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Chapter1: "I appreciate it."

It was a freezing cold winter morning when Kuroko woke to the buzzing of his phone which lay on his nightstand, next to the novel he had been reading last evening. Pondering whether to actually climb out of bed into the cold instead of staying in the cozy warmth of his bed, Kuroko came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn't be getting warmer any time soon, so he might as well drag himself out of bed now.

After sitting up and running a slightly shivering hand through his messy bedhair, Kuroko leaned over and grabbed his still vibrating phone. He glanced at the screen with empty eyes and read the following: Eleven unread messages from: Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kagami Taiga, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta, Kise Ryouta.

Without even bothering to open any of Kise's messages, Kuroko instantly deleted them, leaving only the one from Kagami to be read.

Happy Birthday, the others and I will come to yours in a few hours or so. See you later – Kagami

Kuroko smiled a little to himself as he laid his phone back onto his nightstand. That's right, today was his birthday, Kuroko remembered. Since the coach had given them a few days off from training, they all had decided to come over and celebrate Kuroko's birthday together. It's not like he had invited them, but Kuroko didn't mind either way.

Unfortunately, both of his parents as well as his grandma were out of the house until the late afternoon. Though, now that he thought about it, maybe it was better that way…

Kuroko quickly made his bed before he stepped into the shower across his room, trying to bring his hair back into its normal shape. After he was finished with his morning routine, Kuroko dressed himself in a pair of dark grey jeans and a light blue pullover that was a little too big for him but kept him comfortably warm nonetheless. A quick glance at his watch told Kuroko that it was roughly nine o'clock and he briefly wondered what Kagami meant with 'in a few hours or so'. That wasn't exactly what you called accurate…

A few minutes later, Kuroko made his way downstairs into their kitchen and was mildly surprised to find a pretty big cake standing on their kitchen table. It was formed like a dome, coated with cream, strawberries and lots of blueberries on top. When Kuroko stepped a little closer he recognized that the berries were lined up in rows and seemed to resemble the lines on a basketball.

He picked up a note that lay directly next to the cake und Kuroko started smiling softly as he read it, it was clearly his mother's handwriting: Tanjoubi ometedou (Happy Birthday), Tetsuya! I'm sorry we can't see you this morning, but we will celebrate this evening, okay? I hope the cake turned out well, eat it together with your friends, but save a piece for Otosan (Father), he'll be grumpy otherwise, hehehe. Anyway, have a fun day and tell me about it later, okay? Love and kisses – Okasan (Mother).

Kuroko's usually expressionless eyes glinted in happiness for a moment and he reminded himself to definitely thank his mother properly when she came home. It must have been quite the effort to make such a big cake for him and she must've been up and about even earlier than usually.

After admiring the cake for another moment, Kuroko retrieved Tetsuya#2's food from one of the lower cupboards and filled his bowl with it and another with some fresh water. Only seconds later the dog came running in through the dog door, still wearing the Seirin tricot. Kuroko peacefully watched him eat before he picked him up and started petting him a little.

Eventually, with the dog still on his lap, Kuroko started eating breakfast. It would be more accurate to say he drank a huge glass of milk and ate one tiny toast with jam instead of actually saying he 'ate breakfast'.

#2 barked happily when Kuroko had finished and the blue haired boy wondered if the dog was wishing him a happy birthday as well.

Sometime later, the doorbell rang and #2 immediately started barking, running to the front door and patiently sitting down on the door mat. While following the black and white dog, Kuroko thought he heard Kagami mumble something along the lines of "I hope that dog doesn't jump onto me…"

The teal haired boy slowly opened the door, expecting multiple Happy Birthday screams to be thrown at him, but everyone stayed silent.

"Seems like the door is open." Hyuga said skeptically and stared into their house, right past Kuroko.

"Isn't that careless? It's not like Kuroko to forget something like closing the door." Izuki commented and Kuroko noticed that he and some of the others were carrying various things, like presents, snacks…and was that a bottle of wine?

"Oi, Kuroko!" Kagami raised his voice as he looked around and glanced into the house. "Are you home?!" He all but shouted and Kuroko sighed inwardly.

"I'm right here, everyone."

All eyes landed on him and widened as if he had just materialized out of thin air. A few screamed or took a step back in surprise, Kagami actually jumped and hit his head on the door frame. "Geez, Kuroko! How many times did I already tell you to stop doing that?!" He said while rubbing his sore back of his head.

"Four times, with this one five." Kuroko deadpanned and just continued to stare at his red haired friend. The taller one just stared back for a moment before he broke into a grin and started slapping Kuroko's shoulder in a friendly manner. "Anyway, Happy Birthday, Kuroko! "

"Arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much), Kagami-kun." Kuroko answered and bowed slightly, inviting him and the others into his house.

They all entered with various 'Happy Birthday's and 'Congratulation's, accompanied by handshakes or claps onto the shoulder and the occasional friendly hug.

Soon, the whole basketball team of Seirin was seated in Kuroko's living room, looking only slightly out of place in the overly tidy and unexciting room with neatly ordered bookshelves and comfortable sofas around the oval coffee table. Kagami was having a silent staring-contest with Tetsuya#2, who sat between Kuroko's feet and had his head resting on his paws. Some people had already started eating the snacks the team had brought when their coach broke the silent chattering which had started to get louder.

"Alright, time for you to open some presents, Kuroko!" Riko announced, holding a pretty large box out to him. It was made out of black metal with a single red ribbon attached to it.

"Arigatou gozaimasu" Kuroko took it with a slight bow of his head. He was surprised at the weight of the box, he was barely able to hold it so he placed it on the coffee table in front of him in order to open it. After loosening the ribbon, he opened to box and tilted his head as he peeked inside.

"Dumbbells…? Thank you, I appreciate them." The blue-haired boy stated in his usual monotone but he granted their coach one of his smiles, more out of courtesy than anything else though. It least she hadn't attempted to cook him something…

"I thought I should get you something practical and that's what I came up with!" Riko said happily, obviously proud of her gift. "I also thought up the best way how to integrate them into your training regimen, so they definitely can't go to waste." She ended with a smirk and Kuroko quickly went over to the next present, pointedly ignoring the amused looks of the others. Weren't presents supposed to make the receiver happy? And not dread the next training session…

The next one to hand him a present was Mitobe, who just smiled silently like always as Kuroko took the present into his hand with another "Arigatou gozaimasu."

It turned out that behind the cerulean-blue wrapping paper was a box full of chocolate cookies, made by Mitobe himself, how Koganei explained. Kuroko thanked him again and placed the cookies on the coffee table.

One after another, everyone handed their presents over to him and Kuroko thanked every single one before he opened the present and smiled at them when it was something he liked and when he didn't like it, he smiled nonetheless because everyone had tried hard to find him a present. He could imagine that it wasn't easy, considering that he didn't talk much about the things he liked.

From Kiyoshi, he got a set of different colored sweat-bands and even if he liked the idea behind it, he would still continue to wear his black ones. Kuroko guessed he was a little narrow-minded in that aspect.

Another present he appreciated but was likely to never actually find any use for were the action-figures of historical persons which Hyuuga had given him. He wasn't as bad at history as Kagami, so… Maybe they came in handy one day, who knew?

The presents that were more useful to him were the various novels and other books he had gotten from Koganei, Izuki and Tsuchida, as well as the dog toys and equipment for Tetsuya#2 from Furihata, Fukuda and Kawahara.

Now, the only one left was Kagami.

The tall red head reached into his pocket and pulled out a rather bulky looking envelop which he wordlessly handed over to his shadow, eyes cast away in ever so slight embarrassment.

Kuroko took it with curiosity and wondered what Kagami could have packed into an envelope. It wasn't that heavy, so maybe something made out of paper?

He quickly opened the envelope and was surprised when a ton of little pieces of paper suddenly fell out of it, some onto their carpet and some onto the coffee table.

"What's that?" Kiyoshi asked in wonder and Kuroko picked up one of the pieces turning it around. 'Maji-Burger Coupon: 1 free vanilla milkshake' was written in yellow and red letters and the Maji-Burger logo was printed next to it.

All of the others had picked up some of them too. "Is every single one of them for vanilla milkshakes?" Tsuchida asked disbelieving and looked at the many coupons scattered on the ground.

"Seems like it…" Izuki commented, who was able to see all of them due to his eagle-eye.

"Seriously, how many are those?!" Hyuga asked Kagami, who was still looking everywhere but at Kuroko.

"Just…one-hundred." He mumbled.

"One-hundred?!" Hyuga exclaimed and the others seemed shocked too. "Just how much of a rich kid are you!?" He asked furiously and glared at the red-head.

But before Kagami could answer, a very rare sound caught everyone's attention. They turned around only to find Kuroko chuckling into his hand, usually empty eyes aflame with amusement.

"Kagami-kun sure is amazing." He said between his chuckles and looked up at his taller partner. "Thank you very much for your creative present." He smiled one of his rare, genuine smiles, the ones only a few selected people had the right to see. "It will safe me a lot of money. I appreciate it." When he saw the sceptic look on Kagami's slightly blushing face, Kuroko added "Hontou ni (really)."

It was true though, that was the best present Kuroko had gotten all day and Kagami must've spent a lot of money to get them. He didn't even know that Maji-Burger sold coupons like them before today. And they would last quite some time too but if he would give Kagami one-hundred coupons, they would probably only last a week.

"Over the top as always." Riko commented as she shook her head, but she was smiling fondly nevertheless.

"That's our Kagami." Kiyoshi added and laughed good-naturedly. The others joined in and soon, everyone was back to chattering happily, talking about this and that.

Kuroko watched the scene silently, happy that he had his team to celebrate his birthday with him. That was when he remembered the cake that still stood on the table in their kitchen, waiting to be eaten.

"Ne, Kagami-kun, could you help me with the cake?" He asked his friends as he got up and pointed to the kitchen. Kagami just nodded and followed him. When the red-head spotted the cake, his eyes widened a little in awe and gave the cake a closer look with a grin on his face.

"Whoa, that looks kinda cool. It's supposed to look like a basketball, right? Who made it?"

"My mum did." Kuroko answered, a tiny smile on his lips. "I'm going to cut it and then we can take the plates to everyone."

Kuroko turned around and stared at Kagami for a moment who seemed to get a little uneasy. "What is it, Kuroko?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to remind Kagami-kun to not eat the whole cake alone but leave something for everyone." The teal-haired boy dead panned.

"I-I won't eat everything!" Kagami spluttered while he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I know how to hold back, you know!"

Kuroko gave his friend a disbelieving look and took a few steps back, as if he had been shocked. "Eh? Kagami-kun does?" He asked in mock-surprise, earning a pout in return, which quickly turned into a grin.

Kuroko searched their cupboard for a few plates and a large knife. When he turned around to start cutting the cake, he thought he had seen a blond mop of hair rushing past their kitchen window. Kuroko frowned a little but chose to ignore it for now, he had a cake to cut after all.

Just when he was about to slice through the cake, the doorbell on their front door rang. When Kuroko didn't react, however, Kagami gave him a puzzled look. "Shouldn't you go and answer the door?"

"No, it's fine. Please, just ignore it." Kuroko answered, cutting the cake in half. The ringing continued, he cut the cake into fourths. He cut it into eights, the doorbell didn't give in.

"Are you sure?" Kagami inquired when the door kept ringing for almost a minute now.

"Absolutely." Came the curt answer as Kuroko sliced it into sixteen pieces. That should be enough for everyone and he could still save some for his father.

When the ringing suddenly stopped, Kuroko dared to sigh in relief only to frown again when he heard a loud voice calling his name.

"Kurokocchi! Please, open the door! I just wanna say Happy Birthday and give you a present! Please, don't be so cold, Kurokocchi!"

"Isn't that Kise?" Kagami wondered aloud and glanced at Kuroko, who was looking indecisive. With a sigh, the shorter one left the kitchen and headed for the door, kitchen knife still in hand.

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To be continued…


"I'm afraid we don't have enough cake..."

"That's not the problem! Why is the whole Generation of Miracles here?!"

"Calm down, it's not like they will tear the house appart."




"All right, keep your phone ready. We might have to call the police. Or an ambulance."

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