Chapter 11

Meet Ishtar and Find a Way Home

/Ishtar! Let me out this minute! I'm warning you, if you don't let me out I will shatter the rod as soon as I get out! / Malik yelled at his dark while pounding on his soul room door.

//Malik, you know as well as I do that you won't do that even if I allow you to come out; now shut up so I can go meet the 'angels' that you have grown so fond of. //

/You don't seriously think that they won't be able to tell the difference between us do you?! /

//I know they'll be able to tell us apart, that's why I plan on taking all the blame for your actions. //

/WHAT!! Don't you dare take all the credit for my brilliant plans! /

//Why not, I was the one who influenced you to take those actions. //

/You did not! Ohhh, when I get out of here I'll beat you to a pulp!! /

//You're welcome to try. // and with that last comment from Ishtar a block was slammed up so that he could no longer hear Malik yell at him.

/I wasn't finished yelling at you!! / Malik shouted but his words were never heard by Ishtar.

Ishtar headed quickly up to the castle where he walked through the door after knocking out the guards that were posted there.

"Master Pegasus, there's an intruder in the castle." One of the guards that was watching the monitors said.

            "And you didn't stop them, what am I paying you for!?" Pegasus yelled.

            "Um, to guard?" The guard answered.

            "It was a rhetorical question you idiot!" Pegasus yelled.

The guard left and the group walked to the door to meet the intruder who conveniently had the electric nets with him and he threw them over the group. The intruder then introduced himself and told them his name in which Krista shot a sarcastic comment to him,

"What, you want us to jump up and down and shout hallelujah?! You'll have to remove the nets first if that's the case."

Ishtar backhanded her across the face hard enough to knock her unconscious before picking up the net that held her and heading out to the boat he had come from; leaving the others to struggle to get out of their nets. Seto, Bakura, and Yami were struggling the most to get free because they all had grown to like Krista, and had accepted her as a trusted friend.

By the time Ishtar had returned to the boat Krista was up and annoying the hell out of him. Ishtar was so annoyed that he dropped the net non too gently on the deck of the boat in which the net opened. He turned toward Krista saying,

"Now, I'd like to know how you got wings."

"Are you actually so dense as to think that I'll tell you?!" Krista answered incredulously.

"You better tell me or your boyfriend will suffer!" Ishtar shot back.

"I think I liked talking to Malik better." Krista mumbled.

"Answer my question wench!" Ishtar yelled, picking her up by the collar of her shirt.

"Ask me nicely first." Krista said, crossing her arms over her chest as Ishtar slowly put her down.

"Will you please tell me how you got wings?" Ishtar said through clenched teeth to the royal pain in front of him.

"No, say it with unclenched teeth first." Krista answered coolly, loving the way Ishtar was slowly coming unglued.

Ishtar stormed out of the ship angrily to prevent himself from killing Krista.

'He, he, that was easy enough; I should get an award for how fast I got rid of him; it must be a new record or something.' Krista thought to herself.

Unfortunately, Ishtar was gone for a long enough amount of time for Krista to think about her mother and she realized how much she missed her.

'Suddenly, sarcasm has lost its thrill; all I want now is to go home, I miss my mom. Krista thought to herself suddenly getting depressed.

Conveniently, it was at that time that Ishtar decided to return and ask his question again.

            "I'm going to ask you this one more time" he said. "How did you all get wings?"

Krista in feeling down, told him how they got the wings,

            "Besides me everyone else wished for them." She answered, not looking up at him.

            "What do you mean 'besides you'?" Ishtar asked.

"My wings emerged when I was in Pegasus' clutches the first time. The wings hurt like hell when they emerge." Krista added as a side thought only to hear Ishtar cry out in pain. "Guess I should've told you that sooner huh?" Krista said flatly, looking at Ishtar as dark purple wings came out of his back and he collapsed into slumber.

Krista got up and walked out of the boat and flew to the castle where she was met with a very happy Seto since she was fine. Krista however, didn't walk into Seto's outstretched arms and headed straight to her room. Seto looked at the others questioningly before going to Krista's room to talk to her. Seto knocked on the door before entering her room and sitting next to her on the bed.

            "Krista, what's wrong?" he asked.

Krista looked at Seto before hugging him and explaining to him why she was so down.

"I miss my mom; she was worried that I'd get shot and killed like my father because of my protectiveness of others. In a way, I want to go home but then again, I also wanna stay here with you."

Seto thought for a minute before saying,

"I might be able to invent something to send you home so you can see your mom again but I can't guarantee a permanent portal. Your mom will either have to come with you, or stay where she is."

Krista looked up at Seto with a bit of surprise in her eyes.

            "You would do that for me?" she asked.

            "Of course I would, I love you, remember." He answered.

Krista threw her arms around his neck and cried tears of joy into his shoulder. Their happy reunion was blown when the palace door was flung open and someone was shouting for Krista. Krista recognized the voice to belong to Ishtar and started toward the stairs.

            "Krista, where are you going? Are you nuts?" Seto asked urgently as he grabbed her arm.

"Seto, I know what I'm doing and if I'm thinking correctly he just wants to know how to use his wings." Krista stated calmly.

"What do you mean 'he just wants to know how to use his wings'?" Seto asked incredulously.

"I told him how we got wings; now can I go?" Krista stated nonchalantly.

Seto let her go and thought about what she said a bit confused as to why she told him so quickly how they got wings before he ran to catch up with Krista.

Krista walked down the stairs and was surprised to find both Malik and Ishtar standing and waiting for her.

            "Um, why does Malik have wings?" she asked.

"Because I wished for them for him." Ishtar answered. "He wouldn't wish for them himself so I wished for them for him." Ishtar explained.

"Okay, let me guess, you came barging in here because you want to know how to use them." Krista said sarcastically.

"Well, that would be nice." Malik said kind of shyly.

"Well, now that you have wings, you have no reason to come after us anymore so you might as well join our group." Krista said before Seto shouted,

"Krista, are you crazy?! These two kidnapped you I don't know how many times and you're willing to forget what they did?!"

"Seto, I've already forgiven them for that, what they did is now in the past."

When Krista looked back toward Ishtar and Malik, she saw Malik smack Ishtar upside the head before he said,

            "That was for locking me in my soul room."

Ishtar gave him a noogie and said,

            "That was for smacking me upside the head."

            "Okay…" Krista said, to draw their attention to her.

"First of all, you need to move your wings and get used to the movements, then I'll teach you about the air currents and how to work with them." Krista explained.

After spending three days working with Malik and Ishtar, they mastered using their wings and Seto went to work on his portal machine for Krista. The whole group was able to return to their homes and Malik and Ishtar became another pair that was a part of their group.  Malik did bring up the question on why his wings were yellow and his Yami's wings dark purple in which no one could answer that question because no one knew why their wings were colored. Seto had finished the portal in which Krista was able to go home and talk to her mother who was worried sick about her.

"Mom?" Krista asked as she stepped into the living room where her mom was pacing back and forth.

"Krista! Oh my god where have you been?! I thought you were shot and killed like your father was!" her mother said before pulling her into a tight hug.

"Mom? Air!" Krista gasped out.

"Oh, sorry." Her mother said. "I've just missed you so much."

"Mom, there's one big difference between dad and me and that's that he was a policeman, I'm not." Krista explained.

"Mom, I want to go back to where I was though, I left someone I love behind and he's kind of expecting me to return to him, with or without you. It's your choice if you want to come with me, I'll understand if you don't." Krista explained.

"What are you talking about Krista?" her mother asked.

"Mom, I don't have much time, are you coming with me, I'll explain everything when we get there but you need to get whatever you want to take and quickly." Krista explained while getting some stuff out of her room.

"Okay Krista, I'll go with you, I have no reason to stay here." Her mother said.

"What do you mean mom? Didn't you get a job?" Krista asked.

"I wouldn't be able to concentrate on work if I was always worried about your well being." Her mother answered.

"Very well mom." Krista said and waited while her mother packed up some of her stuff.

"Okay Krista, I'm ready." Her mom said as she walked up beside her. But when her mom saw the portal she hesitated.

"Mom, what is it?" Krista asked.

"Are you sure this is safe?" her mom asked.

"Mom, my boyfriend made this portal and he wouldn't allow me through it if it wasn't safe." Krista explained.

Her mother accepted that answer and stepped through it with her daughter. Unfortunately, the portal started to break down as soon as they got half way through.

            "Oh no." Krista said before bringing out her wings and grabbing her mother's wrist.

            "Krista, you have wings?!" her mother asked surprised.

"Yes, but I have no time to explain now, the portal's breaking down and if we don't hurry, we'll be stuck here forever." Krista explained.

Just then, the portal started breaking down faster and Krista had to move her wings faster and work harder to get her mother to the end of the portal safely. Seto looked through from the other side and reached his hand in to grab Krista but she made him grab her mother first. This would've been a mistake on her part if Ishtar hadn't been there because it was then that her left wing got hit with something sharp and threw her off balance in which she was hit in the head next and knocked unconscious. Ishtar flew in and caught her, pulling her out of the portal and out of harm's way before handing her over to Seto.

"Krista, Krista, please wake up." He said while brushing hair out of her face.

Krista came to a few minutes later, to see a blurry image of Seto before her vision cleared.

"Seto?" She asked just before her eyes went wide and she said, "Oh, my God, my mother, did she make it?!"

"I'm right here Krista, I'm fine." Her mother said, stepping into Krista's line of vision.

"Thank God" Krista said before standing up and hugging her mother.

After Krista returned that day, she introduced everyone to her mother and smiled as her mother was welcomed warmly. Of course that was before her friends started in on stories on how they met her. Krista knew her mother would have a fit as soon as she found out how many times she was beaten by bullies and tried to change the subject only to have that attempt fail miserably. Her mother stared wide-eyed as she heard of what all happened while her daughter had been there including how Seto and her daughter had fallen in love with each other. After all the stories were done, they went to bed looking foreword to the next day.

Since the day her mother arrived, everything has been spiced up a bit but they all continued to live their lives in peace and Krista did have her mother wish for wings and taught her how to use them so that she could go flying with her mom and her friends.

~The End~