On July 20th, after having not heard from him for a few weeks, Leonard Hofstadter received a registered letter from his roommate Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon had suddenly departed their apartment in Pasadena, California two months earlier, ultimately landing in Galveston, Texas after their neighbor, Penny, had finally consented to marry Leonard.

Dear Leonard,

Per our Roommate Agreement I am giving you 30 days notice to vacate Apartment 4A at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue. I will be returning on or about August 25th and by that point will have made arrangements for my new roommate to move in. Should space requirements limit the property you are able to actually move to Apartment 4B I would be happy to recommend a storage facility. I expect to find Apartment 4A clean and habitable upon my return. Thank you.

Sheldon Lee Cooper

Leonard showed the letter to his fiancée.

"Well, I was kinda hoping that Sheldon would be willing to let me move in here with you guys or move himself into my place. But, it is his apartment and if he wants to stay and bring in another roommate I guess it is his right."

"Who do you think his new roommate will be?"

"I think we both know someone who wants to be that roommate, Leonard. I was hoping he'd do it eventually but he's moving forward a lot quicker than I thought it ever would."

"I guess being away helped him clear his head. Our Sheldon is growing up."

"Should we say something to Amy?"

"Well, you know Sheldon. He won't say anything to her. She'll have to drag it out of him and by then they'll both be collecting Social Security."

"Amy will be so happy."

"And we still have another month here."

Toward the end of August Leonard and Penny received emails informing them that Sheldon would in fact return to Pasadena on the 25th. That day Sheldon walked into 2311 North Los Robles for the first time in over three months. He slowly walked up the stairs and unlocked the door to Apartment 4A. He was very surprised with what he found awaiting him.

The entire apartment had been rearranged. Excepting the big brown couch, Leonard's furniture and property was gone and in its place, if Sheldon recalled correctly and he always did, was Amy Farrah Fowler's furniture. And standing in the middle of the living room wearing a big smile was Amy Farrah Fowler herself.


Amy opened her arms wide expecting that Sheldon would at least hug his new roomie after not having seen her in over three months. Sheldon just stood there.

"Amy, why are your things in my apartment."

"Sheldon, I'm your new roommate. Of course my things would be here."

"Amy, I believe I would be aware if you were my new roommate."

"Sheldon, when Leonard and Penny told me that you'd asked Leonard to move out because you'd be arranging for your new roommate I just knew that you meant me and I moved my things in as soon as he moved his stuff across the hall."

"Amy, if I intended you to be my roommate I would have communicated that to you."

"Perhaps you thought you would live alone for a time and then ask me to move in. To be quite honest, Sheldon, I don't see the point in waiting for something that is inevitable."

"Amy, while I've been away I have been reevaluating many things in my life, my work, my goals, my relationships and, in general, my place in the world. In addition, certain needs have made themselves known."

"I knew it was just a matter of time. Give me some sugar, Sheldon."

"Amy, you misunderstand. I will be returning to the university, having reached a satisfactory agreement which will allow me to expand my areas of study beyond String Theory. I will not only be devoting more time to my work, but certain familial responsibilities have come to the fore."

"He means me. I'm Shelly's sister, Missy."

Standing in the doorway was Sheldon's twin sister and she was holding her 9-month old baby.

"Sheldon, I don't understand."

Missy responded, "My damned hubby walked out on us. Got a job offer to work in Alaska and just split. I'm tired of living in Galveston and decided we need a new start. Sheldon offered me a place for us to live and I'm taking him up on it."

"But, Sheldon…"

"I'm sorry Amy, but my commitment to my sister supersedes any misbegotten ideas you have about us living together. I'd appreciate it if you arranged to have your things removed from my home as soon as possible. Missy's things will be arriving in three days."

"Sheldon, what if I help Missy find her own place and I stay?"

"Amy, Missy has as yet not found employment and will need to balance that employment with child care responsibilities. She will be living here. That's final. Until you remove your things Missy, the baby and I will stay in a hotel. If your things are not gone by the time her things arrive I will be forced to bill you for our hotel stay and any storage costs."

"Sheldon, I don't understand."

"Amy, you jumped to a conclusion without any investigation. You could have simply waited and asked me whether I wished to cohabitate with you but you didn't. You assumed that when I returned from my travels that I would accede to all of the demands you made before I departed. I made other plans."

"What about our relationship agreement?"

"Circumstances will no longer allow me to let you continue entertaining your relationship fantasies. I consider that agreement null and void. If you wish to pursue a friendship and nothing beyond a friendship I would likely be amenable to that."

"But Sheldon…"

"The matter is closed. I suggest that your energy would be better spent removing yourself and your property from the Cooper apartment. Missy, please feel free to rest in my bedroom while I arrange for our temporary lodging and speak with our neighbors."