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Chapter 33

Fifteen years later.

I stand leaning on the doorjamb watching Bella with the dogs. About ten years ago we decided to open our own abused animal shelter which is ran by Bella and Emily. Emily is Leah and Jacob's oldest daughter, by a whole seven minutes over her siblings.

While I am proud of Bella, I also miss her working closely with me. I know it's silly, since her building is just next door to the clinic, but it still feels too far away.

The last fifteen years have mostly been very good to our family and friends. There has been some upheaval for both Bella and Peter in their healing, like when Harry, an old friend of Charlie's became very ill. He suffered major dementia and forgot what happened to Charlie. He would often start to yell at Bella, not only thinking she was Tanya, but also thinking she had killed his friend. We all knew he was sick, but it was hard. We understood he was not being intentionally evil or cruel, but at the same time this caused Bella and Peter a lot of heartache.

Another time was when the men that Charlie had sold Bella to were arrested for human trafficking. It was all over the news and I couldn't keep it from Bella, no matter how much I wanted to. Hearing what these men put those young girls through, how hard their lives had been, and the years of therapy they would now have to go through, hit us all hard. Knowing what those girls went through was difficult, but knowing their fate was actually intended for someone we all love so much, my Bella, was really more than we could bear for a while.

Through this, Bella always kept her head up. There were only a few times that I saw the angry girl in her again. She always worked through it, by using her therapy methods and using her sand art. The emotions and tales she told doing these sand stories were amazing.

Over the years she has made more than thirty sand stories, most have been shared with the family. Only a very few, including the first one she shared, were solely for me. Some were quite personal. She made them just to show me how much she has healed as well as how much she loves me.

I walk slowly to Bella, wrapping my arm around her; with my other hand I flick her hair out of the way and kiss her neck softly. "How was today?" I ask in between my kisses.

"I found a home for three of them, so they will be leaving tonight."

I chuckle a little at the pout on her face.

"We already have five dogs, my love, any more and we'd be classified as the scary dog family."

Peaches had three litters of puppies with Newton, before passing away at the ripe old age of twelve. Newton couldn't live after losing his mate and passed away about three months later. Thankfully, we had decided to keep one puppy from each litter they had. Over the last ten years, the three of them have grown to be great dogs to have. Of course, we neutered the two males, Aro and Caius, and spayed the female, Didyme. We also found ourselves adopting male and female puppies about six years back. They were from a puppy mill that was shut down, two counties over. The male Amun, and his mate Kachiri, are bullmastiffs. They are both done having puppies now, but have had four successful litters. The money from the sale of their puppies, all thirty-six of them, went into helping support a program Bella created—H.A.L.L.—Helping Animals Live Longer. H.A.L.L. makes sure house pets are vaccinated and sterilized for low or no cost in our tri-county area. Jake and I both donate about twenty hours a month to help support the program.

"I know, I'm just going miss them so much."

I keep kissing her and slide my hand under her top. "Do you think we have some time, before they get here?" I ask on a moan, which feeling her silky skin always does to me. I want to spend some alone time, or as alone as we're going to get, with my wife.

"They won't be here for another hour, and we have loads of time after that. Mom ..." Bella stopped calling Mom, Mamma E, not long after we had our daughter Tanya. She knew if she could love two kids equally, then she could have two Moms too. "She's taking Anthony and Tanya for a long weekend, so we can spend your birthday together, as a couple."

"So I have three nights and three days with you?" I ask as I remove her top.

"It will be four nights, four days all total. We'll get the kids and dogs back after school on Tuesday or after we arrive home."

I nod at her as I go for her neck. I move her slowly to her small office. We spend the next forty-five minutes making love. We only just finished getting redressed, when the new dog owner arrives. After a teary farewell to them, we head straight to the hotel as Bella has already packed our suitcase in the car.

The weekend passes with Bella and me staying in our hotel room and using room service. We more than enjoyed our time alone. It was amazing and wonderful to spend the time talking and laughing, as well as making love for hours.


Bella and I arrive home feeling refreshed, happy and eager to see our kids and the dogs.

"Mom, Dad," Tanya, our twelve-year-old yells as she runs to us, "I missed you so much."

I chuckle as she wraps her arms around both of us. Tanya has my green eyes, but looks a lot like her mother. The only thing she has, that has not come from either Bella or me, is her almost white blond hair. I know this has come from the grandmother for whom she is named. When the town found out that Bella had no pictures of her birth mother, they rallied around to find ones that they themselves had taken and gave them to Bella and Peter. They each got several pictures in the end.

"I missed you, too, sweetie. Were you good for Grandma and Grandpa?"

"Yes, Mom, I was as good as gold."

"Yeah, fool's gold," Anthony says as he walks to us. He gives his mother a hug, something I'm proud, that at age fifteen, he still does willingly.

"Aunty Bella," Alice's youngest child yells running out with the dogs all following her. "Tell them I am big enough to take the doggies out."

Bella bends down and scoops Maria into her arms. "I know you are a big girl, and you do real well with Aro, Caius, and Didyme."

"See I told you," Maria says, turning to face her two older brothers, Phil and James. They both roll their eyes at her.

"Aunty Bella didn't say you were big enough, only that you do well. Beside we're all over ten, and you're still a baby," James says as he points to himself his brother Phil, Anthony and Tanya.

"Pardon me, what did you just say young man?"

I hold back my chuckle as James pales under Bella's motherly stare.

"But she's only six, Aunty Bella, and Tanya is the youngest after her, and she's twelve."

"I know, but that doesn't mean she can't help take the dogs on a walk. What did your mom and dad say?"

"That she was to come, too," all the kids say together with a sigh. Bella places Maria down and we watch as the kids all walk away with the three dogs. I glance over to the porch and see that Amun and Kachiri are both lazing away in the shade.

"I think we need to have Alice arrange another play date for Maria with Kelly."

I chuckle, but nod at her in agreement. About ten years ago, Molly the cat passed away from old age; she was, after all, eighteen. Jessica took it very hard. She was grieving and Reverend Cope got her into a church-run grief support group to help. The support group was run by Reverend Michael. They seemed to hit it off right from the start. Jessica claimed that she was unsure if she should date him or not. Right up until she heard his last name was Newton, and that sealed her fate to him she said. They have been happily married now for eight years; they have six-year-old Kelly, whom they adopted. Michael just took over as head of the church, from Reverend Cope, who has retired along with Mrs. Cope and continue to live here in town.

Bella and I walk into the house, finding everyone in the kitchen. "Hi, thought I heard your voices, did you have a good weekend away?"

I grin bobbing my head at Mom as Bella hugs her.

"Yes, we did. We had a great time. Thank you for looking after the kids," Bella says to her as she moves to hug Dad.

"No problem. They were as good as gold," my mom says as I kiss her cheek.

I leave Bella to help set the table, as I take our bags upstairs. By the time I get back downstairs, I see that Peter, and Rose and Emmett's oldest daughter, Charlotte, had arrived.

"Hi, Peter," I say as I mess his hair like I've always done. He gives me a weak grin back, and I frown at the fact that he looks worried.

"Peter?" Bella says touching his arm lightly. He let out a long breath.

"Can I have a quick word?" Bella and I both nod at him and follow him out the room, while Charlotte goes over to talk to the others.

I watch Peter pace around my office floor pulling at the back of his neck. "I want to ask Charlotte to be my wife. I just have no idea what to say to Emmett."

I grin, but hold back my chuckle knowing full well this will be a field trip for Emmett.

"This is the ring I got for her." He walks over handing the ring to Bella, and I see her eyes have lit up looking at it.

"This is really beautiful. Do you want me to be with you when you talk to Emmett?"

I chuckle outright this time, as I can see that Mama Bella is in full force. She too, is more than aware of how Emmett will take some pleasure in having some fun with Peter.

"No, Bella, I think I should do it alone. I'm just worried about what he will say. Maybe if I ask Rose to be there, too? What if they think I'm not good enough? What if I become like Charlie?"

Bella moves closer to him stretching up to cradle his face in her hands. "You are nothing like him, nothing. As far back as I can remember there was always something dark around him and in him. I have seen you and Charlotte together, and I see that you love her as much as Edward loves me, and I know you would never hurt her. Just as I know he would never hurt me."

Peter's eyes drop to the ground. "I ... I just worry sometimes, sis. He hurt us so much. I never want to do that to Charlotte, or any kids we have. I ..."

Bella's eyes go to me with worry and need in them. I give her a wink and a small smile as I move forward.

"Peter, has something happened?"

Peter rubs his face and looks at me. "Last night I had this kid come in," Peter decided to follow our father's footsteps and become a doctor, and right now he is doing his residency at the local hospital. "They said he fell down the stairs." Peter stops and chuckles humorlessly. "I was looking at his broken arm and the parents were fighting about how long it had taken them to be seen. It was as if they weren't worried about their son, only the time they had to wait. Then the dad moaned about how he had to work all day without eating, because she spent all his money. Wanting some quiet time with the boy, I gave them some of my own money and sent them to the cafeteria. I called a nurse in and the kid seemed to be in more pain. I looked him over, and we saw the marks. I immediately called in the attending doctor, knowing this was abuse. The boy, he was so afraid he reminded me of myself, and he was even more afraid to say what happened. The burn marks on his back sealed it for the lead doctor, and he called in social services. They arrived just before the parents returned from spending the twenty I gave them. The dad instantly flipped out and smacked the boy while saying horrible things to him. I just wanted to kill the dad. I've never felt so angry in my life."

I move to Peter and Bella knowing they are both upset over the story he just recounted. "Did you hit him?"

Peter looks to me in shock, but shakes his head.

"See? You controlled it. You felt angry, but didn't lose it. Maybe you should speak with someone again. Talk to Alice, because being a doctor in a busy hospital you will see this again and again."

"He's right, Peter, life is hard and you work long hours. Just make sure you see the signs of being stressed, before they break you down. I will always be here for you, always."

Peter wraps his arms around Bella hugging her close to him.

"Okay, enough of the emotional stuff, I'm going to go and talk to Emmett. I'll be back."

I smile a little at Bella as we walk back in and help the rest of the family with dinner. The kids and the dogs arrive back, and they all run to wash their hands as Maria seems to be the only one to remember to take the dogs to their room and give them fresh water. Once she's done, she runs to Jasper who picks her up, so she can wash her hands.

"Did you have a good time, baby?"

"Yeah, but the boys were mean to me again."

Jasper turns and looks at the two boys who are shaking their heads at him. "We weren't; she's just trying to get us into trouble," James says with a bob of his head.

"I think you two are able to get yourself into enough trouble without her help. We'll be speaking to the three of you as soon as we get home," Jasper says, using his cop voice on them. Both the boys pout, and I look to Anthony and Tanya who also look sheepish. I give them another look to say we'll be talking later as well.

"The rest of them are just coming in, so we should head into the dining room," Mom says.

We had just sat down when Kate, Garrett and their big kids walk in. They are followed by a grinning Peter and Emmett. Rose looks happy, but teary, and Mac is also smiling happily. They all seem to stay this way all through dinner, making the others, including Charlotte, wonder what in the world is going on.

The second dinner is finished, Peter grabs Charlotte and pulls her out with him for a walk. As the door clicks closed, Rose and Bella hug as they burst into tears. Over the years Bella and Rose have become close. Rose still feels guilty for the many years she mistreated Bella. Rose has always said she hates that she couldn't see what was clearly in front of her.

It was about two years after we were married that she and Bella talked – I mean really talked. They got a lot out in the open and seemed to draw a line in the sand, and moved on from it. They, along with Alice, Kate and Leah, have become more like sisters – very close sisters.

"What's going on? Is someone dying or something?" James asks looking between them. He only turns when Alice gives him a hefty pinch on his earlobe.

"No, and you'll find out in about hour," she says, rolling her eyes.

"Grandpa?" we all ask and she nods at us with a grin. She and Peter still have the odd dream where Grandpa will come to them telling them happy news. In a way this has strengthened Alice and Peter's bond; like they share something just between them, and they don't feel so alone.

It's not too long before Peter and a happy Charlotte arrive back to the house. Bella is on her feet instantly pulling Charlotte into a hug. "I can't wait to have you as a sister-in-law," Bella bubbles.

"Hey," Emmett says getting everyone's attention. "Alice and Bella see Rose as a sister, and after they marry her daughter, well they'll be legal family. Does anyone besides me find that just a little odd?"
We all look at each other then back to Emmett. "No, it's just you dear," Rose says smugly before turning to Peter. "Welcome to the family; I couldn't have picked a better husband for my daughter if I tried. You can call me Mom if you like, and maybe you could help find Mac a girl."

Peter nods before giving her a hug.

"Hey!" Mac yells as we all chuckle.

"He's got a girl; I saw him kissing Gianna," Maria says, and we all turn to her and then look at Mac who has gone red.

Rose taps her foot and Mac shrugs. "Yeah, we've been dating a few weeks," he says with a sigh at the end.

"You better hope that Jacob doesn't catch you; mind you, you're thirty and she's only twenty-two."

Mac holds up his hand and nods at Rose.

"I'll go and get wine for us, and some juice for the kids," Bella says giving me a smile and wink as she passes.

"Have you thought about if you're having a long engagement?" Kate asks as Bella comes back in with a tray of drinks.

Peter and Charlotte look at Bella and me. "We were hoping to get married in December, in the meadow. If you both don't mind sharing that with us?"

"Really, you want to get married there?" Bella asks and Peter bobs his head.

"I'd love for you to get married there, too," I say knowing my wife is already planning it all out in her head.

"Okay, I have one more thing to ask both you and Edward."

Bella tilts her head at him. "Okay, what is it?"

"I would like both of you to stand up with me—be my best man, best woman." He closes his eyes and shakes his head. "You know what I mean."

Bella nods again and jumps up hugging him again.

"I love you, sis," Peter says.

We talk about the wedding for a little bit longer and everyone heads home.

Bella and I settle the kids in and go off to the comfort of our bed.

"They looked so happy," Bella says.

"Yeah they did, and they are."


I walk out of the tent and smile; the meadow looks so much like it did when Bella and I got married.

"It's amazing," my wife murmurs.

I open my arms and Bella moves into them and I kiss the top of her head.

"Yeah it does. Emily did well getting it to look the same way as it did on our wedding day."

"Can't believe it was sixteen years ago today we got married. It doesn't feel like that. Yet at the same time my heart feels like it has always belonged to you." Bella looks at me, hoping that I'll understand what she means and I do.

"Me too, honey," I say rubbing my nose on hers. "Come on, we better get up there, he looks a little nervous."

I move my eyes to the platform and see a very sick looking Peter standing there.

"Deep breath, Peter, it's going to be fine," I say as we reach him.

Peter turns and nods at us a little and he closes his eyes. "I just want this day to be special – to be her perfect day."

"It will be, because she's marrying you, and you are marrying her," Bella says.

Peter chuckles and opens his eyes, before pulling her into a hug and kissing the top of her head.

"I agree, Peter, it will be. I remember Bella and my wedding day. Well, in that, I mean, I know what she had on, how I felt when I saw Bella walking toward me. It was the need to lock us up in our own little bubble. The heavens could have opened up and I would have never known or cared, because she was there with me, ready to become my wife."

"Okay, it's time, Bella, Edward, Peter," Alice says softly.

"See you in a few moments," Bella says giving him a kiss before walking back down with me.

I walk back down with Rose helping her to sit, before taking my place next to Peter. I turn and watch as Mac leads Bella down the aisle. Sasha, Garrett and Kate's daughter comes down next, she's Charlotte's best friend. Bella stands next to me, and Mac and Sasha move over to where Charlotte will be.

The music changes and my eyes drift to the tent door. I see Emmett walking with Charlotte, as Bella's hand folds into mine. I turn my head to her, finding myself drifting away to our private bubble, just like we always do when we lock eyes.

It has been almost nineteen years since the call that brought me home. While it still hurts that I could never say goodbye to one of the most important men in my life, I can still feel him from time to time. I know he's watching over me and my family.

Bella and Peter have healed so much since that time, and have proven time and time again that no one is ever really broken, just a little bent. With love, guidance and support anyone can become everything they could ever want to be.


Bella POV

"Hi, Grandpa," I say out loud as I sit softly down at his grave. "I've brought you some pictures of Peter and Charlotte's wedding. They looked amazing, don't you think?" I smile a little, before opening the small box that's attached to his tombstone.

I smile as I take the pictures out adding the new ones to the bottom of the stack. I then turn them upside down and start shuffling through the memories. The very first picture I see is of Peter on Storm. I look through the others as my mind takes me back to the start.

I was sixteen and full of anger and hate. My father—if that's what he could be called—Charlie had been abusing my brother and me for years. I really can't remember a time Charlie was not smacking us around.

The townspeople seemed to believe that it was my own doing, and that I was leading Peter down the same path I was already on. It was so hard and soul-destroying, when everyone hated me. People said the most hateful things and they expected me to take it. They thought I should just take the harsh comments, because of what they had seen, been told and believed I had done.

I was no angel and I did do a lot of things that may have been wrong, but, when I was wrong, I always said I was sorry. But it was never good enough. No one ever thought that I sounded or acted remorseful enough. My apologies were never good enough.

Most people couldn't seem to understand it was not just me, it was them, too. To get something you first have to give. You have to open your heart and soul, as well as your mind, to see the actual person standing before you as someone you love and care about.

They couldn't see me—my point. For me, it felt like the hate was coming from all corners. Everywhere I went, I was met with harsh stares, hateful things being said about me and my family, like I wasn't even there. Then I would go home and have Charlie mentally and physically abuse me and my brother. It is no shock that the hate I felt built inside me and often boiled over. Sadly, most of the time, it was to the wrong person.

Grandpa Anthony was the only person willing to see us, me, and what was happening. I was so angry that he knew my secret, my shame, the horror that awaited Peter and me every night. Then there was the pity, hurt and love in his eyes.

I had grown up only knowing a mother's and brother's love. Grandpa Anthony's love confused me greatly. In the beginning, I didn't know what he wanted from me. I wasn't sure I could keep his friendship and love for me. I was always worried that he, too, would grow to hate me.

So I did the only thing my mind could come up with for him, and that was to push him away. I pushed him away from me, and from Peter. But he never gave up; he never took my harsh words or dirty looks to heart.

Every time I pushed him away, he took three more steps toward me. My heart could not and did not keep him out. I truly loved that old man like a grandfather.

When he died, it felt like something in me died, too. I started to feel all these overwhelming feelings of regret, anger and hurt. I honestly didn't even want to be alive anymore. It's scary how many times I would lay in my room at night thinking that I would be better off dead.

It was Peter that kept me alive. I knew I could not leave him alone with Charlie and there was no way I could kill him before ending my own life. So I did the next best thing I could think of, and that was to take Peter and run.

It was only days after Anthony died that Peter and I ran, running right into Edward. When Edward first spoke, all I could see was Grandpa looking back at me. It was as if God was punishing me. I felt he was telling me that it was my fault that Grandpa was dead. Newton licking my hand, and the way Edward was with him, the look of hurt in his face, made me agree to let him sit down with us.

When he helped or tried to help Peter, he again reminded me of Grandpa, and my heart was crumbling, and I just wanted him gone. I was very grateful when he took his lunch and walked away.

It was only a short time later that our bus departure was called. I waited for the right time and followed a middle-aged woman onto the bus, knowing that I could make it look like we were with her. We made it almost two hours before the police dragged us off the bus, taking us back to our personal hell to live.

This is when we realized that Edward was Grandpa's grandchild. He was so much like the old man, but in other ways he was himself.

He seemed almost unsure how to treat me, and often when I pushed him away, he would give me breathing room. In my mind I was glad, but in my heart not so much. It would crumble each time, wishing, hoping and praying that he would see how badly we needed him.

Edward, in all the ways that count, saved us—me. But, we seemed to keep hitting a brick wall. Like when he gave me a gift on my eighteenth birthday. All that did was remind me that I no longer needed to live at home. Charlie had always said the minute I turned eighteen, I was being sent to a new home where a male friend of his would take care of me. That didn't scare me as much as knowing I would be leaving Peter alone with Charlie. So, for me turning eighteen was not a happy time.

Taking a bullet for Edward was easy. A part of me no longer cared if I lived or died, because I knew that Edward would fight for Peter. I knew Edward would save him.

After I was shot, I started to see Edward more clearly. He was the person I turned to, and he was always there, no matter what. He made me feel safe and cared for.

It helped that his parents were the best; both kind and patient. It also helped that Grandpa would visit me in my dreams, telling me to let Edward in, that my heart was safe with him.

Falling in love with Edward came so naturally, like we were being guided together by more than just Grandpa. Our first kiss was amazing; just like a first kiss should be. He was gentle, and I felt his desire and love pouring out of him as he kissed me.

I was worried how people would react at first; there just was no fight left inside me. After fighting for most of my life, I just wanted to live. Thankfully, everyone was fine with it. There were no raised eyebrows or gossiping behind our backs.

My wedding day was the second best day of my life. Part of me still worried about giving myself to Edward. I worried I wouldn't be any good, or about what I should do. I had talked about my fears with Alice and Jessica, who were both open and helpful to me. After our wedding was over, I was exhausted, but I still felt bad for falling asleep before I even reached our home. But, because I did, our first time happened on our honeymoon. I am glad, it made it even more perfect. Edward made the pool room that housed the jacuzzi where we made love for the first time so beautiful.

The candles and the flowers gave the room a warm feeling, and the scent was just purely romantic. The way he touched, caressed, kissed and nipped at my body had me reeling. The intense feelings of love between us, thankfully, weren't overshadowed by the pain of first-time sex.

Of course, it was painful, but the tears in my eyes were mingled with my husband's. Edward was gentle and perfect. I knew then and there, that any pain I felt, he shared. We made love for a short time, but the foreplay lasted for hours and is what I remember most. Even now it still brings tingles to my skin.

Edward and I are not perfect, and we argue, scream and shout at each other, just like any other couple out there. But, we made it a rule to always share a bed, and never just leave things to fester. We always sort them out as soon as we calm down.

One of the best things is having our whole family and all of our friends close by. Rose, Kate and even many of the townspeople have become like family, and are very close friends to Peter and me.

In order to heal, we had to make peace with our past, and one of those steps was to forgive. I strongly believe the town learned from what Peter and I went through, and that it is something they would never miss again. It seems they are always more willing to lend a hand if they see a family struggle, instead of talking behind their backs. For me, that is a great positive to come from what we went through. There's still the odd gossip, but Edward and I never get caught up in or even engage in town gossip. Overall, life these past eighteen – well, more so the last sixteen years – have been very good.

"Honey," Edward says, sitting down and wrapping his jacket around my shoulders. "Grandpa," he says with a nod to his headstone, before he kisses the top of my head.

"I was just showing Grandpa Peter's pictures." I put all the photos back in the box and relock it.

"I'm sure he loved seeing them. Have you already shown your mom, too?" I nod at him, having already spoken to her before coming here.

I let out a long breath as Edward pulls me closer. "I don't feel him as much, but he's always there when I need him to be."

"That is just the way it should be, honey," he says.

I chuckle, leaning my head on his shoulder. "I just know he'd be so proud of Peter."

"I know he is and he's so proud of you, too, he always has been."

"You want to watch the sunrise with me?"

I turn, looking at Edward and he's bobbing his head. "Sounds like a plan, let's get our kids and dogs settled and enjoy our night first."

Edward jumps up and I look back at Grandpa's grave, giving him a smile. "I'll bring the kids to see you on Sunday after church," I whisper to Grandpa, as Edward helps me to stand and we walk the short distance home.

When we arrive, we are greeted with Tanya and Anthony making dinner.

"I'll get the roast, Tan," Anthony says.

"You know I'm able to get it, too, right?"

"Yeah, I know, I just don't want you getting burnt. Set the table before the 'rents get back. Remember, we have to try to suck up to them."

I look at Edward and he shrugs his shoulders. We turn back in time to see Tanya looking at us in shock.

"You're home," she replies like she's concerned we heard their conversation.

"We are," Edward replies shortly.

"Sit, we made dinner," Tanya says giving Edward her 'daddy's little girl' smile.

"Oh, it's something big, and they think we're more than likely to say no," Edward says into my ear. "How should we play this?"

I grin at him. "Let's see how bad they want it." I wiggle my eyebrows knowing we could be having them doing their chores without complaint for a few days. Edward chuckles, but nods, and we make our way to the table.

The night goes by quickly and the kids are extra good. Edward was right; I think that this could be something we say no to when the kids finally ask. It turns out that the church is planning a trip for the kids. Reverend Michael wants to take them to some of the other churches in different parts of the U.S. The trip will last three weeks, and it's a long time for two young teens to be away from home. But, Edward and I told them we would think about it.


I sit down on the blanket that Edward laid out for us. I look out to the field, enjoying the cool breeze.

"Hey, honey, I got us some hot chocolate to drink." Edward hands me the thermos, as he sits behind me pulling me close to him. I snuggle back resting my back on his chest as he wraps his arms around me.

I smile as the sun starts to rise. This has always been one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. "So, what are your thoughts about this church trip?" Edward asks softly as soon as the sun is completely over the horizon.

"Are James and Phil going?" I ask.

"Alice said they already agreed to let them go."

I sigh knowing this will make it harder for me to say no.

"Also, it turns out Mom is going to be one of the chaperones that are going, too." I turn looking at him and he grins.


He chuckles, but nods. "Yeah, but they won't know that until they are leaving." I grin and turn back around. "I really think we could drag this good behavior out, until the day they leave anyway."

I nod in agreement. "That sounds like a good plan to me."

We enjoy the next hour kissing and hugging, but all too soon the dogs come out barking to greet us.

"So begins a new day," I say as Edward pulls me up.

"Yep, come on, let's get breakfast on, and the kids off to school, so we can take a 'nap'."

I chuckle as we walk hand in hand into our home.

~The End~

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We also have a birthday piece coming for Jess2002, that we are currently working on, called Family Business. Caitexx Graphics already made a very nice banner for the story and here is the summary: The Cullens have owned a family business for years, but had a investor. Lots of sudden changes and the death of the investor leave the Cullens in a bad place. Needing extra money to save his family business, Edward takes on the task of tutoring the seemingly poor little rich girl into learning how to run a business. Will they survive the stereotypes surrounding their situation and what will happen when they find out there is more to meet the eye than some studying.
We have a few other stories on the back burner and there may be a one-shot or two in the mix here as well.
As Always thank you for reading and reviewing. See you soon with a new and a old but newly revised story, Nikky and Kasi~