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It was the most awkward situation they had ever faced. Kouji had a twin brother he had never met before in his life. As the gang of Legendary Warriors made their way to the Venus Rose, they decided to settle down and take a break. It was a long walk to Cherubimon's castle and they needed to be at full strength if they ever hoped to defeat him.

While Bokomon, Patamon, Neemon, Takuya, Tomoki, Junpei and Kouji all gathered together around a fire Kouichi, Kouji's twin, quietly sat down on his own, isolated from the group. Kouji still wasn't sure what to say to his brother, while the gang had accepted Kouichi as a member of the team, since he possessed the Spirit of Darkness, the two brothers had only just met and neither one knew about the other for a long time.

Kouichi lived with their mother, who was always working her hardest no matter how hard things got, so they didn't have much compared to his brother's family. He also felt bad about attacking the team when he was Duskmon and was actually when they accepted him so quickly. And while Kouji had finally come to accept his new step-mother, he was completely unaware that his birth-mother was still alive or the fact that his parents were actually divorced.

Kouji, the Warrior of Light, stared long and hard at his brother, he wanted to talk to him, so badly, but he just couldn't find the words. What do you say to someone who you don't even know? Takuya, the team leader and the Warrior of Fire, saw his friend's worries and gave him a pat on the back.

"Why don't you ask him to join us," Takuya implored.

Kouji tried to explain why he couldn't, but he was still at a loss for words.

Suddenly, a barrage of thunder and lightning appeared from nowhere surprising everyone. The one who was most frightened was Tomoki, the youngest member of the group and the Warrior of Ice. He tried to compose himself and tried to appear calm, but, when a second barrage came, he ran in fear knocking into Kouichi.

"Is everything okay," Kouichi asked softly.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Tomoki replied.

But then the blasts came again, louder and Tomoki couldn't help, but duck his head in fear. Kouichi could hear his heavy breathing and see the fear in his eyes. He crouched down to Tomoki's eye-level and gave him a soft smile.

"Do you like playing games?" he asked.

"Games?" Tomoki was confused.

Kouichi nodded with a smile and pointed at the storm clouds. "I bet ten chocolate bars that the next one will hit in the next ten seconds."

It was a challenge, a challenge that Tomoki was prepared to win. "I bet it'll come in five," he replied confidently.

"I'll count four you," said Takuya's voice coming from behind them.

The two turned their heads, to finally notice that their head-strong leader and Kouji had come in. At first, they wanted to see if they young friend was okay in, but now Takuya was interested in Kouichi's challenge.

"We want to play too," the other two joined in.

"I bet ten chocolate bars and a magic show that it'll hit in twenty," said Junpei, the oldest member of the gang, "So swears the Warrior of Lightning itself."

"Well then, I bet it'll come in fifteen," Izumi, the only female member, challenged back cheerily.

With the bets placed in, Takuya counted each passing second, while Kouji looked at his brother. It seemed strange, he was always so quiet and yet he seemed to know how to make other's happier. Tomoki was no longer afraid of the storm, now he was actually hoping for the sounds to come, when it finally hit, Kouichi was the one who won all the spoils.

Everyone congratulated him for his victory and while Kouichi smiled at their praise he quickly returned to his more morose self when the team was out of view. He spent a lot of time staring at the sky, thinking about his home.

"Thank you," Takuya interrupted his thoughts, "I don't think I've ever seen him that happy."

"Don't mention it," he replied quietly.

"Where did you come up with that game anyway?"

Kouichi stared back at the sky. "My mother always had to go out a lot, and sometimes she would come home really late. So, when I waited for her, I would count the stars in the sky or something."

"I'm sorry," Takuya said, regretfully.

"Its fine," The Warrior of Darkness said, "I need to remind myself once in a while anyway."

Takuya was confused, but didn't bother trying to ask, instead he said trying to sound cheerful, "Anyway, it's time for Junpei's magic show, and as the winner of the bet you have to attend."

Kouichi learned that Takuya was too stubborn to argue with, so he followed him to the group. But there was only one empty seat… next to his brother.

The magic show was enjoyable, everyone marvelled at Junpei's mastery of magic. Even Kouichi seemed to laugh, albeit softly. But as happy as they were the two brothers never made eye contact, it was still to strange for them to be together.

After the show, the gang decided to talk a little about the things they were going to do when they got home.

Junpei and Izumi said how they were going to try to be better people and make new friends. While Tomoki and Takuya hoped to see their families again.

At the mention of families, Kouji and Kouichi stared at themselves awkwardly: the two weren't sure what would happen when all this ended.

Realizing the awkwardness between the two, Izumi quickly changed the subject.

"So Kouichi, tell us a little about yourself."

"Well… there's not much to say," he replied nervously.

"Come on," Junpei encouraged, "just tell us something."

Kouichi thought about it for a moment. "Well… I guess I've never really thought about my life before."

"You don't have any friends," asked Takuya.

"Of course I do, although I only see them at school. Most of time it's been just me and my mother…" Kouichi then stared down to the ground, so that no one could see his face. "Anyway it's pretty late, we should all get some sleep." And with that he went back to his isolated spot.

"Big brother's heart is crying," said Patamon.

Everyone looked at Kouichi as he walked away, there wasn't much anyone could do for him, especially since they didn't know that much about him to begin with. But as worried as they were it was getting really late and everyone was tired, they all decided to sleep, leaving Takuya and Kouji to watch the fire.

But Kouji didn't seem to focused at the moment. His mind still wandered about his brother. He really wanted to talk to him about so many things, but the more he thought about it the harder it became for him to try.

"You know standing there won't do you much good." Kouji turned to Takuya who was watching the two closely. "He's seems like a good guy, you know."

"I got that, but… What do I say?"

"It's like I said before: Trial and Error."

Kouji took a deep breath, composed himself and made his way towards his brother, when suddenly a huge screech woke everyone up and a black haze surrounded all but the two brothers and their Digimon companions.

Kouichi rushed to join his brother. "What's going on?" Kouji was unaware of the situation, but Kouichi recognised the handiwork all too well.

"Who would have ever thought that the mighty Duskmon would have a human heart!" cried a shrill voice from above.

The two looked above their heads to see a female, humanoid Digimon flying above their heads with tattered fairy wings. She was wearing what seemed like a black tutu, a helmet masked her eyes and her long hair was almost as long as her body.

"Coramon," Kouichi sneered.

"You know her," Kouji asked.

"But of course," she smiled greedily, "or have you forgotten who he used to be."

Kouichi felt the guilt rushing inside of him, he hadn't meant to hurt anyone, but he could not deny that it was his jealousy towards his brother that caused all this.

But he quickly brushed off the feeling and stared at her angrily. "Cherubimon sent you didn't he?"

"You didn't think you would get away with betraying him so easily?" She laughed at him with a satisfied smile. She snapped her fingers and the black haze slowly began to lift away revealing the four Warriors in a deep trance.

"Everyone evolve!" Kouji cried.

"Scream all you like human," Coramon laughed, "their hearts are trapped in eternal suffering."

"What do you mean?" Kouji demanded.

"There is so much sorrow inside a human heart and I have the power to consume them with that sorrow, a sorrow of eternal loneliness… And once they have been consumed I control them all."

The four stared at the remaining two, ready to attack them as Izumi, Junpei and Tomoki Spirit evolved into their humanoid forms, while Takuya evolved into Ardamon.

As they went on the attack, Kouji quickly evolved into Beowulfmon and Kouichi in Löwemon, in order to defend themselves. But how could they attack without hurting their friends?

"You keep them busy, I'll handle Coramon," Löwemon suggested.

Beowulfmon nodded in agreement.

As the Warrior of Light defended himself against the other's attacks, the Warrior of Darkness jumped up preparing to strike at the chaotic Digimon, but was soon overcome by her attack.

"Did you really think you could stop me that easily?" Coramon huffed.

Kouichi could feel the loneliness seeping into his heart and the sadness that followed. But even though his heart overflowed with it, he was not affected by her spell. He quickly regained himself and tried to strike again.

Surprised by his comeback, Coramon sucessfully deflected his attack, at the last second.

"Impossible," she exclaimed, "how did you…"

"I know the sorrow of loneliness perfectly well," Kouichi interrupted, "I've lived with my whole life so others don't have too."

Coramon tried to call some of the hypnotised Warrior's to protect her, but Kouji quickly blocked their way. Leaving her to deal with the new Warrior of Darkness alone.

While Coramon had a tendency to rely on her trance inducing powers, she was not so defenseless that she couldn't handle any blow that came her way. But Löwemon was a ferocious fighter, not to mention stealthy. It took all of Coramon's concentration just to detect his blows.

Finally, the stress from the consecutive blows proved too much for her to handle and with one last strike Coramon's Digicode appeared.

"Let my Darkness burry you're evil heart," Löwemon cried, "as this Dgivice purifies you. Digicode Scan."

A with that, Kouichi scanned Coramon's data who, in turn, turned transformed back into a DigiEgg and floated away.

With the battle over, all of the hypnotised Warrior's returned to their natural state of mind.

The other Warrior's had no memory of what actually happened, but they had a lingering sensation of guilt.

"We are really sorry," Takuya started, "we don't really remember any of that."

"Don't worry about it," Kouji assured, "But you really should be thanking Kouichi."

After everyone gave their thanks, the gang returned to their rest. Kouichi returned to his isolated corner, where his twin watched him in secrecy.

Kouichi thought that Kouji was out of earshot, when he revealed to Coramon about how he was immune to her powers, but he could hear every word perfectly.

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