Just after the Prophesy is release by Dumbledore Harry sees the light and is not happy. This starts teeth grinding unhappiness with many of Harry's acquaintances. His enemies fair far worse. Lots of character bashing, character death and not book compliant. Rated M for language at least. No Slash.

This is defiantly Mature so be pre-warned this hero is biting back. With 670,000 HP stories out there I have probably stepped on someone's toes, for that I apologize. I am having fun and this is addicting, so on with my attempt at writing or scribbling in my case. You get it as I write it and it's as fast as I can put the words down on the screen.

If you look past my grammar etc, you may find a story, then maybe not. This will contain lot of character bashing, character death and not book compliant.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HARRY'S MENAGERIE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Chapter 1 –My life sucks

I tried to get a compartment away from everyone but as usual that is not happening. Ron and Hermione arrived just after Neville and Luna sat down. I have been trying to avoid everyone since the Ministry debacle and Sirius's death but everyone is trying to help me wade thought the guilt and sadness. They have already started and the compartment door hasn't even closed.

"It's not you fault..." Hermione rarely stops to breath in her diatribe.

Ron's slips in some foot in mouth comments while Hermione takes her breath, "He would have wanted to go that way".

My grunted answers or non response doesn't seem to slow them down. Neville looks like he would now prefer to be elsewhere. I am sure that they mean well but they must not realize they are pushing me to do things I'm not ready for and Merlin don't ask what I want.

"What are you going to do this summer Mate?"

That was a good question by Ron, opening his mouth and without thinking insert foot. The answer was work my ass off for the Dursley's morons and hope I got fed and not beaten, thanks for reminding me Ron.

"Excuse me I need to use the loo". I headed off to the rear of the Hogwarts Express to be alone and think. Its not that I haven't had the time but what I have learned is bothering me. No sooner am I portkeyed out of the Ministry, by Dumbledore, than he tells me a prophesy that I have to kill or be killed. It's not like I haven't asked him before why Riddle was after me but no he puts the information off till later. Why didn't he take me there to remove the stupid thing or tell me of its supposed importance? Sirius would have most likely not gone to rescue someone who would not have gone in the first place had I known of that stupid prophesy. Then there was the point of the 'Occlumency' training with Snape. All that did was open my mind up to Voldemort even more.

"Harry what are you doing here?" Hermione demanded. They had found me again.

"Yea Mate you need to come back to the compartment." Ron added.

As they grab me and haul me back I wonder who put them in charge of my life. It's one thing to be worried about someone but to force them to go here or do that or to tell them to stop being an idiot? I think, Oh yee who follow blindly shall hopefully live long enough to regret it. When they drag me into the compartment I pretend to fall asleep and thus ignore them. One of the last questions Hermione asked was something of the order of, "Don't you have anything to tell us?"

That question bounced around in my head. Dumbledore did say that I could tell Ron and Hermione the prophesy as they deserved to know. What is going on? Are any of these facts related? With no real answers the train arrives at the station and as I haul my trunk thought the portal I see the Dursley's being cornered by MadEye, Remus and a few others. This is not going to set well with Vernon and that means more trouble for me.

"And if he doesn't write us every three days you will receive visitors to find out why."

From the back seat of the car I can see Vernon's red neck and the glares thru the rear view mirror does not bode well for my return to Privet drive.

I no sooner drag my trunk into the house when Vernon swings a cricket bat and strikes me across my right side. That arm is now broken but Vernon and Dudley have just started. While I am laying on the floor Vernon is destroying my trunk, he is screaming that no tells him what to do, especially freaks. Dudley has delivered several kicks to my left side which are not doing much good for my ribs. A final kick to my head and I know no more.

The bright sun is shining in my eyes and not making my throbbing head feel any better. As I take inventory I realize this is not good. It appears that they did not stop after I was knocked out. My right arm is broken and so is my left leg. I think I have some broken ribs. My left hand has been crushed. From the feeling around my head I have been doing some heavy bleeding. What worries me most is I can't move my head. I could see the headlines the great "Chosen One" done in by a number ten boot. I think I would have had a full roll on the floor laughing fit if the first chuckle had not sent me unconscious from the pain.

When I came around I could tell evening was here and my magic had not done much to heal me. The thought that I now had all the time in the world to think didn't appeal to me. I would not try to think and definitely not laugh at any jokes. Hedwig was with Hermione so that Hedwig didn't suffer this summer, so I was stuck. Then the thought hit me that it was all for nothing and that I really didn't care anymore.

As sun woke me on the third day I had given up thinking, blaming or much of anything. I was not just broken this time but I was running a fever and no one was answering my calls. I was now to weak to do much but…by evening of the fourth day I was done and I knew it. Yea they we will send someone if they don't hear from Harry every three days, where are they?. I could almost feel death coming to claim me. What was any of this life worth, nothing! All my self guilt or worries and blindly following our great leader was good for, nothing!

Harry Potter thought he was hallucinating because of the fever, he was severely dehydrated but thought he could hear Fawkes singing somewhere in the distance. Shortly there after he slid back into the soothing blackness, he cease to live. Harry Potter's life was never mundane so his death could not be less. Having no more container to support itself the sliver of Riddle's soul departed the now cooling Harry Potter.

/Scene Break/

I opened my eyes and almost fell out of the tree. All around a clearing were trees full of Phoenixes. In the center was a perch from an old dead tree stump on which a regal Phoenix stood.

"Welcome fledgling it is good to see you awake."

I wanted to say what was going on, all I did say was "Squawk"!

"Yes, it does take some time to adjust. We do not have much time so I must make this fast. We traded Death the horcrux in your head for your essence. When you get back you must find the kitten, you will recognize it immediately. You will be able to transform to your animagus form just by willing the transformation. For dark there must be equal light as equal good combats evil. Do well fledgling." Blackness and endless nothing again encased my world.

/Scene Break/

Albus Dumbledore was in his office sucking on his lemon drop. He was plotting Harry Potter's next great adventure. 'Occlumency' training with Professor Snape to protect the prophesy should teach him not to push me into releasing information before I am ready. Further opening his link to Voldemort will provide more information for my plans. Harry was a walking corpse so it was best to keep him controlled and confined. Now what kind of trial can I make for… the door flew open and Professor McGonagall charged in and not in a good mood.

"Albus Dumbledore you and your greater good has torn it this time. Harry Potter suddenly appeared in St. Mungo and he came in dead for all purposes. I told you how many time that those muggles were the worst type. They have beaten your golden boy so close to death that St. Mungo hospital is not sure he isn't."

"Minerva, the Dursley's surly did not think we were kidding when I sent MadEye to warn them."

"They must have been impressed by your message as they took a cricket bat to him and your check-up crew never checked to make sure Harry was safe from those monsters."

The great Albus Dumbledore should have looked up at his now motionless silver monitoring trinkets.

"Surely you exaggerate Minerva they..."

"The DMLE have the Dursley's and enough evidence to put them in Azkaban for life."

/Scene Break/

I came to feeling my throbbing head and aching body. Then there was the light when I opened my eyes, it added a super deluxe headache. The room appeared to be a hospital room and I was alone. My first thought was I was happy to be alive my second thought was the Phoenix's words about there must be good to equal the bad. Where was the good for me as I seemed to have a whole lot of bad in my life. Control was the problem; everyone had control of my life except me. That is my first decision I am going to run my life and if they don't like it then they can find someone else to control or fulfill the prophsey.

It felt like I was thinking alone for hours but whatever the amount of time I had decided on a few things. Money, Clothes, and some entertainment and that didn't mean playing chess with Ron. I was finished with my OWLs so I needed to drop some courses and take others or just drop Hogwarts completely. Then there was the thought of being an Auror and Quittage. There was going to be a few changes to that also.

The door opened and in floats Dumbledore like the Witch in the movie Cinderella. "Harry my boy the doctors say you have made a complete recovery and can leave tomorrow." Following behind him are my two friends Hermione and Ron. "I have had a word with the Dursley's and they now regret your treatment. When we move you from the Dursley's in July to our headquarters I'm sure Mrs. Weasley will arrange a shopping tour for your school supplies and replace what the Dursley's broke."

I think he was expecting the token argument from me about returning so he could give me "your mother's protection" response to make me feel guilty. Even though I ached I turned over on the bed with my back towards him.

"I will see you at Headquarters then." Dumbledore left the room.

"Harry Potter that is no way to act towards the Headmaster." Hermione started.

I wasn't going to start arguing with her either so I just remained silent.

"Hay Mate I brought my chess set want to play a game?"

They finally ran out of steam and left me to think. I laughed... me thinking through something before leaping straight in with both feet. The Ministry alone was enough to prove that I leaped and maybe never thought. Then I chuckled as the words fashed in my head, Destination, Determination, Deliberation.

/Scene Break/

Remus delivered me to the Dursley's and my room. I was sure the Dursley's had been threatened but how long that would last was anyone's guess.

"So how are you cooping with Sirius's passing?" Remus didn't seem like he wanted to talk about Sirius either.

"I'll live. I just hope to get my hands on some of those Deatheaters; Bella is on the top of my list."

"Harry you can't think like that." He then changed the subject. "You will have your own room when you get to Headquarters."

"How did that happened? I thought Molly demanded I keep Ron company in Ron's room?" Add another area of being told or led I thought.

"Well she still does but Sirius left us the house in his will and …"

"When did this happen?"

"The last week of school, Dumbledore didn't want you bothered and as your guardian he told the Goblins to put everything off until you are older."

I held my temper. I receive no special training to care of Voldemort but..."Remus how did Dumbledore get the Dursley's out of jail? Remus just shrugged his shoulder and made small talk until he left. Gringotts was now on the top of my list for a visit. Dumbledore said older? Was older going to be when I turned of age or at fifty? The higher levels of the Ministry worked on bribery yet I wasn't allowed to have any money? The thought of my money getting the Dursley's out of jail for beating me flashed across my brain. It took a few minutes to force myself to calm down.

Later I opened the window to get some fresh air and I could sense or feel there was a guard under an invisibility cloak and lurking outside, Phoenix sense maybe? The guard did start my desire to race downstairs and …not only was I being controlled but now I'm a prisoner. I stopped and forced my self to relax, there was no reward for yelling at someone who would ignore me and obey Dumbledore.

I started on my Phoenix form. Changing into a Phoenix was not a problem but flying took a while to master especially in a small room. I had a few mishaps like running into the wall. I didn't realize until later that in my first crash I had dislodged my glasses. Returning to human form I was preparing an attempt to flame when I saw across the room my bent and twisted glasses. Somehow my eyesight had been corrected. Flaming attempts got me no where until late that night.

With no call for lunch or dinner I was hungry come the next morning. I aimed for the alley next to the Leaky Cauldron and while there with no problems flaming there, the landing was a bit rough and the wall hard. I had to ask Tom to open the wall as Vernon had destroyed my wand along with destroying all my pathetic property. I entered Gringotts and approached a teller.

"Master Goblin I wish access to my vault but I do not have my key. Can I get a replacement key?"

"Prick you finger and press here for identification." Was the response until I was identified? Then the Teller quickly escorted me to the office of someone called the Potter account manager.

"Mr. Potter I am Lockjaw the Potter account manager how can I help you?"

"Well I was attempting to get a key for my vault as I need some galleons for shopping."

"Oh dear no, your guardian has frozen all your vaults in both the Potter and Black estates."

"What vaults? I was only talking about the vault I know about for school. He hasn't frozen that also has he?"

"Hasn't he told you about your vaults? Has he given you your introduction to becoming a lord? All this was required to be done starting on your fourteenth birthday."

Sorry but I knew nothing about vaults and no one has done any lordship training or guidance. All they do is stick me at my muggle relative's house to get worked like a slave and beaten like a dog. They now have a guard on the place so I don't get out. That's why I want into my school vault I am looking for a place to live. Not to mention getting something to eat this week."

"You jest Mr. Potter?"

"Sorry Lockjaw but the clothes you see are my best and only clothes. I also need galleons to buy a new wand as the head muggle destroyed mine last week when he put me in the hospital."

Lockjaw didn't seem overly happy about my news but gave me a key to my school vault. He also took some memories of Vernon's beating me and Dumbledore's directing my return to the Dursley's. He however stated, with a grin, that the trust vault refilled to a ten thousand galleon level on my birthday each year and that my estate owned properties including houses.

"Let me have two thousand galleons and convert the rest of the galleons in the vault to pounds. I will be back to pick the pounds later this afternoon. That way I may visit my full vault on my birthday." I smiled and Lockjaw laughed. There was more than one way to skin a flubber worm.