AU - What If?

Chapter 1: The Best Decision

Sirius dodged a stunning curse that was shot by a death eater he was dueling. He returned with a pain curse, hitting the death eater in the hand. The death eater, with a cry of pain dropped his wand.

"Accio!" yelled Sirius, pointing his wand at the death eaters. The death eater made a lunge for his wand, but to no avail, it ended its flight in Sirius's hand. The death eater raised his hands in surrender and knelt down on the ground. Sirius, careful not to be taken off his guard moved in slowly. "Stupe -" he began, but the death eater flung a knife out at Sirius, who didn't completely avoid it. The knife slashed his shoulder, leaving a long gash. Sirius, looking back at the death eater dodged again to the side as he saw that the death eater had taken out a second wand.

'What the - where did he get that?' thought Sirius, who dodged a burning curse. The duel became more and more intense, the spells more and more difficult until, "Ava -." But Sirius was quicker.

"Avada Kedavra," he yelled. The jet of green light shot out from Sirius' wand and struck the death eater directly in the chest. He fell down lifeless. Sirius took a deep breath, he hated to use that curse, it felt terrible to take a life, even from one so undeserving of life.

Slowly, Sirius walked over to the death eater. He knew the man was dead, but still, he didn't want to take any chances. Slowly he turned the man over, he had to see who it was he had killed. Slowly, he unmasked the unknown death eater, who suddenly wasn't anonymous.

"NO!" shouted Sirius to the heavens as he stared into the expressionless eyes of Peter Pettigrew. Immediately Sirius apparated as close as he could to the apparation barrier around Godric's Hollow, and grabbed his black motorcycle that was there for quick transport. He pushed the cycle to its limit as he flew over muggle houses uncaring. He got closer and closer to his goal when all strength failed him. Smoke could be seen milling in the sky from the burning ashes which had once been Godric's Hollow. Sirius began to cry, 'How could you Peter? How could you? James trusted you, loved you like a brother. How could you?'

He was about to turn around and leave when he heard something. 'Crying?' he thought, 'surely not, Harry?' He flew his motorcycle at full speed before landing in the front yard. There he saw Harry crying on the ground, Lily, dead lying next to him. Sirius scooped up the crying Harry from the ground and stared one last time into Lily's beautiful green eyes before he turned away. As he walked back towards his cycle he heard movement to his left. Instantly he had his wand out, what he saw however, made him put Harry down and run over to where the noise had come from. Something was moving under a fallen side of the house. Sirius levitated the fallen wall off of its victim and stared down at James. He dropped the wall to the side and knelt down next to his best friend who stared up at him through half-glazed eyes. "James."

"Sirius," James coughed out, "Sirius - I want you - to take Harry."

"No James, you're gonna be alright."

"Sirius listen to me! Take Harry, raise him as your own. They - they will come after you Sirius. They don't know, that Peter - that Peter was the secret-keeper."

"James no -"

"Sirius, take my wand," he handed Sirius his wand. "You know what Harry is, what he is capable of. See to it that he learns from you, everything Sirius. Teach him everything. I - I'm afraid I won't be around much - much longer now." Sirius reached down and put his hand over James' head trying to comfort his friend. "Just let me - let me see Harry one last time."

Sirius, crying now, quickly went back to where he had laid Harry and brought him over to James, who was obviously dying from the wounds he had received fighting Voldemort. Harry stopped crying as he was lowered to James' hands and smiled at his father, who smiled back. James placed a kiss on Harry's forehead, "I love you Harry. Your mother and I both love you we will always love you. Remember that." Turning to Sirius he handed Harry back and said, "Thank you - my friend." Then James' eyes misted over and Sirius was left holding his body, crying with Harry.

Soon another sound was heard though that brought Sirius out of his sorrow. People were running, running closer. They were yelling orders. 'Aurors,' was Sirius' only thought before he took off to where he had hidden his cycle. He got on it and flew away, spells shooting after him. Sirius kept flying past the apparation barrier. He had to get to where he left Peter's body. He had to prove his innocence. He had to do this to raise Harry. He flew for hours and he neared the place where he had dueled Peter. Reaching the clearing he lowered the motorcycle and scanned the clearing. Peter's body was gone, and with it his only chance of innocence.

Sirius was becoming frantic now, where could he go, what could he do. He had nothing, except his wand, his motorcycle, the clothes on his back, and Harry. Harry, that is what Sirius would live for, and he realized that he needed to move. Get out of England entirely. He needed to get away. Grabbing Harry up he took off towards Diagon Alley. He needed materials, and quickly before news got out. Parking his motorcycle outside of The Leaky Cauldron, he rushed through the inn and into Diagon Alley. His first stop was at Gringott's, where he took all of his money out of his vault and putting it all into a trunk, shrunk it. Then he made some stops at the apothecary, Flourish and Blotts, the bookstore, the clothing store, and the food shop. After getting all of the materials needed he ran back to his motorcycle and took off with Harry.

He flew for days, over the English Channel, over the France, and into the forests of Germany, where the secret Potter estate was located. The place of untraceable, unmappable, and invisible. There were repelling charms all around for beasts and humans alike, and only the master of the house could dictate who could be let in. The only master left was Harry, Sirius had been given permission by James long ago. This is where he planned to stay. This is where he would raise Harry.

As he entered the house with Harry, Sirius looked around. The house was spotless, as it always was. The decorations were elaborate and at the same time homey. There were rugs adorning the floors and tapestries blazoning the walls. James knew that the upstairs, and downstairs would be in a similar condition. The potion lab would be clean, the dueling room organized, and the library cataloged. It all happened automatically, magically. The entire house was run by magic. 'We will be safe here,' Sirius thought, 'Safe here away from all the world,' he added somewhat dismally. 'I sure hope that his library has books on how to raise a child.' Harry took that time to wake and begin to cry yet again.

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