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Chapter 1: How to save a life.

It was another beautiful summer day in Pallet Town. The sun shined brightly and not a single cloud was to be found on the clear blue sky. A boy at the age of 9 was out and enjoying the nice weather by taking a stroll through the forest near Pallet Town. The boy had black hair which was mostly covered by his favorite red and white cap. He wore black jeans and a pair of white shoes at his feet. On his upper body was an unzipped red jacket and a white t-shirt underneath. Ash was the name of the young boy and he was out exploring the forest which was located right next to his home in Pallet Town. His mother wasn't that happy about Ash's small expeditions into the forest, because should a wild Pokémon decide to attack him, he would be completely defenseless since Ash didn't have a Pokémon of his own to protect him. But she was okay with it if he just stayed close to their house and didn't venture too deep into the forest. Ash was okay with that, his mother was just looking out for him and anyway, he didn't have to go far at all if he wanted to see Pokémon. The forest was literally crawling with them.

Ash has always been incredibly fascinated by Pokémon. Ever since four years ago when his mother had taken him over to Professor Oak's lab for his 5th birthday. He had spent the whole day at the ranch playing with the Pokémon who lived there. Ash had gotten to play with a pair of Nidoran's both a female and a male, a Pidgey who was a little hesitating at first but quickly warmed up to Ash after he had given it some Pokémon food he had in his pocket, and a very playful and affectionate Eevee who was really enjoying having a human around to scratch it behind the ears. Ash had spent most of the day with the three Pokémon playing games like tag, and hide and seek. It was everything the young Ash could have ever had hope for, he had really enjoyed his first day at Oak's ranch very much and ever since that day he had been visiting Oak's lab at every opportunity he could. Ash couldn't get enough of Pokémon, it was his life. And some he wanted to be the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world.

Ash walked slowly through the forest, his was eyes shining with excitement at the prospect of maybe seeing some new Pokémon he hadn't seen before. He had already seen a few Weedle's and some Caterpie's moving along the forest floor going on about their daily life's. Most of the Pokémon in the forest had grown used to his presence among them because of the numerous times he had visited over the years.

"I can't wait until I get my license" Ash whispered to himself "Just three more months and I can get my starter and begin my Pokémon journey" A smile graced his face and thoughts about travel the world and catching all different kinds of Pokémon entered his mind.

After a few minutes of walking Ash was startled out of his blissful thoughts when the sound of a high-pitched cry reached his ears. Ash immediately stopped walking and started looking around trying to figure out where the sound had come from. It had sounded like a Pokémon but Ash couldn't be sure, he had been so deep in thoughts about which starter he should choose that he had barely noticed it. The cry came once again and Ash quickly turned around and started walking towards it at a fast pace. Ash pushed himself through the trees moving branches and bushes. The sounds started to grow louder and louder as Ash was coming up to a small clearing. Making sure to stay well hidden behind some bushes he took a quick peak from his hiding spot to observe the situation.

A tiny yellow mouse like Pokémon was in a heated battle with a big grey Pokémon which greatly resembled a rhino. The battle didn't seem to go so well for the smaller Pokémon who was hit with a Tackle attack and fell to the ground. Ash recognized them instantly.

'A Pichu and a Rhyhorn. I have to do something, Pichu doesn't stand a chance against a Rhyhorn.' Ash knew that an electric type Pokémon like Pichu couldn't possibly defeat a powerful rock type Pokémon such as Rhyhorn. Pichu is only in its baby stage of the electric mouse evolution line and wasn't particular strong, especially when dealing with a much bigger and stronger opponent such as Rhyhorn, who was already had a heavy advantage over Pichu because of type difference. Ash could only watch with a heavy heart as the Pichu continued to dodge the incoming attacks of the rhinoceros like Pokémon, while trying it's luck a few times with a Thundershok attack. But every effort made was futile as the lightning bolts did little to no damage against Rhyhorn's thick hide, it only made it angrier.

'Wow that Pichu is really strong... and fast too.' Ash thought as he looked at the Pichu in awe as it continued to skillfully dodge all incoming attack from the grey rhino with superior speed. 'And it can use Thunderbolt! That's a surprise. Normally Pichu's are too young and not skilled enough to store electric power in its body. But this one seems to have no trouble doing it at all. Sure it wasn't particular strong electric attacks, but still for a Pichu to be able to do it at all was quite a feat'

Rhyhorn charged at the tiny mouse once again and Pichu was hit once more by a Tackle and hit the ground hard, just narrowly dodging an incoming Horn Attack by rolling quickly to the side. Pichu was back on its feet panting heavily.

'Pichu is badly hurt and exhausted from the fighting and won't last much longer. I have to do something or else Pichu can end up seriously injured.' It was a time like this Ash wished he had his own Pokémon to fend off the Rhyhorn, but that was unfortunately only wishful thinking. 'what am I going to do? I don't stand a better chance against Rhyhorn than Pichu does'

Ash tried frantically to come up with a plan to help Pichu, but every scenario he drew up in his mind would only end badly for the 9-year-old. 'Attacking the Rhyhorn head-on would be a big mistake. Maybe with a bit of luck I can distract it somehow, and with its attention turned elsewhere I can rush in and grab Pichu.' Ash knew that it was a long shot, but he couldn't just stand here and do nothing while Pichu was fighting for its life. Ash closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He suddenly noticed how big Rhyhorn was compared to himself and chances of him outrunning it should it give chase where very slim. 'Okay...maybe a lot of luck'

Ash started searching around the forest floor for anything he could use, while making sure to keep himself hidden from the view of the two Pokémon by dropping down to one knee.

'Bingo!' Ash whispered to himself as he found to well sized rocks and picked them up in his hands. He crept alongside some bushes until he got closer to the battle. Ash slowing rose from the forest floor and hid himself behind a big tree at the edge of the clearing.

"Pii!" a loud yell of pain sounded from the battlefield and Ash sneaked a peak from his place behind the tree. Pichu was laying on the ground with only one of its eyes opened and close to losing consciousness, and Rhyhorn was only a few meters away from the downed Pokémon preparing to launch another attack.

Ash decided it was now or never and threw one of the rocks high into the air toward the Rhyhorn. The rock traveled through the air at a high-speed and hit a tree behind the big Pokémon resulting in a loud noise. Rhyhorn was startled by the interruption and gazed behind him trying to find the source but found none and quickly deemed it unimportant and turned its head back toward the Pichu who was still laying unmoving on the ground.

"Damn" Ash swore quietly, seeing the little effect it had. He decided to give it another shot and threw his last rock in the same fashion as before and quickly sought cover behind the tree again. This time however the Rhyhorn seemed a little threatened by the unidentified noise and figured that the Pichu wouldn't be running anywhere, so the big rock Pokémon turned its whole body around and started moving towards where the sound had emerged from with cautionary steps and disappeared into the forest.

Ash nearly jumped in joy at his plan turning into success but stopped himself. There was more pressing matters that needed his attention. Celebration could wait for later when Pichu was safe and sound. Ash abandoned his hiding place behind the tree and quickly ran towards the injured Pokémon.

Pichu immediately noticed the human coming towards him. He panicked and tried to rise from its position on the grass but it's body wouldn't let him. Scared out of its mind since it had never been particular trusting towards humans. Pichu tried a last resort by firing a Thundershock attack towards the boy, but again failed as it was too weakened after it's fight with the Rhyhorn so only a few small sparks of electricity emerged from its red cheeks. It could only lay there defenseless and watch as the human boy come closer and closer.

"Don't worry Pichu, I'm not going to hurt you." Ash said in a calm voice and with a gentle smile upon his face. He bended down on one knee and scooped Pichu up in his arms, taking great care not to course it more pain. "My name is Ash Ketchum and I will take care of you. I promise I will get you back to health in no time"

Pichu was in a really bad state but managed to let out a small whimper in response. He looked the human boy deep into his brown eyes with a look of confusion on its face. Pichu was very puzzled to why this unknown boy would try to help him. He had always been told by its mother that all humans was dangerous and that they should be avoided at all cost. Pichu had been in a few encounters with humans before in the past, but had always succeeded in escaping them due to its great speed. All those humans only wanted to rip it from its family and capture it in one those scary balls they carried around. But this human boy in front of him was ...different. Pichu actually felt a sense of security laying in his arms which confused it greatly. Somehow he just knew that he could trust this young human boy.

Ash looked at the small electric mouse in his arms and saw it close its eyes and fall asleep with its head resting against his chest. Ash quickly started to run back towards Pallet Town. He ran through the forest as fast as his legs could carry him, dodging various tree branches and bushes that got in his path.

Ash was panting heavily since he wasn't used to running so fast for such a long period of time, but he couldn't afford to stop for anything. The life of the Pokémon in his arms was literally in his hands, and Ash was determinate to do everything in his power to save it.

Ash was about halfway through the forest when he heard a loud sound echoing in the trees of something big and heavy running in the distance. He stopped for a second and turned around to see what was going on, when his face suddenly took a look fear as he saw the Rhyhorn from earlier making its way towards him at a furious pace knocking down trees and everything else that got in its way.

'Damn... and here I was hoping that Rhyhorn was too lazy to track me and Pichu down' Ash cursed his bad luck and wasted no time trying to gain as much distance between himself and the raging Pokémon.

Ash kept running as fast as humanly possible through the forest, while holding the still passed out Pichu securely in his arms. Ash kept running, jumping over a few bushes here and there and trying his best to dodge the leaves of the trees that got in his path. Ash could hear the furious rock Pokémon behind him getting closer and the closer, it was gaining on him very fast and Ash knew that it would take a miracle to get out of his current predicament.

'YES! almost there' Ash could see what looked to be the edge of the forest up ahead. Ash rushed past the last remaining tress, but to his great surprise, the only thing that met him at the other side was a dead-end. Ash tried to stop but he only had a few meters to work and was unable stop in time before tumbling over the edge of the cliff.

The Rhyhorn bust through the trees and entered the space where Ash and Pichu had been only seconds ago. It looked around trying to find them with its head moving quickly from side to side. It's anger soon turned into confusion when it was unable to find the boy and the small rodent anywhere. Rhyhorn let out an angry roar and stomped the ground a few time in frustration.

"Rhyy!" A roar sounded yet again from the furious rock Pokémon, and after a few moments it calming down and finally gave up on the hunt and slowly returned back to the forest from where it came.

Ash was hanging with his left arm suspended over his head, and with his hand holding tightly around a thick branch. With an incredibly stroke of luck Ash had been able to grab on to a branch of a tree root that was sticking out of the mountain side. Ash held on to the branch with his dear life, not believing how close he and Pichu had been to failing to their deaths. He took a few shaky breathes and tried to calm his rapid beating heart there was beating a mile a minute.

Ash moved his head downwards and stared at his stretched right arm that was holding a very awake and slightly panicking Pichu by its tail. Pichu had awoken during the fall and Ash had only just been able to grab it by the tail when it had slipped out of his arms.

"Calm down Pichu, I can't hold on if you keep moving." Ash yelled to the small Pokémon who was crying and waving its small arms like crazy. "I won't let you go... I promise. Just please trust me and do everything I tell you, and I promise we will get us out of this."

Pichu calmed down slightly and let out a small "Pichuu!" in agreement, with a fearful expression upon its face. Ash's mouth twisted up in a relieved smile, happy that he was able to make the electric mouse relax some.

"Okay Pichu, now I am going to lift you up to my right shoulder. Just try to grab on to it and attach yourself when you can. But you have to keep completely still, okay?" Ash yelled and the Pichu gave a small nod in understanding. Ash slowly started to lift Pichu up by its tail until they were on eye level. The plan went without a hitch and Pichu settled itself nicely on Ash's shoulder. Ash now with his right arm started climbing up the hill-side with Pichu securely clinging to his shoulder.

It took some time but finally Ash and Pichu made it to the top. Ash crawled slowly over the edge of the cliff and rolled on to his back and looked up at the sky panting exhausted.

"That was a little too close for comfort." Ash murmured from his position on the grass with Pichu laying on his stomach equally out of breath. He broke his gaze from the sky and turned his head toward the small mouse that was resting on top of him.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a low voice full of concern.

Pichu opened its eyes and stared at the human who had not only once, but twice saved his life. He was simply dumbfounded by the actions of the boy and didn't know what to think of this whole mess. It just gave a tiny nod in response.

Ash wrapped his arms around the rodent Pokémon and got up on his feet. The forest was oddly quiet and there was no sign of the Rhyhorn that had pursuit them earlier. 'It properly thinks we are dead. For a moment there even I thought we were done for.' He looked towards the horizon and saw the sun still high in the air, casting a beautiful grow all around the landscape.

A loud shrieking noise sounded from somewhere in the clouds. Ash turned his head to sky and his eyes widened beyond belief when he saw a majestic phoenix like Pokémon flying gracefully across the sky, with a beautiful golden glow as it left a rainbow behind it.

"Ho-oh." Ash said in awe, unable to take his eyes off the legendary rainbow Pokémon. His raw nearly dropped to the floor when he saw Ho-oh crane its neck slightly and looked directly at him, before it turned in the air and started flying towards him. Ash took a few steps back, making room for the enormous bird to land. Ho-oh glided through the air and with a gust of the wind from its large wings, it landed gracefully in front of Ash.

"Greetings young human" Ho-oh said in a calm feminine voice, giving a small bow in the process.

Ash was stunned to hear it talk, never having heard a Pokémon speak to him before. It had spoken to him loud and clearly without its beak ever-moving.

"H-Hello..." Ash greeted nervously with the batted up Pichu asleep in his arms. He was a little intimidated by the phoenix Pokémon, it was much bigger up close than when it was flying in the sky a few miles away. It was a massive red bird with a white underside. It had a large yellow beak and black rings around its eyes. Around its long neck was a green band, and shimmering green feathers rimed its enormous wings. Magnificent golden feathers composed its tail and adorning the top of its head was a golden comb. Ash had read about Ho-oh before in one of the books he had borrowed from Professor Oak. He knew that the Pokémon standing before him was a legendary, but not much else had been written about it. Only that it was presumed to be a Fire/Flying Type and that it was said to travel the rainbow. There had been a very unclear picture of it in the book, but that was nothing compared to the standing before the it in real life. The majestic Pokémon before him, was truly an amazing sight to behold.

"That was a really noble thing you did back there" Ho-oh began. "It's not every day you see a human putting his life on the line to save that of a Pokémon"

"You saw that?" Ash asked, a surprised look on his face.

"I see lots of things from the sky. I see both the good and bad in all humans" Something that closely resemble a smile formed on its face. "It is not often I encounters someone like you... I must say that you really touched my heart with your selfless actions."

Ash blushed at the praise and broke eye contact for a moment. But suddenly remembered the injured Pokémon in his arm. He cursed himself for forgetting about Pichu's bad condition.

"I'm sorry Ho-oh. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I really have to go. Pichu is in a bad shape and if I don't get it healed up soon, it could die" Ash said apologetically.

Ho-oh looked to the small electric mouse buried in the human's arms. "Don't fret young one. I will take care of it. Just lay the Pichu on the ground and step back"

Ash quickly did as instructed and backed up slightly. "What are you going to do?" He asked puzzled.

"Just watch" Ho-oh straightened it body and turned its gaze to the Pokémon on the ground. With a beautiful cry it unfolded its large wings and started flapping them in the air. The wind started to pick up speed, and a sudden a climb of temperature arose in the area.

Ash could feel the heat rolling of Ho-oh's body in waves, and only continued to increase to dramatically heights. The warmth started to get to him, and drops of sweat started to traveling down his face and he was beginning to feel light headed from the awesome display of power that was emitting from the legendary fire Pokémon. 'It feels like the very air is on fire...please let this end soon. I don't know how much more of this heat I can take.'

A soft golden glow stated shining from Pichu's body and Ash could only stare in shock as the mouse suddenly caught on fire. A blue colored flame surrounded its small body, the flames moving almost as if they were alive. Ash looked alarmed and took a couple of steps forward and stopped when he noticed Pichu wasn't crying out and agony or anything like that. It just laid there motionless, almost as if it couldn't feel the blue flames dancing across its fur.

Ash looked at Ho-oh and could have sworn that he had just seen it wink at him, before turning its focus back to Pichu. Ho-oh a gave a final cry and everything just seemed to stop. The wind returned to normal and the heat started to decrease to normal. The flames that had surrounded Pichu had disappeared, and had to Ash's amazement healed all wounds and left the Pokémon still asleep on the soft grass.

Ash ran up to Pichu and hoisted it up in his arms and checked it for any remaining injuries but couldn't find any. Ho-oh had completely healed Pichu from all damage.

"Don't worry young one. Pichu is perfectly fine and will awake soon." Ho-oh reassured. "It has been through quiet an ordeal and is just exhausted"

"T-Thank you very much. I'm afraid it wouldn't have turned out so well if you hadn't shown up and helped me" Ash thanked the legendary with a big smile on his face.

"You're flattering me" Ho-oh chuckled softly before turning serious "But it's not me who should be credited for Pichu's recovery. That was all thanks to you, young one."

"Ash...My name is Ash Ketchum" He said with a small grin.

Ho-oh eyes widened momentarily at hearing the boy's name. 'So this is The Chosen One, Arceus' chosen champion that was tasked to bring balance and harmony to the world of both Pokémon and humans. This suddenly got very interesting.' Ho-oh looked at Ash deep in thought. Arceus had informed all of the legendaries about a human boy with the purest of hearts and a compassion for Pokémon unlike another, but his claims had been met with a lot of skepticism from the other legendaries. And not without reason. Ho-oh remembered back in the old days, a few hundreds of years ago; when legendary Pokémon lived in peace and harmony among the human race. Everything had been good and well, but that didn't last forever. Humans began fighting amongst themselves for territory, they grew greedy and started lusting for power and dominance. Wars broke out and humans wasn't above using Pokémon in battles to the death. When the balance was broken all the legendaries went into hiding and only very rarely showed themselves to any humans.

Ho-oh had been on her way to the Jonto region when she had spotted the human boy below trying to save a wild Pichu he didn't even know from a raging Rhyhorn. Having witnessed personally how the boy had displayed great courage and determination in saving the small rodent, had set off a spark of warmth in her heart that hadn't been present since back in the old days. She was so intrigued by the human and had flown down to met him. She hadn't expected him to be The Chosen One, but should properly had seen it coming. 'I should never have doubted Arceus. A human with this kind of compassion for Pokémon is unheard off.'

"Anyway.. Thanks again for healing Pichu. I really appreciate your help" Ash said after Ho-oh had been silent for a few minutes.

"It was my pleasure" Ho-oh smiled. "Well, I must be going now, I have some business in the Johto region that needs my attention. It was lovely to meet you."

"Yeah. It was nice meeting you too" Ash said, amazed that he had gotten to talk with the legendary rainbow Pokémon in person.

Ho-oh spread her wings, her feather shining with the colors of a rainbow. "I hope the next time we meet will be under better circumstances."

"Yeah me too..." Ash said with a smile on his face that suddenly turned into confusion.

"Wait! We will meet again?" Ash questioned.

"Yes. You have gained my respect and admiration for your actions here today. I sense a great potential in you and I have a feeling that you will be destined for great things. It will be interesting to see how you will flourish in the future. But until the next time, I bid you farewell" Ho-oh turned around, ready to take flight. She craned her neck to look at Ash again.

"I offer you my blessings on the journey ahead of you and wish you the best of luck..." Ho-oh gave a last smile before she flapped her massive wings and rose into the sky, her gaze turned to Ash once more. 'You truly are The Chosen One. If anyone had the power to restore the balance and bring peace to the world, it would be this kid. You chose well Arceus'

"Farewell Ash" Ho-oh gave a final nod and began to fly away.

"Goodbye" Ash yelled after the magnificent phoenix Pokémon who flew up and disappeared above the clouds.

Ash stood there rooted to ground, incredibly amazed with what had just happened. He had never in his wildest dreams thought that he would meet a legendary Pokémon, and stood there looking up at the sky in awe to where Ho-oh had been seconds ago.

"Pokémon is Awesome!" He exclaimed loudly with a large smile on his face. He starred down at the Pichu in his arms wondering when it would wake up. He thought about if he should try to wake the small Pokémon up, but he decided against it and instead started walking towards the forest. He was really starting to feel tired from all the running and life threatening situations. He didn't even know how long he had been out here in the forest and couldn't wait to get home to Pallet Town.