Welcome everyone to a special story I've wanted to make involving the "Batman Arkham" games. They are all awesome and I am looking forward to "Batman: Arkham Knight", which is coming out this year in the Fall I also decided to pair these women up with OCs because it goes well with the idea I have. How they got with these women will be explained in prequels, but for now I'm just focusing on this.

So anyways I want to thank my friends who I ran this story by, I appreciate it guys. Now, let's go with the disclaimer since I'm sure many aren't reading this part of the story. I don't own anything from the DC universe just my OC and I won't be adding a lot of stuff from Arkham. Just focusing on the main characters and now let the new story begin.


Washington, D.C. (December 23st, 2004)

Christmas is coming to the capitol of the United States, as every citizen is working around the country to get everything ready for the holidays. Some working in the capitol are trying to finish up their works so they can leave early and spend time with their loved ones.

Inside a federal building, a young man around his 30s is walking around a conference room. He has long black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. He is wearing a business suit, with a black tie, and a white shirt underneath his black jacket. He continues walking around the room growing impatient with how long they are making him wait.

The doors open and he sees an older man walking in holding a portfolio. He approaches the young man and hands him the files from the portfolio.

The young man looks over it nodding his head to some of the stuff inside, while shaking his head on a few. Once he finishes he hands the file over to the old man.

"You know some of that stuff wasn't my fault," said the young man as he walks towards the window.

"I know, but they think you should hold some responsibilities too," the old man replied as he sits down in one of the chairs near the conference table. "However, since you did help us stop the terrorist from setting off that bomb, they are going to overlook the mistakes made during the mission. Congratulations, Killshot, you served your country well."

The young man scoffs at what the old man said. "You know why I did this. My record wiped clean, no more being hunted down, and no more threatening my girlfriend to be thrown in jail."

The old man nods. "I know, still if you hadn't stopped the bomb setting off before today the world would have ended."

"Yeah, yeah I know," the young man pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to the old man. "Remember to send the money to this account and don't call me again."

"And what of your old buddy Deathstroke?" the old man asked. "Does he know you're retiring?"

The young man stops by the door and nods. "He understands, but did tell me Deadshot won't be thrilled I'm retiring, especially since he still thinks I ripped off his name."

"And did you?" the old man asked getting a smile from the young man.

"No, but who cares? Now that I'm retired he'll have to find a way to prove he is better than me," said the young man.

"From what I heard he's heading to Gotham to accept a job," said the old man. "What that job is I'm not sure, but Amanda Waller is heading there soon."

"I hate her," the young man muttered. "Well, see ya old man."

He soon leaves the room and heads outside the building where he sees someone waiting for him. She appears to be a year younger than the young man. She has short brunette hair, blue eyes, and fair skin being covered by a warm winter jacket.

"Is it over?" she asked.

The young man nods as the woman wraps her arms around him and gives him a hug. He returns the hug and holds her close.

"You have to promise me you won't go back to being that man again," she asked of him. "I don't want you killing people unless it's for protection and you won't accept jobs like that anymore."

He nods and kisses her on the forehead. "I promise, I won't ever be that man again."

She smiles and moves her head up as the two embrace in a passionate kiss. They break in a minute later and begin walking down the stairs.

"I did get offer a job to be a police officer in Gotham, is that okay?" he asked.

She nods. "It is, just don't kill people Ryan."

"I promise I won't, Penny," he replied.

Who is this woman? Is she from the Arkham games? What will happen next for Ryan now that he retired? And how does he know Deathstroke, along with Deadshot?

Only one way to find out folks. You're going to have to read next time to see what happens. Also to let you know the story will take place not long before Arkham Asylum, but it will take a while before we get there. Just letting you all know.

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