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I can here it, AGAIN.

Shouting, yelling, the sounds of broken glass being thrown everywhere.

Again, I can't do anything but cry. Alone, afraid. Here in my room. Force to hear them fight. Though I am not sure if they knew I can hear them. I guess not.

It's funny really how they can act everything is alright in the morning. Like nothing happened the night before. Mom, like usual will greet me good morning with a smile and kiss me on the forehead. My dad unlike my mom is not very good in showing his physical affection to me, he will just smile at me and nod but I knew he loves me just like my mom. What I don't understand is why they are fighting every night when they thought I'm asleep.

Like now.

It's past twelve midnight and their shouting just getting louder and louder. It's too much. I can't stand the noises anymore. I need to get out of here. Now. I just need to sneak out. Mom and dad are in their room so it's going to be easy. Carefully, I got up of my bed. I didn't bother to change my clothes, all I want is a quiet and peaceful surrounding. I made my way downstairs into the backdoor. Once I am outside, the cool breeze of air hit my skin. I shivered but instead of going back inside the house for warmth, I braced myself and walk into the forest. When I got a little farther, the voices becomes muffled, so I ran... without knowing where to go, I ran faster until the voices permanently gone. Until I got tired and my knees finally give in.

Looking around my surrounding, I expected to see large trees and bushes but instead, I was greeted by a beautiful view of waterfall. Slowly, I made myself comfortable by laying on the grass as I closed my eyes. Angry voices of my parents are now gone changed into a calming sounds of the waterfall. It feels.. nice. If only I can lay here forever but I knew I need to go back home soon.

I just lay there for who knows how long, enjoying a peaceful moment for myself. I felt a little better now but I'm starting to feel cold so maybe it's time for me to go home. With a sigh, I forced myself to get up and find my way home. That's when I realized that finding my way home is not an easy task. I have no idea where I am or where should I go.

'What am I going to do now?' before I can answer my own question, I heard a loud agonizing scream from afar. Without thinking, I ran to what I am guessing is the direction of the voice. I don't know what came over me, I should not go there, it is obvious that something terrible happened to the owner of that voice. It's dangerous, I should go back and save myself for whatever danger that waiting for me there!But my body won't listen to my reasoning, my feet are moving of its own accord to that direction. No. Who am I kidding? I knew I have control over my own body. I knew why I am running to a danger. Heck! This was also the reason I was called danger-magnet by my peers. But I can't help it. This is just the way I am. Selfless. That voice, that voice needs help. So I ran. I ran faster than before.



are the creatures according to legends that suck the blood of living people as their food. And in all honesty, that's the only thing that humans are right about us.

Yes, we vampires... are real.

I am Aro Volturi, together with Marcus and Caius, we rule the entire vampire world. We are the ruler and so the most powerful vampire.

But now, I don't feel powerful at all. I am lying here at the middle of the forest waiting to die. What brought me in this situation? My carelessness. I was careless, I underestimate my enemy and let my guard down. Though I manage to kill them all, my enemy, the rule violator made a severe damage on me. Both of my legs were ripped apart. I have several bite marks that burns like hell. Without blood I wouldn't make it. I need blood to help me heal but it's impossible for me to hunt, not without my legs. So I just lay here. Staring at the sky and thought of my beloved mate. I don't want to die like this. I don't want to leave my mate. I can't bear the thought of leaving my wife, I know it will break her but what can I do? I can't even move. I will die here, in a small town of Forks.

"H-how can I help you, mister?" a voice of the young girl broke my train of thoughts. She smell... Good. Nothing like other humans.

"Uhm, mister? Are you still alive?" the girl asked, looking at the young girl I can't help but chuckle a little at her question. The girl heaved a sigh of relief but frown at the sound of my chuckle.

"I need blood" I answered simply my voice though beautiful sounds weak. The little girl's frown deepened not understanding what I meant.

"Mister, what you need is medical attention. Wait here, I'll call my dad so we can he-"

"Don't!" I cut her short. "I just need blood" I explained. The pain I felt became more intense and so I let a cry of pain. The little girl walk closer to me. I thought of biting her but my body just don't cooperate. I can't move a single muscle and the pain is becoming unbearable.

"Are you going to kill me if I gave you my blood?" the little girl asked innocently. I wanted to say yes since there's no way I will let her live. One of the most important rule we must obey is 'to make sure no single human will know of our existence. And if in any other circumstances someone finds out about us, there is only two choices we have, either kill the human or change him/her to become one of us.

"What is your name little girl?" I asked, not ready to answer her question yet.

"Bella, and I'm twelve I am not a little girl anymore!" she answered with a childish pout. Though I am in pain I still manage to chuckle that made Bella smile. And oh how beautiful that smile is. In a short time I'm starting to like this girl.

"As you can see Bella, I am not human and we have rules needs to abide and one of them is to hide our existence to humans like you." I explained to her seriously. I don't want to kill her but we have another rules that says no children are allowed to change into one of us since kids don't have control over their thirst. So I really have no choice but to kill her. For some reason the thought of killing little Bella made me feel bad. What choice do I have? If I don't kill her now, somebody will.

"Yeah you being not human is obvious. Does that mean you will kill me? And what are you exactly?" Bella asked curiously not even worried that she's going to die.

"How does me being not human is obvious?" I asked, if she already knew I am not human why is she still here? Isn't she afraid of me? What a weird girl. "I am a vampire and yes, I don't have any other choice but kill you since changing you isn't an option." I answered to her question also explaining to her why I can't change her.

"You are not bleeding, you're whole body are like hard cement with cracks everywhere, and your skin is cold." she explained. For a twelve year old I am impress. "You said you are not allowed to change me because I am still a kid then why don't change me in the future is it not possible? That way you won't kill me!" she continued enthusiastically. I thought about what she said for a moment and I realized it is possible. There is no rule of when the human will be change once they found out our secret. I need to talk about it to Marcus and Caius when I got home. I noticed Bella is looking at me expectantly and she is holding my hand, since when? Come to think of it, she said my skin is cold. How come I never saw her every thoughts yet? Does it mean my gift is not working to her? How is it possible? All my entire life as vampire and believe me that's very long! I never met anyone who can block my gift. My musing was interrupted by a sharp pain of my entire body. Bella immediately put her wrist in front of my mouth and I looked at her questioningly.

"It's up to you if you want to kill me or not. My life is in your hands now, mister." Bella said looking at me with that beautiful smile of her. There's no hatred or fear in her eyes. All I can see is understanding.

"Aro, my name is Aro Volturi. Thank you, Bella." and with that I bit her wrist just enough to make her stay alive. I made sure to suck out the venom after I bit her so she won't change into vampire. Bella stayed at my side while my body slowly healing on it's own, she helped me to put my legs back on it's right place though I know she isn't comfortable bringing my legs to me with her own bare hands but still, she forced herself to stomach it for my sake, for that I am very grateful to her. Forever grateful. The sun was about to rise by the time my body fully healed. Bella told me that her parents doesn't know that she is out so I offered her to bring her to their house so her parents won't catch her sneaking to her own room which she gladly accepted. After bringing her home I made my way to Italy where our kingdom is located with an intention to discuss with Marcus and Caius about Bella, I can only hope that they agree to my decision of keeping Isabella Marie Swan alive.

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