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A Ride From Hell (a.k.a.) This Girl Drives Worse Than an Italy

The nations followed Katrina even the ones that weren't sure they could trust her. Unfortunately, she was their only lead as to what had happened to America so they had no choice but to go along with her.

She eventually stopped in front of 2004 Silver Toyota Sienna. She smiled sheepishly,

"E Tsi refuses to buy a more recent model until this one falls apart. Something about how there's no sense in having unnecessary expenses."

The nations had some trouble believing that America would believe in saving but said nothing. They didn't want to offend their ride after all.

Katrina turned to look at them.

"The Sienna is a seven seater and there are eleven of you. So even if we use a 2-4-4 seating arrangement, we'll still have two people missing. Someone will just have to sit on someone else's lap."

Everyone turned to look at Germany and Italy causing Germany to sigh.

"Feliciano may sit on my lap and I am sure Spain will be happy to let Romano sit on his."

Spain nodded ecstatically while Romano protested violently. (Even if he was secretly happy about it.)

Katrina rolled her eyes and started directing everyone as to where they could sit.

"Tall Russian guy sit in the passenger seat. In the middle row the two Asians in the middle and the guy with the polar bear and the albino on the sides. In the back row, let's have the two who are going to have Italians on their laps on the sides and the guy with bushy eyebrows and the guy with the stubble in the middle."

England didn't realize until after they were all seated that he had been put next to France of all people. He didn't figure that out because he had been too busy complaining about how he did not have bushy eyebrows.

He wasn't given a chance to complain because Katrina hit the gas and the nations were taken on the most horrific car ride of their life.

As the author I'm going to start giving you hints as to what Katrina represents in the U.S. because I'm sure that by now you've figured out that she's some kind of personification and if you haven't now you know that she is one.

Katrina has always had a need for speed. She's crazy about cars and racing. Her area of the U.S. is famous for this stuff. She's also the family mechanic.

Have you figured it out? If you haven't, then that's okay because Katrina will tell you herself soon enough.

Now let's see…where did we leave our cast of intrepid adventurers? Oh, that's right. They were in the car with Katrina experiencing the worst road trip they will ever experience.

Being in the car with an Italy is ensuring that you feel sick afterwards. Having Katrina as your driver is the same as signing your own death sentence…at least that is how the nations felt.

The only nations who were okay with the entire situation were Italy and Romano but even they were feeling slightly queasy, something that was not easily accomplished.

"E Tsi never lets me drive unless we need to get somewhere fast so this is the most fun I've had in the last few decades."

"Well no wonder. You drive like a bloody demon."

England barely managed to spit that out before he felt the car sickness overtake him again.

"Aw shucks. That has to be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Except maybe for the one time Samuel said I was more emotionally unbalanced than Derrick and he's the one with two different personalities."

For once in maybe their entire existence, the nations were on the same page.

'We're going to die at the hands of this…this lunatic!'

Katrina's smile turned feral all of a sudden and the nations were ready to cry. Katrina seriously scared them.

They knew next to nothing about her and they were trusting her to help them save America and to top it all off, she was testing them throughout.

She started slowing down to a more human speed as they approached a sign saying Pay Toll. Toll Plaza Ahead.

"Tch, I hate tolls but unfortunately they are a necessary evil. Important source of revenue to keep these roads in shape."

Germany looked interested in this fact.

"I did not know America had such a program in place."

"Yeah, well we have an extensive roads system due to the Cold War. Probably why everyone who lives outside of cities owns some kind of vehicle."

Russia glanced at Katrina curiously.

"What does the Cold War have to do with Amerika's roads?"

It was an interesting topic to him because he had been the other participant in a 50 years long standstill.

Katrina shrugged as she maneuvered the car into a lane for the toll.

"Our 34th president, Dwight D. Eisenhower was a bit paranoid and chose to have a whole internal getaway system which led to our whole Interstate highway system. It's pretty cool when you think about it. I mean Dwight was a pretty nice guy even if he was totally afraid of us regions."

France chose that very moment to show some of the intelligence that had kept him alive during the German occupation of France during WWII.

"So you and whoever else will be giving us these trials represent regions of America, non?"

Katrina's eyes flashed red again though the only person who saw was Russia and it scared him slightly because her eyes were the color of fresh blood just out of a body.

"Maybe, maybe not. Just know this, most of us have existed since the conception of the United States in one form or the other."

That was the last thing any of the nations learned before Katrina once again hit the gas and made the car groan with effort due to the crazy speed.

The nations had a bit of difficulty remembering much of the ride after that but Italy remembered to ask if Katrina had paid the toll. She told him not to worry about it because all of the family cars had something that made it easy to pay tolls without stopping.

All the other nations couldn't help but think,

'Of course Italy is coping just fine. His driving is almost as bad.'

Scene change to a place hidden somewhere on Roanoke Island

The nations sighed in relief when Katrina finally parked the car. In fact the minute Prussia had gotten out of the van, he kissed the ground.

Katrina smirked at all of them.

"You people are weak. I wasn't even driving at my top speeds. You're just a bunch of pitiful foreigners."

All the nation turned to glare at Katrina. Even Italy glared because even he had started to feel sick as the drive had gone by.

A rich bass voice drawled from inside the building in front of them,

"Stop bullying them Kat and tell me if they passed their trial or not so I can give them mine."

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