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Chapter one: Return of the Rabbit Goddess.

"Crap! How did this happen?!" shouted Naruto Uzumaki as he was flying through the air after being blown away by an insanely powerful gust of wind. He sailed through the air as a giant serpent appeared out of nowhere and attempted to swallow him, it's strike however missed when the blonde's back hit a tree branch causing him to flip, narrowly avoiding being eaten by the serpent.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" he screamed as he slid down the serpents back and fell into a hole by chance. The serpent angrily hisses as it began burrowing into the ground to track down it's prey.

In the hole, Naruto was falling through a tunnel and kept hitting walls, making him bounce around like a pinball. Finally he landed on his back, he laid there for a few moments, groaning in pain before getting up and, his back popped a few times "Ow. Ow. Ow. That was not befitting of a future Hokage." He mumbled to himself before taking note of his surroundings.

He looked and jaw-dropped as he saw "A MUMMY?!" he screamed in terror. He paused then chuckled as he spoke to himself "Feh, it's just a wrapped up body. It's not like it's alive or cursed or anything. I've been reading too many scary stories." He approached the altar the mummy laid on and read the inscription carved into the stone that read: Here lies the Rabbit Goddess. May her sacrifice always be remembered.

The blonde scratched his head as he thought out loud "Rabbit Goddess? Sacrifice? Wonder what that's all about. Oh well, time for me to leave, maybe I'll tell the old man 'bout this place" as he turned to find an exit a few drops of blood from when he tumbled down the tunnel dropped to the floor, near the altar.

As he walked away he heard a slight shuffling noise, he gulped as he turned and saw the mummy had fallen on the floor. His blood turned cold as he say a tongue creep through the bandages and lap up the drops of blood that came from his wounds.

His blood ran cold as the mummy stood up and unwrapped the bandages around it's head showing a dried up and decomposed skull making the blonde shriek in horror. The skull soon grew flesh, then muscle, then skin showing a middle-aged woman with odd horn protrusions on her head, long silvery hair that touched the ground, pupiless gray eyes, and what looked to be a closed third eye on her forehead.

He blushed noticing her ample breasts showing due to the fact she was only wearing the bandages. She turned to him as she held out her hand and approached him. The blonde stepped back nervously, fearing she was going to attack.

Sensing his distress she stopped and asked in a regal tone "I have a simple question and I expect an honest answer." He nodded fearing for his life, she then continued speaking "Do you have any carrot cake?" he instantly face-vaulted as he shouted "WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THAT?!"

Her only reply was "Do. You. Have. Carrot. Cake?" she spoke slowly as though he were an idiot. He knew why she was talking like that as he replied in the same slow tone "I. Have. None."

She nodded as she spoke "Why didn't you just say so? Do you have any muffins then?" he slapped his forehead making her realize he didn't. "I see. Then allow me to ask another question. Why do you have Youkai in your blood?" she asked with an air that said 'answer or die.'

He stiffened up not knowing how she knew about that. "I'm… a Jinchuuriki." He finally answered. She tilted her head to the side as she casually replied "I see. My idiot son was one for a time. My idiot son separated the Juubi into several pieces. Which do you have?"

He calmed down a bit as he answered "The Kyuubi. And your son was a Jinchuuriki?" she nodded at his question as a Kimono formed around her, covering her body making him gape.

"Yin-Yang release. The power to create from nothing." She bluntly answered making him nod slowly and once again ask "Your son was a Jinchuuriki right? Do tell"

She pursed her lips for a moment before answering "Perhaps you should listen to my story. But first I have to know…. What year is it?"

He realized that since she'd been dead she obviously didn't know what the date was 'Duh.' He thought in his mind then answered her "2014 AS." *After Sennin*

She nodded as she spoke "My name is Kaguya Otsutsuki. Long, long ago I was a princess of a far away land. The world was in turmoil. There was constant fighting; I ended it by eating a forbidden fruit that led to me being the first human to use Chakra. I used my power to stop the wars by force since none would listen to reason. When the wars finally ended I became known as the Rabbit Goddess and gave birth to two children. Both boys. They inherited my chakra and I trained them to use it.

Unbeknownst to me, by eating the fruit I unleashed the Juubi… Shinju. It's wrath was terrible as it sought to take back what I had stolen. I was old and weak, so my children fought the Bijuu in my stead. One died in the battle, the other became the Juubi's prison thus the first Jinchuuriki.

My idiot son then used his vast power to spread chakra to other humans so they may connect to each other. But… I warned him what would happen if he did that. Because of the vast power I showed, humans in their greed decided to use it as a weapon… and thus the cycle of violence and war continued. You know my son… as the Rikudou Sennin."

The blonde jaw-dropped since he was standing in the presence of THE Rikudou Sennin's mother, who sounded like she was much stronger; he gulped as he asked "If you're the Sennin's mom… then you must be stronger than him right?"

She nodded as she answered "I am. My son's name is Hagaromo. He's an idiot." The blonde sweat-dropped at how she kept calling her son an 'idiot' but shrugged it off as he asked her while bowing "Please train me."

She bluntly asked "Why?" Naruto looked her in the eyes as he answered "Because I want to be Hokage. The strongest Shinobi of my village."

"Why?" she asked again.

"So I can show the people of Konoha I'm my own person! Not the Kyuubi itself! So I will be respected." He answered with a grin not seeing her narrowed eyes.

"Why?" she asked bluntly yet again making a tic-mark appear on his eyebrow.

"Because from the day I was born people have ignored and bullied me because I contain the Kyuubi! I want them to acknowledge me! For my team to acknowledge me!" he spoke getting irritated by this woman's questioning.

She said nothing for awhile then spoke bluntly "I don't like you. You're stupid." He instantly face-vaulted at that. He got up and then asked "How are you alive exactly if you're supposed to be dead?"

She shrugged as she answered "Don't know. My first theory is the Youkai in your blood revived me for reasons unknown. Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to hunt down a bakery." She clapped her hands as the roof of the tomb exploded exposing the treetops of the Forest of Death.

She leapt up and exited the tomb with the blonde following behind. She looked around and thought 'The trees have reached abnormal heights. My potent Chakra must have affected them even after I was buried in that tomb.'

"I'm not done talking to you yet! I want you to train me!" spoke Naruto as he tapped his foot impatiently. "I refuse. I don't waste my time with idiots." She was about to leave but sensed a potent chakra signature that was filled with evil.

"Hey! I'm talking to you! I'm not no idiot!" he yelled at her. She turned and said "So you are an idiot?"

"I said I'm not no idiot!" he yelled angrily her eye twitched as she spoke in her usual regal voice, though this time filled with annoyance "Did you not learn grammar? Double negative rule; the words 'not' and 'no' cancel each other out so you ARE calling yourself an idiot. If you wish to be taken seriously you should start with learning to speak properly."

He couldn't come up with a response for that as he stayed silent for a few moments. She sighed as she asked "Do you at least know your name idiot?" he nodded as he answered "Naruto Uzumaki! Future Hokage!" she looked away, clearly unimpressed as she thought 'No doubt he's the reincarnation of my idiot grandchild. How disgusting.' She sighed, completely forgetting the evil chakra she sensed in favor of getting away from this idiot.

Before the blonde knew it she had disappeared.

Hours later.

"My….. home." She whispered to herself after finding the 'Uzumaki shrine' that was actually her former home while she lived. It still contained the mask of the Shinigami, and various other artifacts sealed away and hidden. She sighed as she sat down and propped her head in her hand as she mumbled "Time has not been kind to this place, nor my legacy. Idiot child. Idiot humans. Everyone's an idiot."

She sighed, all her life she has been surrounded by idiots. Her servants from when she was both a princess and goddess, her own children, her grandchildren, even other humans. All were idiots to her. Even after death she had kept an eye on her idiot son's legacy… she was NOT pleased. It was all one bad choice after another.

Her son Hagoromo, gave the world Chakra without thinking of the consequences, and about the greedy, power-hungry side of human nature. Her two grandchildren fared no better. Love to peace? What a joke. If someone raped and murdered someone close to you, would you forgive them? Would you 'love' them? No. You wouldn't; you'd want justice.

Her other grandchild's solution was Power. Kaguya sighed as she had tried that, and it worked… for a time. While it had stopped the fighting, it was only temporary. A short-term solution that ultimately failed in the long run.

"Peace…. Is a lie." She mumbled to herself. She sighed again for what seemed like the hundredth time in a single day. Here she was, stuck in an unfamiliar time, humans still greedy and disgusting as ever, her son's legacy a disgrace, and the Bijuu all locked away in humans like toys. It… disgusted her.

"This is why I hate idiots." She spoke to herself again. She glanced at the massive Forest where she had exited earlier and focused her sensory powers on it… she sensed a dark malevolent chakra that was unfamiliar to her. She got up from her seat as she mumbled in annoyance "It's better than sitting and grumbling all day."


Naruto had just woken up after that fight with the weird snake guy, and saw his friend Sasuke snap the arms of Zaku. Sasuke also had strange marking on his face too. Flame-like ones that kept spreading.

The blonde couldn't believe that his friend was doing this. That he would do something so cruel; Zaku was on the ground passed out from the pain of having his arms snapped, the Uchiha pulled out a kunai as the blonde shouted "OI! SASUKE! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!"

The Avenger just grinned maniacally as he replied "Showing these fools the might of an Uchiha." Before he brought the Kunai down he felt his hand being grabbed by an extremely firm grip.

"Kaguya-san!" the blonde shouted realizing who it was. The silver-haired woman nodded to the blonde since he at least had the brains to remember her name. She turned to the raven-haired boy as she spoke "There is no honor in killing someone that can't fight back. Even if he's an enemy."

The Uchiha scowled as she spit back "Screw honor! This is about showing my Power!" she quirked an eyebrow as she thought 'That sounded familiar.' She sensed that the brat was the reincarnation of her other, more violent grandchild.

"HEY! LET GO OF SASUKE-KUN YOU OLD HAG!" screeched a voice from behind her. The Rabbit goddess raised an eyebrow at the 'old hag' comment then realized that her skin was getting wrinkled, and she started feeling weaker.

'What is this?! I thought that I was revived!' she thought in panic then her nose caught the scent of something… blood. Naruto's blood. Within the blink of an eye she grabbed him and started licking at his wounds, the sensual sight made everyone blush, aside from Sasuke who was growling in anger.

As the goddess licked up more blood her skin returned to it's younger, more healthy appearance. From that she concluded in her mind 'Damn. It would seem I need this idiot's blood in order to survive. Damn it.'

As she continued consuming blood the sound team took this chance to leave, though the female Kin Tsuchi was quite reluctant. When they vanished the Uchiha grit his teeth believing the strange woman was the reason his prey had escaped; in rage he charged at her but his face met an invisible wall that suddenly he fell flat on the ground and was being crushed.

"Barrier Release: Crush." The Rabbit goddess whispered, not amused at all by his attempted attack. "Hey! Leave him alone!" Yelped the whiskered teen forgetting that she was consuming his blood she sighed as she replied "Why? He attacked me. This is self-defense."

This time instead of backing down, he gave her a stare that seemed like it tried to burn a hole through her. "Mmm, fine. But if he attacks me again I won't be as forgiving." She spoke in an uncaring voice, not intimidated at all by his glare but slightly impressed. He nodded stiffly as the barrier keeping Sasuke down lifted.

"HEY! WHAT WAS THAT MOVE?! TEACH IT TO ME!" Sasuke shouted as the marks on his face receded.

"Why?" the silver-hair woman asked.

"Because I need power to kill a certain someone." He replied, knowing that always got someone to listen to him.

"Why?" she asked again, wanting to figure out her other grandchild's reincarnation.

"Because he killed my clan!" He half-shouted getting impatient with this woman.

"Why did he kill you clan?" she asked again. Though this time he stayed silent for a few moments before answering "He claimed it was to test his power." With that she turned her head bluntly replying "Not interested. I don't like brats." He gaped in shock… this was the first time someone said 'No' to him.

He growled as he was about to charge at the woman again, but was interrupted by Ino Yamanaka, who along with her team arrived moments ago to assist Team 7 asked "Pardon my asking but who are you?"

This time Kaguya smiled warmly as she replied "Finally, a sensible request that was asked politely. My name is Kaguya Otsutsuki."

Neji then asked her "Where do your allegiances lie? What village are you from?" he flashed his Byakugan for a moment and was instantly blinded as he fell to the ground screaming. "HER CHAKRA! IT'S AS BRIGHT AS THE SUN!"

Tenten gaped in shock as she thought 'What the fuck is she to make Neji do that?!' as the weapon user tried to help her teammate Chouji couldn't help but ask "Those horns on your head real?" the goddess nodded already used to that question during her reign.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING NARUTO-BAKA?!" screeched the pink-haired girl as she hit the blonde on the head who mumbled "Sorry Sakura-chan."

The Rabbit Goddess got up and asked him "Are you going to take that? She just hit you. You have every right to defend yourself." All he did was smile as he replied "It's fine. I could never hurt Sakura-chan." She raised an eyebrow wondering why he was so docile about being hit. Her first theory was he's a masochist, her second thought 'Is he under the influence of something?'

She used her sensory abilities focusing on the blonde who was busy making excuses to the pink-haired girl, suddenly the Rabbit goddess sensed objects on the boy's body messing with both his Chakra and mind 'Seals. They were still experimental before my death but these look… refined. Their sole purpose is to stall this boy's mental and physical growth and mess up his Chakra control. Perhaps…. He's not as big an idiot as I thought.' She ranted in her mind before thrusting a palm on the boy's back and mumbled "Rot Release: Purge."

When her jutsu started the seals on the boy's body faded away. His eyes shrunk into his head as he groaned "What… did you do to me?!"

All she said was "If I am correct you'll thank me later and stop being an idiot. Goodbye." With those words she vanished leaving a confused blonde thinking 'What did she do? And…. Why do I let Sakura-ch…san hit me?'

End Chapter one.

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