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Edward, fresh out of veterinary school moves to the small town his grandfather was from, after his sudden death. There he inherits his veterinary clinic and ranch. He finds himself intrigued by the young Isabella who tries to runaway with her brother several times. What will Edward do when he finds a journal his grandfather kept and realizes that his own grandfather was trying to help her and her brother get away?

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Chapter One


I look in the mirror at the thickening scruff on my face and let out a sigh. It's been two days since I last shaved. Two days since I got the phone call giving me the devastating news.

I close my eyes; I still can't believe he's gone. I dry my hands, before walking out the door, only to have the second door hit me.

"I'm sorry," a small voice says.

I rub my head looking down at the small boy who moves quickly past me.

"No problem, it's okay," I say walking out quietly.

I move to where I left Newton, my dog. I give him a pat on his head and pick up his lead. I move to the window and place my order including an extra bottle of water to take right away for Newton.

I glance around and notice that all the tables are quite full. There's one table that has a girl sitting at it alone; there are another three seats by her. I can only hope that one of them is free. I walk over to it with Newton at my heel.

"Are one of these seats free?" I ask.

The girl looks up at me and Newton moves to her and licks her hand, causing her to jump. I move him a little back from her.

"I'm sorry," I tell her, but she's still looking afraid. "He doesn't bite. He was saying hello in his own way. He's just really friendly and wants you to pet him."

The girl slowly lifts her hand petting him, and I can see the small smile on her face, when Newton starts to almost vibrate in enjoyment.

"So, is it okay for me to sit down for a few minutes here?"

The girl looks up at me then around the room. When her eyes fall back on mine she nods at me, before looking back down at her notepad.

I take out Newton's bowl from my bag and set it on the floor. I pour some water in it and Newton gladly starts to drink right away. As I sit back up, the chair next to mine moves and the boy from the bathroom sits down. I look to him when I feel his stare. He ducks his head moving closer to the girl.

After checking on Newton, who is at my feet, I take my cell out and check out Facebook. A hacking cough makes me look back up and to the boy. I watch for a few seconds as the girl tries to help her brother. I grab the water bottle I put in my bag and open it. As I move near the boy, he quickly flinches away from me.

"Sorry, just take some deep breaths," I tell him looking him over as I do. "That's a nasty cough you've got."

I take hold of his wrist feeling his pulse, which is a little faster than it should be.

I'm in shock momentarily, when the girl's hand shoots out and grabs my wrist. I look to her and she is scowling at me.

"I won't hurt him. I'm Edward Cullen and I'm a vet. I'm just looking him over. I mean no harm."

The girl's look doesn't soften, if anything, it gets harsher.

"Well, Edward Cullen, the vet, he's human, not an animal, so what would you know anyway?"

"I know a little," I say feeling frustration with her treating me like I'd hurt the boy.

This child is speaking to me like this. In my day, we were taught how to respect our elders. I'm not old by any means, but this is rude. I go to tell her just that, but get cut off with the boy coughing again.

The girl's eyes fall on him. The worry that flashes in her eyes makes my heart soften, and I let out a soft sigh.

"Here, get him to drink a little bit of this water," I say holding out the water for her.

She looks from me to the water and drops my wrist taking the bottle. She smells and tastes it, before holding the water out for him. I watch as she whispers in his ear. Her face is soft, angel like, until she looks back at me – that is.

"Your number was just called," she says in a tone that's a little softer than she has been using with me.

I nod and lean in to Newton. "Stay boy, you keep an eye on them for me."

I get up, walking to get my order and move back to the table. The whole time I could feel her eyes on me.

"Is this your brother?" I ask looking at the girl, who now seems to have lost her voice and she only nods at me.

"Tell your mom and dad that they need to get that cough checked out, okay?"

Again she scowls at me. I pick up my bag and Newton's lead, before walking back to my truck to eat. I have just finished my meal, when I see the boy and girl walk out behind a lady. I move out of my truck to go and speak to her, but they all get on a bus which moves off before I get there.

I let out a small sigh, shaking off the worrisome feeling I have over them. I move out of the parking area and drive the last forty-five minutes to Spearhead, Montana.

I drive into town to meet up with my parents and sister at the local mortuary. As I get out of the truck, I look at a nearby shop. Something must be wrong there, as the Spearhead City Police car is there, and it's still running. I notice the officer walking out and he catches my eye.

"Sir," the officer says as he walks up to me. "Did you happen to just drive in from out of town?"

I nod at him, while letting Newton out of the truck.

"Yes, Officer, I just got into town. Is there a problem?"

"Well, yes, there is. I'm looking for these two kids," he pulls out a photograph, "they seem to have failed to turn up home, after Sunday school."

He hands me a picture to look at, and it's of the kids I saw at the bus station.

"Yes, I've seen these two kids. They were at the bus station and got on the five-nine-eight bus about fifty minutes ago," I say, handing the photograph back to him.

"Are you completely sure it was them?"

I nod at the police officer. "I'm absolutely sure. We kind of shared a table. The boy has a really bad cough, and I gave him some water."

I look back at the police officer who is speaking into the shoulder-mic of his radio, now that I confirmed the kids' whereabouts.

He thanks me and I walk into the mortuary office, greeting my mom.

"Hey, Mom, I'm sorry," I say as she pulls me to her.

"Hey, son," my dad says as he kisses my head.

The next hour goes by with us going over everything that needs to be done for my grandfather Anthony's funeral.

We all arrive at my grandfather's ranch. There are three hundred and fifty acres of land here. It houses: horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens. There are the main house, two smaller houses for ranch hands, several out buildings and a large barn. One of the ranch hand houses is occupied by Emmett, his wife Rose and their three children, they have two daughters and one son. The other ranch hand house is occupied by Garrett and his wife Kate, who have one son and one daughter.

It has been six years since I was last here. I've been busy getting my veterinary degree, which I only just completed. I finished all my schooling fairly fast. I just turned twenty-seven.

Mom, dad, Alice and I walk into the main house, where the smell of a good home-cooked meal is overwhelming. Mom and Alice help Kate and Rose finish dinner. Dad and I take the bags up to our rooms, before talking things over with Emmett and Garrett.

A/N: Well there you go, the first chapter in our next fictional journey. To our knowledge and Google based research, there is no such place as Spearhead, Montana. This story much like the town of Spearhead, Montana is fictional.