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"Seventeen days to be exact." Phred interrupted.

"YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS HAVE BEEN MISSING FOR TWO WEEKS AND YOU JUST SAY HI?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND, PHIL?!" Ann screamed at her brother. Phil was expecting her to be screaming at him, anyway so he didn't get that shocked. "AND WHO IS THIS MAN?!" Ann pointed to Diz.

"He's Diz. He's a friend of ours. Don't mind the green skin." Zack said. "And don't accuse him of anything such as being a kidnapper, he's friendly. Honest."


"Someone's on their 'day' if you know what I mean." 5 whispered to Ritchie. He giggled. "So true. I can't believe the calm, and long-tempered Phil Eggtree is related to her."

"Er...Sis...well..you see...uh..." He then turned around to Diz. He couldn't say anything like "I'm awesome" to his sister. She wasn't as stupid as the teachers in Phil's dreams. She could use his head as a bowling ball if he said anything wrong. And she was growing rather impatient.

"Your brother ditched school, so his friends decided to follow him. Once they caught up with him, a maniac named Viz tried to kidnap the children." Diz explained. Phil and the others just agreed. It did sound believable, and he got rid of the "alien kidnapping" and "Zone 5.1" incidents.

"And Diz rescued us!" Smiley added in. "He kinda... hit the guy with a large pack of ice..." Smiley added. It was kinda true. Viz died by getting frozen, and crushed by a meteor.

"WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DITCH SCHOOL?!" She screamed. Phil sighed. "Er...class was boring...?"

"HOW CAN MR. KAHM'S CLASS BE BO- Oh never mind." Ann sighed, realizing that Mr. Kahm was inside his classroom, writing "mathness" on the board. She still couldn't believe her brother did that! And his friends might get into trouble as well!

Phil gulped. What if Diz got them into BIGGER trouble? His friends' family would view him, Phil, as a bad influence to their relatives. And they would be forced to stay away from him, and they'll get separated. To be honest, Phil's friends made his life interesting. When he met them, they were... meh. Boring.

Smiley was quiet and shy at first. The only thing she did was read. The reason they became friends? Well, let's say that Phil nearly flunked a test, and Smiley decided to stop being so shy, and help him in the last minute.

Phred was lazy. He still is. Phil talked to him, they started a little conversation, and they eventually became best friends. Even in a dream, where Phred helped Phil escape middle school.

And Zack. It was a hot day, but for some reason, Zack was shivering. Phil didn't even know why he wore his green sweater when he felt like he was melting, so he loaned it to Zack for the day. It decreased the cold a bit, and Zack was thankful for that.

They did something in his life, probably made it interesting. Killing them in their dreams was hilarious, though. But they did save his life before he actually died.

"We wanted Phil to be out of trouble." Smiley said.

"Yeah, if he gets in trouble, we're joining the trouble." Phred joined in.

"He helped us, so it would help him if we keep him out of trouble.." Zack added.

Diz stared at the children. So, they were all close friends. No wonder everyone decided to just agree to Phil's idea of saving him, even when he betrayed them. Indeed, Phil deserved the title of "Stalwart Leader". It was a mystery on how he could remain calm when he got kidnapped by aliens and Zone 5.1, but that was probably the reason the three became friends with him. He was like a role model to them.

Then his sister wasn't as calm as her brother. Weird.

"...What happened to your friends, Phil? Isn't Smiley supposed to be bald? Isn't Zack supposed to be shivering? Isn't Phred supposed to be lazy?" Ann asks, calming down a bit.

"Hair spray. But I kinda like it." Smiley answered. "Don't ask how I tied it to a ponytail."

"Nah. I'm fine now." Zack shrugged. He has went into both sides of the thermometer after all.

"I'm bored of being lazy." Phred answers, boredly.

Well, at least Ann has calmed down. Now they have to deal with Phil's parents, Smiley's brothers, Zack's cousin, and Phred's eight siblings.

Ann was now currently "speaking" to her brother, about how ditching school is wrong. He did it in his dream three times already. Phred and Zack were talking to each other about flying pigs and drooling goat-men, while Smiley simply watched with Diz, who sighed in relief. He managed to calm down Phil's sister.

Diz won't leave if the children who saved his life are in trouble. He was grateful to them. Humans are interesting, after all.

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