Catch Me

"I've got you…. Don't I harry?"

He held her tighter than he ever did before, her body snuggling closer to his chest. She was so fragile, on the verge of collapse her breath staggered. Searching for the right words proved difficult for him, so he chose the few words that felt natural "I'm here…" he allowed his voice to echo around the walls of the empty room. They stood there in silence till she finally spoke in a soft whisper "Don't leave me…" he kissed the top of her head and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

In the past, Ron and Hermione had their disputes and arguments but none like this. He left her feeling useless, unloved and broken; he plucked at her every heart string. Then he just left never to be seen again, leaving Harry to pick up the pieces. For now she lays sound asleep at Grimmauld, Harry left in secret to seek wisdom from Dumbledore.

The headmaster sat high on his chair listening to Harry's words "Sir I'm so confused on what to do." His eyes pleading for an answer, the old man sat in deep thought stroking his beard. "I believe all the events that have transpired happened for a reason, it's given you a chance to look past reason to listen to yourself." Riddles as Dumbledore usually spoke in left Harry in confusion; he stood and walked past his desk towards Harry. "Close your eyes, drown everything out except a single thought… Ms. Granger then tell me what you see."

His mind escaped his body as he searched and searched. A peculiar sent reaches his nose, he smiles "Vanilla…" Hermione's hair always smelled of Vanilla, he never realized how intoxicating the smell was to him. The smell then resided and a warm feeling around his arms engulfed him it felt nice "Her hugs…" even when he was close winded he still loved her hugs. After the mix of feelings and smells his mind showed him slow memories of Hermione. Subtle moments that he wouldn't have been able to examine till now and he found something, something that was hidden from his before.

She sat by the fireplace with her wand she conjured little fire animals playing with each other as she hugged her knees. Comfy and warm in her pajamas she stayed there without realizing a smiling Harry walking towards her. He slowly walked towards her taking in her beauty, as if by instinct she turned to look at him. Realizing his company she stood inches from the chair "Harry… Harry why are you looking at me like that?" his steps taking him ever so closer to her. Her own breath hitched caught in a gasp as he stood so close to her. "Harry… wha… um…. What are you doing?" chocolate eyes met emerald as she searched his eyes for closure. "Your Beautiful" he spoke with much truth, her cheeks burned a blush.

He took her hand into his slowly intertwining their fingers and raising them. Instincts took him closer to her lips, slowly he stopped leaving a small gap, her mouth taking quiet breaths. "Your everything…" his words made a tear flow down her cheek. A rush of happiness made her close the gap, to close both their wounds and start a new beginning for both of them.