Tumbler prompt from the illustrious Xaphrin. I wouldn't consider this "canon" to any of my stories' universes.


They were staring. They were all staring.

"But…but… how?" The changeling gasped, the words choked on his throat on the way out.

Raven glared back at the group of heroes, clutching the squirming bundle to her chest. Tiny pink fingers reached out from the blue burrito to fist the cotton of her hospital gown. Sharp green eyes immediately snapped to the source of the movement, raking over the wrinkled digits.

"I dunno, man." Cyborg never removed his gaze from the blue glare of his laptop. His metal fingers danced over the keys in a blur.

"I mean… she turned green. Remember that? Twenty-two weeks?"

"Of course I do. I was there." The metal man huffed, digging his pinky a little harder than was necessary into the enter key.

The empath shifted her elbows, receiving a muffled grunt from the infant. Gray fingers glided over the wispy swirls of hair on his scalp, so fair and fine it was nearly invisible at a distance. She wasn't really listening, still busy marveling at the little creation they'd managed with none of Trigon's taint. His newly made (completely innocent) soul burned white-hot to her senses.

Cyborg sat back and shifted the laptop towards his green friend. "Look, see this?"

Beast Boy shuffled closer and bent to peer at the monitor. Two tiny squares of blue reflected back in his eyes. "Yeah, so?"

He tapped the screen with an index finger. "You know how we thought she turned green because the baby was getting infected with Sakutia?"

Green hair shifted as his head bobbed a nod. Raven noted the feather-soft texture of the boy's hair was most certainly a gift of his father's.

Cyborg rubbed his chin. "Well, what if her demonic blood was fighting the disease?"

The changeling rocked back onto his heels. "Fighting it? So what, you're saying he doesn't have Sakutia?"

"Is he green?"

"Well, no."

Beast Boy scratched the back of his neck, emerald eyes darting to the tiny—pink—infant, eyes sealed shut. "So if he doesn't have Sakutia, and Raven can't sense Trigon's influence then does that mean he's… normal?"