New Home

Karneval (c) Touya Mikanagi

Fluff. AU. Possibly OOC n grammar mistaken


Snows piled along the street and Nai stared at them, "Snows are widespread here!" he said.

"The weather is bad all day, you know..." Karoku smiled to the boy, still driving the car, "I think, this year is the baddest winter ever."

Nai tighten his embrace, "It's the baddest, yeah. It's soooo cold." he murmured.

"But we'll have chicken soup and hot chocolate at home." the blue haired man replied in a nice tone. Nai sparkled, "Really? In our new home?"

And Karoku nodded for him.

They arrived at a small house made from woods. Nai adored the house and he would going to explore it.

"Make sure you're already arrive in the dining room before dinner!" Karoku shouted.

"All right, Karoku!" Nai replied in a yell and continued his journey. He found a nice room with a bed and a wardrobe inside it. There was a desk beside the windows. The room had Niji wallpaper over the walls. A name stuck in the door; Nai's Room.

"Sure, Karoku is the one who designed this." Nai thought.

He laid down on the comfy and soft bed. He really liked the room, the bed, and Karoku, who designed it for him. Nai smiled and closed his eyes, was going to sleep without conscious. When Karoku called him for dinner, he already slept with a smile on his face.

"Nai?" Karoku opened the door and found his special child was laying on the bed. Karoku smiled, "Maybe he's too tired." Karoku told himself.

He walked towards Nai and gave him a light kiss on forehead, "Have a nice sleep, My Dear..."

Hi! I'm a newbie in his fandom. And I love Karoku x Nai soooo much!

I'm sorry if you find a grammar or spelling mistaken, coz I'm not very good in English.

Thank you for reading!