High School - When they first met

It was Kim's first day at Seaford High and she was nervous. She had moved half way across the country because her dad got a job opportunity that he couldn't resist considering he's a single father to 4 children. Kim was the second oldest out of all her siblings. Her older brother Kyle is starting college, her little brother Matt is in the 8th grade and her youngest sister Beth is in grade 4 this year. She always felt sorry and guilty for her dad. He would always work crazy hours every day to make sure his family has happy even though he was miserable after his ex wife just picked up her bags and left them. It was honestly better for the family in general but he was suffering. Kim always thought she had it pretty good. Amazing house, nice supportive and caring family, she had nice clothes and stuff and she got to do her passion, martial arts.

As Kim walked into her new school for the next two years, she stayed quiet and managed to get to the administrations office unnoticeable. Except for two brown eyes that followed her down all the way to her destination. These eyes belonged to an unknown classmate, Jack. He wasn't the most popular guy at school but he wasn't a nerd, he was average compared to everyone at the school that took a small glance at him (except for his impeccable muscular structure).

Kim finally received her class schedule and locker code and started heading towards her locker head down studying her schedule when slam. Everything was dropped out of her hands as she ran into someone. Apologises we're being thrown around between the two but as Kim and Jack we're picking up her chemistry book, their hands touched and electricity went up through their arms. They both looked up into each other's eyes.