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Chapter 8

Full of determination Alice climbed the snow bank. Behind it, she knew, she would find Edward.

He had run all the way to northern Canada when she had shown him a vision of Bella burning in her transformation to become one of them.

There was nothing he could do to stop it now. He sighed, feeling a deep sorrow. By Alice's calculations, Bella would already be a vampire.

"Don't you dare take off again!" The sound of her voice was just as cold and harsh as the snowy landscape.

Edward wanted to cry out. He had lost Bella's warmth. It was like the whole world had frozen over and locked him out. "I couldn't stop it, and it's all my fault!" He moaned as he bowed his head between his knees.

"It's not your fault, yet."

He lifted his head and finally saw his favorite sister standing over him, angrier than he'd ever seen her before. "What do you mean, Alice?"

Instead of explaining things like any normal person would do, she opened her mind to him to let him see what she had seen. It was the only way he'd believe it.

A package mailed to Chief Swan, filled with his daughter's tattered clothes and a lock of her hair, enclosed a note implicating Carlisle Cullen.

Edward growled, and his eyes flashed with hatred. "But he's innocent. Why would they do such a thing?"

Alice folded her arms across her chest. "They haven't done it, yet. It was Peter's idea. He thought it would be a good way to punish you if you showed up on their property again."

"Of all the down low, dirty things they could do."

"I know. That's why I had to find you before you make the mistake of trying to see Bella again. Oh . . . there's also one other thing."

Images of Bella and Jasper nude and wrapped around each other filled his mind. Never had he wished so strongly to be rid of his gift. "Why Alice? Why would you show me—

She cut him off in a snarling fury. "Do you think I wanted to see it? How do you think it made me feel? She clutched at her jacket nearly ripping it from her body. "You needed to know!"

Alice turned and stomped away, down the other side of the snow bank, so that Edward wouldn't see the glistening venom tears that threatened to spill down her face.

"Wait! Alice stop." In a rare moment of clarity, Edward thought of someone other than himself. "I'm so sorry, Alice. I'm sure this is difficult for you as well. I know you and Jasper were once close."

"I had to show you. You deserved to know that under the cover of her vacant mind, she was just like the rest of them . . . nothing more than a common harlot."

"I suppose you're right. I never truly knew her."

"Please, promise me you'll leave them alone. I can't stand to see anymore of those types of visions." She dried her crocodile tears on her sleeve.

"Dear, dear, sister. I give you my word." He tucked her under his arm. She was so tiny and precious, and she had only meant to open his eyes to reality. The human's quiet mind had kept him from the truth. Bella was no more deserving of his affections than any of those other girls at Forks High. Since he couldn't read her thoughts, he had imagined her to be something that she wasn't. It was painfully clear to him now. He had spent the last few days seething over how Rosalie had ruined his entire existence, but maybe, just maybe, he had been wrong. It was possible that she had saved him from the human who would willingly give her affections so easily to another. "Let's go home. I've been a fool, and I need to apologize to everyone, especially Carlisle. I couldn't bear to see him in handcuffs."

"You won't have to. I'm quite sure, unless the Whitlocks intervene, no one will ever suspect foul play."

"Good, let's keep it that way." Edward decided to never search out his first love again.


Six months later. Somewhere on highway 70 headed east.

Bella sat curled up on the mattress in the back of Jasper's rig reading a juicy romance novel. Since Peter had introduced her to the genre, romance had become her favorite thing to read.

He could tell by her emotional tenor that she was getting to a good part. He glanced up to his rear view mirror and took the sight of her in. She was dressed in her favorite pair of holey jeans, a lacy, thin tank top, and she wore one of Jasper's old trucker hats on top of her long, wavy hair. She made it look sexy somehow.

Bella glanced up from her book. Her crimson eyes were full of desire and longing.

"Should I pull off at the next exit?"

She moved with vampiric speed to his side, brushed her fingers across his prominent bulge of arousal, and then quickly unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his zipper. "I can't wait that long."

Not one to keep a lady waiting, he leaned back as she shimmied the denim down across his rock hard thighs. The General sprang out at attention, always ready for action.

She took him in her mouth. There was nothing tentative about it. She devoured him, ate him with gusto.

Damn he loved this woman.

"Fuck!" He arched his hips up to meet her greedy lips, knocked off her hat, and stroked the back of her head with his hand, enjoying the way her silky locks ran between his fingers.

A familiar voiced called out over the C.B. radio. "Major Pain, this is Asphalt Cowboy. Do you copy? Over?"

Bella growled lowly, her lips still wrapped around Jasper's dick, the vibrations coursed down into his balls, causing them to tighten with impending release.

"So good, Darlin'. Don't stop," The words came out rough and needy.

She could deny him nothing.

Reaching over to turn the radio down, she accidentally broke it, which was fine by Jasper. He wasn't sure if cockblocking could be considered a gift, but if it could, Peter would be king.

Unaware that she had broken the radio, Bella continued. She wrapped one hand tightly around his cock and stuck the other one between his legs, behind his balls, and massaged his taint. A trick she'd read about and wanted to try. Her wet hot mouth slid nimbly up and down his shaft.

It was a good thing that vampires were excellent drivers because when Jasper came, he saw stars. He groaned out a string of profanities and bucked up off the seat as Bella sucked and drank him dry, down to the very last drop.

A mere mortal would have surely run off the road or possibly passed out from the passion of such a massive orgasm.

Bella smiled up at him sheepishly.

"C'mere, sweet thang." He pulled her into his lap and showered her with appreciative kisses.

Before the afterglow had a chance to wear off, Jasper's phone began to vibrate. It was in the pocket of his jeans which were still wrapped around his ankles. "Damn it."

"Maybe you better answer."


Bella took the wheel, and Jasper slid his pants back on before he answered the phone.

It was Peter, of course. "Hey man, what's wrong with your radio? I was trying to call you."

"Yeah. I'm going to need to buy a new one. This one got broken." Jasper gave Bella a sly grin as the realization of what she had done washed over her.

"I just saw some asshole texting on the highway. I'm following him now. I wanted to tell you that I'll be taking a detour. I'm gonna try to get him."

"Alright. We were going to be making a stop anyway. Gotta look for a radio and all." Jasper winked at Bella, letting her know that he had sexier intentions.

The brothers ended their call. Jasper was glad he wasn't on a job, and could stop for as long as he wanted, which was good because when they pulled over, he was going to take his sweet time worshiping every inch of Bella's delectable body.

The Whitlocks were on a pleasure trip across the country so that Bella could see it. Her first months as a newborn had gone incredibly well, and she had expressed an interest in riding with Jasper in his rig. She hadn't liked the idea of him being away from work on her account, so they had taken to the road. Bella especially enjoyed hunting down and draining asshole drivers. There was always plenty to eat, and she felt reassured knowing that they were keeping the roads a little safer for all the good law abiding citizens.

The back of Jasper's truck was full of furniture. Bella didn't know it, but they were going to a new house. A house Jasper had built just for her.

He took the nearest exit, and the air brakes hissed as he pulled to a stop in a secluded area he'd spotted off the main road.

"Get your ass in my bed, Darlin'. I'm 'bout to wear you out."

Bella squealed as she jumped behind the seat and into the mattress. She lifted her butt into the air, ready to accept her punishment. "Are you mad 'cause I broke your radio?" She played coy and batted her lashes for him, knowing he was only playing a game.

"No, I'm gonna' give it to you good for distracting me while I was driving. You knew I couldn't do a thing about it on the road, but now that we've stopped it's a different story." He slipped her jeans down and bit the cheek of her ass.


"Did that sting, baby? You've been very naughty, and you're so wet." He slipped his finger down between her slick folds, and assaulted he clit. "Why are you so wet? Is that for me?"

"Oh yes, all for you," Bella moaned.

"You are such a tease. See what you've done to me?" He ran the swollen tip of his cock up and down her pussy. "What am I supposed to do with this fuckin' hard-on?"

"I've got a few ideas," Bella whispered.

"I bet you do." He thrust his straining masculinity into her in one smooth stroke, and lightly ground his body against hers, just like she liked, before pounding into her with abandon.

She shouted and clawed and reached around to grab at his thighs, as she frantically tried to match his movements. She wanted to speak, but all her words just came out in one long groan.

Jasper's hands traveled all over her body, her hair, her breasts, her back, her hips and he increased the rhythm of his strokes. "Come for me. Come for me, beautiful."

Her body responded to his words, her heart filled with his love and passion. She loved to feel his projected emotions when they made love. Beside the intense and overwhelming orgasms he gave her, it was always her favorite part.

They came together as she brought him with her, and he fell on top of her, overwhelmed by how good it was. How very good it was to be with her, beside her, inside her, on top of her, or even under her. She completed him, as he did her. "Have I told you today that I love you?" He asked, brushing her hair back from her eyes.

"Yes, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing you say it."

"Then let me tell you again." And he spent the next few hours doing just that. He told her how much he loved her with his lips and hands and a few other parts that belonged to him. All the parts of his body belonged to her, especially his heart. It had never belonged to another besides Bella, and it never would. They shared the same heart, they were joined forever.