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In all of Spock's eleven point thirty-two years of existence he had never experienced the emotion of fear. He had felt anger, when his oppressors after their lesson harassed, even jealous when he did not receive the highest mark in a subject. But never had he felt fear. As a Vulcan he was not meant to feel. As son of the Ambassador, prince if you will he was to appear the proper Vulcan, always trying harder because of his genetic makeup, to appeal to his fellow classmates , the council men, as well as his father.

In all of Spock's eleven point thirty-two years of existence he had never felt fear. Until he fell from his father's very large and very expensive sail boat. Being the Prince of Vulcan, having the skill of swimming was Illogical. Planet Vulcan being mainly a desert, excluding the ocean Soh in which he had struck down upon. The odds of a Vulcan drowning were point five percent possible, and he was among that probability.

It was illogical to panic, or try to kick to the surface, even if he succeed his mother and father thought him to be in his quarters, and the engines would mute his pleas for help. Instead he let the growing fear of dying spread thorough his body, as he was pulled deeper into the depts of Soh. Drowning would be a peaceful death, once the initial panic left the body. Later his father would issue a search party once his absence became noticed. It would take approximately one minute after his death for his father to feel the child bond break. An additional twenty minutes for anyone to suggest he fell from the railings into the open water, five point three second before his mother's false Vulcan mask cracked at the mention of her child possibly being dead.

Falling endlessly deeper and deeper his vision started to blur, and Spock could feel as though was becoming tired knowing full well it was death calling to him.

Then his body was being pulled. Dragged practically across the harsh waves of Soh. Survival Instinct made him gasp for breath, but he believed he was hallucinating. It was the only logical persona. He must still be falling to the underwater floor, and his mental state was beginning to become corrupted.

He allowed himself to close his eyes, maybe from exhaustion or because he believed that this was truly his end.


He awoke to the most vibrant blue set of eyes he has ever had the pleasure to witness. Obscured by long lashes and also larger than most, they could not be described in any language nor any type of expression his mother has ever spoken. One could simply not describe this type of color. The smile that came with them was a sign of relief, but was blinding as well .The human trait of 'dimples' that looked illogical on many humans, was very aesthetically pleasing on this one.

This would be the second time Spock felt fear.

He did not fear the human based on it's physically neither features nor the fact that it was breaking his personal space, but the fact there was an instant pull. Mentally he felt a pull to this being, longing almost. He did not know this person, hardly could say he trusted him.

"You walkers are very reckless; no wonder ma makes me stay away from you." And his voice yet small and high at the time, sounded comforting to Spock's ears, a type of comforting that seemed to settle nerves Spock didn't know he had.

"Walker?" Raising a brow and rising up on his elbows Spock observed the human curiously. He then noticed he was laying on the very beach his family departure from hours ago.

"Yeah you know humans, those things that walk on those meats called legs.

"I do have legs, but I assure you I am no human."

"Are you sure, most humans have legs, or at least one." Tilting his head to the side stared or rather gazed at human- no child above his person.

"Why do you say walker or human as though you yourself are not one?"

Squinting his eyes and peering up at Spock, the human, or now creature simply raised his tail-fin towards Spock, and stared at him as though he were daft. Later Spock would blame the darkness despite his Vulcan sight, from what he saw.

"I must be suffering from an illogical hallucination." Murmuring to himself Spock gathered himself off the sandy beach, and furiously tried to dust his soaked clothing, now stained with sand.

"Why do you say that?"

"You are an illogical creature, found in myths and legends and early twentieth century films. You do not exist-

"Yet I'm talking to you."

"Obviously," Spock responded quite furiously without meaning to. To change subject Spock questioned the creature's name, though he still believed to be exerting a hallucination.

"Jim," smiling toothily "Kirk" the creature added.

Nodding" I am called Spock." Undergoing what had to be called 'awkward silence' Spock tried not look at the creature's tail, as he called it.

"Are you a female or a male?"

"Obviously I'm a boy, what type of question is that?" 'Pouting' as his mother would have called looked dramatically pleasing on this male specimen.

'"You are greatly younger than I, so you do not have any physically features that separate you from the opposite gender. Also based upon your species, gender differences may not have been of existence."

"You sure do talk funny for a human." The smile Spock received can only be described as 'cheeky', and he decided against correcting him again for stating he was a Human.

"Why do you talk to me like I'm some type of runt?" Folding his arms the creature gave another pout. "I'm as old as you, at least in human years."Spock allowed his eyebrow to twitch "I am not human. I am four or three years older than you, therefore making me more mature than you, and the way you speak and your tone add on to multiple reasons to my observation." Folding his arms behind his back, Spock received what could only be described as a glare from said creature.

"If this was how you were going to thank me, I should have let you drown." Turning his back from shore Jim stretched his small arms high above his head.

"You saved me?" Knitting his brow together Spock could not believe what he was hearing.

"Yes! Though mother says to stay away from walkers, or whatever you claim to be. I saved you. Turning and peering up at Spock, Jim murmured silently "and though you walkers hurt us I couldn't let you just let you die, that would have been morally wrong." Spock didn't know how to respond, the warmth he felt earlier spread through his body yet again, melting his core. The mental pull he felt earlier came back tenfold, and he had not a reason for the cause.

"I am forever in your debt Jim, I thank thee for-

"You don't have to get mushy. Your welcome, anyway I need to get going-

"Wait. Though I have been rude to you I would appreciate if you would not be opposed to seeing me again. I wish to thank thee properly for saving my life."

" I- I can't mother is going to be upset I'm even out and…I don't need a celebration from saving one human." Spock watched with hurt when Jim began to hurriedly move away from shore in rushed panic.

Spock was about to respond when he heard voices coming on to the beach. Turning Spock viewed the long sandy shore, when he turned back to his disappointment the creature was gone. He felt a deep regret feeling as though he caused his departure. An even deeper regret because he was unable to find the reason for the pull in his mind.

It would not be another twelve years, before he was blessed with the beauty of Jim Kirk.

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