Loredas, the 2nd of Sun's Dusk, 5E 1

King's Landing

The royal bedchamber, and no doubt all of the Red Keep, was filled with the labor pain screams of Daenerys Targaryen. Even with septas and a priestess of Arkay present, their words and spells seemed to do nothing. Nakos was present, of course, and he paced nervously back and forth, filled with both excitement and nervousness. He wanted to be by her side, but the priestess pushed him away so they could work. The septa asked him to leave, but both Nakos and Dany decided that he would stay. He wanted to be there for the moment of truth. Nakos winced at another ear-piercing scream from his wife.

"Just breath, Your Grace. It'll be over soon," a septa said, only to wince and retreat at Dany's piercing gaze.

"Don't make me Shout you to the ground, Septa!" Dany hissed through her teeth. Nakos chuckled and Dany turned her gaze on him. "You too! You're the reason I'm here!"

"You never complained before," Nakos retorted with an evil smirk.

Dany was too angry and tired to come up with a retort and so just plopped her head back on the pillow and groaned.

"You're almost there, Your Grace," the priestess encouraged. If Nakos wanted to be honest with himself, he preferred the priestess to the septas. But there was not much he could do about that. The Faith of the Seven was important to Westeros and it always would be. Perhaps he could incorporate the Nine Divines' faith into Westeros, especially if many people from Tamriel were planning to stay.

He pushed the thought to the side when the priestess became excited. "I see the head, Your Grace!" One of the septas rushed to aid the priestess. "Ok, I need you to push now!" the priestess coached.

Dany took a deep breath and gave one long push, screaming the whole time. Soon, the room was filled with the cries of a newborn baby. Nakos quickly ran to her side to see his newborn daughter. He smiled and tears of joy came streaming down her face.

Nesaerys seemed to notice him and looked up at him. She had stopped her crying, surprisingly, and as she looked up at him, she smiled. She had a soft olive complexion, a mixture of her father's dark skin and her mother's pale white skin. Her hair was a messy brown tuft. But what was most amazing were her eyes. They were a beautiful violet.

Nakos slightly stroked her face. "Hello, Nesaerys." As he touched her face, his dragon soul began to stir within him and the dragon soul tendrils slowly and softly reached out and surrounded the baby.

The birth of Nesaerys Nalldiir was the first of many changes that came to Westeros. One of the first changes he made was to change the Kingsguard into the Royal Guard. The new guard was no longer limited to seven members, neither was it strictly limited to knights… or men. Jon Stark was named as commander of the Royal Guard. The rest of the Royal Guard were Mjoll, the twins Farkas and Vilkas, Brienne, Jaime, Lydia, Rayya, Calder, Jordis the Sword-Maiden, and Valdimar. Their armor was improved, from a thick steelplate to heavy dragonplate, and their weapons were now of dragonbone quality. The choice of weapon was given to them.

The Small Council was expanded and renamed the Royal Council. Tyrion Lannister, the new Hand of the King, had told Nakos that many of the original positions had become vacant and needed to be refilled.

Nakos named Urag gro-Shub the new Master of Coin, the realm's chief treasurer and book-keeper. He remembered that the orc was a stickler for details, and thought he would be perfect for the position.

He kept Varys as the Master of Whisperers, but also decided to add Brynjolf to the council as well. The second-in-command to the Thieves Guild was a no-brainer choice, as he had managed to lead a spy network in Skyrim. It would also be a first for Westeros to have two Masters of Whisperers, but two was better than one.

Then came positions that Nakos had never heard off, one of which was the Master of Laws: the realm's chief legal advisor, who also manages the Red Keep's dungeons, and supervises law enforcement. After some deliberation, they decided on Stannis Baratheon.

For the Master of Ships, the realm's chief naval officer who supervising the Royal Fleet and coordinating the realm's maritime defenses, Nakos chose Theon Greyjoy, who had recently become Lord of the Iron Islands. His father, Balon, had died and Theon had taken over as Lord.

The most difficult position was the Grand Maester. Nakos had no faith in the Citadel, and Tyrion shared his concern. Nakos especially disliked having no power of who would become the new Grand Maester. But Tyrion also told him that the Citadel was not one to change so easily, despite all that Nakos had done. "The old maesters at the Citadel are stubborn like that," Tyrion had said. "All we have to do is wait and see who they appoint to you."

The rest of the positions were easier. Nakos gave the Command of the Royal Army to Rikke, Commander of the City Watch to Bronn, and Lord Commander of the Royal Guard to Jon Stark.

The Gold Cloaks were done away with as well. It was a choice Tyrion agreed with, as they had a major hand in massacring all of Robert Baratheon's bastard children, even babies. The former members were stripped of their positions for callous indifference to mortal life and banished from Westeros According to reports from Brynjolf and Varys, they left Westeros and went to the Disputed Lands in Essos, where they formed a mercenary company of their own, called the Golden Lions. "Not very inventive," Tyrion had chuckled when the report came in. Nakos made sure that Varys and Brynjolf kept an eye on them.

In place of them, Nakos invited any soldiers, whether they were from the Imperial Legion, the Stormcloaks, or any soldiers from the Westerosi armies, that wished to stay to serve in the new City Watch. The response was as expected, if not larger, as thousands of men, women, and non-humans came to answer the call of the Dragonborn. Nakos also had their armor improved. Rather than the simple steel that the Gold Cloaks wore before, and instead of the dragonplate armor that the Royal Guard wore, they wore dragonscale armor. It was a lighter weight, and allowed the members to move much faster, but did not skimp on quality and protection. They were also given dragonbone swords.

In the meantime, Avik and Brienne married about a month after Nesaerys was born, uniting the Houses of Nalldiir and Tarth. They made their home at Stonedance, on Massey Hook, and Nakos made Avik Lord of the Crownlands. But House Nalldiir did not stop there. It continued to grow, consisting of the rest of Nakos' family members, immigrants from Tamriel who remained after the battle at the Lands of Always Winter, and even included a few of Dany's loyalists from Essos. They spread out all amongst the Crownlands, from Rosby to Stonedance and Sharp Point.

But the changes were not all in Westeros. Though Nakos did not have rule over Essos, he sent ravens to the Slave Cities. Those ravens carried messages, "suggesting" that slavery be abolished in their cities. They quickly relented, mostly out of fear, Nakos and Tyrion knew. But at least he and Dany felt better about the fact that no more people would be enslaved there. It was the beginning of a wonderful new reign.

Sundas, the 1st of Evening Star, 5E 1

Alinor, Summerset Isles

Elenwen stood near a window, looking out over the east, where Westeros lay out in the distance… a good two month's journey by ship, and that's if the wind was favorable. She and all the rest of the Thalmor had heard about what had happened in Westeros. They had heard how Nakos had joined with Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons, how he ended the War of the Five Kings, and how he united Westeros, Essos, and Tamriel to fight against Mehrunes Dagon and the White Walkers. And now he was king of Westeros. Elenwen still hated Nakos with a vengeance. He had humiliated her at High Hrothgar, and she swore that she would get her vengeance on him. And now, upon learning that the mortals had succeeded in driving back the Daedric menace, the Thalmor decided it was time.

The humans would be weak after their war with Mehrunes Dagon and now they would be more vulnerable than they have ever been. It was true two hundred years ago, and it was true now. But they would not rush. They were elven, after all. They could plan for very long, drawn out engagements, where the human and humanoid races could not. And that was they would do. Plan…. and wait. Wait for the perfect moment to strike.

"Lady Elenwen," Ancano's voice came from the door to her study. "You wanted to see me."

"Yes, Ancano," Elenwen said in an indifferent voice. "I need your version of what the artifact was that the College of Winterhold had obtained... and lost."

"It was an… interesting artifact," Ancano replied. "The Eye of Magnus, it was called."

"Would it have been a compatible power source?" Elenwen asked as her eyes turned to the former College of Winterhold Advisor.

"From what little information I could get, I think it would have been," Ancano answered. "But the Daedric war in Westeros prevented me from finding out anything further. Your recall order came through before I could move to capture the device."

"At least we now know what kind of energy source we need for the project. Queen Errisare Graywatch wants us to continue to investigate similar sites. But do not limit yourself to Tamriel, Ancano. Time is on our side. We can afford to be patient a while longer. I will place Estormo and a detachment of Justiciars at your disposal. Find us a new power source."

Ancano stroked his long pointed chin in thought. "Our knowledge outside of Tamriel is limited, especially when looking for sources of arcane power, my lady. Any ideas of where we can begin?"

Elenwen turned back to the window and looked out. "Across the Sunset Sea."


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