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We decided to take a different route with this fic, unlike many of the others in which Will is taking suppressants and omega's aren't permitted to have lives of their own in this fic they can. Will is open about being an omega and just has to take some time off work whenever his cycle comes around.

Omega's have won their rights by fighting the good fight! Yay!

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Someone was going to die.

Thoughts of bringing a well deserving pig to slaughter was a normal sort of musing for Hannibal. The general contents of his fridge was stocked primarily with cuts that he butchered himself, all ethically so of course. One had to earn a place at his table, and a surefire way of doing that was to wake Hannibal up before the sun rose.

Normally, Hannibal didn't wake up with thoughts of necessary murder. The sharp sound of a fist connecting to his front door's wood was driving such views to the forefront though, and now someone was going to have to die.


Another loud rapping echoed through his home as a killer rolled out of bed, making Hannibal clench his jaw. He pushed back the covers to take a measured breath as he searched for his robe. There were very few people in this world that could come to his home unannounced at…Hannibal paused to check because one had to be accurate about time of death… 5:13 in the morning, and live to tell the tale. Among those select few individuals, there was only one who would not suffer at a later date for such a rude intrusion.

"Sausage or bacon?" Hannibal mused to himself, selecting a scalpel to greet his visitor with. If they were foolish enough to rouse him from sleep this early, they were destined to be breakfast. Hannibal so loved fresh meat with his eggs and coffee first thing in the morning.

Slipping the scalpel into his pocket, Hannibal fastened the belt of his dressing gown to pad downstairs on silent feet. Forgoing the lights as he wandered through the familiar surroundings of his home, Hannibal found his way to the large double doors with ease.

"Bacon." Hannibal decided, that particular cut of meat having a simpler preparation than sausage. "I have a plane to catch."

Pushing his irritation down out of sight, Hannibal settled the edges of his mask back in place before opening the door. It wouldn't do to scare the meat before it was dispatched. Terror would ruin the taste if it were saturated too long in adrenaline and chemicals.

"Will?" Hannibal greeted with mild surprise, catching the fist in time that came at him. The blow was not thrown with malice or in anger. The man in question every intention of pounding on his door for a fourth time, and had made contact with Hannibal instead. As fate would have it, the Alpha was robbed of his fresh breakfast, the Omega invading his personal space, the one and only person he would not harm for the indignity of being woken up at such an early hour unannounced and uninvited.

"Will? What are you doing here?" Hannibal asked. He grew concerned when Will didn't move from his place on the doorstep or answer him with his usual fleeting gaze. Instead, the Omega stood stock still as Hannibal held him by the wrist. It only took a moment for sanguine eyes to take in what was happening, Hannibal quickly accessing the situation.

"How fascinating. You're asleep." Hannibal said as he observed the vacant look in Will's half lidded eyes, his lips parted slackly and his curls a dark satiny mess. It was a beautiful look for the omega, his face made soft and almost boyish in sleep. Hannibal noted that a decade could be taken off of Will's face if he ever bothered to shave off that horrid beard.

Casting a glance over Will's shoulder out into his driveway, Hannibal took note of the Omega's car parked there. Even in this state, Will had been able to drive well over an hour from his home in Wolf Trap, Virginia to Hannibal's house in Baltimore, Maryland…

…And he had done it in his underwear.

Closing the door behind them, Hannibal guided Will into his kitchen. Taking full advantage of the Omega's state of mind, Hannibal placed his hand to the small of Will's back as he directed him through the house. As tempting as it was to just pick Will up and take him to his bedroom, lay the Omega out on his bed so that his scent marked the high count sheets, Hannibal knew he needed to find out how deeply under the man was.

"You must wake up, Will." Hannibal told the Omega as he sat him in the kitchen's leather chair. Crouching down, Hannibal gauged pupil dilation as he made eye contact to see none. Snapping his fingers by Will's ear gained no reaction either, not that Hannibal was expecting one. A large hand placed to the Omega's forehead told the good doctor that his unofficial patient was running hot. That was hardly abnormal for the Omega who was on suppressants. Side effects from the vile smelling chemicals included night sweats, migraines, fever, and sleep walking. Will was the living embodiment of everything that could go wrong while taking them.

"Will?" Hannibal tried again, keeping his voice gentle as he took that beautiful face of placid stillness into his hands. He dared to stroke full lips with the pad of his thumb, touching the sensitive silk there to have a tongue's tip edge out to taste him. It was enough to make the Alpha take a breath, slow and deep as he watched that slick pink slide along his thumb in search of salt and heat and something more. When Will leaned in to mouth at Hannibal's fingers, the Alpha hummed out a pleased sound, returning the favor to scent the Omega.

Reeling back quickly, Hannibal covered his nose to smother the burning smell of Old Spice cologne. It was one of Will's defense against Alphas. He practically bathed himself in the pungent smell to drive others away from him. Nights sweats had purged most of it off of him, but a good remainder clung to the crook of his neck by his scent glands.

Will was hardly to blame for such a practice though. Omega pheromones were very appealing to all the genders, though in very different ways. To an Alpha, it was a call to mate and claim while to other Omegas, it was soothing, which is why some Alphas liked to create harems. Docile mates meant more sex and longer heats. Even to Betas, the scent of an Omega was alluring, making the neutral gender want to support and protect the fairest sex.

The cologne was the most tactful way Will could think of to keep from getting unwanted attention from an Alpha. Being a thoroughbred, Hannibal was gifted with superior senses, which included a rather sensitive nose for scents. He had able to pick up more of Will beneath the atrocious odor then what other Alpha's were capable, a tease to let him know that there was something sweet as peaches beneath all that foulness. It also meant that he suffered exponentially more from the effects of Will's poor life choices.

Personal sacrifices aside, Hannibal could smell that something had changed in his favorite Omega and not-patient today. He was unable to place it though thanks to the overwhelming amounts of cologne burning his nose's lining. He did know something noteworthy now he would have never considered before though.

Will wasn't on heat suppressants, and from sweet quality of his scent, had never been. Omegas on and off heat suppressants tended to have a sour taint to their body odor, their scent scarred by the suppressants. Will's scent was pure.

Turnabout was fair play, Hannibal taking a moment to recover as he gathered his medical bag from his closet. The Alpha returned soon enough to slip a vial of smelling salts beneath Will's nose. The ammonia had no effect though, much to Hannibal's surprise, enough so to make the Alpha tilt his head in thought.

Curiouser and curiouser, Hannibal mused, regarding Will in the inquisitive manner that was becoming common in the Omega's presence. He could smell the salts, even at arm's length . It was a commonplace product that had worked in the past in waking Will from on of his sleep walking cycles.

As he held the smelling salts beneath Will's nose, there were still no signs of consciousness returning to cloudy blue grey depths. Physically, Will's body was reacting normally, his eyes beginning to water as he changed to breathing through his mouth to avoid inhaling. Will was no closer to cognitive waking than when he had stepped through the door. For whatever reason, Will's mind was choosing to remain unaware to the world around him. The Omega hadn't just fallen asleep. He had receded fully inside himself, the Omega hiding from everyone and everything. If suppressants weren't to blame, then what was?

"Where are you, Will?" Hannibal asked, an intrigued smile pulling at the corners of his mask as he lifted an eyelid to further examine an unseeing eye. "What did Jack show you?"

Hannibal wanted to know, needed to know what the agent had done to make Will abandon his reality and fight against all outside stimuli to keep it that way. Though it pleased the Alpha to know the Omega had chosen to seek him out during his time of need, however, it did leave him wondering the question of why. Something had left the usually independent man feeling terribly vulnerable, enough so that he had come to him. It was something he would need to address Jack about with a call before his flight.

Which raised other questions, ones of far greater importance to the killer at large. With Will acting out like this, who was Hannibal going to leave the Omega while he was absent? Will obviously couldn't be left on his own, not if he was driving to an unmated Alpha's house in his sleep.

Will was an interesting creature, one that was too precious to leave all alone. That and Hannibal was a very selfish man. He wasn't about to lose Will to something as mundane as a car accident while he was away. If Will was to die, it would be fated by his hands alone.

With his previous mentions of sleep walking and what he thought had been blatant suppressant abuse, it was something Hannibal had always known would come to a peak. He'd been waiting for Will's condition to take an inevitable turn for the worse that would allow him to lure Will into his home and personal care. It was a perfect excuse to keep the Omega close. He had planned to ease Will into a greater reliance upon him, to be the sole support structure left available in the fragile man's world.

During that time, Hannibal planned to make himself invaluable to Will. To such an extent when the day came when Will knew the truth about Hannibal and the Ripper, the Omega would find himself unable to turn his Alpha in. Will's own need for acceptance and support would outweigh his good conscience.

Unfortunately, Will's sense of timing was as terrible as ever. This was the day Hannibal was leaving for a trip he had been planning for well over a month. It was already bought and paid for with someone waiting for him across an ocean.

Letting the sleeping man slowly suck his thumb between his teeth to bite down into the flesh pad of it, Hannibal ran through the short list of colleagues intelligent enough not to claim Will while he was away. He quickly realized that there really was no one he could completely trust with his Will. They could take advantage of the Omega during his absence. That and leaving Will with a stranger would guarantee the man's resentment toward him for the abandonment, especially if that someone took the opportunity to study him. The only other option was Alana Bloom, and her interest in Will eliminated her as a trustworthy candidate.

It only left one other choice.

"This will be good for you, Will." Hannibal smiled, warming up to the idea the more he turned it over in his head. Capping the salts, Hannibal reached into his bag again to get what he needed. Tying a band around the inactive Omega's bicep, he watched as a lovely blue vein pushed up against his pale skin in presentation. "This will help you relax."

Filling a syringe with clear liquid from an unmarked glass bottle, a cocktail of his own design developed especially for his precious Omega. Always prepared for any situation, Hannibal dosed Will up to his eyeballs with sedative, saturating his blood with it to make the man's body follow his mind.

"Just think of it as a vacation." Hannibal added with a slight smile, the curve of his lips making him look like the predator he was. Cupping Will's face, Hannibal ran his fingers through curls softer than they appeared to be. It was the first time Hannibal had seen the Omega so at ease, his usual fluttering gaze and tense movements sluggish in his chemically induced sleep.

"Come, Will." Satisfied with his decision, Hannibal gathered the Omega up into his arms. "We need to clean you up. It wouldn't do to have you traveling covered in dried sweat and that cologne."

Purring so a deep rumble resonated in his chest, Hannibal brought his puppet upstairs into his own private bathroom. Will responded to the noise beautifully, even at his unconscious lever, trying to nestle in closer to the purr's source. Moving Will's arms and legs where he wanted them, Hannibal found the Omega to be as plaint and malleable as a doll. It allowed the Alpha to easily strip Will of his salt stained t-shirt and underwear, before easily slipping out of his own nightwear one handed.

The first thing Hannibal did upon entering the shower was scrub down Will's body until the Omega's skin was shiny, pink, and smelling of jasmine and sandalwood. It was the first time Hannibal found himself able to comfortably partake in the sweet smell of honeyed peaches that was all pure, untainted Omega laced with the more earthen tones of his own cleaning products.

Humming with pleasure, Hannibal held Will close, wrapping his arms around the Omega's tapered waist to ghost fingers along his stomach. He buried his nose in the damp curls as he pulled in another deep breath that was all Omega, all Will, and yet something else lingered there as well. It was the scent he had first noticed beneath Will's skin, something new to the Omega that added a warm vanilla scent to his musk.

A scent he could not yet place.

"Ever the enigma, Will." Hannibal murmured, nipping the shell of Will's ear to feel the scruff of his beard run along his jaw. A pleasant thought came to mind as an opportunity presented itself, one that had him finishing up with Will in the shower. Wrapping the man up in a towel, Hannibal took Will to the counter where he kept his straight razor and shaving kit. If there ever been an opportunity to free Will of his atrocious beard, this was it.

"Hold still." Hannibal told him, brushing the still man's face with warm foam as he tilted Will's chin up and back. He would have to be quick with Will's body braced up against his own. Removing the dark stubble with ease in three smooth pulls of his razor soon revealed perfect pale skin left sensitive from disuse. Stroking that naked flesh, Hannibal let his calloused fingers run along the arched length of flawless neck to make the man beneath his touch shudder, a small whimper he had never imagined hearing sound from the quiet omega's mouth.

"Skin starved." Hannibal reminded himself, shifting the man's face to make quick work of the remaining foam. Wiping away the residue with a warm towel, he splashed the fresh skin with his own aftershave. It was milder in scent and far more appealing than what the Omega was used to. It was tempting to scent mark Will further as his own, but not wise this early in the game.

Dressing Will in his own bathrobe, Hannibal carried the Omega back downstairs, seating him at the dining room table with the casual grace and strength he hid so well from others. "You'll have to excuse me, Will. I have a few calls to make before we depart." he told his guest as he removed the robe's belt. He used to it to tie Will's arms to his sides and his body upright to the chair with the fabric. Running a comforting hand through damp curls mostly because he could, Hannibal confirmed the Omega was securely tied so that he could get dressed for the day before making his first phone call.

"Hello Jack." Hannibal feigned a concerned tone as the groggy voice of Jack Crawford answered his call. "We need to talk."

"Hannibal? Is something wrong?" Hannibal could hear the agent crawling out from under the covers, checking the time and leaving the bedroom to keep from disturbing his sick wife's rest.

"I apologize for bothering you at such an early hour, but it has to do with Will." Hannibal's smile only grew as he glanced back at the still man at his table.

"Will? What's wrong? Did something happen?" Jack was alert now and concerned for his valuable profiler. One of the agent's greatest fears was breaking Will before the Ripper was caught. Hannibal smiled wide and dark at the thought, though none of his mirth came through his careful control.

"Nothing serious this time, but his next episode could prove to be fatal. Will arrived at my home about twenty minutes ago. He drove here asleep, Jack, and I haven't been able to wake him. Whatever killing ground you've been shown him has forced his consciousness to recede into his mind. I'm afraid I must insist he take an extended leave of absence." Hannibal informed Jack, keeping the glee out of his voice as he exerted control over the agent.

There was a pause over the phone instead of expected cries of outrage or any protest. "I haven't called Will in on anything recently. He hasn't looked at a case in nearly two weeks." Jack told him, sounding miffed and dismayed. Now that was an interesting tidbit of information that gave Hannibal reason for pause.

"I'm afraid that only provides me with more cause for concern, Jack. His condition has worsened to something dangerous, both for himself as well as for others. I'm removing Will from work until this is under control. I will be taking Will under my personal care immediately." Hannibal informed Jack, reveling in his words.

"I don't find that acceptable, Dr. Lecter. I need Will. He's my best chance for catching the Ripper. You can keep him in the evenings, but I need him back here during the day. I need him…" Jack started to voice his lists of complaints to an uncaring ear.

"The Ripper can wait Jack." Hannibal interrupted, rudely so, very unlike him. It was necessary though to put a stop to the other Alpha's power play. "Will is of no use to you if he's dead. Right now, he's getting dangerously close to the point he may not so easily come back from. Unless you wish to start hunting a whole new kind of psychopath, one that can think and become any of the others from the rich history of his mind, you will leave Will Graham to me. I will return him to you once his mind has been settled, and it is safe to do so."

There was another long pause between them, Jack swallowing what Hannibal was force feeding him as he came to terms with the truth. Will needed help and to someone looking in from the outside, Hannibal appeared to be the best person to give that to him. "Fine but keep me updated. Let me know when he starts showing improvements." Jack sighed out.

"Of course, Jack." Hannibal lied, carrying an empty suitcase in one hand and a full one in the other. Hannibal's smile was all sharp teeth and dark intent, the expression only broadening as he regarded Will.

"I will keep a close eye on him."