Hello fellow Fast and the Furious addicts! This story kind of sprouted from my mind and I couldn't stop it, so here we are. This is set after four (*SPOILER WARNING* for those crazy people who haven't seen the whole series).

Letty is dead. Dom ended up actually going to jail (nope, they didn't bust him out), but the judge was way more lenient and it was around a three to five year sentence with early parole for good behaviour (probably not so realistic, but any longer and the story is becoming too far way from the event of Letty's death). So I hope you enjoy! Leave your review and let me know what you think of it all.

Disclaimer: no, I'm not actually affiliated with all this awesomeness. Gemma and Kyle are mine though, plus probably some more new characters as I go on.

I'd seen her around for years. She was Kyle Parkley's younger sister. Always hanging around his small crew. Just in the background. Pretty enough to notice, but no racer chaser. And I'as always with Letty. And Parkley's way down the ladder anyway. Toss-pot. All talk - drives like shit. So I never took her in that much. Until Letty was murdered. Then everything changed.

After the time in prison tossing around the reality that Letty was really gone, the deep ache was only just starting to ease. The soothe from seeing Fenix's body flopped over that car, dead, never to live another day again was what helped me sleep every night since.

But now outa prison, served my time and I wouldn't admit it to a sole, but I was lost. The pain of Letty and the constant counter-soothe of Fenix's death was just a way to get through my sentence day by day. Since then I've just been laying low. Fiddling in the garage by day, thinking and sometimes drowning my liver at night. No plans. No racing either. Not since the first day I got out. And that just hurt too much to deal with just yet. For once it hadn't helped me escape - the seats smelled like Letty. I had glanced over to the passenger side to smirk at her after I'd drifted 'round a corner at top speed - only she wasn't there. Her seat was empty. She was dead. And that's when it really hit me.

In prison it's so easy to let your subconscious lie to you, that away from home, away from anything "Letty" didn't make it half as real as I'd thought.

She was gone.

Not just pissed-at-me-and-staying-at-her-mum's gone or safe back-in-the-States gone, but really truly gone. Dead. Never to be with her attitude or her driving or those precious brown eyes again. And that pissed me off. Some days to the point where I'd wake up sweating and seeing red. So I'm trying to do simple things while I work out what to do next. Because I need something for my mind to do soon, or I'm just gonna lose it.

Tonight I came into the bar to drink. I just got my second Corona when she sat next to me at the end of the bar.

"Already on to your second and still alone? Looks like you need some company."

The sound of her voice startled me a little. It was soft and high and feminine. So unlike Letty's tough, no bullshit tone that cut straight to the point. But there was a sincerity there that was familiar. It wasn't flirtatious really, just friendly which was surprising and nice and it made me look up at her for a few moments. Blue eyes. Clear and open. Not holding anything back.

I looked back down at the alcohol stains on the bar and took a swig of beer. "No thanks."

I'd been approached by a couple of girls in the last few weeks, those still game enough for a try with Dominic Torretto now that his usual girl was outa the scene.

But the girl didn't move or make a sound. I drank again. After about ten seconds I had to look back up at her. Small boobs. Plain black singlet top. She was staring at me, but not awed or offended as some cats were. It was more as though she was evaluating something. It was a little unnerving. I was not usually on the receiving end, if any, of judgement that mattered. Or seemed to matter. Our eyes locked.


She'd recognised something in me. I could tell when her focus changed.

But what ever she saw she promptly wiped it from her face, blinked and turned to face the crowd and the connection was broken. Though she didn't seem upset or put off or anything. Maybe even upbeat.

"Ah well, that's a real shame." She responded with her face to the crowd. "I was hoping you could deter my pig-headed brother."

I turned so I was half facing her. "Y' brother? Parkley right? Kyle?"

"Mmm hmm." She gestured with her beer to a group by the pool tables. Kyle, the tall one, was shooting her dirty looks. He looked away when he caught my gaze.

"Gemma, isn't it?" I took another swig. She turned her head to me and smiled. Then paused and raised her eyebrows pointedly.

I half-smiled. "You know full well who I am, Gemma Parkley."

She grinned wider. "Yes, I do, Dominic Torretto."

I turned on my stool to face the crowd too, one elbow still on the bar. She was a nice effortless distraction. A sip of beer. "So what does your brother want?" I looked back over to her.

A small sigh. "You know, I haven't seen you out on the streets for a while Dom. A long while. Where you been?"

Again I had to look closely at her face. Just when I was starting to like her. But then I still came up empty. She didn't sound like she was fishing for someone. Just sincerity.

"Took a vacation." Swig.

"Oh, now one of those I could definitely go for." A lot'o longing in her voice. She drank her beer. I studied her face again. Soft round cheeks. Straight, long, light-brown hair. A thin gold chain with a black pearl around her neck.

I turned back to the crowd. A more upbeat song had just come on. I saw Kyle Parkley step into the men's room. More people were getting up to dance.

I turned to Gemma again. "So where would you go?"

She looked distracted. She was scanning the crowd.

"Uh, you know what Toretto, I just remembered...I..." She turned and threw a few notes on the bar. "Catch you another time." Flashed a smile in my direction, swung on her jacked and jogged out the front door.

Huh. I stared at the empty doorway she just left out of. Then looked back over to the crowded back exit. I finished my beer in one swallow and headed home.

Hmm. I had a name to check over in Jesse's database: Parkley.