Hi thanks for reading this story or even looking at it, I really appreciate it. So I'll keep it short and sweet, I hope you enjoy this tale!

I hold my head up high and look him straight in the eyes. The violent red iris sears into my own and I struggle not to blink under his scrutiny.

"Tell me," his velvet voice rushes over me like a cold chill, "why are you really here?" I gulp in the hope that my voice won't crack when I answer.

"My parents needed one less mouth to feed. I am doing this for them." I finally look away from his face and blink rapidly so that my tears won't fall. He tuts as he starts to circle me; I feel like a piece of meat.

"Surely marriage would have been the moreā€¦prudent option," her purrs as he strokes my long auburn hair. I try not to cringe away from his cold touch.

"There were no eligible suitors in the village." I try not to stutter through my lie.

"Hmm, you mean to tell me that I am the most suitable choice. You either have no idea who I am or your parents are stupider than most would think for not picking somebody, anybody, no matter how repulsive they are, over me."

"This was my choice, I know who you are. You have enough money to send back to my family to keep them alive, the power to keep them safe." He had come full circle and stood a few feet in front of me. He leered up and down my body and I had to resist not crossing my arms in front of me and blocking his view. He looked back up to my face and sneered.

"Well as luck would have it, I am due a new bride, and you, my lady will do just perfectly." I sighed in relief. My family would be safe. My sisters would be safe; safe from him and his wives.

"Tell me, what is your name?"

"Isabella." He raised his eyebrows.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he murmured. He stepped closer to me and lifted his hand. I cringed away from his touch. He lowered it instantly.

"The first thing you need to learn about me is that I never harm my wives." He looked at me with bemusement.

"You're a killer," I whispered.


"Are you going to kill me?" I look up into his eyes, and now I could see anger in them.

"Contrary to popular belief, I do not kill unless I have to feed, and I have no intention of feeding on you. But of course you know that so on future don't ask stupid questions. The maid will be in shortly to show you your chambers," he said shortly. He took one more look at me and then abruptly exited the room.

I collapsed on the floor and wept. I wept for my mother and father who I would never see again. I wept for my sisters who would finally be safe from the attacks. And finally I wept for myself, myself who had just entered the beast's lair with no hope of leaving ever again. For my fate was now sealed. I would become one of them. The undead. A vampire.

I dash my face of my tears and wipe them on my dress. The water stains the material but I know that it will not matter; a dress is nothing in a place like this. Another hundred dresses will be waiting for me, unlike this single dress that cost the family their entire savings. The powder blue colour brought out the colour of my hair and was bought for the sole purpose of enticing him. My mother herself had made the underskirt that puffed out so prettily, now it was just a reminder of someone had lost. I hoped to burn this dress when could. I did not want to be reminded of my former life. I stroked the ribbons that decorated the small skirt and sighed. It was such a waste.

I finally look up at my surroundings. The walls were panelled with wood and covered with mountains of books. The floor is was covered in pretty rugs that take some of the chill from the stone underneath and towards the back of the room is a large table with a whole manner of contraptions and pieces of paper with scribbles all over it. I could not read therefore could not make them out. The light in the room is dim, only a few candles decorate the walls, but I expect that he does not need much help seeing in the dark.

I get myself up and brush myself down so that will look presentable to the help in his house. Your house a voice in my mind says, what scares me is the truth in it. Yes this is my home now, or my prison. Not a moment later a woman, around the age of my own mother came into the room. Her face looked kind, her eyes gentle and warm, but that did not distract me from the colour of them. Her blonde hair was in a severe bun and her plain black dress was immaculately clean.

"Good day my lady, my name is Esme and I'm the head maid in the masters household. If you'd like to come with me I'll show you to your room." She held out her arms towards the door and I took that as my queue to leave the room. I stepped out and waited for her. The large hallway was softened with the glow of candles but the shadows on the walls sent a shiver through me. Dominating the centre of the hall was a large wooden staircase. I was surprised to see the place so empty. Where were all the other wives?

"They've been sent to their own rooms, so not to startle you my lady. We all know how hard it can be on the first day." She smiled and me as she locked the door to she room we had been in. I nodded and let her lead me towards the stairs, scared that she had known what I was thinking.

"The room you have just been in is not permitted to go in again. That is the masters study and you can only go in if invited or instructed," we start our descent on the stairs and Esme tells me more, "the master expects you to be ready and presentable for the evening dinner, you will sit at his right hand side as his new bride but this is the only time you will do this unless invited to set there. At other times you will sit at the bottom of the table. There is a hierarchy between the women and you should respect your place. How old are you my lady?" we had reached the top of the stairs and she turned to look at me.


"Very well you will live in the east wing of the house with the other girls that are also your age. As you are one of the older ones of the house under the age of 21 this is where you all stay. The younger ones bellow 18 live in the west wing." I gulped. How could girls younger than I turn their selves over to him? She led my down a long corridor until we reached a door at the very end on the right hand side.

"This is now your quarters." She unlocked to door and led me through. I gasped.

The room was larger than anywhere that I had ever seen; you could have fit my house into it three times. Rich and heavy red furnishings decorated the room with plump couches in the centre of the room and deep cherry wooden tables and chairs dotted around the room. To one side was a large four poster bed made from a black wood. The heavy quilting was beautiful, with patterns of flowers stitched into it. This was a room for a queen compared to the straw and rough blankets we sleep on at home. A colossal wooden wardrobe and dressing table lined one of the walls that were covered in a deep red paper with ingrained swirling patterns. I notice a large window that led onto a balcony and I screamed. A beautiful girl with white blonde hair stood on the railing before falling off backwards. A sinister smile etched across her face as she fell. Esme scoffed behind me.

"I told that Kate to stay away from this room and look what she's done to you. Poor child" She came to me and comfortingly stroked my hair whilst I tried to control my breathing, my eyes stayed frozen on the window.

"Now you must not let them see you as weak, you'll be ripped apart before you know it, if you let that happen." I froze and Esme stepped away from me like she had not just said something so monstrous.

"Now I've set of a dress for you tonight, we expect you downstairs within an hour," she bobbed a small courtesy and left the room. I hadn't realised as I was taking in the room that she had set the candles alight and laid out shoes and a dress. They looked like they could fit perfectly. The dress was a deep forest green made from billows of silk. I had never owned something so beautiful. The dress that I wore now was a mockery of fine compared to this. Next was the appropriate corset and I blushed at the lace and frill that adorned it. It seemed improper to meet the other women wearing this. But then I guess they all wore things like this.

I hurried to the window and closed the drapes. I did not want to be startled again when I was in a state of undress. This once starting out to be a dreadful night.