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Her prompt to me was: Jasper. Sex. Blue jeans. Boots. Dominant. Could he steal Bella from Edward?

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She also said she likes it when Jasper takes what he wants and it could be fun if Jasper told Alice to take a hike.

This story includes cussing and sexy-time. Rated M

Title: "Feels So Right" (It's also the title of a classic country song)

My fanfiction AU differences

For the sake of giving Jasper a dominant attitude, I made him leave Alice and the Cullens years ago. Dominant Jasper just wouldn't put up with their shit.

Excerpts from Chapter 7 "Midnight Sun" in Italics (I took Jasper out), diverging from there . . .

Chapter 1

(Except from "Midnight Sun" in italics EPOV")

Edward is composing again? Rosalie thought, and her teeth clenched together in fierce resentment.

In that moment, she slipped, and I could read all her underlying outrage. I saw why she was in such a poor temper with me. Why killing Isabella Swan had not bothered her conscience at all.

With Rosalie, it was always about vanity.

The music came to an abrupt halt, and I laughed before I could help myself, a sharp bark of amusement that broke off quickly as I threw my hand over my mouth. Rosalie turned to glare at me, her eyes sparking with chagrined fury.

Emmett turned to stare, too, and I heard Esme's confusion. Esme was downstairs in a flash, pausing to glance between Rosalie and me.

"Don't stop, Edward," Esme encouraged after a strained moment.

I started playing again, turning my back on Rosalie while trying very hard to control the grin stretching across my face. She got to her feet and stalked out of the room, more angry than embarrassed. But certainly quite embarrassed.

If you say anything I will hunt you like a dog.

I smothered another laugh.

"What's wrong, Rose?" Emmett called after her. Rosalie didn't turn. She continued, back ramrod straight, to the garage and then squirmed under her car as if she could bury herself there.

"What's that about?" Emmett asked me.

"I don't have the faintest idea," I lied.

Emmett grumbled, frustrated.

"Keep playing," Esme urged. My hands had paused again.

I did as she asked, and she came to stand behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders.

The song was compelling, but incomplete. I toyed with a bridge, but it didn't seem right somehow.

"It's charming. Does it have a name?" Esme asked.

"Not yet."

"Is there a story to it?" she asked, a smile in her voice. This gave her very great pleasure, and I felt guilty for having neglected my music for so long. It had been selfish. "It's...a lullaby, I suppose." I got the bridge right then. It led easily to the next movement, taking on a life of its own.

"A lullaby," she repeated to herself.

There was a story to this melody, and once I saw that, the pieces fell into place effortlessly. The story was a sleeping girl in a narrow bed, dark hair thick and wild and twisted like seaweed across the pillow...

Alice came to sit next to me on the bench. In her trilling, wind chime voice, she sketched out a wordless descant two octaves above the melody.

"I like it," I murmured. "But how about this?"

I added her line to the harmony - my hands were flying across the keys now to work all the pieces together - modifying it a bit, taking it in a new direction... She caught the mood, and sung along.

"Yes. Perfect," I said.

Esme squeezed my shoulder . . .

Meanwhile in the garage . . .

"This can't continue!" Rosalie shrieked as she rummaged through her toolbox. She slammed the metal drawer with a bang, the sound was as furious as the anger that welled within her.

Emmett stood in the doorway. His broad, sagging shoulders filled the space. He hated to see his wife upset. "Let me take Edward hunting. I'll find out what he's gonna do."

Rosalie sat down on her mechanic's creeper and tied her hair back. "He's putting us all in danger. The human is going to find out our secret, and then what?"

"If he won't change her . . . if he's not completely serious about this girl . . . I'll handle things," Emmett promised.

"No. I won't come between you and the family. I'll call Jasper," Rosalie took off with vampiric speed and ran deep into the forest, out of listening range of prying ears and her besotted mind reading brother.


"Hi, Jazz. I was just wondering how you've been."

Jasper could tell from the tightness in her voice that something was bothering Rosalie. No matter how cheerful she might have sounded to anyone else, she couldn't fool the empath. "Is everything alright?"

"No, it's horrible. Edward met a girl at school. He finds her blood to be irresistible, and he's stalking her, following her everywhere. She's messed with his brain somehow. He can't hear her mind, and he's all but revealed our secret to her. I don't understand it. She's not even pretty."


"I know!" Rosalie moaned as she wallowed in her self pity. Her jealousy converted into rage, and she nearly crushed her phone between her granite fingers. "I need a favor."

"What is it?"

"I want you to come by and rid us of the girl."

"Are you sure that's the best way?"

"Of course, it's the only way. I'd never involve you otherwise. Emmett is going to take Edward hunting for a few days and find out if he plans on changing her, but you know how he is."


"We both know how he feels about that."

"I'm on my way to Peter's house. I'll pick them up and we'll be there in a few days."

A sadistic smile graced Rosalie's pouting pink lips. "Great. I knew I could count on you."

"We'll talk more about it when I get there. Bye."

Jasper pulled his semi-truck and trailer off the highway at the nearest exit. He needed to fill up with fuel, and the call from Rosalie had left him feeling a bit unsettled. He had been avoiding the Cullens since he and Alice split back in the sixties. He called Rose and Emmett on the phone once a year, just to check in, but he hadn't visited the family since he'd left. He didn't want Alice to think he had missed her, or wanted to reconcile. It would be a cold day in hell before he ever went back to Alice.

Rosalie had forced his hand. He was bound and obligated to do something about the situation. The Volturi could find Jasper guilty by association, just for having knowledge of Edward's wrongdoings. Revealing yourself to a human was something you just didn't do. Period.

The repressed seventeen year old had finally snapped. Hearing about how Edward had lost his mind over a human girl didn't surprise Jasper at all. He knew something was wrong with the boy from the moment they met. Unfortunately, Alice had thought everything about Edward was just wonderful. She idolized him; put him up on a pedestal. It was one of the main things that had come between them and ruined their relationship. Edward was perfect, Edward was good. If only Jasper could be more like Edward, dress like Edward; control his blood lust like Edward. Jasper got tired of being measured up to the boy. Edward and Alice had been like two peas in a fuckin' pod.

Except there wasn't any fuckin'.

That was another problem. When Jasper and Alice moved in with the Cullens, the sex dried up. At first, Jasper had thought that getting married would fix things. Carlisle was strangely moral for a vampire, so Jasper tried to do the right thing and marry Alice, so she wouldn't have to feel like she was breaking their rules. She had enjoyed the wedding, but it didn't bring them any closer as a couple.

By the time the 1960's rolled around, Alice had gone full blown cuckoo. In an effort to help Jasper control his blood lust, she had decided that venom loss, due to intercourse, was bad for Jasper's thirst tolerance training, so she cut him off completely.

Jasper tried to suffer through forced vegetarianism and celibacy for a while, but he finally came to the conclusion that he and Alice wanted different things in life and he left, amicably. He had never entirely forgiven Alice or Edward for their strange bond, and unsettling ideals. They were always having private mental conversations with each other. He knew that they were completely platonic. He could tell by reading their emotions with his gift, but they had bonded. They were unnaturally close. Too close for his liking.

Jasper shuddered to think of what Edward might be up to, following some school girl around, but of one thing he was certain, no matter what he was up to, Alice would be on his side.