Be Careful What You Wish For…

/…/ Yugi to Yami

//…// Yami to Yugi

… Ryou to Bakura

… Bakura to Ryou

Her name was Krista and she was the most stubborn, sarcastic, and out of all of her friends, the easiest to annoy. Krista lived in a small town in America and she had just gotten out of possibly the worst day of school ever. She had managed to get in trouble for beating up on bullies that had been beating on someone smaller than them; and had ended up with an hour of detention because of it. When she got home her mother wasn't too happy with her, partly because she was late and partly because she had gotten detention. After doing her chores, Krista went upstairs to her room and put a CD in her walkman while she did her homework. When Krista was called down to dinner her mother scolded her for doing such a sloppy job on her chores and she was also upset that her daughter was so busy trying to help out kids that were being bullied, that she was afraid Krista would end up getting hurt herself.

"Mom, we've been over this, I can take care of myself." Krista protested.

"Krista, you have got to keep your temper in check, I don't want to lose you like I lost your father."

Her mother explained for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Mom, you won't lose me, I'm a lot stronger than you think." Krista complained.

"Are you calling your stubbornness strength now?" her mother questioned.

"Krista, I know that your temper and your habit of being stubborn is going to get you seriously hurt; maybe even killed." Her mother said worried.

Krista was tired of her mother's constant worry and finally said,

"May I be excused; I've suddenly lost my appetite." Before getting up and going to her room.

Krista's mother looked after her daughter as she left and let out a heavy sigh. While Krista was in her room she got out her duel monsters cards and started playing with them as if they were tarot cards. As she sat looking at the cards she thought,

'I'm so sick of my mother being constantly worried about me I wish I could just leave this world.'

Krista didn't notice however, that her Dark Magician card let off an eerie glow before she continued her tarot reading.

            The next day at school, her friends joined up with her and she told them of yesterday's events.

            "You got detention for helping some kid?" Bobby asked her incredulously.

            "Yeah, I know." Krista said flatly.

            "So, are you coming to the mall with us after school today?" Kate asked.

            "Depends on if I get in trouble for helping someone again." Krista replied sarcastically.

Unfortunately, when Krista was on her way to meet her friends after school, a portal opened up underneath her and she screamed as she fell into another world.

When Krista landed she wondered where she was and thought sarcastically

'I guess its true what they say, be careful what you wish for it just might come true.'

Just then, she heard what sounded like someone getting beat up. She put her curiosity aside at that moment and followed in the direction where she heard the noises. She came upon a corner wall where she saw a boy with purple, gold, and black hair getting beat up by a man twice his size. Krista grew angry at seeing this and shouted,

"Hey ugly!"

"Who's there!" the guy said, turning around to see a girl with blond hair and blue eyes standing behind him.

"What do you want?" the bully asked upset that he was called away from his fun.

"You really are a coward." Krista said angrily.

"Who are you to try and stop me?" the bully asked sarcastically.

"No one special, I just arrived from a portal a few minutes ago and I tend to get very irritated when I see bullies picking on someone smaller than themselves." Krista replied confidently.

"So, what do you intend to do about it?" The bully asked slyly as he walked towards her.

Krista just stood there and said, "Not much, accept give you a taste of your own medicine."

The boy was able to sit up a bit while wincing in pain and he managed to see a blurry image of the girl who saved him.

The bully threw a punch towards Krista and she just said,

"Pathetic." As she threw him face first into the wall.

The bully wasn't going to give up though, and she ended up using him like a tennis ball and bouncing him against the wall a few times. Krista thought,

'Good thing my mother doesn't know about me studying witchcraft late at night; she'd have a conniption fit.'

At that point, the bully fell to the ground unconscious. Krista then walked over to the boy who kind of backed away in seeing what she had done to the bully who was beating him.

"I won't hurt you." Krista said, with a kind and soothing tone causing the boy to relax a bit.

"W-who are you?" The boy asked.

"My name's Krista." She answered him.

"Why did you help me?" The boy continued to question her.

"I tend to get a little irritated when I see someone being beat up for the amusement of the bully." Krista replied.

Krista offered her hand to the boy who tried to get up but ended up falling down again wincing in pain as he hit the ground. Krista realized that she might have to heal the boy.

"Hold still." Krista said calmly.

The boy did as he was told and Krista healed his wounds with her own energy, knowing the effects it would bring on her. After the boy was healed Krista said,

"You know my name, now what's yours?"

The boy looked up at her and said,

"My name's Yugi. Do you want to walk home with me?"

"Um, Sure." Krista said a little surprised.

Yugi grabbed her hand and led the way to the game shop. When they walked in, she saw a man that looked a lot like Yugi, but he was taller and he looked more confident. He also looked suspicious when Yugi entered the store with a girl who looked tired and almost like she was going to collapse. Yugi was going to introduce Krista to Yami, but she collapsed to her knees before he could even start an introduction.

"Krista! Are you ok?" Yugi asked worried.

"I'll be fine Yugi; I just need to rest a bit." Krista replied; and with that, she passed out on the floor.

//Aibou, who is this girl? // Yami questioned suspicious.

/Relax Yami, if it weren't for her I'd be pretty badly beat up. Her name's Krista. / Yugi replied.

//Should we take her into the guest room? // Yami asked.

/Well Yami, we obviously can't leave her here. / Yugi replied sarcastically.

Yami carried Krista into the guest room and put her on the bed so she could rest.

"Yugi, I sense something from her." Yami said suspiciously.

"Yami, you're probably sensing her white light. She healed me with it after she beat the crap out of the bully who was hurting me. Come to think of it, that's probably why she passed out." Yugi told his Yami.

"A bully was hurting you?!" Yami asked surprised. "Yugi, why didn't you call me through our mental link?" Yami questioned.

"You had to run the shop since grandpa is in Egypt on a dig." Yugi said calmly.

"What time did this bully bother you?" Yami questioned his Aibou.

"It was about 2:00." Yugi answered.

"Damn, even if you had contacted me I wouldn't have been able to help because the shop was extremely busy at that time." Yami said angrily.

"I rest my case." Yugi said smiling before going to his room leaving Yami in the front of the store by himself.

Krista woke up at 6:00 p.m. and stood up to try and walk around before she got dizzy and fell back on the bed. Yugi and Yami heard the movement in the guest room and Yugi went to go see how Krista was doing, with Yami close behind.

"Hi Krista; How are you feeling?" Yugi asked when he entered the room to see Krista sitting on the bed.          

"I feel like I got run over by a steam roller." Krista replied holding her head.

"Are you hungry?" Yami asked.

"Yes, but if I try and walk I'll probably end up with dinner on my face instead of in my mouth." Krista said trying to stand up again and swerving into Yami, who guided her back to the bed; before going to the kitchen to get her something to eat.

"Yugi, I think your wounds were a lot deeper than I had expected; I didn't think I'd be this disoriented when I woke up." Krista said with a serious tone.

"I'm sorry." Yugi said sadly.

"It's my fault, I was the one who decided to heal you, remember." Krista replied with a calm as well as weak tone.

Yugi smiled as Yami entered with some food for Krista. He handed her the plate and she ate the whole meal saying thanks to Yami and Yugi for their hospitality. After a few more hours of talking and getting to know each other, they all went to bed. While Yugi was asleep, Yami got up to head out for his usual late night walk when he saw Krista trying to make her way to the door and he said,

            "Where do you think you're going?"

This startled Krista and she thought,

'Shit, busted.'

"I'm going to find a different place to stay because I don't want to be a burden on you. Believe me, I'm more trouble than you want to deal with. I'm stubborn, easily annoyed, and extremely sarcastic; you'll get tired of it eventually." Krista explained feeling depressed.

"You never were a burden on us. In fact, you brought some life back into this place." Yami replied reassuringly.

Krista looked at Yami and continued towards the door saying that she needed some air.

"I'm going for a walk anyway; you can walk with me if you want." Yami said invitingly.

"No thanks, I promise I'll return I just need to sort things out." Krista said opening the door and stepping outside.

Yami decided not to push the issue any further for fear of pushing Krista farther away.

On her walk, Krista came across an alley where someone was once again being beat up. Looking down the alley, she saw a boy with silvery white hair being beat by a bully that must've been the idiot twin brother of the one who was beating on Yugi.

"Hey Bozo!" She called out to him.

The bully turned around and saw a blond haired, blue eyed girl that was thin and had tan skin.

            "What do you want?!" the bully yelled.

"I want nothing more than to stop your cowardly assault on this innocent person." Krista replied coolly.

"I'd like to see you try." The bully stated walking towards her.

"You sure, I mean, I wouldn't want to humiliate you." Krista replied sarcastically.

The boy couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Looks like open season for bullies, I took one down earlier today who was bullying another boy." Krista explained to get the bully riled up.

The bully went to punch her, but she easily moved out of the way, and kicked him into the wall. The bully came at her again and she hit him in the groin before kicking him in the gut and forcing him into the wall knocking him unconscious. She then went to help the boy.

"What's your name?" she asked.

The boy backed away, but then saw her extended hand and allowed her to help him up before he said,

            "My name's Ryou, what's yours?"

            "I'm Krista." The girl simply said.

Suddenly, Krista looked down to see Ryou's left arm bleeding pretty badly.

            "What did that bully do to you?!" Krista asked as she gently lifted Ryou's injured arm.

            "It's nothing." Ryou said shyly.

"No, this is something; here, let me heal it." Krista said as white light came out of her hand and she healed his arm completely.

Ryou looked down at his arm and turned to thank her only to find that she had collapsed to one knee.

            "Are you alright?" Ryou asked, kneeling down to check on her.

            "I'll be fine Ryou, I just need to rest. Go home, I'll be fine here."

            "Are you crazy?! I'm not leaving you here!" Ryou exclaimed shocked.

            "You can't bring me home with you; I'd be nothing but dead weight!" Krista said with a stern tone.

            "I'm not leaving you here and that's final!" Ryou exclaimed.

At that point Ryou contacted Bakura mentally.

            Bakura! Get your ass out of the ring and help me carry her home! Ryou yelled.

            Give me one good reason to help you with this chick! Bakura yelled back.

Because she could kick your ass any day; and I bet you can't be nice to her for as long as she's with us. Ryou replied angrily.

Is that a challenge? Bakura asked.

Call it what you want. Ryou replied.

I accept your challenge, and I will win. Bakura said as he left the ring and materialized beside Ryou.

Bakura picked up Krista who had already fallen unconscious and carried her to Ryou's house. When they walked in, Bakura put her on the couch before Ryou told him to move her upstairs into one of the spare rooms. When Krista woke up she heard,

            "I'll attack with the White Magical Hat!" followed by a "Damn!"

Krista tried to make her way downstairs which she found was surprisingly easy.

'I guess Ryou's wound wasn't as deep as Yugi's. Then again, Yugi was more severely beaten before I healed him.'

When Krista entered the living room, she cried out in surprise when she saw two people that looked like Ryou. Ryou and Bakura looked up to see Krista standing at the entrance to the living room. Bakura got up to go greet her, but as he got close she sensed his shadow powers and backed up. Ryou said,

            "Bakura, please let me explain before you try to greet her."

            Bakura grumbled before Ryou said,

"Bakura is my yami; you sense evil from him because he has shadow powers. He's really nothing to worry about; he's actually not that bad a person once you get to know him."

Bakura mumbled, "Gee thanks."

Krista greeted Bakura and strangely felt as if she met him somewhere before. Bakura got the same feeling from Krista, but he didn't show it. Krista had brought up the fact that she helped Yugi the day before and she had promised Yami she'd return to the game shop. Ryou offered to let her use the phone and she called the game shop to tell Yami and Yugi that she was alright and where she was at. After telling Yami and Yugi where she was they asked to speak to Ryou and asked if they could come over. Ryou of course agreed much to the disapproval of Bakura.