Chapter 1 – The Big Three

As sons of the big three, all eyes were on them. They had been watched for their whole lives and expected to be the making or breaking point for Olympus. The prophesy had stated that it would be down to a son of the big three to finally save or raze Olympus. Percy Jackson was on his knees breathing heavily with blood pouring freely from the various cuts around his body. He had taken the selfless decision upon himself to be the one to venture into the river Styx. The invulnerability that had served him so well did not do as well against the soul reaping scythe of the titan lord Kronos. He bled but soon enough those cuts and bruises would heal themselves nicely. Looking around he caught sight of his to cousins who had been slowed up on their way to the throne room. Taz Mason had stopped to help his sister, Thalia Grace who'd been ironically trapped under a fallen statue of Hera. Taz took great pleasure in destroying her statue in the name of freeing Thalia; something that he knew Zeus could forgive.

Taz had seen a lot of action today and gained a substantial amount of scars due to the sheer amount of Empousa that he'd had to fight off when freeing Thalia from the fallen statue. The last ones were being cut down as Percy's other cousins swooped in. Nico Di Angelo follow his older brother up the stairs to the throne room. Dante Krios was the same age as Percy and Taz and as of their first year in camp together, had been extremely close friends. Dante was on a spree, using his twin blades to strike down any monster that dared to challenge him. Nico was being followed by a squad of undead fighters that he'd summoned back in the world below. Zeus hardly destroyed any of them straight away, they needed all the help that they could get for defending Olympus.

Percy heard the doors swing wide open and Dante barrel rolled through them with what seemed like an incredibly casual look considering the situation they were in. Percy had defeated the Titan lord with the help of an old friend, Luke Castellan, who had managed to temporarily gain control of his body once more, and finished the job with the cursed blade. Annabeth had sustained some serious injuries as they all had. Thalia hobbled forwards, Taz helped her along supporting her shoulders. Nico fell to the ground from exhaustion. He would be fine after his fatigue induced sleep. Taz had burn marks all over him from where he took on the Colchis bull in single combat. Dante seemed to have the worst of the injury though. He had cold flaky blood swept down half of his face. It matched his blood red eyes. The blood was thick and stuck to his already short matted jet black hair. He had half of a celestial bronze plate of armour stuck to his well-toned physique. The muscles rippling underneath the wet and tight skin. He'd gotten a lot of cuts around his body as well, and even had an arrow sticking out of his right shoulder. It was no secret, Dante was far tougher than any of them demi-gods, but yet he wasn't the strongest or fastest or smartest, he just had an incredible talent for being stubborn when it came down to his personal fortitude. Many younger campers had the rumour that he was too stubborn to die.

Taz's electric blue eyes scanned the scene quickly before he saw the gods smash through the doors to the throne room. They were too late to join the fight but their help would be needed straight away if they were to save their sons and daughters. Apollo marched past everyone else and saw to Annabeth's injuries first. He looked at the others while he worked on Chase. The burns on the son of Zeus would go away soon, they were minor but there was many of them. Percy was a special case and everyone knew that not even Apollo could heal him. The injuries would naturally heal themselves; that was the curse of Achilles. Apollo had to do a double take when he spotted Dante. He was surprised that he was even still standing. His celestial bronze plate had taken so much damage that it was barely still clinging to his body by one of the thick leather straps that hung lazily over his shoulder. He saw no point in keeping it on, the battle was over. He ripped it from his body with incredible ease.

Apollo could then see the rest of the damage on Dante's body. Many open wounds, most of which would be easy to heal. Alongside the arrow that was sticking out of his shoulder, he spotted a few glints of mental surrounding a small burn mark on the boy's right side. He sent him a questioning look. "Shrapnel on the outside on the casing of a bomb with Greek fire in it. I'd say that it was bloody genius if it hadn't hit me dead on." Dante said, brushing a hand lightly against the wound that he was talking about. The gods had all filed into the throne room at this point and were continuing to start to fix the immediate damage. Apollo carried on with his self-inflicted task of healing the demi-gods to the best of his ability. "I'm surprised that the Hades lad is still alive." Apollo whispered to his twin sister, Artemis. Apparently Dante had heard this comment however and responded in such a manner that got respect from the god of war.

"It's because I'm a hard ass mother fucker." He said, only wincing slightly when he plucked the arrow straight out of his shoulder. Judging by the way his shoulder moved afterwards, he managed to self-diagnose that the arrow's penetration had cleanly cracked his shoulder blade. Aries chuckled despite everything that had happened. It seemed that the war had only gotten him excited and pumped up. The actual fighting had sated his appetite for some time however. Dante sat down finally, letting his body rest from the fighting the sweat and blood dropped around his body and on to his aching muscles. All he could think about was taking a really long bath and falling asleep for a week.

"I'm not going to skirt around it, the lot of you have saved Olympus from certain destruction. Without any one of you we would have failed today." Zeus said in an exhausted tone as he took up his mantle and immediately looked rejuvenated to some extent. As each of the gods sat on their respective thrones, they seemed to be healed from the constant fighting.

"I think some kind of reward is in order, yes? How about some food, I'd kill to have a steak right now." Dante started being a smartass. Usually the gods wouldn't appreciate such disregard for respect but after the day they had all had, no one blamed the demi-god for being in a bad mood. "Food would be good." Percy agreed. Hestia nodded casually and trays of food and water appeared on the ground next to each one of the young demi-gods.