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I didn't stay in my room, that would be too suspicious, so I went on, like if nothing had happened. Not really, but I tried, at least Robin didn't mention anything about it. That would of made my day one hundred times worse.

The whole day I couldn't even look at her without thinking of the pleasure filled accident. One glance and I was drooling all over again. Fortunately there were no more appeareances for my 'friend'. Not until later.

I was sitting on the couch, with Cyborg, watching a movie. He kept giving me these weird looks and then looked away. He was trying not to laugh I could tell.

"What?" I ask

He doesn't answer, he just continues to watch the movie and tries not to laugh. I try to ignore him, but then a thought hits me.

"Cy," I call him, hoping that he doesn't know, because that would be embarassing.

"What-" He starts but thats all he manages to say before he burst into laughter.

"Dammit Cyborg! You know don't you?" I say feeling the blush burning at my cheeks.

"What? That you get the fuzzies for Raven. Dude, I figured that out when you came to me to ask me that question. I was laughing at what happened this morning,"

"Don't tell her!Please, I'll even let you cook you're disgusting meat for a month," I say desperately.

"All of this could be avoided if you just tell her."

"So she could think Im a perverted freak? No thank you. I just have to find a way to get rid of these feelings." I finish, and start to head to my room, but before the elevator doors close I hear one more thing from Cyborg and I did not like the sounds of it.

" You're not getting rid of those feelings overnight BB, it takes time!"

I laid in my bed for the rest of the nights, tossing and turning. All I could think of was how I was going to get rid of these feelings. I guess all the thinking tired me out because next thing I know I was asleep and I was now in a forest.

The further I walked the more trees grew and everything seemed to become darker and lighter at the same time. It seemed as though I was trying to find something. I was following the yellow brick road. Finally I saw her, the shimmer in her eyes, her bob cut hairstyle. She was sitting on a rock filled with green moss, a river flowed in front of her.

"Raven," I said.

"BeastBoy, come sit next to me," she said, giving one of those rare, but beautiful smiles.

I did sit next to her, it was odd to see her so cheery and calm. She turned to me once more, still smiling, and then she kissed me. I was surprised, not sure why, if most of my dreams had been like this lately, but maybe it was the kiss it was different than usual. This kiss made me feel something else, something besides desire and lust.

When the kiss was over she jumped into the river. I was a little confused at first but then I was scared, she hadn't come up. I was worried she had drowned and that I was just standing there like an idiot. Unfortunately she hadnt and when she came up she looked even hotter then she had before.

"Come on, the waters cool." she said, signaling for me to jump in.

"Uh, okay" I replied blinded by her beauty.

"See isnt this fun?" she asked, splashing water at my face.

"Yea...Raven can I tell you something?" I began nervously.

"Of course you can BB." she replied, smiling once more.

"I love you Raven!" I yelled into the empty forest.

"Beast Boy, I don't know what to say. I thought you liked me as a friend." she stated, frowning.

"I did, but then I noticed how awesome you were and I just couldn't resist falling in love and I just"

"Shut up!" she said and then she pulled me in for another kiss.

I dont really remember what happened after that, but Im guessing it was somewhat R rated because of some clues left on the bedsheets.

"How embarassing" I thought, shoving the sheets into the washer.

Before anyone says anything Raven was supposed to be OOC that's BB dream made her.