Authors Note.

Ok sorry for such a long break long story short finals +work + head injury = long break…and butter for some reason…thinking that last part is the head injury. Anyway sorry for the delay but I will be updating again soon, in the meantime I have a little something for you chapters 1-5.5 (yes 5.5 is new) have been redone by myself and around 38,000 words added between them for your enjoyment, just looking back and fixing the chapters I wrote in a day a piece. If you are interested take a look and tell me what you think. If you like the changes then I'll start doing the same on the other chapters in between working on the new ones. Thanks as always.

Also saw the new Naruto manga….yeah I'm not buying it Sakura's the mother, heck wouldn't be surprised if Sasuke doesn't even know he has a daughter lol.

Songbird out.