Breaking Through

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This is my first digimon fic, so I hope you like it. It's about Davis, I may have changed his way of thinking a bit but hey,... Nothing against Davis's father, he seemed cool. Not really focused on couples. NE waz read on!!!!!!!!!!!!.

~Davis- Late 12
~Yolei, Ken, Tk, Kari- 13
~Tai, Sora, Matt- 16
~Izzy, Mimi- 15
~Cody- 10

(a/n)- Author note

"Man, I'm gonna be late!" I yelled out to no particular one as I quickly threw off my covers and scrambled out of bed to get ready for school.

I open my bedroom door and walk into the hallway, looking quietly into my fathers bedroom. When I saw that he wasn't there, I let out a huge sigh of relief. "Hmm....I guess dad went to work already." I whispered to myself as I began my daily ritual of cleaning up my fathers left over mess. "I'm glad I was asleep during his little party with his friends ....well, actually I wouldn't call being unconscious asleep, but nether the less I wasn't awake during it, maybe I owe him a thank you.......Naw." I said to myself shaking my head.

Looking at my watch I realized that I had better get a move on or I would be really late for school. After washing up and putting on my clothes I grabbed my house key and headed out the door.


"Damn, if I get another tardy I'll get detention!" I fumed as I began picking up the pace. My feet slapped hard against the gray pavement. The outline of my school was in my view now. "Dang, only 2 minutes til' the bell rings, luck please be on my side." I hope to myself as I rushed into the school court yard.


"BRRRIIINNG!!!" The loud sound of the bell rang though the cool air as I burst open the school corridors and saw kids scatting off at the last second to their classes. I quickly squeezed in between them and then continued to hurriedly ran down the long maze like halls to my dreadful first period class.


(Davis pov)

I quietly opened up the door to my classroom and kneeled down on the floor. I dumbly tried crawling into the classroom. Of course with my luck, I should have known that teacher of mine would have spotted me.

"Ah, I see were late again Mr. Motomiya." the teacher said.

Man, I was so close and then Mr. know- it - all has ta' catch me. I thought angrily to myself. I gracefully got off the floor and dusted off my pants.

"S...s.s.orry Mr. Kakito." I stuttered. Please, I'm not scared of this duschball, but whatever gets me out of trouble.... "I promise it won't happen again." I said, trying to sound like I meant it..

"Sure, that's what you said the day before yesterday, you may take your seat now." Mr. Kakito said.

Mr. Kakito was a young teacher, 24 and just out of college, he could be cool at times and then at others you just hated him. He has shortish aqua hair, around 6 ft and wore blue jeans and a blue polo top with blue shoes to match. (a/n: just saying what the teacher looks like.)

This teacher had a lot of compassion for students that were weak and shit. You know, the suck up ones. He likes basically everyone but me. I swear he's got something against me. But don't all teachers?

I sat down in my seat and looked at the math teacher. I really didn't pay much attention because I already knew what was going on, it was something about square roots and such, so I just turned my attention to the window. It was a nice sunny day outside, clear blue skies, it wasn't to hot and it wasn't to cold, it was just right. "How great it would be to have a normal life, I envy most of the digi-destined because they have parents who care about them, If I left the house for a couple of days, my father probably wouldn't even realize I was gone, maybe only when his Ho leaves him for a while would he realize I was gone, he wouldn't have his little punching bag around any more." I thought somewhat angrily to myself.


(Narrator pov)

The then teacher turned his back to the class writing on the blackboard Davis turned to his right just in time to catch a note that Tk or "Ts" should he say threw to him.

He caught the letter and read it:

Hey Davis, not listening in class again,
but I do agree, listening to him talk can get boring.
NEwaz, were all going to "computer club" about 2
hours after school ends, are you coming, WRITE BACK!!!

Davis looked at TK and saw him looking at the teacher, so he wrote back.

TK, or (TS)
Yeah I'm going to "computer club"
after school. see ya' in 2 hours,

"Davis" the teacher said, making Davis jump and automatically hide the letter underneath his book. "This man is always gunning for me, I mean, he's always trying to find something I do wrong." Davis kind of slipped into one of those "deep in thought" modes. He was rudely pulled out of it once again by his annoying teacher.

"I will ask you again what is the square root of 81? The teacher asked impatiently as his aqua eyebrows began knitting together in frustration.

"Could that question be any easier, hmm.. let me think umm...9, but I can't come out with the right answer, noooo, everyone thinks I'm stupid, so, I should just make something up." Davis thought to himself sarcastically.

"Mr. Motomiya I'm waiting." The teacher said impatient as ever.

"Umm... I dunno, is it 7, or maybe 8, what about 9?" Davis asked looking up at him with fake hopefulness. "Ha ha, I wonder what he's gonna to say!" Davis thought laughing to himself.

One of the teachers eyebrows started twitching and Davis could hear silent giggles coming from around the room.

"Mr. Motomiya, I suggest that you stop daydreaming and start paying attention or you will never make it out their on your own," "Oh, and I want to see you after class." Mr. Kakito said. He then began directing his attention to the rest of the class.

"Dude whatever, he don't know nothin' about nothin'." Davis thought angrily to himself, then he suddenly remembered the note that he had hidden.

Davis balled the note up and waited for the teacher to turn to the board again, then he threw the note back over to TK and listened to his math teacher.


Davis POV

The last bell of the day rung loudly and all of the kid in the room rushed out of their seats. I left my sixth period class and made my way down the hall. I would have kept going if that lame ass teacher hadn't stopped me.

"Daisuke, didn't I tell you to come to my room after school." Mr. Kakito said giving me a piercing glaze.

"Must of slipped my mind." I replied casually. I didn't need to stay after school all that long today, I knew my dad was going to be home early. Don't ask, he's taking some kind of break and going back to work, he works strange hours. All I know is that he's going to expect me to be there on time.

"Look kid, I don't have time for your little sarcastic remarks." "Follow me." Mr. Kakito said as he lead me into the classroom.

Who's he callin' a kid, he's only like 24 himself!

"Take a seat Mr. Motomiya." Mr. Kakito seated himself in front of the spiky haired boy.

"Can we make this quick, I got places ta be." I said keeping up my calm act.

"You know, I've had just about enough of you." "I had you stay after because I am concerned about your grades young man!" Mr. Kakito flared. "You really need to start doing your daily workif you want to do well." "You can't" just rely on passing a test to get you a good grade. "I mean, you are passing with a C, but I know you have the potential to do much better." "I don't know what to do with you, maybe I should just call your father and try to get you to do your work." Mr. Kakito mumbled running a hand through his aqua hair.

"Call my father, see if I care." I said crossing my arms and turning my head. Now teachers like this, they usually back down when you say call your parent and give you another choice, hope it works.

Mr. Kakito looked at Davis with sad eyes and sighed. "If that's how you want it...." he trailed off. He began looking through a blue notebook.

"Wait, what are you doing?" I asked curiously. I'm kind of scared now, is he really gonna call my father. Yeah, I can see the nice heart to heart conversation we would have. Me trying to explain, him punchin' me in the face tellin' me to shut the fuck up. Oh yes, I can see it now.

"I'm looking for your number, unless you've changed your mind." Mr. Kakito said smiling.

"Ug..." I hate giving into teachers. "Fine, I'll try to make an attempt at doing my work." I said.

"Good, I'm only doing this for your on good." "Now you may go." Mr. Kakito told me still smiling. He might not be that bad, but I still don't like him much.


(Davis pov still)

"Hey Davis!" Kari said greeting me.

"Hi Kari." I said returning the smile.

Tk greeted me by playfully punching me on the shoulder.

Sh** I whispered quietly to myself as I grabbed my already aching shoulder.

"Sorry dude, did that hurt?" Tk asked looking worried.

Davis looked up at him putting his left arm at the back of his with a huge fake grin on his face, "I'm fine, I was just kidding I say and playfully punch him back. "That was a stupid mistake on my part, after all these years of becoming better at hiding what I'm feeling, I can almost feel myself loosing control. I've got to keep it together, I can't risk somebody finding out, I can handle this on my own." I sucked it up while forcing myself to grin at them.

"Hey, Davis your going to the digital world after school right?"

"Yeah, I'll be there Kari." I looked down at my watch. I should be home right now, my dad's gonna have a huge fit when I get there.

"So, Davis we'll see you later at the 'computer thing', Ok!" Tk said.

"Sure." I said as we left the school courtyard going our own separate ways.


(all Pov)

When Davis got to his apartment door he all of a sudden became uneasy again, outside the door he heard his father's girlfriend, a.k.a ho, and his father fighting again.

"I guess it's time to face the music." Davis sighed as he opened up the door. He saw his fathers girlfriend lift up her right hand and slap his father in the face. Davis felt himself being roughly pushed aside as she ran out the door, the one he use to be standing in front of.

" Uh- oh, It looks like I came at a bad time again, man, is luck not on my side." Davis thought drearily. He was down right scared of the future events that awaited him. Feeling a cold chill go down his spine, Davis began to re-enter the house. He was soon welcomed by his fully plastered father throwing a flower vase at him.

Luckily his father couldn't see very well because of his blurry vision so the vase missed him, but it slammed into the wall and shattered. Shards of glass flew everywhere. That only made his father angrier.

"Get in this housssse NOW, you good for nothin' little brat!" His father slurred at him as he grabbed Davis by the collar of his jacket and roughly pulled him inside the dimly lit apartment slamming the door.

A neighbor that had known the family before they turned out like this said to herself,

"That man has really changed, and it don't help that him and that woman he's with are always arguing, what's to become of that poor child? Somehow he'll make it through, he is as strong as mother was with him, he'll find a way." The neighbor said as she shook her head sadly and walked back into her home.


Davis was dragged into the house by his 'father' and slammed up against the nearest wall. The house reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Davis's father started screaming directly in Davs's face. His breathe was filled with the disgusting scent of alcohol. Davis scrunched his face and tried to turn it to the side, but all that did was earn him another punch in the face, leaving a red mark on his right cheek.

"You little brat, why the hell are you so late?" "Ya 'now what, I dun even care!" "This will teach ya NOT TO BE LATE AGAIN!" Davis's father yelled as he kicked Davis violently in the ribs over and over again. "I asked you a question you little shit now, I WANT AN ANSWER DAMMIT!" Davis's father roared again to the boy who was now crumpled up against the wall. "I guess he was angrier than I thought, I wish I could live with my Mom and June." Davis thought to himself as he held his ribs in pain.

"I....I had to stay after school a little while to talk to my teachers." Davis responded nervously, Ah man, I shouldn't have told him that, now I'm going to get it good.

"Great, just great, what did yooou DO this time ?" His father drunkenly asked. He then proceded to kick Davis in the stomach. After that he picked him up and roughly threw him into another wall, making him hit a glass end table. Shards of glass ripped through his clothes scrapping once his flawless back. The impact of Davis hitting the wall made a sickening bone cracking sound.

"Did you BREAK another window or are you FAILING all your classes, Man, why couldn't you be like that Ichijouji kid over their, "his father said in a rush as he pointed to the TV, "But NOOOOO, my kid has to be the dumbest little shit on the planet,

''You better not tell anyone about this, or I. will. kill. you." "No one will believe you anyway, so don't even thinksssss about going to the police." "This is for your own *hic* good, you will learn respect even if I have to beat it into you." " I won't give up, he will never get the best of me!" Davis thought to himself, with a new determined look on his face.

"Go to your room." His father said taking in a few strangled breaths,... before,...I.., really... GET mad!" Davis's father said brokenly. He threw the empty beer bottle in his hand at Davis.

Davis took the que to scatter off to his room, he shakily got up of the floor and limped to his room while he still could barely dodging the empty beer glass that was thrown at him. "I may not be a genius, but I'm not dumb" Davis thought to himself as he sulked into his room and locked the door.


(Davis Pov)

I sorely walked over to my bed leaning against the wall in front of my night stand for support. I laid on his stomach on top of the covers and pulled out one of his most prized possessions. I opened up my book of songs and pulled out my pen.

Flipping through my note book I realized that most of the songs were kind of depressing. I turned to a blank page and began writing down everything I could think of. I poured my whole heart into the song, releasing all of my stress onto this sheet of paper. I titled my song "In The End" (a/n: I don't own the Lincoln Park song, just using it for the fic.!!!!)

I got halfway through the song and began hearing what it should sound like, I silently song the lyrics to myself, losing myself in the song.

I tried so hard, and
got so far, but in the end,
it doesn't even matter,
I had to fall,
to lose it all,
but in the end, it
doesn't even matter........

Shaking my head I snap out of my little daze. I realized that this so far was the best song that I had written. I just want to become a singer to make some quick cash so I can get out of this hell hole.

I set his watch to wake him up in an 1 hour. I gently pulled the covers over my body enjoying the warmth spreading over me as I fell into a dreamless slumber.


I woke up to the sound of my watch going off. "Oh, it must be time to go to the digital world." I got out of bed and went into my bathroom. "Man, I'm glad I have this bathroom in my room ." I thought a little off hand.

I walked into my bathroom and over to the counter.

I took care of all of the new wounds that I had just recieved from my father. Once I finished, I began looking for something sharp. Yes, there it is, my handy razor blade.

This is my other way to escape this reality, the only thing in life I have some control over. I turn the water on in the sink and slide my wrist underneath it. I don't remember how long I've been doing this, it just helps release more tension than writing songs. Taking the razor blade in my right hand I gently run it along my left wrist. I have learned over the past few months how to cut just enough so that it will heal clean and not leave much of a scar. Killing myself isn't in my favor right now, so I don't mess with the big vein. I look down at my left wrist and watch to the blood ooze out of the cut and flow into the drain mixing with the water. I can feel myself becoming light headed again so I slide to the ground, leaning my head against the wall. I hate to admit to myself that I might need help. My friends would never understand, I can't tell them. No wonder Mom left. I wish I could have gone with her and June. But if I had went, then June would be in my place, and wouldn't want 'Him' messing with her. So, I guess it's all for the best. Man I hate my life.


(All pov)

Davis came out of the bathroom and went over to his night stand. He put on his identical blue wristbands and placed his goggles on his head. He had on his normal clothes again, all the wounds had been taken care of. Davis wrote a note to his father and carried it out of the room.

Davis silently crept into the hallway looking for any signs of his father. When he saw none, he placed the note on the table and bolted quickly towards the door. " This is one of those times I'm glad that my fathers a work a holic and I don't run into him often." Davis thought to himself as he continued running out of the door.


Davis was now out of his house and almost at his school, he was lucky that he didn't have soccer practice to day because he really wasn't up to going. On his way to the school Davis saw a couple of posters to the right on a light pole, he curiously walked up to them and began to read one.

It read:

Looking for New Talent at Obadia Mall,

First place receives 100,000 dollars and a recording contract.

Second Place recieves 50,000 and a years worth of anything free at McDonalds.

"This could probably be the break I've been looking for, I need to get a band together." "Matt's band will probably try to compete with us, but with my writing skills, I know we at least have a chance. I guess the first person I should ask is Ken, I already know he can sing and play the drums, all I have to do is convince him to help me put together a band." Davis thought excitedly to himself.

Davis took down one of the posters, folded it and put it in his pocket. "Ah man, the others are probably wondering were I am!" Davis screamed out loud as he turned and continued his run to school.


"Ok, where is Davis?" Kari asked to Ken.

"Um.... I don't know, he's probably on his way." Ken replied to Kari. As Ken said that Davis busted through the computer room doors, smiling like he didn't have a care in the world.

"Geez, do I know how to make an entrance or what?" Davis thought sarcastically to himself. Seeing 9 digi- destined starring at him. " Hiya guys, sorry I took so long, I had to do something at home." Davis said to them making up the quickest lie he could think of.

" Uh, what are the older digi-destined doing here?" Davis asked with a confused look on his face.

"Well, we heard there is some sort of new threat in the digital world and Genni says we all need to check it out." Izzy said explaining the situation to Davis.

"Then if we're all suppose to be working together than where's Mimi and Joe at?" Davis questioned again.

"Mimi can't get in from New York and Joe is swamped with tests." Izzy replied again.

"Davis, you don't seem like the one to ask questions, is something wrong?" Yolei asked playfully.

"Ha ha funny, now let's go!" Davis said a little angry holding up his digi- vice to the computer.


(Digital World)

"Hey Davis, what happened to your face?" Ken asked examining his right cheek.

"Uh oh, that must of been were my father punched me, I've got to come up with something quick!" " Oh that," Davis said. "I...I kind of slipped when I was in my bedroom a..and hit my head on my night stand." "He he." Davis faked laughed hoping Ken would believe him. Ken quirked an eyebrow not really believing him but left it alone.

"Only you could do something like that!" Tk said buttin into the conversation.

Thankful for the comic relief, Davis let out a huge sigh of relief seeing the attention was off him, he headed over to a tree stomp and sat down with he partner Digimon next to him.

Matt had seen the whole conversation, he even saw Davis left out the sigh. "Something seems a little off about Davis. I think I should keep a close eye on him." Matt thought suspiciously to himself as he shook his head and welcome his digimon partner into his arm.

Davis was away from the group sitting on a tree stomp, kind of zoning out. "Is something wrong Davish?" Veemon asked him with worry in his eyes. Davis snapped out of his day dream and looked at his partner. " Naw, nothings wrong buddy, I was just thinking about getting rid of our new enemy." Davis said comforting to his partner. " Why is this happening to me?" Davis asked sighing to himself .



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