(The scene cuts to the white background.) Ok, from now on. I am going to do the old fashion way of dialogue in other fanfiction on this fanfiction. This will be the real last chapter of "Gooey's Dreamland." Gooey will not use the abilities that he has equipped such as hammer, stone, vulcan jab (moved to fighter), final cutter blade (all moved to cutter), nothing but your tongue ingest. Including mega tongue & ultra-sword. Although, Gooey is required to get hammer, fighter, stone, etc. by using copy abilities; even the ultra-sword. Not the mega tongue.

When Gooey came home from saving Cappy Town by rescuing Blob and saving the food back where it belongs, a vortex was opened and whisked Gooey away. He was transported to the Dark Star. "This looks familiar; I haven't gone there since the beginning of the universe." Gooey thought. He walks to the hexagonal floor a few steps away, when; all of a sudden, Dark Nebula jumps out of nowhere scaring Gooey. "Yikes! I recognized you, you are Dark Nebula; the one you told me about the ending of the story after I fought Slimy." Noticed Gooey. "Exactly right, I will challenge you and my Dark Matter members including Zero to fight me." Declared Dark Nebula.

Gooey cracks his knuckles and then broke his knuckles literally. "Ugh, do I have to heal you?" I groaned in frustration. I pulled out my Tool Gun and zapped at Gooey to heal him. Gooey then jumps into action and forms from his Kirby shape into a shape of a sphere and grows out a ring of orange blobs. "Dark Matter form, activated!" Exclaimed Gooey. He spits out stars rapidly at Dark Nebula and hits it.

"It's on now, I'll shoot you back!" Roared Dark Nebula. He starts shooting out multicolored stars at Gooey, but he missed. "Ha,missed me!" Said Gooey, while he is laughing like the Annoying Orange. "Grr, that's it!" Yelled Dark Nebula. He starts chasing around Gooey and turns into his ice form. Gooey launches the orange blobs and hurls to Dark Nebula. Dark Nebula's one eye glows and fires an ice beam, freezing the orange blobs. "Hey Dark Nebula, hey!" Gooey taunted. "WHAT IS IT?!" Roared Dark Nebula. "Stampede." Replied Gooey. A crowd of people tramples to Dark Nebula; and then horses begins to trample Dark Nebula while they neigh about. Dark Nebula was easily destroyed.

"Except for the stampedes." Laughed Gooey. "Ouch." Gooey sees Miracle Matter and floats to Gooey. "Hey wait a minute, do I know you?" Asked Gooey. "No, I am Miracle Matter. The master of all copy abilities of 'Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.'" Cackled Miracle Matter. He transforms into his cutter form and Gooey says "Hey Miracle Matter." "What is it!" Snapped Miracle Matter. "Chainsaw." A floating chainsaw attacked Miracle Matter. His cutter ability was disabled that the eye became pitch black. "Grr, that tears it!" Exclaimed Miracle Matter. He transforms into its needle form and opens out spikes and a platform of hexagons were formed and Gooey forms into a shape of Kirby and lands on the floor. He ingests the spike on the floor and spits out a spike and hits Miracle Matter.

"I know your weakness; if you form into your ability, I have to use the same ability that you use and attack it." Realized Gooey. "Darn it, Gooey." Growled Miracle Matter in frustration. He transforms into his fire form, but Gooey ate the fire and used flamethrower at him. Every forms were destroyed later on.

The platforms begins to crumble and fall apart; Gooey jumps into the air and levitates. An evil laugh on the horizon occurred and then, Dark Matter in his swordsman form encounters Gooey. "I got this." Said Gooey. He pulls out a Tool Gun and spawns a Rainbow Sword and grabs it. He is now Gooey in his Swordsman form exactly like Dark Matter Swordsman form, but it is blue. "Sword fight!" Declared Gooey. He swings his Rainbow Sword against Dark Matter's sword. They both counter each other with their swords; abruptly, I was paralyzed from Dark Matter's sword. "Join me; and together, we will infest the planet with Dark Matter." Declared Dark Matter, while he points his sword in front of Gooey's face. "Never!" Responded Gooey, while he uses his Rainbow Sword to smack away Dark Matter's sword and he has no sword. "This is for your own good; Take that and this and this and that and this that this that!" Exclaimed Gooey, while he repeatedly swings his Rainbow Sword at Dark Matter and Gooey screams like "Spogebob" from "Frankendoodle." "I am Gooey, destroyer of evil!" Gooey tosses the Rainbow Sword away while Dark Matter is defeated and turns into a black sphere. Gooey forms into a sphere and grows out a ring of orange blobs. "Oh well, back into my Dark Matter form." Said Gooey. Dark Matter turns into his black sphere and opens his one eye and grows out a ring of orange blobs. "Hey Dark Matter, hey hey, hey Dark Mater; Hey!" Exclaimed Gooey. "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT FOR ME?!" Roared Dark Matter. "Comet." A comet rushes to Dark Matter and instantly crashed him and destroyed him. "Was that United Artists or Walt Disney Classics?" Laughed Gooey. "Ow."

After all of the Dark Matter were defeated, Gooey has to face the leader; Zero. "Well well well; I knew you have come, Gooey." Said Zero. "You must have been the creator of Dark Matter after the Big Bang formed the galaxies. I was created as a single black blob of Dark Matter after I was split up to separate objects such as Geewy, Slimy, Slimeball, Blob, and me. It is been for billions and billions of years I visited this place before a wind of hydrogen-" Explained Gooey but with an interruption. "JUST GET TO THE FANFICTION ALREADY!" Clamored a group of Dark Matter. "Ok ok, you are no fun." Replied Gooey. He spits out stars rapidly at Zero while Zero shoots out blood from his skin. The blood splatters at Gooey and scares him that gave Gooey the chills. He falls down like a dying plane. "Mayday mayday!" Cried Gooey. Zero laughs demonically. Abruptly, a killer dwarf hamster pops out of nowhere and floats in midair and then leaps to Zero and bites him. "Get it off of me, get it off of me!" Screamed Zero. Then, his eye separates gruesomely with profuse bleeding. It had scarred Gooey for life and freaks out. "It's easy." Said Gooey. He forms back into his Kirby shape and pulls out a Tool Gun to spawn cymbals; he grabs the cymbals and splats Zero's Eye easily. "That was easy." Responded Gooey. Zero's corpse floats in the air and a magical bandage made of Dark Matter patches the hole on Zero where the eye used to be. Then it restored the corpse and became Zero Two.

Zero Two opens its wings and opens its mouth to form up a singular eye and a halo above the bandage on the head. "I am still here, Gooey." Cackled Zero Two. Gooey forms back into his Dark Matter form and locks on Zero Two's wings. "Fire the orange blob, missile!" Commanded Gooey. His orange blobs behind his spherical body launches out his orange blobs and homes to Zero Two's wings and hits the wings to pulverize it. "Now your wings are short, ha!" Said Gooey. He shoots out a bolt of green and cyan electricity from its mouth at Zero Two's eye and he is paralyzed. Zero Two lowers its head and the bandage faces Gooey, he shoots out stars rapidly from its mouth at Zero Two's bandage and then the halo changes color until it is red; then the halo is gone. The damage was so brutal that the cactus like tail comes out of Zero Two. "Imma firin' mah lazor!" Exclaimed Gooey, while he has a Shoop Da Whoop face. He fires a strong beam of energy from its mouth at Zero Two's tail and causes Zero Two to die easily in a blink of an eye.

A vortex of light shows up while the Dark Star is crumbling apart. Gooey rushes to the vortex and evacuates out of the Dark Star. The vortex closes and the Dark Star then explodes and reduces into space debris. The Dark Star and the Dark Matter were destroyed; every Dark Matter creatures and species except for Gooey, Geewy, Slimy, Blob, Slimeball, Bandana N-Z, N-Z related species, N-Y, etc.

Back at home in Cappy Town, a vortex opens at the front yard of Gooey's house spawns out Gooey. He forms back into the shape of Kirby and he is running home for joy in front of his blue house, the tree, and the hill. He runs to me and hugs me for a reunion. "Gooey, you did it. We saved all humanity." I said. Gooey and I walked into the door to Gooey's house and we all live happily ever after for real.

The End (Really).