"Normal Speech"


"Zangetsu no Ossan Talking"

"Muramasa Talking"

"Shiro Talking"

Everything gone…

I was the last person standing…

The war lasted to long…

I was able to defeat him, but I didn't win…

Everyone was dead…


The rain was pouring, it was an awful sensation for the lonesome figure in the rain, he looked around to see his surroundings, it was so familiar yet so foreign, what was once the pride gotei 13 scattered and dead all around the rubble and ruins that were now Seireitei.

The captain of the 8th squad had his white haori in shambles, he didn't even care anymore, looking behind him he saw the body of the one that just fell by his blades mercy:

Aizen Souske.

The man that started it all. This time it's him who lost, he is the one that lost track on how strong this person had become and was too careless.

His two zanpaktou strapped securely at his back, one of them with a black scabbard, silver tsuba and red and black hilt, Zangetsu. The other in a blood red scabbard, light gold tsuba and purple hilt, Muramasa. He could feel how they were trying to wrap him in their presence, he could even feel Shiro trying to comfort him. He tightens the grip on the object in his right hand, the little pebble that made this 12 year long war seem like a nightmare, the hogyoku, you could feel its power, very faint but still there almost depleted of the great power it once held.

But now that everything is over, now that the war ended there was nothing to do. He was the last of the resistance against aizen, the last captain of the gotei, the last shinigami alive and He was all alone.

"Not all alone Ichigo"

"Yeah king don't go forgetting about us"

"You are never alone in this Ichigo"

Three figures materialized behind the first trying to take away the pain from their wielder.

"I'm not alone… but…"

'I was too late…'

The unsaid words were heard by all three of them, he can never keep anything from them. Long strands of orange hair were carried by the wind, the feeling felt calm instead of horrid.

'If only I had gotten stronger sooner than none of this would have happened. What good does have to be in complete control over my hollow powers, what good does it have to be a master in reiatsu control and kidou after all these years, what good does it have to be a captain of the gotei if I can't protect anyone anymore.'

"I still failed in the end…"

Ichigo looks up at the sky closing his eyes to avoid the sting of pain he would most likely feel thanks to the rain drops. The rain always brought him bad memories.

'When my mother died… When Grand fisher escaped… When Rukia was taken… When my family was killed… All of it connected to the danm rain.'

"If only I had been stronger before all of this shit ever happened"

"Ichigo, we must move forward, Look forward, Go forward, never stand still…"

"Retreat and you will age. Hesitate and you will die"

"Ichigo look for that new resolve inside of you"

"Shout out your feelings, Aibou!, it will only make it worse if it all stays inside"

"Haha… will you look at that, even Shiro has some words of wisdom for me"

'That's right, I won't gain anything by mourning all night long'

The grip on the hogyoku tightens trying to think everything out.

'A second chance… what I would give for a second chance in this war. But it's all in the past now I must move forward if not for me than for them, those that helped me get here so far.'

"Let's do this!"

Taking the first step forward, feeling a gush of power coming from his right hand, a bright light, but before he could even panic everything went black.

#12 years into the past#

'No pain…'

'Danmit, Am I really gonna die? Huh, maybe that's why I don't feel any pain.'

'Now that I think about it, my cold body… somehow seems to be getting warmer… It's warm…'


Ichigo opens his eyes to find a terrifying scene before him, the face of a man with a black mustache.


"Oh, immediate reaction, what a relief!"

"Too close! , your too close!"

Trying to gain some distance by the one that made him startled he tried to push him away but with no avail, after all he was pretty heavy

"Tenchou (1) Ichigo has regained consciousness! Tenchou!"

Finally noticing he it was that awoke him in such a horrible state he pointed a finger to the man in accusing way

"Wait, I know you, you work for Geta-Boushi aren't you! What are you doing in bed with me?!"

"Ugh… Ow"

'Pain, so that's where it went, I seriously don't want it back.'


Finally remembering what had happened the night before he brought a hand on his line of vision to make sure he wasn't a ghost or maybe even dreaming.

'Huh?, I'm… not dead?'

'How is that… wait a minute! This isn't even my house!'

'Where the hell am I?!'

Footsteps could be heard in the hall behind shoji doors, when they opened a familiar person stepped into the room, he had his ever present green and white hat, his getas, cane and his usual attire.

"Uh-oh… you shouldn't move around Kurosaki-san. Your injury hasn't fully healed…If you keep moving around you can die…"

Ichigo stares at the shopkeeper with confusion before he remembered the reason why he was injured in the first place. Rukia.

"Oh… so this is your place?"


"You… saved me?"

Looking at the floor in depression his scowl was nowhere to be found, only a face of sadness and grief was left.

"What's this, your tone is unexpected… You make it sound like if it was better if I let you die…?"


Silence graced the room before the orange head blinked once more and was startled by the complete change.


'What?! What's going on?!'

'Shiro, Zangetsu, Muramasa!'

'What's going on, one moment I'm in the ruins of sereitei and the next I'm… where am I any way'

He looks around to see the sight of the shop he thought to be long gone since the beginning of the war, once he gets out of his first shock he realizes there is someone else in the room, someone that should be long dead by now.

"But… but tha-that's impossible…"

He kept on staring at the blond I front of him not even giving second thought of the other person in the room.

Kisuke looked intrigued at the sudden change in the teen, but still felt it was weird and couldn't help but be confused. Hiding his confusion behind his fan and eyeing curiously the teen he kept silent and decided to see what he would do next.


The shopkeeper frowns behind his fan at the confused and panic stare the teen was shooting his way.

"You, you can't be alive… wha-what just happened… I… I"

Thinking it was getting out of hand he was about to speak up but was startled when three figures suddenly materialized next to the orange head.

'What's going on, Kisuke is dead, I saw him die. Is this Kyouka Suigetsu?'

'No, I killed Aizen she can't be alive either, than what.'

"Ichigo calm down, be rational, that is not how a captain should act, remember…"

Ichigo looks up to see his three inner spirits with worried expressions, even Shiro his inner hollow did not have his usually creepy grin. He let out a sigh and toke a deep breath and composes himself. Grabbing onto his emotionless and usual mask.

'That's right, it got me by surprise but not anymore.'

Kisuke looks in disbelief at the sight before him, thinking it couldn't get any weirder and not having a clue of what's going on.

Ichigo decided to ignore the shocked shopkeeper and decided to focus on the cause and concentrate.

"Okay, first of all Zann is everyone okay?"

"Yes we all are fine Ichigo"

"Apparently they are…"

"Okay theory's anyone"

All four figures are caught up in their thoughts they don't notice the nervous shopkeeper and his helper getting closer to them. All in the room turned their gaze to the first person that spoke up.

"Only one logical explanation can be made"

"Yes, I was thinking that as well. Huh, who would have thought it had enough power to do something like that"

"Got that right Aibou, now what?"

"Hum, not quite sure, we can use it as in advantage."

"Looks like you will get your second chance Ichigo"

"Guess you're right. Okay everyone inside."

All three spirits go back to where they belong in Ichigo's inner world and wait for the outcome of the situation, after all he had an audience and they were not the ones to leave without an answer.

Ichigo took his attention back to the startled shopkeeper, and saw how confused he was. For once in his life up until now it seemed Kisuke was in the dark.

"What happened to you Kisuke, cat got your tongue? I would rather think Yoruichi wouldn't let another cat take it besides her"

"I… I really don't know what to say anymore. Care to explain a little, because I got nothing."

Dark amber orbs narrow in a calculative gaze and ran through every single way to get out of Kisuke's grip. But it's all for naught, can't run from him forever that much he knew very well over the past years they spent together as mentor, friend and comrade. He let out a sigh and decided it was for the best to tell the truth, so once again he went serious and stared directly at Kisuke.

"Very well… but this will take a while, and I don't want to explain twice so call my dad and tell him to get over here now."

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