Part Fourteen:

Sakura gasped, her eyes wide as she realized exactly what Kiba was saying. Later, when she was sober, perhaps it wouldn't be such a big deal, but it was now. Especially with the real idea that was running through her head.

Sasuke and Naruto had been each other's first kiss.


She turned her wide-eyed gaze towards the two in question. "Have you? I mean- well- that is- not that I care! I'm just c-curious." Letting them know it wasn't a big deal with a nonchalant shrug and a sweep of her hair behind her shoulders, she offered them a smile to continue. "Is all."

It wasn't Sasuke she expected to answer either. He hadn't talked that much before Orochimaru and the war with Madara, now he barely even grunted. All the same, it was Sasuke who answered. "That's for a later 'dare'."

Her lips parted as his intense black eyes focused on hers. Sasuke raised the glass of water he'd had beside him to his lips and smirked just before taking a sip. Sasuke was drinking, but it was Naruto who started hacking. Probably from choking on air.

"Now it's time to get really dirty. None of this kid crap anymore," Kiba said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Ino raised her hand, but didn't wait before speaking. "I'm adding a new rule."

Kiba scoffed. "Not now, Blondie!"

"Too bad. If a dare requires us to take a piece of clothing off you can't do it, because that would be two dares. However, you can dare people to remove clothing."

Kiba grinned appreciatively. The tips of his canines dipped into his bottom lip as he applauded Ino's new rule. "Very nice. Hinata we are so ditching Shino now."

Hinata heaved a sigh of relief when she realized he wasn't going to ask her. "He'll be upset."

"I don't care. My dare is a two-for."

Ino started to interrupt, but Kiba cut her off. "I just mean that the other party has to agree to participate in the dare."

Brows pulled together, Ino tilted her head to the side, but nodded.

"Hinata, just so you know, I wanted to include you in on this one, but since I'm not I'll expect a favor later on in the game. The dare is for Ino, but involves Sakura. It's a competition of sorts really. Whoever gets the other there first wins."

Sakura nods quickly. "I'm a much faster runner than Ino, so I'll win of course."

"Well, my little Cotton Candy Fluff, this doesn't involve running, it involves grinding."