A/N: Happy Halloween! As you probably have surmised from previous stories in the bunch, I am a huge X-files fan and this came to me as soon as they gave Jerry his own office. I also have a place in my hear for other shows similar to the x-files so I hope those of you reading will catch the other easter egg at the end.

Chapter 4: Basement Office

True to form, and with great excitement and optimism, Jerry nested in the small but coveted office space he's been given in the basement of the Hale.

To mask the smell of bleach, he bough a candle. To fix the issue with lighting, he bought lamps. To rectify his windowless walls, he put up pictures, posters, a white board for doodling and a cork board for pinning. Boxes of files were moved off the flimsy shelves and stored in large cabinets. His desk was small but well organized, and when it was all set up, Jerry stood in the entrance, nodded to himself proudly, and admired the work that he's done.

Toast and Danny appeared in the dark basement hallway coming toward him.

"Where's the copy room?" Toast teased.

"They keep only the best mysteries hidden away in the basement. The truth is out there!" Jerry commented.

"I feel this is a pop culture reference that I am not getting," Danny said with a sigh.

"Yeah, it is..." both men responded.

"I don't want to know. We have work to do." Danny said with a shake of his head. "Here is a little something Steve wants the two of you to look into. I hope there is room for the both of you to work down here. Sorry there wasn't a bigger space available."

"I like it, it's cozy," Toast stated with a shrug. "All I really need is my lap top and a power outlet."

"We'll be fine, Detective," Jerry added and took the manila envelop from Danny.

"Good, keep us posted with your findings," Danny said and left the way he'd arrived.

"This is awesome!" Toast cried excitedly when he was sure that Danny was gone. "You got a basement office."

"Only the best kind of office, right?" Jerry joined in. "The guys have no idea how exciting this is and they keep apologizing about the space. I keep letting them because I don't want them to know just how nerdy I am, but dude, I'm freaking Agent Mulder!"

"You are!"

"Sweetest gig ever!"

"Okay, we had better calm down and get to work." Toast said after a couple of deep breaths and then cried out again, "you have a business card? Shut Up!" he added as he pulled one from the holder to take a better look.

"I know, and I have this old slide projector and my collection of VHS tapes." Jerry almost jumped for joy. "My only issue is this ceiling! How am I supposed to get out my frustration with no ceiling tiles?" he asked as they looked up at the concrete ceiling.

"A little contact cement and some old tiles and we could fix that issue up no problem." Toast commented. "You put up a cork board, I don't see why they would have a problem with using ceiling tiles to buffer the echo down here."

Jerry looked at Toast funny and with confusion in his eyes.

"It's an excuse to put up the tiles that seems completely plausible in the situation. It's to cover up the true purpose of the tiles you wish to install. It's like slight of hand, but for the brain." Toast explained.

"Oh, I get it!" Jerry exclaimed, "because really, all I want to do is shoot really sharp pencils at the ceiling tiles to see if I can make them stick, but some people may see that as a hazard. Sharp objects falling once gravity sets in..."

"But if you say they are to dampens the sound of the echoes from the hallway, no one will question it." Toast explained proudly.

"Exactly. Problem solved, but before we get to that, we should look into this." Jerry said as he held up the envelope once more.

"Indeed, what is our case, Special Agent?" Toast asked excitedly.

Jerry removed the file from the envelope and looked it over quickly before handing several pages to Toast. "I think we have a little surveillance to do."

"A string of supernatural, unexplainable, robberies."

"Well, we can't assume they are supernatural, there might be a perfectly logical explanation to these robberies."

"Now you're sounding more like Scully than Mulder."

"I know," Jerry dropped his eyes. "I am ashamed."

"Don't be, you're probably right. Judging by the locations, the distance between robberies and the lack of surveillance cameras in the areas, I think you're on the right track." Toast said to make up for his teasing. "I could set up some cameras, secretly, on a couple other locations that would fit the profile of the kinds of businesses being hit. We could monitor them fairly easily to see if we can't catch out baddies red handed. We'll focus on ally ways and back entrances, and buildings with key pads rather than actual keys. That's probably why there is no signs of forced entry and why the alarms haven't sounded."

"I agree, there are too many robberies in this line of serial cases for it to be an inside job, so someone has found a way to hack in and disable the systems." Jerry continued. "I think you're on the right track, Toast."

"We should be looking into security companies just to be safe and cover all bases, and I'll sweep my channels online to see if any of the usual suspects, within the hacking community, are being boastful." Toast finished and fished his lap top out of the backpack he was carrying.

"We should probably do some research into the area as well, I'm not really familiar with that part of the island."

"Me either, it's too upscale for me, but maybe we should send the real professionals out to do the recon, and we should stay safe in the basement office. What if we catch the robbers in the act?" Toast asked.

"Then we call for back up. We can't just sit inside and let the guys have all the fun." Jerry protested. "No, I have to be out there and in the thick of things. That's just what I stand for!"

"All right, you can go."

"You have to come too if you're going to put up cameras."

"True," Toast sighed, "and I don't trust anyone with my equipment but me. But we better have a good cover to not get caught."

"Oh undercover work, I like the sound of that." Jerry said excitedly.

"We don't want to be too obvious, incase the bad guys are casing places, and we don't want to be too out of place, to be called in as possible suspects."

"Delivery men." Jerry stated.

"Delivering what?" Toast asked.

"Um...flyer! Kamekona is always asking me to hand out flyers for his business so I have a ton of them in the car. I can hand them out while you snoop around. I'll cover you."

"That might work!" Toast stated and jumped up. "We're going to have to swing by my place, because I didn't bring any nano cameras with me, but after that we can get right to work."

"Then let's do it!"

"Done!" Toast said and stuffed the laptop back into his bag. "I feel like we've been so productive. It has got to be the office. I feel like we have purpose now!"

"Me too, it feels so official." Jerry said as he followed Toast out of the office and down the hallway.

"Oh and speaking of supernatural, you should see the car I just bought. It's going to need a lot of work, but it's going to be perfect for this operation." Toast continued excitedly. "I'm thinking of asking Steve to help me out with it. He seems to know classic cars fairly well."

"Wait, classic cars, did you find her?" Jerry asked in shock as he stopped and blocked Jerry's path. "Did you find Baby?"

"I did, 1967 Impala. She's mine. She needs a good deal of work and paint, and a complete reapolsetry job, but I will have her on the road." Toast stated proudly.

"Oh My God, you're Dean!" Jerry gasped

"And you're Mulder!" Toast added

"We are going to make the best team ever!" Jerry said and had to keep on walking or he would have squealed like a school girl. "Can she be our stake-out car? Please?"

"Oh yes, as soon as she's running. We'll use her for all of our investigations. Our home away from the basement."

"If you want to get a car running, you might not want to ask Steve," Danny said as the two men rounded the corner and nearly ran right into him.

They jumped back in shock and stared.

"How long have you been there?" Jerry asked crest fallen.

"The whole time," Danny answered. "Steve doesn't want to see the two of you get too carried away. I told him that you two are pretty much harmless and to let you do whatever you want, but listening to you has me slightly concerned. If you want that car to run, you'll get a professional to help you because Steve is clueless." he continued as he held out a set of keys to the two men.

"What are these for?" Jerry asked as he accepted the keys.

"For the surveillance van that we have. Take it, use it, bring it back in one piece. If anything goes wrong call us." Danny ordered.

"Yes sir." they answered together.

"Don't call me sir," Danny said with a roll of his eyes, "and I'll see who I can find to help you with your car project."

"You know, that makes you like X or Deep Throat. Helping the cause. Believing as we believe?"

"Hell No. It doesn't make me either of those people. People that I don't even know and only find their titles vulgar. You will not liken me to them ever again." Danny stated with a look of near horror plastered on his face. "If you are going to liken me to anyone, I would hope it's Bobby Singer." he turned and walked away.

"You know Bobby?" Toast called after him.

"I have a teenaged daughter, you idjits. Now get back to work or I'll close the X-files for good!" Danny ordered and disappeared.

"He's like halfway between Skinner and Bobby." Jerry whispered.

"Or Skinner and Samuel?" Toast asked.

"Oh, yes, I can see that."

"We'll discuss this further on our way out to investigate." Toast added. "First we have to go find this van they speak of."

"Yes, we'd better get to work before we get in anymore trouble."

"It's all part of the fun of it." Toast said excitedly as he tossed the keys in the air and caught them again. "If you can't love what you're doing, you shouldn't be in the business at all."

"I love this business!" Jerry agreed with a nod. "Good-bye, for now, basement office. Hello the unknown."