Pacific Academy

Harry Potter, also known as Freak, Boy and all-round boxing-ball for the Dursley family, was walking down the street from his school with a small and obviously many times broken backpack, where he had placed his first ever report. Harry was happy that his scores were so high, but the moment that he would see uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, Harry just knew that he was in for it. Dudley, his overly large cousin, who was rounder than he was tall, had shown no appreciation that he was on the 30th place, while Harry was on the 2nd. Telling his mother, Aunt Petunia placed Dudley in the brand new car that she and Vernon had bough and ordered harry to walk home. Harry was now two miles away from the school, and he needed another three miles before he would reach number 4 Privet Drive. Harry just knew that Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley would be waiting there with several hard items, including a baseball-bat.

What the Dursley's didn't realize, was that Harry would never come 'home'.

As Harry was walking over the street, he was distracted suddenly by the sight of a small golden ring. Harry stopped, and looked at it. Feeling something reacting inside of him, Harry bent down through his knees, and carefully touched the ring. It felt quite cool, and at the same time warm.
Looking around, Harry picked up the ring, and held it in his hand. It had small funny symbols on it, that seemed to pulse with some hidden powers. Harry also saw one small word in the ring, inscribed between some of the funny symbols. 'Monday's'. "Monday's?" Muttered Harry and he looked around the ring, and saw more small words that he knew. Turning the ring around in his hands, Harry started to mutter. "I don't like Monday's." The words were not even out of his mouth before he got a feeling as if a hook had latched somewhere behind his navel, and he was carried away in a blur of colours.

Harry fell face down. His glasses cracked slightly, but even that small movement started the destruction of his glasses that were held together with simple tape. The Dursley's never gave him anything new. Except that one time, when Harry came home with orders from the school nurse to get some glasses. His aunt had walked into the cheapest store that sold glasses and she exited the store with a two pound reading glasses. Rubbing his face, Harry tried to look around. With his glasses gone, Harry could only see a few feet in front of him. He did see a small blur moving towards him. Seeing a small rock on his right side, Harry made his way to the rock, and making himself as small as possible, Harry hoped to avoid the small blur.

"Come out, Come out, where ever you are" Harry heard. It seemed like a voice that was male, but the voice was sounding happy. A squeak above Harry made Harry look up. On the rock that he could see, there say a bird Harry had never seen before. It seemed like the fire-red bird was looking at him with black, marble like eyes, and as Harry looked better, He could see that the beak had a golden color, and it's tail-feathers seemed to glow in the sunlight.
"So there he is" The voice said again, And over the rock , a face appeared. It was the face of a young mas, in his early thirties, who looked at Harry with bright blue eyes. His nose was slightly pointy, and his mouth held a large grin. He had a small beard that seemed to be the same brown color of his hair.

"Hello Harry Potter, Welcome to the island of Pacific Academy. I'm Professor Alex Summers, Your Defense against the dark arts teacher." Alex said, hoping to see that Harry would take the first step in his new future. But as Alex looked in Harry's eyes, He saw nothing but fear for him.
Alex sighed, hoping that he wouldn't have to do this. Knowing that the member of staff best suited for this type of problem was away, Alex would have to handle this on his own. Taking a piece of paper and a pen, Alex wrote a few words on the paper and turned to the red bird, who was still looking at Harry. "Florida, if you please take this to the headmistress?" The bird nodded once, and taking the piece of paper in her beak, Florida jumped of the rock and flamed away. Harry watched this all in awe.

"Hello Harry, here let me help you." Alex seemed to get a small stick from somewhere around his arm and waved it around Harry's broken glasses that Harry had abandoned the moment that he had seen a small blur in the distance. "Reparo" Harry heard Alex say and seconds later, Harry was handed his no longer broken glasses to him. "Harry, do you mind if I sit down next to you?" Alex asked, as Harry placed his glasses back on his nose. Harry started to look around, his mouth open with the view that was surrounding him.

A giant castle, glittering like glass, with several spires reaching up towards the sky. On each spire Harry could barely see a flag waving in the gentle breeze. The grounds surrounding the castle were breath-taking as well, with several large golden rings , three each opposites of each other, standing in an arena of some sorts with several platforms or tribunes there, going around the entire arena. Then there were a lot of creatures that seemed to come right out of fairy tales. Harry looked at a horse like creature with a horn on it's head and with the most beautiful fur that seemed to glisten in the air that was being ridden by a young girl. She was probably around ten or maybe eleven. Harry looked on and saw more of the hornlike horses standing there and he even saw some glimpses of younger horses that had a golden fur.
"Harry?" Harry shook his head, and looked back at Alex. Alex had taken place on the sand where Harry had appeared. Alex motioned to Harry to sit on the stone where he had been hiding behind.

"Harry, as you can see, you are not in Surrey anymore. The headmistress has decided that you, and others like you are being brought here to learn about your life, and to reach your fullest potential.
Tell me, Have you ever did something that nobody could even explain?"
Harry tensed and started to look around fearfully. "I-I have." Harry said, very quiet.
"And what did you do?" Alex asked, keeping his voice low, to help Harry tell him what Harry had done.
" W-W-When Dudley and his friends were c-chasing me into a d-dead alley, I seemed to have jumped over the trashcan that were there, and somehow got on the rooftop of the school-building" Harry had said very quiet. Alex looked at Harry with a smile, but there were some lines of worry and excitement in his eyes.
"Very well Harry, Let me ask you another question. Do you believe in Magic?"

Harry looked at the man, and in a quite convincing tone responded. "There is no thing as magic" before he whispered softly, "but that doesn't mean I don't believe in it."
Harry let his head hung, as small tears fell down his eyes. Gently, Alex placed a bent finger under Harry's chin and slowly lifted Harry's head up, so that Harry's eyes were looking at his. "Harry" Alex said, speaking softly. "I believe in magic, and furthermore, so does everyone who lives here on this island. For us, Magic is very real." Harry had looked at Alex's eyes the entire time, and he could not find any deceit in his eyes. Harry blinked slowly, trying to come to grip with what he was saying.
"Come Harry, let's go and meet the people who live here" Alex said as he stood up.

Harry looked at the outstretched hand that Alex held out to him, and slowly grabbed it. Being pulled up from the stone he had sat on, he walked hand in hand with Alex to the castle, and saw for the first time a person standing there in front of the gates to the castle. That person had a red bird on her shoulder, and she smiled as Harry and Alex walked towards her. Harry began to get a little nervous, but the firm hand of Alex seemed to calm him down.
As Harry came closer and closer to the gates of the castle, he could see that the red bird was the same that he had seen earlier.
"Headmistress, may I introduce you to Harry James Potter. Believer of magic" Said Alex to the headmistress. Looking down at Harry, Alex smiled. "Harry James Potter, Meet the Headmistress of Pacific Academy for witchcraft, Alexandra Joanne Summers, My twin sister."

Harry looked at the lady in front of him. She was wearing a business suit that he had seen on some other colleagues from uncle Vernon, when he had a meeting at his house.
It was totally different from the clothing that Alex seemed to wear. Alex wore a red shirt, short pants and simple sporting shoes. This 'headmistress' wore very expensive shoes, probably from Nike or Adidas.
"So this is the last of the new students that has arrived" the headmistress said, looking down over her square glasses, and giving a piercing look at Harry, who flinched. Those eyes seemed to be able to read his very soul. Those same blue eyes that seemed so full of warmth laughter with Alex, seemed cold and chill with her. Harry broke eye contact and looked down, hoping to never look in her eyes again. He felt a finger lifting his head, and looked again in the eyes of the headmistress. The same eyes that seemed to be so cold, now shone with a kindness that he had never, ever experienced. "Harry, While my job is to be the headmistress of this institute, I am also a kind of mother for every student that walks through the door here. I also will be your mother, if you want that to be so." The headmistress told Harry very gently, and again Harry could see no deceit in her eyes.

Harry's own eyes started to water, and soon little streams of tears fell down his cheeks as he let go of Alex's hand and looking with those tear filled eyes, Harry slowly and carefully moved to the headmistress and gave her a awkward hug, that she returned. Harry's tears now felt freely, and as the headmistress lifted Harry up, she and Alex moved inside the castle.
In the chamber of Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry's headmaster, a few items started to go haywire, before they fell silent. It would be a few hours before Dumbledore would see that the wards around number 4 Privet Drive, to ensure that the young Harry Potter would remain weak, and pliable had fallen.

Harry Potter was gone from Britain's soil.