Breaking Through

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This is my first Digimon fic, so I hope you like it. It's about Davis and I may have changed his way of thinking a bit but hey...Nothing against Davis's father, he seemed cool. Not really focused on couples. Anyways, read on!

Davis- Late 12
Yolei, Ken, Tk, Kari- 13
Tai, Sora, Matt- 16
Izzy, Mimi- 15
Cody- 10

Warning: Self issues and violence


"Man, I'm gonna be late!" I yelled out to no particular one as I quickly threw off my covers and scrambled out of bed. I felt a little sore as I turned off my alarm and placed it back on the stand beside my bed.

I opened my bedroom door and stumbled into the hallway then looked quietly towards my fathers bedroom. There were no lights on and the door was cracked, that meant he wasn't here. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Hmm...I guess dad went to work already." I began my daily routine of cleaning up my fathers left over mess. I'm glad I was asleep during the rest of his little party with his friend...well, actually I wouldn't call being unconscious asleep, but nether the less I wasn't awake during it, maybe I owe him a thank you.

"Nope, maybe not." I said to myself shaking my head. It wasn't my idea of a night before school.

Looking at my watch I realized that I had better get a move on or I really would be late for school. After washing up and getting dressed I picked up my backpack. I put on my favorite sweatbands then went to the kitchen. I opened a few cabinets, found some food and threw it in my bag to eat later. I took out my house key and headed out the door.

After hurrying down the stairs I started sprinting towards the school, I had no time to lose. I almost completely slept through my alarm.

"If I get another tardy I'll get detention!" I fumed picking up the pace. My feet slapped hard against the gray pavement. The outline of my school was in my view now.

I glanced at my watch. "Oh no, only 2 minutes until the bell rings, luck please be on my side." I rushed into the school court yard.

"BRRRIIINNG!" The loud sound of the bell rang though the cool air as I burst open the school corridors and saw kids scatting off at the last second to their classes. I quickly squeezed through them and continued to run hurriedly down the long maze like halls to my dreadful first period class.

I quietly opened up the door to my classroom and kneeled down on the floor. I dumbly tried crawling into the classroom. Of course with my luck, I should have known that teacher of mine would have spotted me. Or I could have just been to obvious...

"Ah, late again I see Mr. Motomiya." the teacher said.

Ugg, I was so close but no, Mr. know- it - all has to catch me. I gracefully got off the floor and dusted off my pants.

"H..hi Mr. Kakito." I stuttered. Please, I'm not scared of this guy, but whatever gets me out of trouble...

"I promise it won't happen again." I rehearsed trying to sound like I meant it this time.

"Sure, that's what you said the day before yesterday. I can't deal with you right now, just take your seat." Mr. Kakito said.


Mr. Kakito walked lightly to the front of the class. He was a young teacher, 24 and just out of college, he could be cool at times but was stern when needed as not to be taken advantage of by students. He had slight long dark hair and hit around 6 ft. He wore navy slacks with a white dress top and brown shoes.

"Take out your books and turn to the page on the board. Today we will be going more into square roots. If anyone gets lost just raised your hand." He had a lot of compassion for students and hoped he could teach them math and life lessons.


I sat down in my seat and looked at the math teacher. He likes basically everyone but me. I'm sure he's got something against me. But don't all teachers? I laugh silently. Well I don't give them much of a choice coming to school late and the occasional missed homework.

I turned my attention to the window. It was a nice sunny day outside, clear blue skies. I really didn't pay much attention, I had read ahead a while ago and already knew what was going on and I could care less about square roots. Honestly, I was starting to feel sleepy again from looking at how peaceful everything was outside the window. It wasn't to hot and it wasn't to cold, it was just right.

How great it would be to have a normal life. I mean it was pretty normal but if I could have my old family back it'd be perfect. I envy most of the digi-destined because they have parents who care about them. If I left the house for a couple of days, my father probably wouldn't even realize I was gone. Only when leaves his side girl or wherever he goes for a while, he'd realize I was gone. He wouldn't have his little punching bag around anymore. I was angry at myself too, how could I let myself be used like that? But what could I do? I only have a few more years and then I can move out...


Mr. Kakito turned his back to the class and begin writing on the whiteboard. Davis turned to his right just in time to catch a note that Tk or 'Ts' at times threw to him.

He opened the letter and read it.

Hey Davis, not listening in class again,
but I do agree, listening to him talk can get boring...
Anyway, were all going to 'computer club'
after school ends, are you coming? REPLYYY!

Davis looked at TK and he appeared to be focusing on what the teacher was saying. Davis leaned down to take his pencil box out of his bag, but he leaned side ways. He tried not to gasp out loud as he slowly placed the long box on his desk. There was a a sharp pain in his side. He stared at his book taking a few breaths as the pain subsided. It must have been at some point last night. He remember a few sloppy kicks and hitting a wall before he got to his room and locked the door, where he eventually passed out on his bed. After a few moments he noticed no was was looking and took out one of his pencils to write back.

Of course I'll go to 'computer club'
after school! Like I'd miss it!

"Davis." Mr Kakito said, making Davis jump and automatically hide the letter underneath his book.

"Huh? What'd you say?" Davis replied as innocently as possible. Most of the class was looking at him.

"I will ask you again what is the square root of 81?" Mr. Kakito repeated impatiently as his dark eyebrows began knitting together in frustration.

Davis almost smiled at the teachers impatience. He knew the answer but it was an opportunity to have a bit of fun. I'm sure the class could use a break.

"Mr. Motomiya I'm waiting." Mr. Kakito reminded as Davis appeared to be ignoring him.

Davis started counting his fingers for no reason. "Umm... I dunno, is it 7, or maybe 6, what about 8.5?" Davis asked looking up at him with fake hopefulness trying not to laugh.

One of the teachers eyebrows started twitching and Davis could hear silent giggles coming from around the room.

"Mr. Motomiya, I suggest that you stop daydreaming and start paying attention. People like you will never make it out in the real world, you need to stay focused." He met Davis eyes.

Davis rolled his eyes before he could stop himself. What did his teacher know...

The teacher saw the disrespect. "I want to see you after school." Mr. Kakito said then resumed the lesson.

"Amy, if you could answer then question?"

"The square root is 9. It's pretty simple."

"I'm glad you think so." Mr. Kakito smiled.

"You earned credit towards your participation, which is more than I can say for others who are only capable of losing points." Mr. Kakito said staring pointedly at Davis before turning away.

"The square roots are the basis before we dive into the more challenging portion - " Mr. Kakito continued the lesson.

Davis tried to suppress his anger at the reference anyone could have picked up on. He suddenly remembered the note he tucked under his book. He balled the note up and waited for the teacher to turn to the board again, then he threw the note back over to TK. He attempted to listen to his math teacher but his head was slowly making it's way to his desk and darkness obscured his vision. Before he knew it he was sound asleep...but this wasn't the first time.


The last bell of the day rang loudly and everyone leaped up from their seats and rushed out of the room. I amongst them, leaving my sixth period class and making my way down the hall. I was headed towards the computer lab, I remembered Tk's note.

"Mr. Motomiya." I thought I heard faintly coming from behind me but kept going. I was probably hearing things.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and stopped. It can't be, no he's not here. I turned to see who it was.

"Daisuke, didn't I tell you to come to my room after school?" Mr. Kakito said giving me a piercing glaze.

"Oh, must of slipped my mind. It's wasn't really high on my list of things to do." I replied casually. I didn't need to stay after school forever anyway. After going to computer club I was going to head home, I knew my dad was going to be home soon enough today and would want some kind of food to eat. He sometimes comes home then goes back to work in whatever it is he does...he works strange hours. All I know is that he's going to expect me to be there, and on time.

"Look kid, I don't have time for your little sarcastic remarks. Follow me." Mr. Kakito said as he lead me into the classroom.

I balked at his statement, who's he calling a kid anyway, he's only like 24 himself!

"Take a seat Mr. Motomiya."

I drop my bag on the ground and sat down begrudgingly. Mr. Kakito sat on top of a desk in front of me, which I found quite odd.

"Can we make this quick, I've got places to be." I threw out impatiently, keeping up my calm act.

Mr. Kakito ran a hand through his long dark hair. "You know, I've had just about enough of you. I had you stay after because I am concerned about your grades!" Mr. Kakito flared.

I was taken aback for a moment by his demeanor change.

"You really need to start doing your daily work and participate if you want to do well. You can't just rely on passing a test to get you a good grade. I mean, you are passing with a C, but I know you have the potential to do much better. It's like I don't know what to do with you."

I stared a poster on the wall. This was different, but it's probably because he's a new teacher. Wants everyone to have a good grade.

"-I've tried to work with you but maybe I should just call your father. Maybe a supportive parent would be better at getting you to do your work." Mr. Kakito mumbled running a hand through his aqua hair.

I laughed out loud, supportive parent...yeah right.

He took that the wrong way. He seemed to be agitated but there was no going back.

"Fine. Call my father, see if I care." I bluffed crossing my arms and turning my head. Teachers usually back down when you tell them to call your parents and give you another choice, I pray it works.

I glanced back and saw Mr. Kakito look at me disappointed eyes, then sighed.

"If that's how you want it..." Mr. Kakito trailed off. He got up began looking through a blue notebook as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cellphone.

"Wait, what are you doing?" I asked boarder line frantic. Was he really gonna call my father. That really wouldn't go over well. Nice heart to heart conversation whatever. Me trying to explain, him yelling and maybe some hitting. Oh yes, I can see it now.

"I'm obviously going to call your father...unless you've changed your mind?" Mr. Kakito said smiling.

"Ugh..." I hate giving into teachers, as in I usually don't. "Fine, I'll make an attempt at doing my work." I said.

"I want you to do all of your work, I'm doing this for your on good. Don't waste your potential." Mr. Kakito told me still smiling.

"I'll try not to..." I trailed off.

"That's all for now, you may go now."

Grateful I nodded then picked up my bag and left towards the computer room. He might not be that bad, but I still don't like him much.

I entered the computer lab and saw everyone still there.

"Hey Davis!" Kari said greeting me.

"Hi Kari." I said returning the smile.

Tk welcomed me by playfully punching me in the side. Usually it would have been ok, but today it freaking hurt. I grabbed my already aching side.

"Sorry dude, did that hurt?" Tk asked looking worried.

I looked up at him smiling as I lowered my arm. "I'm fine, I was just kidding." I playfully punch him in the arm and he laughs.

"That was over dramatic."

"What can I say, I'm good at what I do." That was almost a stupid mistake on my part. You'd think after all these years I'd be better at hiding stuff. Sometimes I can almost feel myself loosing control but I've got to keep it together. This situation won't last forever, no need to risk somebody finding out and being sent somewhere way worse. I can handle this on my own. Forced myself to grin at everyone. I didn't use to be this difficult.

"Great, now that Davis is here we can finally go." Matt said as he walked toward the computer.

I looked over in surprise. Even Matt and Tai beat me here? I didn't think I took that long, well, their school is really close. I looked down at my watch. I need to be home soon but everyone's already here, i'll take one for the team then...

"I'm ready! Me first!" I yelled pushing my way past Ken and Matt.

Needless to say we all lost track of the time. We cut through the school courtyard then each went our separate ways.

It was dark outside as I climbed the stairs hesitantly toward the apartment. As I reached for the doorknob a sudden uneasiness hit me. I could hear my father and his ditzy girlfriend arguing again. It reminded me of how the last year was with my mom, before she took Jun and left.

I sighed. "I guess it's time to face the music." I pushed open the door and went in.

My father's girlfriend lifted up her right hand and slapped my father in the face.

"It's over you useless coward. I'm done paying for your life and I refuse to be anybody's mother!" She raised her hand to point at me. "You come with too much baggage."

I stood near the door trying to blend in with the surroundings. Why was I even involved in this?

My father's temper finally flared. I saw him swing his right fist to punch her, it sent her sprawling to the ground. My breath quickened. I've never seem him hit another person before. I'm of course completely frozen to my spot even though every sane part of me says to get out of here.

"The kid isss not a problem to get rid of...but you, I can't stand." He slurred.

She struggled to her feet moving a good distance from him. I felt her roughly push me aside as she went towards the door. "We're done. You'll be hearing from my lawyers, you filth." Then she ran away.

Angry, my father started to follow her but his gaze locked on me instead.

Great...he coming towards me, I came at a bad time again. My mind was blanking and I felt a cold chill go down my spine. This wasn't going to be a good night. I turned to leave but my fully plastered father threw a flower vase at my head. There goes my escape.

Thankfully the vase missed completely due to my father's blurry alcohol induced vision. The vase did slam into the wall causing dirt and flowers to fly all over the floor. Of course that only made him angrier.

"Get overrr here NOW, you good for nothing little brat! It'sss your fault." My father slurred as he grabbed my jacket collar and roughly threw me on the small living room floor. Then he picked me up just to jam me against a wall. I couldn't concentrate, I just wanted to get away.

"Where were YOU!" My father screamed directly in my face. His breathe was filled with the disgusting scent of alcohol. The house reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke. I scrunched my face and tried to turn it to the side. He saw the disgusted look and hit me in the face, leaving no doubt a mark on my right cheek. He was getting too careless.

"You little brat, why the crap are you ssso late? You know what, I don't even care! This'll teach ya NOT TO BE LATE AGAIN!" My father yelled punching my side then violently kicking me near the ribs.

"You still haven't answered me. I asked you a question and I WANT AN ANSWER NOW!" He roared again at me. I was pretty much crumpled up against the wall.

Why is he like this...I wish I was anywhere else right now. I wrapped my arms around my waist to protect myself.

It was painful, but I forced myself to answer.

"I...I had to stay after school a..and talk to my teacher." I replied nervously glancing up. Seeing my fathers blazing face I knew immediately that I shouldn't have told him about it.

"Great, just great, what did you do thisss time? Detention againnn?" His father drunkenly asked.

"Get up."

I tried to listen but it was difficult to even push up to sitting position. I felt him jerk me all the way up only to roughly push me backwards. I lost footing and fell on the glass table in the living room. He had thrown me on it one to many times and it gave way. The table shattered in the spot where I landed and it felt like shards of glass had ripped through my clothes and were digging into my back.

The whole time my father continued his tirade. "Did you BREAK another window or are you failing all your classes now...Why couldn't you be like that Ichijouji kid over their?" My father pointed to the TV.

It was the first time I noticed it was on. Ken won an award, I'm happy for him.

"-but noooo, my kid has to be the dumbest one on the planet." I look away from him. I don't think that's true. In this instance I'm glad he doesn't know my friends.

I turned to look at my father as he got closer. I carefully pushed myself up from the table staying alert.

He pulled me roughly face to face. ''You better not tell anyone about this, or there. will. be. trouble. No one will believe you anyway, so don't even thinksss about doing anything stupid. This is for your own hic good."

Yeah right, he stopped know what was for my good as soon as he picked up that bottle 3 years ago.

"You will learn respect even if I have to beat it into you."

"Yes sir." I replied staring down at the floor. Regardless of everything he did, I was determined that he wouldn't get the best of me.

"Go to your room." My father said taking in a few strangled breaths..."I'm tired of seeing you...I'm going to work..." He said heavily and drained the rest of his bottle.

I took the cue and scattered as fast as I could my room. I locked the door and put my hand to my forehead. I may not be a genius, but I'm not dumb. It's his fault I can't concentrate. Whatever, I'll ignore him, I can do better in spite of him.

I went into the bathroom and pulled up my shirt. I could see a few bruises forming, I was mainly concerned with my back. I turned around to see that most of the glass did not get through my clothes, but some did. There were several scrapes and many of them were bleeding. There was nothing I could do but pull the glass out. After throwing the few glass pieces in the trash I got a wash cloth to clean the cuts and smeared medicine on my back. I'd have to not sleep on it for a few days so it could heal.

I walked over to my bed holding on to the wall at times for support. I laid down on my stomach over top of the covers and reached for one of my most prized possessions. I opened up my book of songs and picked up the pen. I was completely tired but I still wanted to write.

Flipping through my note book I realized that most of the songs were kind of depressing but a few were hopeful. I turned to a blank page and began writing down everything I could think of. I poured my whole heart into the song, releasing all of my stress onto this sheet of paper. I titled my song "One Day."

I grabbed my Ipod, gift from my mother. I heard she was getting married...I don't know who to, haven't asked. We keep in touch but in the past few years, not nearly as often. I turned on my alarm and put on my headphones to listen to an old school Lincoln Park song as I drifted off.

I tried so hard, and
got so far, but in the end,
it doesn't even matter...

As I slipped further into sleep I imagined myself being a singer. I always liked music, but it wasn't about becoming a singer to make some quick cash to get out of this dump. It's something I could see myself doing in the future. That or a soccer star, given my father doesn't manage to permanently injure something.

I gently pulled the covers over my body enjoying the warmth spreading over me as I fell into a dreamless slumber.

I woke up to the sound of alarm going off, why? It's Saturday...oh, it must be time to go to the digital world. We don't go as often now but there have been a few trips recently. Once in a while I'd want to stay home if I could but there's no reason to draw unwanted attention. I got out of bed, grabbed my clothes and went into my bathroom to get ready. Glad the bathroom's in my room. I went in and set some stuff on the counter.

I took care of all of the new wounds that I had received from my father last night, to the best of my abilities. Once I finished, I began looking for something sharp. I shouldn't do it again...I try not to but, oh there it razor blade.

Sometimes I end up doing this, the only thing in life I have some control over. It's a stupid reason, even to me. I turn the faucet and water pours into the sink, then I slide my wrist underneath. I don't remember how long I've been doing this, it just helps release some tension...or maybe it doesn't. It's probably better for me when I just write more songs. Yet I still hold the razor blade and with my right hand I gently run it along my left wrist. I have learned over, what's likely been several months, how to not really injure myself so it will heal clean, not leaving much of a scar. I actually don't want to be reminded of it. I look down at my left wrist and watch the cut rinse with water and flow into the drain.

Snapping out, I look at what I've done again and realize I hate this. I can feel myself becoming light headed, It must be in combination with everything else. Plus I haven't eaten in a while, skipped lunch, dinner and completely forgot the food I placed in my bag. I slide to the ground, leaning my head against the wall. I lose if I admit I need help, I can handle this. I shouldn't bother my friends with problems I created, so there's no need to tell them. It's no wonder Mom left him. I was stupid to think i'd be ok here. He was completely different back then. I wish I would have gone with her and Jun. But if I had went, would Jun have taken my place? I don't know but I wouldn't want him messing with her. I guess it's all for the best. Yeah right, I completely hate this life.

I felt the dizziness pass and stood up. I smoothed some medicine on my wrist and wrapped it, then left from the bathroom.

I took my sweat wristbands from my night stand and put them on my wrists. For today I placed the goggles on my head. It was nice to have a gift from a friend. Approving my outfit I wrote a note for my father who was still at work or somewhere.

I crept silently down the hall by habit. I made sure to eat something really quick then I placed the note on the table and quickly made my way to the door. I'm glad my father's a workaholic, at least I don't see him too often. I heard my phone ding. Someone sent a text. I unlocked my phone to read as I journeyed towards the school.

Hey, are you on your way? - Ken

Yup, walking over now. -D

My parents could have picked you up. - Ken

It's fine, I live really close. I need the exercise for soccer!

LOL. Alright see you soon :) - Ken

K :-) -D

I put my phone in my pocket. My back felt sore, at least I don't have a soccer game, definitely not up to it today. I am feeling a bit better than yesterday though. I had passed several familiar buildings when I saw a couple of posters to the right on a light pole. It sparked my curiosity and once I saw the word band I pulled one down to read it.

Battle Of The Bands Competition:

Looking for New Talent at Obadia Mall,

First place receives $50,000 and a recording contract.

Second Place receives $10,000 and music production equipment.

Third Place receives $5,000 and music software.

Showcase your talent. Please contact for audition information.

I can't believe what I'm seeing. This could be the break I've been looking for, I need to get a band together. Would they actually join? Matt's band will probably be competing in this and they've been together for years. But its not impossible, I think I sing pretty decent so I know we at least have a chance to get in. I guess the first person I should ask is Ken, I already know he can sing and play the drums/piano, all I have to do is convince him to help me put together a band. Plus, he needs to do something besides all that schoolwork anyway...

I folded the poster and put it in my pocket. My phone dinged again. I unlocked it again.

Hurry up! -Tk

Ugh...Ts. Then I noticed the time. Ah man! The others are probably wondering were I am! This time I ran down the street.


"I know I always ask this, but where is Davis, Ken?" Kari asked.

"He said he was on his way. He gets sidetracked sometimes." Ken replied. As Ken was talking Davis burst through the computer room doors and most of them jumped in surprise.

Davis saw their reaction. "Geez, do I know how to make an entrance or what?" Davis laughed like he didn't have a care in the world.

The digi- destined starred at him.

"What, what? Sorry I took so long, I had to do something at home first!" Davis made up the quickest half truth he could think of.

"I think we're getting use to your lateness." Tk said annoyed.

"Uh, what are the older digi-destined doing here?" Davis asked with a confused look on his face.

"Well, we heard there is some sort of new threat in the digital world and Gennai says we all need to check it out. I've analyzed most of the situation and it looks like something that can be solved pretty emphatically." Izzy explained.

"If we're all suppose to be working together than where's Mimi and Joe at?" Davis questioned again.

"It doesn't have to be all of us." Matt replied impatiently. "Mimi can't get in from New York and Joe is swamped with tests."

"Davis, you don't seem like the type to ask questions, trying to be smart today? Or is something wrong?" Yolei asked playfully.

"Ha ha funny, now let's go!" Davis angry held up his digi-vice to the computer. I only wanted a little information.


After walking around for a while Ken came up beside Davis and looked at him quizzically.

"What happened to your face?" Ken asked raising a hand to lightly examine his right cheek.

Davis slightly jerked away realizing it was the spot were my father hit him.

"Oh this?" Davis asked pointing a finger to his face. "I...I kind of slipped when I was in my bedroom and hit my head on the night stand. It looks worse than it feels. My dad already gave me some cream to put on it." Davis added with fake laughter hoping Ken would believe him. Ken quirked an eyebrow that was pretty clumsy, even for Davis but he left it alone.

"Only you could do something like that!" Tk laughed interrupting their conversation. Davis stuck out his tongue.

"Whatever Ts!" Thankful for the comic relief.

"Let's rest over here." Tai called out.

Davis let out a huge sigh of relief seeing the attention was off him, he headed over to a tree stomp near where everyone was and sat down with his digimon partner next to him.

Matt had seen the whole conversation, he even saw Davis sigh when no one was looking.

"Something seems a little off about Davis. I'll have to keep an eye on him though. The others may not notice but he can be hard to read. He's bit like me in that regard. Sometimes I don't know if he's actually that dim or if there's more going on. " Matt said softly to his digimon partner.

Davis was already tired from all of the walking. He made an effort not to let it show. He was in shape but the constant aching was distracting.

"Is something wrong Davish?" Veemon asked him with worry in his eyes. Davis snapped out of his day dream and looked at his partner.

Davis smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. "No, nothing's wrong buddy, I was just thinking about getting rid of our new enemy." Davis reached out a hand to comfort his partner digimon.

Davis closed his eyes. With some rest maybe he could continue on without causing any trouble.


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