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The Beginning (a.k.a.) A Whole Bunch of Exposition Stuff

It was a regular World Meeting (except for the fact that one of their members was missing) the day the G-8 plus a few friends discovered the secret other life of one of their members (the one that was missing). The meeting after the usual few hours of fighting, arguing, groping, and presenting ideas (in some cases ridiculous ones) had broken for lunch and only a few people were left in the building. All of whom couldn't help but wonder where their missing member was.

They were: Arthur Kirkland (a.k.a. England or Iggy –Don't call me Iggy!-),

Francis Bonnefroy (a.k.a. France or the perverted frog –Ohonhonhon-),

Ivan Braginski (a.k.a. Russia or that Commie bastard –kolkolkolkolkol-),

Wang Yao or Yao Wang if you're a westerner (a.k.a. China –that's right aru-),

Honda Kiku or Kiku Honda for you westerners (a.k.a. Japan –It is nice to meet you-),

Ludwig Belischmidt (a.k.a Germany or West -*face palm* please forgive me for anything my idiot bruder has done to you and grow up East-),

Gilbert Belischmidt (a.k.a. Prussia –the Awesome Prussia ksekseksekse, and I will never grow up West),

Feliciano Vargas (a.k.a. (N.) Italy –ve~ do you have some PASTA-),

Lovino Vargas (a.k.a. Romano (S. Italy) or [if you're Spain] tomate –Chigi, stop calling me that-),

Antonio Carriedo Fernandez (a.k.a. Spain or [if you're Romano] tomato bastard -pero, Lovi you're so cute, just like a tomate fusososososo-),

and finally Matthew Williams (a.k.a. Canadia (jkjk) I mean Canada).

Now some of you may realize that in this cast that there is someone missing and for those of you who've guessed it congrats. The missing member is of course Alfred F. Jones (a.k.a. the United States of America or just America if you're too lazy to say the whole thing which most people are). Now as to why he is missing will be addressed in a moment but in the meantime let me tell you what everyone was doing.

{AN: I'm just going to refer to everyone by their country name unless they're speaking to one of the countries close to them.}

England was trying to strangle France who was laughing that obnoxious laugh of his.

China was building a Chinatown so that he could feel at home while saying, "aiyah, I will never understand westerners."

Russia was kolkolkoling from the corner he was sitting in (probably because everyone was far too afraid of him).

Japan was drawing yaoi to give to Hungary for the yaoi appreciation club using France and England as models (don't tell them, they'd kill him and Hungary).

Italy was begging Germany for pasta while Romano was yelling at the potato bastard to get away from his fratellino.

Spain was trying to calm his tomate down and Prussia was going around making the chaos worse by yelling out that he was awesome.

Our favorite Canadian was sleeping and let me just tell you this, it was not a pleasant dream at all.