Chapter 56 – The Angel Of Chaos

Percy ran out of the Chaos cabin. The horn around the camps edge had gone off. Monsters were approaching fast. "This is it everyone. She approaches!" Percy bellowed louder than any human should have been able to shout. The Vanguardians all appeared within the blink of an eye. The camp grounds around them had turned into a warzone waiting to happen. They were ready for this. Each Vanguard was solely to be fighting Chaos with the Guardians, Greeks, Romans, Hunters fighting against the tide of never ending monsters. Only when the angel was defeated would the tide eventually stem and cease.

The groups all gathered for one final talk. "You've all seen war before. It isn't pretty, I can't say anything now to blind fold you from the truth. The Vanguard has its own prophecy. A number of us will perish in this battle but we WILL prevail over the angel no matter what. We do not know who will fall, but all we ask is that you fight like the demi-gods of legend, and show that army what for!" Percy's speech was inspirational and he received a huge round of cheers from everyone. This was it. The army was banging against the shield of the camp.

"Vanguard, let's show them the true might of Chaos!" Dante cheered, spurring everyone on. He was the first to unsheathe his blade. He turned towards the rapidly degrading shield before bursting into full blown war mode. He decided that today he was going to let his anger overwhelm him, not only that but he was going to welcome it, he was going to consume it and make it a part of him. Only a few minutes had passed and already he was covered in his own layer of Greek fire that had been summoned on his skin from the anger inside of him. After a while of him senselessly mowing down the unending army he realized that none were attacking him any longer, it was as if they'd been given strict orders to ignore him and the other Vanguard.

Looking up into the sky Percy had noticed her first, a beautiful version of Chaos herself, only this one had asset of feathery obsidian black wings keeping her aloft above the carnage below them. A few of the hunters sent a volley of silver arrows at her which bounced off of the thin air around her. She truly was as powerful as Chaos had mentioned. Now was the time for the Vanguard to do their thing.

Dante reasoned that if he was going to fight an opponent that could destroy his soul forever that his armour wouldn't do much but get in the way. He ripped it free of his body and let it fall to the ground, revealing his incredibly lean muscular physique below it. Artemis could kill him later for it, but right now he had a date with the Angel of Darkness. He, Percy and Taz all reared up into the sky to meet their match.

"Princes of the universe. Why serve her when you could do so much of a better job at spreading death around the universe instead of saving people's pathetic lives?" The Angel had a soft monotone that made her statement sound more like a genuine question rather than one that was designed to throw the princes off.

"Lady in case you haven't noticed, I'm doing a pretty good job at creating a brand new superfluous behind for your army." Dante worded it specifically so that the Angel would question him.

"Excuse me?" She asked, looking at him properly for the first time. Her eyes were unnerving even to him.

"I'm ripping it a new asshole." He grinned. She nodded.

"Yes, my forces have been quelled a great deal by you Vanguards. No matter, I'll just destroy your morale by the root, starting with the strongest of you." She quickly turned her head to Percy.

"Tell me Prince, would you still want to fight once I've strung Artemis up by her own entrails?" The angel grinned evilly before she vanished.

"Oh fu-" Before Percy could even shout against the angel's words, Dante had reached a new level and was very nearly hitting a nuclear power level. He glowed a violent green before following the angel to where he knew he'd seen Artemis only moments prior. When he got there he saw Artemis and her hunters having the time of their lives mowing down monster after monster. Dante stormed through the clearing, seeing the angel locking onto her prey. A sleek beautiful arm extended out from under those death black wings and a black light started to form at her fingertips. There was no way to warn Artemis in time of what was going to happen.

"NO!" Dante shouted in a rage as he managed to get the attention of both women. Artemis saw the black bullet of death heading straight for her but found herself unable to escape. Still rooted to the spot she noticed Dante's fiery form blur straight towards her before pushing her out of the way. She'd have made a comment about castrating him for touching her but she heard an agonizing scream erupt from him as the black beam penetrated his body and shot through his chest on the other side. Dante hit the ground with sweat pouring off of him in heavy beads. The other Vanguardians were literally right behind him and started their own personal little battle with the Angel. Artemis cradled the dying Dante in her arms and whistled loudly. Thalia zapped in with a look of confusion before her eyes laid on Dante.

"No." She whispered, barely able to keep it in. She crouched and took over form Artemis. "Thank you Dante. I can never repay what you have done for me." Artemis said before she forced herself back into the fight.

"Stay with me, please! You can't leave me, I love you!" Thalia pleaded. Dante's body was slowly turning into black dust from the wound outwards. He coughed and spluttered a bit before laughing some. "Don't worry, I'll always watch over you, and I'll always love you." He said before his body dissolved completely into black dust. Thalia let out a powerhouse scream of angst. The Angel had just killed the man she loved.

Percy was even more furious than Thalia. He turned towards the Angel with bright burning eyes. The sea green had turned into a furious black that pulsated with purple sparks outwards.

"No, it can't be. She chose an air aside from her own flesh and blood?" The Angel looked shocked at Percy. The others had never seen him like this.

"You just tried to kill the woman I love and in failing to get to her you resorted to killing my cousin. I'm going to murder you angel of darkness. I'm going to keep murdering you until there's no will left in your mind to return into existence. You WILL fade for this!" Percy spat before the ground trembled with his words. The other Vanguards knew not to get in his way, it was an unspoken thing, so they took their anger and rage out on the army of monsters for just killing one of their princes.

Percy sprang forwards and landed a punch with so much force that a miniature black hole erupted and closed in half a seconds around his fist. The angel was flung backwards throughout the camp as people started staring in awe. He couldn't do this here, not when so many were around him. He instantly closed the distance between himself and the angel before teleporting them to Chaos' realm. A risky and dangerous move to reunite the two halves, but he needed the space. They both plummeted towards the arid desert, more black holes were erupting around him. His sheer power was tearing at the fabric of reality itself.

"How is it that you became our chosen!?" The angel shrieked. Percy noticed that he was getting some results because the angel was referring to Chaos as a united entity between the two of them.

"Because I'm fighting for the people that I love, and nothing will harm them when I am living." Percy said with the angry snarl still in his voice. He was far more powerful than the angel had assessed, she couldn't understand where he was getting this much strength from.

"Well then, allow me to end this quickly Jackson, you seem to have a few tricks up your sleeve but with my black bullet, only one of us will survive." She grinned evilly as she unleashed a huge beam of deathly black energy that headed straight for him. He countered with his own source of energy, a purple and black orb that floated at the edge of his hands. He seemed to release it and gave it its own free will to seek the Angel. It powered through the black beam as Percy braced for death. The black hole orb exploded and sucked in everything apart from Percy and the angel who were both badly damaged from Percy's attack. He could create another one and certainly finish the fight, but he would be killed as well. Recovering from his downed position he summoned the entire might of the oceans in the realm and they were quickly engulfed by the seas. The battle raged on inside Percy's own domain where he gained even more power and with one final strike he unleashed a black hole in the angels face, engulfing her forever. The power necessary had put Percy in a comatose state but not before he managed to flash himself back to camp half-blood.

Line Break

Artemis was the one to confirm that the battle was over. The war had finished as quickly as it started. It was evident that Percy had defeated the angel at last but he was nowhere to be found. She was stalking the perimeter for any leftover monsters when Taz ran up to her.

"We've found Percy, you need to see this." He looked pale, he had already lost a cousin today, he wasn't about to lose another. They all rushed over to where Reilly was shooting through the sky in a plume of black smoke on an intercept course to catch a falling Prince. It was obvious that Percy was unconscious and still falling from such a high altitude would hurt, possibly kill him.

Reilly caught him and brought him back down to the ground below them where Artemis rushed over to him. He wasn't breathing but he was still alive. "Apollo!" She shouted towards the heavens. Within an instant the sun god had flashed in through a bright golden light and headed straight over to the son of Poseidon. He tried his best but it took time. After five minutes of suspense Percy chocked out a breath of black and purple smoke.

"What the hell is that?" Apollo demanded backing away instinctively. Percy spluttered a little bit.

"A mixture of that horrible black stuff and a black hole I created in order to defeat the angel." Percy muttered behind closed eyes.

"It's over. But I'm pretty tired." Percy muttered once again. Apollo seemed to have snapped back into medic mode.

"No, don't sleep, you need to keep your adrenaline going before the nectar can heal you enough. Artemis keep him talking." Apollo demanded as he sped up the healing process.

Artemis took Percy by the hand and whispered something quickly into his ear. He instantly shot up from the floor. Tendrils of purple and black smoke that had stars aligning them swirled in and around his body until he seemed fully healed. He stretched his arms before checking his fingers. He could only pull that trick off once, but it seemed like a good idea given what he'd just heard. His eyes snapped to Artemis.

"Is it true?" He asked once he'd finally found her voice. She nodded eagerly.

"Is what true?" Apollo asked nervously after watching the exchange of looks between the various different members of the Vanguard.

"A baby is on the way." Artemis whispered. Shock horror donned the faces of everyone around them.

Line Break

The news reached Olympus and before anyone realized what was happening, Percy was in front of a very wide eyed council.

"So you…" He pointed at Percy.

"And my daughter…" He pointed at Artemis before making a crude motion with his hands before Percy nodded. Zeus almost reached for his master bolt, but he knew that it would do no damage. Even then he found himself fond of the princes of the universe and didn't mind him being the one to finally change Artemis from her old ways.

"Of course." Chaos chimed in happily.

"The baby will be the most powerful child in the universe. I believe this calls for a personal realm." Chaos said at last with a happy sigh. Percy whispered to her that they had suffered loses as well. Dante for one had been killed by the angel's black bullet and couldn't reform.

"Today we triumphed over an ancient evil, today we got news of a great turn of events." Percy winked at Artemis who blushed furiously. "But today we also lost someone incredibly close to us all. A monument is being built in all of the kingdoms in the universe to recognize his sacrifice. Dante Krios, you will never be forgotten." Percy announced. A single tear escaped his eye before he forced himself to leave the company of the council.

One Year later.

Percy walked into the bedroom to see a beautiful goddess hugging her child.

"He's got a mischievous glint to his eye." Percy announced as he came over and sat on the big bed next to her.

"He's got his mother's silver eyes which confuses me a little bit. I always though my eyes were more prominent." Percy continued, staring lovingly at Artemis before turning back to his son. His thoughts wandered back to the events of the past year where they'd fought Chaos' angel. Everything they'd worked hard for in the past two hundred years had been torn down in a single day. He forced his mind on to happier thoughts though. Olympus had been saved once again. His cousin's sacrifice had meant that he had eternity to be with his love and child. Chaos was content with living with her princes once again but yet she mourned more than the others had for her adopted son of sorts. Hades and Nico took the worst of it, knowing that despite their immense power over the dead souls, that they would never be able to see their family member again. Percy knew that Dante would physically hurt him for mourning. He would have taken that bullet for anyone of the Vanguard or their loved ones and he knew that his brother in arms would have done the same for him.

Percy turned and kissed Artemis before taking her son out of her arms and walking over to the cot in the edge of her bed. "Sleep well Dante my son. You've got a busy life ahead of you." Percy announced before he lay the resting child down in his bed. Percy couldn't help but smile at how proud he was with his family and in that moment he was glad to be immortal.

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