Spoilers for Season 2!

Author's Note: Hello, readers! So I started watching some walkthroughs and started wondering what it'd be like if Clem got bitten and had to cut off her leg, cause it's not like this series is depressing enough already. This story will begin when Clementine is attacked in the shed and will most likely continue until the end of Season 2. The only difference will be that Clem's right leg now ends in a stump. This story was originally posted on Tumblr.

Rated T for: Amputation, violence, swearing, death, zombies, and other dark themes.

If anyone is a reader of my other stories, I apologize for basically abandoning them. I plan to post the next chapter of ERCH in the near future, but I'm not sure about HFWC. I might just discontinue it. Thanks for understanding.

And now, without further ado, please enjoy the first chapter of Stump! :) - Aqua


Clementine tied off the final stitch, breathing heavily as tears flowed steadily down her face.

The wooden shed was heavy with the scent of blood and disinfectant. Her arm felt like it was on fire. Gritting her teeth, Clem swore she would never touch another dog ever again. And she swore to never trust 'doctors' who couldn't even tell a walker bite from a dog bite. Walkers had human teeth, not canine teeth, for godsake!

Trembling, Clementine reached for the bandages and began to wrap her wound. But the fabric slipped from her shaking fingers and landed on the floor with a soft thud. Clem groaned inwardly and knelt down to pick it up.

Only to be met with a walker's face mere inches from hers.

With a scream, Clem fell backwards as the walker lunged for her, snarling. It grabbed her ankle, trying to pull itself close enough to bite her. Holding onto the table for dear life, Clementine reached for the hammer. It was just out of reach...

The walker jerked forward, and pain shot up her right leg. Clem stumbled and landed hard, scrambling backward as the walker advanced. The rotting corpse pushed itself on top of her with a growl, its teeth gnashing two inches from her face. Shoving her legs into the walker's stomach, Clementine kicked as hard as she could, sending it to the ground a foot away.

Weapon... find a weapon!

Adrenaline pumping, Clem jumped to her feet, grabbing the first thing she could; a brick. The walker had pulled itself to its feet now, but Clementine knocked it back again with the brick. But she didn't throw hard enough to kill it, and the walker had already recovered itself. Thinking quickly, Clem reached for a rake and pinned the walker against the back wall of the shed, pushing with all her strength against the full-grown walker. It lost its footing and fell back, impaling itself on some farm tool.

The walker continued to snap and grunt, its gnarled hands reaching out for her, but it couldn't pull itself free. Wasting no time, Clem turned and grabbed the hammer, driving it into the walker's skull.

The corpse fell silent just as the door opened.

Light flooded the shed. Clementine could see shadows on the wall. She let her hand slide off the hammer, sinking to the ground. She could hear voices.

"What the hell?!"

"How did it get in?"

"The shed should've been safe."

"You alright?"


Clem didn't respond or turn around to face them. She felt disconnected, like everything was happening in slow motion. Clementine rolled up the leg of her jeans, staring at her right leg.

"I'm bitten...?"

The wound was deep, a good chunk of flesh missing a couple inches above her ankle. Clem's expression turned to horror as nausea swept through her. It was bleeding; crimson liquid pooling around her foot.

"I'm bitten." She repeated, her heart beginning to race. Clementine turned around, facing the group of stricken people. "I'm bitten! Oh god no, I- I can't be..." Her breathing quickened. "No, not now, not like this! Please, I can't turn... god, I'm bitten... help me, please!"

"Oh my god.."

"We can't, not like last time.."

"Well, we have to do something!"

"Shit, we're screwed-"

"Get Carlos!"

Luke was the first to act, approaching Clementine cautiously. She locked eyes with him, communicating a sense of urgency.

"We have to cut it off." Clem said. "Now."

"Clementine, we can't-"

"I said now, Luke!" Clementine balled her hands into fists, gritting her teeth. "I'm not going to turn, understand? If you won't help, I'll... I'll hack it off myself! I'll bleed to death before I turn!" She was beginning to panic, Luke could see that much.

"Not out here." He told her, gathering Clementine into his arms. "We'll go inside, okay? Carlos will know what to do." The young man tried to calm Clementine down, but he was scared, too. Luke hoped she couldn't tell.

"Okay..." Clem buried her face in Luke's shoulder, gripping his shirt like a life line. She was crying now, she was terrified. It seemed like her whole body was in pain, her arm and her leg were agony, and her mind was screaming.

'No, no, no, no, no!'

The run to the house was short, but it felt like a lifetime. And then suddenly Clementine was laying on a couch, back in the house, people rushing by and shouting. Her vision was going in and out of focus, her heart pounding and blood roaring in her ears. Voices... lots of voices, each sounding quick and panicky.

"I need some towels!"

"Where's the disinfectant?"

"Hurry up!"

"Dad, what's going on...?"

"Sarah, get upstairs now."

"Is she going to turn?"

"We can't, she's just a child-"

"There's no other choice."

Clementine flinched as someone approached her. It was Carlos, the doctor. Clem frowned and opened her mouth to speak, but a sudden spasm of pain gripped her. She inhaled sharply and bit her tongue, her mouth filling with the taste of coppery blood.

Clementine looked up at Carlos and smiled weakly.

"See, this is a walker bite."

Carlos didn't smile back. He handed her a water bottle and some pills.

"Hurry up and take them." The doctor instructed. "They're painkillers, and antibiotics. We might as well get them in your system now, if you're really sure you want to do this." Carlos fixed her with a serious look.

"This might not work. A gun would be a kinder death." He told her simply.

Clem narrowed her eyes and downed the pills.

"I'm sure. Cut it off. I'm not gonna turn."

Carlos nodded grimly.

"Very well." He answered. Carlos tied a piece of fabric around her bitten leg, halfway down her calf. It was tight; probably to cut off circulation. "You will most likely pass out. It will be over before you know it. Bring me the antiseptic!" He called over his shoulder. One of the guys (Nick, was it?) handed the doctor a bottle.

Clementine braced herself for pain.

The doctor began cleaning the bite. Clem made a strangled gasping sound, squeezing her eyes shut. This was worse than the dog bite on her arm. Much worse.

"Is this all we have?" Clem heard Carlos ask.

"It's the only one I could find."

Clem peered at them with one eye.

"Um.. I kinda stole the other one..." She said faintly, wincing as the alcohol stung her wound. "For my arm."

Carlos raised his eyebrows.

"How... never mind. It doesn't matter now." The doctor sighed. "Alvin, Pete, I need you. You have to hold her down." He began to thread a needle, moving with the practiced motion of a surgeon. "Luke, get the woodcutter's axe and disinfect the blade. It'll do better than your machete."

Clementine hear footsteps as people hastened to follow orders. Everything was so surreal... it was like a dream.

"Once it's amputated, I'm going to stitch it up and bandage it. We need towels, rags, anything you can find to stop the bleeding."

Clem was feeling dizzy. Was that from blood loss, or was she already turning? She didn't know.

"Thank you, Luke. Pete, Alvin, now."

Two pairs of strong hands pressed down on Clementine's arms, pinning her to the couch.

"Give her something to bite down on."

Clem felt something being put in her mouth... a rag? It tasted old... but she clamped it between her teeth anyways.

"Get ready..."

'For what...?' Clementine tried to say, but her mouth was full of fabric. What was going on? Why was she here? She couldn't remember...


A scream ripped through Clem's throat, but the sound was muffled. Her back arched as she thrashed against the people holding her down.


There was a sickening crunching sound. Pain- horrible electric pain arced throughout her entire body. Clementine writhed in agony, her nerves overloading.

crunch, SNAP

She couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't-

And then everything went black.