Breaking Through

Chapter 16-Final

AGES, just incase anyone forgot
Davis- 13
Ken, Tk, Kari- 13
Tai, Matt- 16
Katsu Kakito-24

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You're beautiful but you don't know
Can't see what's there inside your soul
Always feelin like you're not good enough
You wish you could be someone else
Sometimes you just can't see yourself
But I can see just who you are, who you are

You never you think you measure up
Never smart or cool, or pretty enough
Always feeling different from all the rest, oh
You feel so out of place, you think you don't fit in
I think you're perfect in the skin you're in
You're just perfect just how you are, just how you are, yeah

You're exceptional the way you are
Don't need to change for nobody
You're incredible, anyone can see that
When will you believe that?
You are nothing but exceptional

"Exceptional" by JOJO


"T…Tk, are you seeing the same thing I am?" Davis asked incredulously.

"Heck, I hope not, it'd be like one of my worst nightmares coming true." Tk shuddered

"Boys, have you invited the guest in?" Diane asked walking past the shell shocked boys.

"Diane!" The man said recognizing her.

"For a moment I thought we were at the wrong house." The other man laughed.

"No this is it, now you both come in so I can introduce you!"

Tk and Davis stood there for an extra moment before Diane gave them a look. Matt was already in the living room as was Malcolm.

"Everyone this is my step brother Katsu Kakito and his brother Erion." Diane introduced.

Malcolm shook each of their hands and began to introduce the family.

"This is my eldest son Matt, his brother Tk and my step son Davis."

"Yeah we've already met!" Davis blurted out then covered his mouth.

"Diane, Kakito's our teacher." Tk pointed out in a daze. Still hoping it was some sort of bad dream.

"That's wonderful sweetheart so this should make everything much more easier! Please Katsu and Erion follow me to the kitchen." Diane said leading them away as Malcolm followed.

Davis sighed with relief when they departed trying not to scream out loud in frustration.

"This is so hilarious! The irony!" Matt laughed at his brother's misfortune.

"Shut up!" Tk said turning around to face his brother.

"You're just mad the teacher you guys have been dissing turned out to be related. I'll be laughing about this for years." Matt said as he left to follow everyone to the dining area.

"This is all your fault Davis!"

"What, don't blame this on me, it's my moms fault, she's the one related to him!"

"Whatever, I'm still gonna strangle you!" Tk jumped toward Davis.

"You looser!" Davis exclaimed running from Tk.

"Say it to my face!" Tk said

"Yeah, too busy running." Davis replied sprinting across the room. He collided with another body falling to the floor.

"Ow…" Davis picked himself off the floor.

"You guys cause as much trouble at home as you do at school don't you?" Katsu Kakito sighed.

"Erg your not even suppose to be here, why do I always have such crappy luck?" Davis said.

"Because you're you and also lucky Kakito saved you this time."

Davis stuck out is tongue.

"Real mature, I'm gonna find Matt." Tk calmly went to the dining room.

"I think that guy's bipolar." Davis said watching Tk turn the corner.

"Who knows, it's not too hard with you as a brother... Anyway I came to talk to you real quick." Katsu said

Davis raised an eyebrow. "Ok, what's up?"

"I wanted to call a truce with you I mean you're my nephew so I would like to get to know you."

"I guess." Davis shrugged.

"I know we haven't gotten along well in the past but I hope we can change that and build some form of relationship. So if you ever want to talk or anything I'm here, ok. You're family, and well I love you." Katsu told him sincerely.

"You barely even know me." Davis whispered trying to place all the thoughts running across his head. How could someone say they love him without even knowing him?

"I mean it though, I'd love any kid of my sister's and I look forward to getting to know you and Tk outside of school."

"Um, ok." Davis replied slightly embarrassed, not knowing what else to say.

Caught off guard Davis felt himself pulled into a tight embrace.

"You are way to touchy feely." Davis said tramped in his uncles bear grip.

"I agree with you. Now come on you two the food's ready and your sister's about to go crazy if we don't all hurry in the dining room." Erion said saving Davis.

"Whatever..." Katsu replied grabbing his brother Erion's shirt leaving Davis to follow.


"The boys right now are considering whether to change their name to Ishida. I think it would be delightful." Diane smiled at the light conversation.

"I believe so too." Malcolm agreed.

"Oh didn't you say the boys were in your class, please tell me how they are behaving?" Diane asked.

Tk and Davis glanced at each other gulping. There was so much they could get in trouble for right now, maybe if they were lucky Katsu might not say anything. Yeah right.

"Well I can tell you an example from the other day. I told everyone a few days ago to get a consent form signed to watch a movie in class. Davis didn't get his consent formed signed and they were both late so I gave them detention yesterday."

"So that's where you were Takeru, we will discuss this further later on." Malcolm said looking firmly at both Davis and Tk.

"Well, we wouldn't have known about it a couple of days ago. You see Davis has just come to live with us permanently." Diane replied looking at her brother Katsu.

"What do you mean? Where was he before?" Katsu asked curiously.

Matt glanced at Tk who looked at Davis wondering how he would react to his mother's answers.

"He was living with my criminal of an ex-husband..."

Katsu tilted his head becoming instantly interested in this new topic. He knew next to nothing about his sister's ex-husband and certainly even less about Davis.

"Why do you refer to your ex as that?" Erion asked

"Because it's true and he is certainly the reason why Davis is now in our permanent care. I hope he rots in jail forever." Diane stated passionately.

"That's amazing! Does anyone want some more food?" Tk asked raising the first thing he could find trying to steer the attention away from this topic. They went through a lot of trouble to keep everything a secret. He was not willing to have Davis mom ruin it all. For some reason Davis wasn't even reacting so automatically that left the work for him.

"No we're alright on the food dear, anyway…." Diane continued the story of how she took Jun and left Davis in the care of his father.

Erion looked at Tk suspiciously he was always rather instinctual when someone was trying to divert attention. After all he'd done just that plenty of times.

"He's in jail, what happened?" Katsu asked in shock. This was the first he heard of his sister's ex-husband being in jail.

"Wait, would you be referring to the Motomiya man that was in the news for organizing a crime, stealing and attempted murder?" Shiro asked placing the names together.

"Yep that's the one-"

"Are you guys sure you don't want rolls or anything, there's plenty." Tk interrupted again.

"Takeru, its fine if Diane wants to explain to them what happened. They are family so I'm sure Daisuke's former situation won't spread."

Tk sighed in defeat worried about his mute friend.

Davis stayed quite hoping his mother would stop talking about him. Katsu was smart enough to connect his lack of interest in the topic of safety to his father. He'd probably understand why Davis blew up. Especially now that she blabbed his father was in jail. He lied about it the first time for a reason and now everyone would look at him with some form of sympathy. With every piece of information his mother revealed about him the higher his level of anger grew until it was uncontainable.

"What else are you going to tell them? How he left me at home for weeks at a time or maybe that he's been hitting me since I was nine!" Davis blurted out, immediately regretting it.

"Urg!" Davis yelled realizing he was the one that just spilt the rest of his secret. Davis turned swiftly and walked out the dining area towards his room.

"Do you suppose I said too much too soon?" Diane asked worriedly.

"Yeah, just bit. Excuse me." Tk said following the path Davis took a few minutes before him.

"I'm sorry I…"

"It'll be alright Diane he'll come to terms with everything soon." Malcolm comforted.

"How about my brother and I go talk to him. I don't want him to think we're going to use it against him or that we don't care." Erion suggested.

"I think that would be fine, Matt will you help your father and I with the dishes?"

Matt nodded.


Tk opened Davis door gently and went in. He saw him standing in the middle of his room with his back faced away.

Davis smiled grimly. "I always have been a bit of a hot head."

"I know." Tk agreed, "She really had no right to spill everything in one night like that."

"Hmm… now he has something to hold over my head."

"That's not true Davis." Katsu said walking through the door with Erion following.

"Sorry the door was open, we weren't trying to ease drop." Erion told them.

"We just wanted to let you know that we're here for you if you ever want to talk or even a shoulder to cry on." Katsu said moving closer to where the boys were standing.

Davis snickered.

"I was just angry, trust me, I won't be needing anyone's shoulder to cry on. I'm fine."

"Not to mention it's all out his system." Tk muttered.

"Why don't you shove it Ts!"

"Rather not." Tk replied smugly.

After exchanging a few more words the older men left Tk and Davis to prepare for bed. Tk was spending the night in Davis room since Katsu and Erion were in his. They both changed into their night clothes and crawled in their respective beds.

Just then the door opened and Diane along with Malcolm stepped through. Diane went over and sat on Davis bed.

"Davis, I'm sorry. I just wanted to catch up with my brother so much that I became insensitive. I hope you can forgive me." Diane reached out to rub his hair.

"I've already forgiven you." Davis smiled hugging his mother.

"That's good because we wanted to tell you boys something before everything went belly up." Malcolm stated.

"You're going to be brothers."

"I know we're already brother's mom." Davis said knowingly.

"Davis I think she means older brothers." Tk told him.

"Yes we can't wait the decorators are coming soon for nursery designs. You boys are going to be so happy!" Diane exclaimed.

"That's wonderful mom congratulations."

"Congratulations." Tk echoed.

"Well you boys get some sleep alright." Malcolm and Diane hugged them both then left the room.

"You're gonna be ok now?" Tk asked curiously.

"I'll be fine."

"You better be it took a while for us to break through."

"I know." Davis yawned.

"Everything's going to be better from now on." Tk said.

"I know." Davis smiled lightly as he drifted off.


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