Bonnie woke up, finding herself lying on the ground.. Her head was bouncing with unbearable pain. She couldn't make sense of her situation for a while .. She doesn't remember getting to this place. . Confusion was washing all over her face and finally she was able to gather enough strength to lift herself up from the ground. Looking around, the scenery seemed familiar in a way. She kept walking. She focused her look on the trees surrounding her while advancing, as if she expected them to talk or move. The sky seemed clear and the breeze was tender on her face. It was the very opposite of the other side that for a split second she thought she was dreaming. Suddenly after taking another step she found herself standing in the middle of the street. Bonnie looked behind her in shock and slight fear ; she didn't know where the forest behind her had just disappeared. But the only thing she could see was traffic, people moving around. Children playing in the park on the other side of the road.. It seemed as an ordinary day in .. MYSTIC FALLS. She was able to recognize the town the second she saw the old bakery facing her; the one she used to come to with her father when she was a child.

She had just realized that she's alone… She kept looking everywhere for Damon. The two of them haven't been separable for the last couple months. They have managed to survive being swallowed into oblivion and to develop some kind of an understanding … And now he suddenly vanished into the thin air. She couldn't believe she was back to her home.. That she's finally going to see her friends but she couldn't help it but to feel guilty because he wasn't there with her. She kept walking, looking around in such wonder and fascination as if this were her first contact with civilization. She kept touching her hair her body. She could finally feel things , she wasn't a ghost or a lost soul fighting for its existence on another hellish dimension. She was alive in the flesh. Blood was rushing through her veins, she felt sunshine on her skin. She was truly alive.

She kept walking, running … Hoping that no one would recognize her… She didn't know where to go; She found herself taking the Gilbert house's direction. Bonnie didn't understand why she made that decision especially since first the house has been burnt to the ground and second Elena must at college now.

Bonnie had to brush her eyes a couple times before accepting that what is standing before her eyes is actual reality and not the creation of her wild imagination. Elena's house was still standing tall. In fact she could here movement inside the house and familiar voices. Her mouth was wide open and her heart was beating so fast that she thought it might jump out of her chest any second. But it's too late to go back now … She's too curious to just run away … She swallowed, took a deep breath and with hesitant steps she managed to get to the door… She stood as still as a status for a minute then she gathered enough courage to knock on the door. She was secretly preparing herself for the worst, maybe it's some magical trick that some witch made her hallucinate this specific place for some reason, or maybe it was just some family that decided to rebuild the exact same house for ironic reasons. Either way she had no idea what she was going to do. She just rejoined the land of the living an hour ago and the problems come running to her all over again. Nothing out of the ordinary she thought to herself.

Bonnie could hear footsteps coming closer, and suddenly the door opened and she was greeted by none other than Mrs Gilbert! Elena's mother who died in a car accident YEARS ago, was standing in front of her smiling, fully smiling with a mug of coffee in her hand. She could see her husband behind her asking her about the identity of their unexpected visitor while checking his watch … "It must be 9a.m or something" she said to herself.

Bonnie just looked at the couple in front of her eyes, not saying a word and not being able to hear a word. Until she saw Elena coming her way smiling but looking worried all at the same time. Her friend was sporting her signature slick long hair that was flawing so perfectly on her shoulders, she was wearing a blue tank top, blue jeans and her old black converse. This appeared as some weird déjà-vu to Bonnie.

Elena approached bonnie as her parents made space for her to come to the door and she took her by the hand while telling her parents that it's okay. Elena guided her to her room as if she was expecting her to come back from the dead any second. There were no signs of shock on Elena's face…

The two sat down on the bed and Elena started off the conversation by saying

" Are you okay? You seem a little off.. Wait, did you and Caroline sneak out and got drunk without telling me… ? We have coffee if you want some "

" Elena, don't you remember? How did your parents come parents come back to life ? Did Liv help you guys.. And how did you perfectly rebuilt the house you burned to the ground? And by the way what the hell are you wearing! "

Bonnie said without noticing that she sounded angrier after each word

"First of all, you helped me pick this outfit, so that's rude! Second of all who the hell is Liv.. What are you talking about.. Did Tyler put something in your drink last night? Because if he did help me god I am going to murder him"

Elena answered jokingly but Bonnie wasn't exactly getting her humour..

Bonnie stood up without explanation, looking around for something without stop, ignoring all of Elena's questions until she finally find a pair of scissors. She sat back down and cut the palm of her hand and put in front of Elena's eyes.

"Hey!" " What are you doing.. " "Oh my god.. " "Give me that" " Are you insane" Elena couldn't understand what her best friend wanted to prove by cutting her hand and putting it in front of her face but it was definitely weird and unexplainable.

Bonnie watched as Elena put her hand down and looked for Band-Aids to put on the cut… Either Elena has become a human which is obviously impossible or she has developed a new sense of miraculous self control.

Bonnie didn't have the time to say a word right when Elena's mother came to the room and said

"Elena, Bonnie hurry up I'll be In the car get your stuff and I'll give you two a ride to school because you're obviously late. And it's not the best way to start off your sophomore year"

"We're sophomores?" said bonnie without really expecting an answer

"yup bonnie, that's what sixteen year olds are. Let's go, we'll talk about your new suicidal self later "