Ahh, Planet Popstar. Where all Kirby characters live. This is a quiet town called Cappy town, where Gooey and his friends live. Gooey lives in a sky blue house next to a tree. His house is big inside and small house exactly like Kirby's house outside, but sky blue. Of course, I like doing things that are not real stuff such as old cartoons like buildings that are small but big inside. Let me explain the characters of Gooey's dreamland.

This is me, gemerl720 post, I develop settings and characters in this story, and I was a green fox with two tails called Neil the fox. Sometimes I made my characters' lives miserable or messed up for fun. Before I explain the rest of the characters, I will give you a different way of speaking for characters. For example, "My impersonation of Gooey: Duh, I'm Gooey. I always break a lot of fourth walls" "Gooey: Hey! How dare you make fun of me?" Calm down little guy, I was only giving examples. "Gooey: Oh, sorry." (Gooey walks away.) As I was saying, I do not show my name with a colon key and the quotation marks because I was the narrator and character at the same time.

Now I will explain the rest of characters for real this time. This is the main character Gooey; he is originally Kirby's helper from Kirby's dreamland 3. But now his is helper to hero. "Gooey: Aww, thanks for saying that gemerl720 post." Yeah yeah that's nice Gooey; I have to explain more about you. Gooey sometimes makes puns like annoying orange. "Gooey: Ahem, do not say things that are stupid." I'm sorry Gooey, It's my duty for explaining the characters. Just try to deal with it. Alright, as I was saying, Gooey never sleeps all the time like Kirby, Gooey trains himself for his strength in his training room in his house. He never gives up on everything. Sometimes his body changes into normal body, Kirby's body, and a sphere shaped body. He is capable of turning into his dark matter form without using specific items. Additionally, he will be in his dark matter swordsmen form via rainbow sword. On the the other hand, Gooey can use star rod for ground battle use only like super smash bros melee. He had an Iphone instead of a Kirby phone, it can allow Gooey to use the warp star app to call the Warp star to him. His Warp star can turn into a starship from Kirby Super Star. Furthermore, his starship can be transform into overdrive mode and the starship overdrive mode looks like a warp star shaped space ship from the anime.

This is Blob, Gooey's long love. She has the same body as Gooey, but her body is pink, she has a red bow tie on her head, her face is similar to Chuchu. Mostly she gets captured by Slimy.

Now here's Slimy, he is Gooey's arch enemy. He is red, had King Dedede's hat but it was purple. He is a little bigger than Gooey. He is somewhat greedy & rude. "Slimy: Who are you calling greedy?!" You are greedy you red blob! (Slimy pounds at me with a hammer.) Alright Slimy, I will never judge you rudely.

As I was saying, this is Geewy, Gooey's best friend. Geewy is similar Keeby, but it was exactly like Gooey. However, Geewy is yellow instead of blue. He can do almost the same things as Gooey such as dark matter form.

Furthermore, this is Slimeball, the star warrior of the planet. Slimeball is described as Meta Knight's body, but it was recolored as lime green and it has Gooey's face but lime green. He is smart, strong, & cool.

Oooh, this is going to be an evil one. This is Zero/Zero Two. Currently it was Zero, but Zero Two is yet to be known.

You already know about Dark Matter, dunderhead!

I'll explain the moves for Gooey, including Geewy. (Note: Bold=Smash moves. Italicized=Final Smash.) First, his moves were Vulcan jab (Smash ability version not fighter ability), Twinkle Star, (Note: some of the moves such as all of the moves of hammer ability are relocated to smash ability for Gooey's smash moves.) Hammer flip (it can be charged into a fiery hammer flip like jet hammer), Ultra Giant Swing (midair), Hammer pound, Triple hammer (during giant hammer), Giant Hammer, Hammer swing (dash + B button), & Hammer throw(Note: Gooey has unlimited Hammers).

(Note: Gooey has a final cutter blade from super smash bros melee.) Final cutter, (Note: moves that does not have to do with cutter boomerang in ground and midair, including hyper boomerang is moved to Gooey's final cutter blade.) Cutter dash, Sweep cutter (excluding cutter boomerang in this move.), Cutter drop, Cleaving cutter (Note: The move final cutter is moved separately from cleaving cutter).

(Note: All of the moves of stone ability are completely relocated to smash ability) Stone smash, Stone change, Stone uppercut, Super stone uppercut (after stone uppercut is charged), Turbo stone (dash + B button), Heavy stone smash (stronger version of stone smash), Stone boulder (exactly like stone smash but shape of a boulder, but the size of a real boulder), Stone Golem (during stone boulder), Stone punch (during stone golem), Stone kick (during stone golem), Stone throw (during stone golem, but stone golem throws a rock at the victim), Stone slope (During stone), & Super stone slope (During stone boulder but faster than stone slope).

Tongue ingest (like Yoshi's tongue attack, but Gooey's standard move), and finally the ultimate move called Ultra Sword.

One extra move left, if he eats the miracle fruit, his tongue gets very long. The move is called mega tongue. This is a tongue opposite of hypernova, but it can do the same puzzle solving as hypernova, but it can use his tongue. Additionally, his tongue can reach up to 5 miles. Furthermore, his mega tongue can catch floating spheres, so he can swing or stretch into another floating sphere. It can also latch onto objects to solve other puzzles. This reminds me of an exceedingly long description of Gooey's moves.

Now that we all learned about the intro Gooey's dreamland, let's get started with the prologue.