Chapter 1: Letter from Princess Rona

Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff were in the living reading more stories about princesses and princes. "Then princess Kim married Prince Atem and they lived happily ever after. Tiff said reading the book. "You know Sis after Princess Rona went back to her home planet I wonder if she'll find a prince to marry." Tuff said with his hand under his chin.

"She might someday we'll just have to hope she'll find a prince of her dreams." The ponytail cappy said. Kirby was busy eating potato chips.

Outside the hallway Waddle Doo was walking down until he saw Lady Like and Sir Ebrum running really fast. "What the?' He said as the parents ran passed him causing him to spin around. "Oh my what's their rush?" He asked as he shook his head.

"Hey children we got some terrific news!" Ebrum said. Tiff noticed a letter in her dad's left hand. Tuff noticed too and so did Kirby. "Where did you get that letter?" Tiff asked pointing. "You see this is from Princess Rona!" Like said with excitement.

"Here I'll read it." Ebrum said clearing his throat.

"Dear Citizens of Cappy Town I've finally found the Prince I've been dreaming of in other words I'm getting married. So here's what I want you to do.

1: I want Tiff and her female friends to be the Brides Maids.

2: I want Tuff to be the boy that hands the Rings.

3: I want Chef Kowasaki to bake a Wedding Cake and have a few Cappies help him.

4: I want the Lady Like to play the Wedding Song on a piano.

5: I want Falala, Fololo, and Tuff's male friends to help with wedding decorations.

6: I want Sir Ebrum to be the Priest.

7: Last I want Kirby to be the Best Man.


Make sure that King Dedede doesn't hear about my wedding but if he does I know you all will stop him.

Your friend

Princess Rona.

Outside the hallway was Waddle Doo listening to their conversation. "Hmm this interesting I wonder if the king still loves Princess Rona." He whispered. "In that case I'll report this to his majesty.

The gang then went separate ways to tell their friends the news.

Tuff met his male cappy friends and told them about the wedding. "This is great let's find decorations." Spikehead said. "Yeah!" The boys said.

Tiff met her female cappy friend Honey, Fololo and Falala. "Oh this should be a great day for Princess Rona!" Honey said. "Yeah I'm going to be a bride maid!" Falala said with happy face.

"Right but guys where are we going to have the wedding?" Fololo asked. "I mean if Dedede finds out he's gonna flip out."

"That's right last time Rona was here he tried to marry even though Rona was disguise as Commander Vee." Honey said. "I have an idea let's have the wedding at the school." Tiff said.

"Good idea we'll just have to move shelves, sweep the floors, move desks, and put up decorations." Falala said.

"Okay Fololo and Falala go and tell the cizitens about our location for the wedding." Tiff ordered the twins. They nodded and flew away.

"Hey kids!" A voice said. "Tokori what are you doing?" Honey asked. "Your parents told me about the wedding so I decided to help which I don't why I am." The yellow bird said. "Okay well here's what I want you to do go to our parents and tell them we're going to have the wedding at the school." Tiff said.

The Yellow Bird nodded and flew away.

Meanwhile at the castle.

Waddle Doo came running to the King's throne room. "Hey sire I got some news." Dedede and Escargoon looked at him. "Well what's the news?" The Snail asked. "Before I get tell the news, does the name Princess Rona ring a bell?" Waddle Doo asked. "Yeah what does she want?" The King asked. "Well I just heard she's returning to Dream Land."

Escargoon and Dedede jumped. "Really what for?" Dedede asked looking excited. Waddle Doo saw that look when Dedede was hitting on the Princess. "Hey Waddle Doo we're waiting for the news!" The king yelled.

"Umm Sire you're not going to like it." Waddle Doo said looking a bit nervous. "Try me." Dedede said. Waddle Doo gulped.

"Sire..she's…she's getting..married." The Waddle Dee leader said covering his head knowing what was coming.

Dedede's excited look then change into jealousy and anger. "WHAT?!" He asked jumping out of his chair.

"Are you sure about this?" Escargoon asked who looked shocked. "I'm afraid it's true." Waddle Doo said shaking from the kings shout. "Who is Princess Rona getting married to?!" The king asked loudly. "Well the person is a prince but I don't know what his name is." Waddle Doo replied.

"Sire what should we do?" Escargoon asked. "I'll tell what I'm going to have Rona to myself." He replied. "So let's call Saleguy."

"Right." Escargoon said pressing the call button. Saleguy then appeared on screen. "Hey what's up now D?"

The king and his goons explained at what's going on. "I see you want Princess Rona for youself." Saleguy chuckled. "Right so do you have a monster that can be useful to us?" The King asked.

Saleguy began to think. "Oh I have monster that can help you so allow me to send it now."

The monster transporter was activated. Then a dark like angel appeared. "Gentlemen allow me to introduce Anti Cupid this fairy he will have control over Princess Rona meaning he will be able to make the princess Rona fall in love with you by shooting his arrows at her. Second if this Prince you speak of tries to save her she'll reject him as long as she's under Anti Cupid's spell.

"Also to make sure she falls for you Dedede give him a picture of you ,stick it in front of the arrow, aim it, and Princess Rona will have fall in love with you easily. Saleguy explained. "Oh one more thing if Anti Cupid's bow get broken the spell will be broken and he will be destroy with it.

The screen went blank. "Escargoon find a picture of me right away." The King ordered. "Right sire be right back." The snail guy said running off to find a picture.

Few minutes later the snail came running back. "Here you go Sire!" He said giving him a photo. "Perfect let's go guys." Dedede said with evil smirk. His goons nodded.

End of Chapter.