Chapter two has arrived and I'm glad at the reviews that I got. For those who don't know yet, this story is going to be taking place for "Arkham Asylum." For those who don't know what the game is, look it up to find out. For those who do know there will be some differences from the game and this one.

Also, this is my first time making a Batman story, so I hope it goes well. Also yes, I decided to pair the women up with OCs. I think many people who have been following my stories should know I will have a character paired with an OC. How they got these women will be explained in time, don't worry.

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Gotham (Five years later)

The sun begins to rise over the city as the citizens begin heading out to work. With three days left before Christmas, everyone is rushing to finish work so they can relax and spend the holidays with their families. Many are also trying to finish up work so they can leave and spend time away from the city and all the super criminals. That is why many people live outside the city in neighborhoods feeling a little safer away from all these crimes.

One of these houses is also home to a police officer. His name is Ryan Mathews, a lieutenant of the Gotham PD.

His previous job is classified, and is only known to a few people. But, his job did go from 18 years of age and went on for 12 years before retiring.

Five years has passed since he joined the police department, he is now 35 years old, and has been promoted as lieutenant as of last year. He lives outside the city with his family to be away from the dangers that goes on there.

He is married to his wife for ten years and together they have twins after two years of being together. Despite giving up his past life, he now lives happily in his new life, with his family.

Inside, Ryan is in the kitchen cooking up breakfast for his children. He is also in his uniform getting ready for the day, before leaving for the holidays. Something he has been looking forward to, especially with everything that has been going on this month. The only downside is having to train a rookie before leaving for vacation.

He was not looking forward to that, at all. However, he knew the sooner he finishes work then he'll be able to leave with his family.

He hears some noises coming from the stairs as he sees his two children making their way towards the kitchen. Both wearing their school uniform and both carrying their backpacks.

"Good morning kids," he greeted. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes we did," said the twins at the same time. "Thank you daddy."

The kids climb up to the table and begin eating their meals. Ryan watches on smiling at how well he and his wife raised their children.

He turns towards his daughter, Dione, and how he's so proud of her like her mother. She has long black hair, blue eyes, and was a lot like her. Brilliant, a smart girl, and reads books all day long. She was like her mother all right, especially when the books she reads are the ones her mom reads on psychology.

He then turns towards his so, Jake, and how he's a lot like his daddy. He has short brunette hair, blue eyes, and looks out for his sister whenever she is picked on. He likes playing games, sports, but he is smart as well. He uses it to help him win games and to help look out for his sister when other kids pick on her just for being smart.

Together they are a great team and help one another out with problems. Ryan is proud of that and knows if anything happens to him or his wife, then they will have each other.

"Are you kids ready for the last day of school?" he asked getting nods from the kids.

"I can't wait for Christmas daddy," Dione replied. "Is grandma and grandpa coming over to visit?"

Ryan shook his head. "We're going over to visit them. Grandpa also told me to tell you two that he has a special surprise when we go over."

"I can't wait," Jake replied who couldn't help to contain his excitement.

"Dad, where is mommy?" Dione asked noticing their mother is missing. "Did she leave for work?"

Her father shook his head and puts down the coffee cup he was drinking from. "She changed her schedule so she works at night, remember?"

"I thought mommy said she wouldn't work at night," Jake replied looking sad. "Does that mean we won't see mommy when we come back from school?"

Ryan didn't want to disappoint his kids or make them feel bad. So he tries lying and not break their hearts.

"Mommy told me she will try to work during the day again, that way she'll see you kids."

"Really?" both kids asked.

"Yes," he replied.

His wife came to him telling him she would be changing her schedule so she could work on a special project that she is working on. She told him if she can get it to work all the criminals can be cured. Of course he knew that was unlikely. After all the years he has been on the job he knew these criminals can't be saved, but must be put down.

That was one of the problems the two adults came across when she told him of how late she would be working. They both agreed before to work during the day so they could be at home for their kids when they come back from school. One parent staying at home, while the other works is something they didn't want to do to their kids. However, because of the importance of her project it caused problems between the two adults.

This lead to a fight between the two the night before. After hours of arguing they came to a compromised, for the kids.

"Don't worry, once mommy finishes what she is working on then she'll stop working at night."

"Okay," said the two kids in unison.

They hear the school bus making its way. Ryan helps his kids outside and watches them get on the bus before going back inside.

A few minutes later after he finished cleaning the dishes he hears someone entering the room. He looks behind and sees his wife.

"Did the kids left?" she asked.

He nods and finished putting the dishes away. "I had to reheat your food since it was cold."

She nods softly and sits down to eat her meal. While she eats her husband looks on watching her. He sees her short brown hair is a bit messy, she tries to open her blue tired eyes after a long day at work, and was eating her meal slowly while trying to stay awake.

"Long night?" he asked getting her attention.

"Yes," she replied as she takes a sip of the coffee her husband made. "You know I'm only working late so you and everyone here won't worry about these criminals hurting anyone again. It's for the safety of Gotham and our children."

He knew bringing up the subject about 'there is no cure for these animals' is not what they need. Even though he is right, but still he understands why his wife is doing this.

"I'm getting close to solving this. I just need to test it on someone like the Joker and he will be cured."

"I highly doubt that," he muttered.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing," he sits down near her and holds her hand. "I just want you to be careful. I've seen the damage the Joker has done to innocent people. I want you to be careful and not get hurt."

She smiles and nods. "I know, don't worry. I can take care of myself and I won't let him try anything."

"I know, it's just I can't lose you or the kids. If that happened then I don't know what I would do," he said worried for his wife working in that asylum with the crazies. "Hell, the kids are worried about you too. I always catch them on the phone calling you and then hanging up.

"That was them?" she asked surprised. "Why do they hang up as soon as I pick up the phone?"

"They just want to hear your voice," he replied snickering a little. "I guess they are scared you would be mad at them for interrupting you at work."

"They should know I would never get mad at them," she replied understanding her children's fear. "I'll tell you what. I'm going to talk to the Warden and see if I can work on the project at home. I can also see if I can move my sessions so I can spend more time here for the kid."

"You sure?" he asked. "Won't old Sharpie be mad for you leaving, especially with him running office?"

"He won't, not with what I have promised for him," she replied kissing him on the lips for a minute. "Now, I'm going to get some rest before going into work. Be careful and don't get killed."

"I won't," he replied as his wife leaves to head up stairs. "Penelope Young, I hope you know what you're doing."

Gotham City

Meanwhile in the city in one of the buildings is the apartment home of Barbara Gordon. She is the daughter of James Gordon, the Police Commissioner. But, to those who don't know she was once the former heroine, Batgirl.

She joined Batman to help him take down crime and protect the city. That was until the Joker came to her father's home when she was visiting and was shot through her spine causing her to be paralyzed from the waist down. This put an end to her career as Batgirl, but it didn't keep her from helping stop crime. She began helping Batman as Oracle.

She would use her IQ and hacking skills to get him the information he needs to bring down criminals and keep the city safe. It's not the same as being Batgirl, but the good thing is she doesn't have to worry about fighting criminals anymore.

One day her father introduced to a young rising cadet who was going to graduate from the academy. She would help him study and be ready for anything the job as a Gotham PD will throw at him. It soon led to the two falling in love and him moving in with her. He eventually found out what she does and who Batman is, but because of him believing in what the Dark Knight is doing he promised to keep their secret safe.

Six months later he graduated from the academy and was now getting ready for his first day on the job. The good thing for Barbara is her father got her boyfriend to work for him and assign him an officer who will help him.

"Barbara, are you awake?"

She begins to open her eyes and sits up from her bed only to see standing by the door is her boyfriend, Michael Brooks. He is four years older than her, his hair is short, black, his eyes are blue, and his skin is tan.

She smiles and greets him. "I am and good morning, what time did you wake up?"

"An hour ago," he walks in carrying a tray of food. He hands it to her and kisses her on the lips. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, except I think my legs are still asleep," this caused the two to laugh softly. "Are you ready for work?"

"Yes and no," he replied. "I'm ready to go out there and kick some butt, but at the same time I'm nervous about what I might encounter in the street."

"Don't worry, my father told me he is putting you with someone who knows the city and will teach you how to survive," she replied trying to reassure him. "Or if you want I can get Bruce to take you out in the city. Of course that means you'll have to wear a costume."

"Nooooo," he replied.

He loves his girlfriend and admits the outfit she used to wear was hot. But, putting one on himself is not what he wants to do, especially how they jump off rooftops at nights.

"Oh come on," she replied. "Who knows, Bruce might let you drive the Batmobile."

That was something he was interested in, but he knew the odds of that happening was very slim.

"I'll think about," he replied as he pulls out his girlfriend's wheelchair and sets it next to the bed. "If you need anything I'll be downstairs getting ready."

As soon as he walked out the room Barbara began thinking how lucky she is to have a boyfriend like him. She was sad that nothing ever happened between her and Nightwing. She knew the way things were going between the two was slow, but she still thought things would get better. In the end the two broke up and now she was with Michael.

She's glad she is with him, but is still worried on how long their relationship can last. It's not that she doesn't love him and he feels the same for her. It's because of his job as a police officer and her fear of any of her enemies found out her relationship with him they would try to kill him. Joker almost killed her and her father even without knowing her secret, but that fear of someone like him hurting Michael the way he did to her still exists in her.

"I really wish I wasn't paralyzed," she muttered.

She knew if she wasn't she would be able to look out for her boyfriend and make sure he remains safe. Being able to move again would also help with their sex life. Yes, the two have been having sex despite her being paralyzed. That is another thing she loves about her boyfriend, despite not being able to move he still loves her and would be by her side.

She makes her way towards the kitchen where she sees him cleaning the dishes.

"Do you remember everything we taught you?" she asked.

He turns around and nods. "Are you going to be okay with me gone?"

She smiles and nods. "I'm going to go see some friends for lunch. After that I'm going to do some research for tonight."

"Ah some detective work from Oracle to help the Batman bring down criminals," he replied while snickering.

She rolls her eyes and pulls something from her pocket. She grabs his hand and places what she pulled out on it.

"What is this?" he asked as she sees it appears to be a small electronic device.

"It's a communicator," she replied. "If you get in any kind of trouble you can contact me and I'll call for help, okay?"

He nods and puts the device away. "Thanks Barb and don't worry I'll be okay."

"I know," he kneels down allowing her to kiss him on the lips. She feels him return the kiss as the two continue to make out for a minute before ending it. "I'll see you tonight."

"You better be here tonight," she replied.

He nods smiling as he walks towards the door and leaves. Once he was gone she goes her bedroom and pulls out her computer. She begins going over the files of the man her father assigned her boyfriend to work with. When he told her who it was she decided to do a little research to make sure he wasn't dirty and wouldn't hurt Michael.

What she found made her nervous. The man was a former mercenary who used to work with Deathstroke, an enemy of Batman. He is one of the best and is someone who would put Deadshot to shame. From what she found out the guy retired ten years ago after making a deal with the government, but still.

Her father told her he knew about his past and was against him being part of the police force. That was until he saw how the guy was not crooked like the other cops. He was a straight shooter, listened to the rules but did bend them once in a while, and wasn't dirty. Even after her father took over she was glad to see how supportive he was for her father and how loyal he is to the people.

Still, she can't help but feel uneasy around the guy. She met him before sure, but she still was worried he might go back to being what he was. She knows Bruce has been keeping an eye on him for a few year now. The two crossed paths sure, but nothing ever ended in a fight.

If he is a good guy then that's great, but if Bruce is right then they have to be ready to take him down. From what she found out about his skills they'll have to be, especially according to his report about how he never misses his target.

"Michael, be careful."

That is the end of the first chapter and yep the wife is revealed to be Penelope Young, or Dr. Young from the Batman Arkham Asylum game. For those who don't know who she is and don't want to look her up she was a psychiatrist that worked at Arkham Asylum. She was used by the Joker to create the Titan formula that transformed people into monsters. In the end she was killed by the Joker and her reputation ended in shambles.

The reason I paired her with an OC and if it appeared I changed her characteristics from the game then here is my reason why. I paired her because I liked her and felt bad at what happened to her. Poor woman, she didn't know what Joker was using her for until it was too late. Why I also paired her with an OC is because I like pairing characters with OCs, and I wanted to try it with her paired with one.

As for Barbara being paired with another OC, well I wanted to try it. Yeah I have her paired with someone else so if you didn't like that then sorry but you knew what you were getting yourselves into when you saw she is paired with an OC. And when will I get to the events of Arkham? You'll have to read on to find out.

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