my tamer!!!"

   "Not quite…" said a booming voice behind him. The lop-headed bunny whirled around to face a much bigger version of himself, Kerpymon!

     Terriermon fainted. Kerpymon stooped down and sighed. "I don't think he'll ever get over this…" He turned to Seraphimon and Ophanimon. "What do you say we blast little demon boy over there?" Daemon shrunk back utterly afraid of the towering guardians. He had come to bring Ophanimon back to her escaped cage, not face off with all three guardians!

   But suddenly a smirk drew across Daemon's face. "You haven't won yet Tamers/Guardians!!" Quick as can be he shot a beam at Kerpymon, who had no idea what he was doing and did nothing to stop it.

  The beam struck his chest and something very odd happened. Kerpymon suddenly went from bright white to a navy blue. He grew thrice his normal size, which was already huge enough, and his eyes turned yellow, his smile turned upside down. Seraphimon's eyes widened. "Kerpymon?"

   "That's not Kerpymon…" cried Ophanimon, pushing Seraphimon out of the way just as the now powerful Cherubimon shot a beam at her.

   Seraphimon collided with the soft earth, but he did not feel Ophanimon pressed against his body. He looked up in distress to see Ophanimon illuminated in the dark light of the beam, her figure flickering. "NO!"

    Ophanimon screamed and vanished right before his eyes. Seraphimon screamed and turned to face his old friend. "Kerpymon! It's me! Seraphimon! I'm your friend!!"

   Daemon cackled as he stood, perched on Cherubimon's shoulder. A huge cage appeared in Cherubimon's hand. "And here's your sweet love, Seraphimon! Momentai, she is safe with me! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

   Seraphimon stared at them in shock. "Kerpymon…" He stared into Cherubimon's glittering yellow eyes. Those were not his friend's eyes; Seraphimon realized Kerpymon was gone. "My friend…"

   Seraphimon stood motionless as his eyes moved over to Ophanimon. His face was moistened in tears. "Ophanimon…"

   Ophanimon was cramped in the cage like a falcon in a canary's cage. She was crying, and he longed to reach out and touch her. After all they had been through, as Takato and she as Ruki, they had rediscovered their love. He couldn't bear it, Daemon's master was going to take over the Digimon World, and without his two partners in tune with him, it would never be restored.

    WarGrowlmon came to his side. "Seraphimon… I found you D-arc." He extended his claw to show the golden D-arc, and around the ring were the markings of the ten warriors of the world. There was a ray of hope, the armor of the warriors could help them win this war. Seraphimon grinned broadly and hugged his dear friend. "Round up Renamon and Terriermon and take them to my realm. Tell them to get the two messengers: Bokomon and Neemon. Send them to the train station. I will do the rest."

   WarGrowlmon nodded. "Anything you say Takatomon."

  Seraphimon smiled and watched his digimon and the other two guardians disappear to his realm. Then he turned back to business and realized Cherubimon was preparing to attack. "Oh no you don't…"

   Seraphimon raised his lance over his D-arc, murmuring something in the tongue the scriptures were written. "Release the ten warriors armors and save our world!"

   Cherubimon ran at him, Seraphimon only had a few seconds. After murmuring the specified prayer, right as Cherubimon was about to grab him and destroy him, he pushed his lance down right in the center of his D-arc, and the golden symbols illuminated in light and rose up. In a pillar of light Seraphimon was taken up into the sky. He put his hands together. "The tamers will be reborn… and they will find happiness not knowing their digital counterparts. They will fend off the D-Reaper, the menace to the world in the past!"

    Cherubimon roared in anger and began to fire his attack. Seraphimon's eyes raced over to Ophanimon, and their eyes met. "I love you…" they whispered to each other. She nodded and he swept his staff around him, causing a wave of light to encase everything…

    My sweet love,

   Our human counterparts will be reborn…

  They will find peace, love, and happiness with each other…

 And delete the prelude to the Civil War!

 And our human counterparts…

Matsuki Takato…

Makino Ruki…

They will be destined for each other, like you and I…

So in these humans we will find

Sweet love, happiness, and our friends…

But here, in the future, we will be troubled…

But not for long…

Although our partner is corrupt

And you captured

I will not give up the hope that

Our warrior armors reach humans that can use them

And they have a great destiny too

They can heal Kerpymon

And restore peace to our land!


Our love can transcend time

I will never forget you

And I will always love you…

That is the Prelude to Digimon Frontier…

Me: You like? Gomenasai if it's a little whacked, but this is kinda what I've been planning all along. We hope you enjoyed it. None of this is actually true, as this is a fanfiction, but if you think about it hard enough, it does seem to make sense doesn't it?

BlackGatomon: We didn't really know if the mark of the ten warriors is on Takato's D-arc but we can stretch the truth a bit if it wasn't can't we? R+R Rukato Itsumademo! Oh, and stay tuned for our Holiday Rukato story, featuring Rukato, Lee/Juri, and slight Ryuki!

Me: If there's anything you don't understand e-mail me and I'll see if I can explain it better cause this is pretty confusing.