Only the gentle sound of waves crashing to the rocks and shore surrounded Spock and Jim. A dead silence not completely discomforting but also not welcoming filled the air around them.

He felt breathless; Spock should have felt relief at the sight of James. Knowing that his mental state was not failing and that James was in fact real, should have put his mind at ease. But the sight of James rose new questions. Why had James not made himself known sooner? From his memory he had only wanted to correctly reward him for saving his life, any decent being would have done the same.

Perhaps he appeared scary to a three year old James Kirk. His mother had said when she had first met his father she was actually intimidated by him. In fact she informed him that many others besides Humans found Vulcans to be quite terrifying. Spock found this to be another strange feature that came with other species not quite understanding where their fears came from, nor how his mother overcame hers.

"Still tense and proper I see". Peering down at the same cheeky smile with now impossibly larger dimples, the same strange warmth had suddenly appeared and spread throughout his torso. Confusion had yet again consumed his mind. It seemed this feeling increased more and more he was around James. He would mediate on the matter later, but now he faced the being that had polluted his mind for several years.

"I am not showing any signs of discomfort therefore I am not tense as you say." Jim snorted, Spock ignored it. "Being proper is also a show of politeness James something your self-

"Please don't call me James."

Turning furiously causing sharp pointed ripples in the murky water, "The only person who calls me that is my mother, mostly when I am being vulgar." Spock never thought the word vulgar could sound so lewd. "Call me Jim." Spock would later deny feeling heat rise to his ears and across his face at the sight of James- Jim seizing him up and biting his lip.

"Please refrain from doing that." Jim's leering was causing the warmth in his torso to travel...elsewhere. Somewhere he rather not dwell on for long.

"What is 'that' exactly?" Scrunching his face in honest confusion astonished Spock. Jim had to know about his own advances."Your obvious flirtatious behavior."

"Flirtatious behavior?" A look of puzzlement crossed Jim's face, then a huff accompanied by a wide smirk."Is my behavior making you nervous Spock?"

"You do not recognize it. Your lewd behavior comes as natural as swimming to you, and Vulcans do not become nervous."

Resting his head upon his hands, still obviously flirtatious, "Was that a joke ?" Later he would speculate where the title Mr. appeared from, but for now he would enjoy the endearing conversation.

"Vulcans do not tell jokes." This was not completely true. Vulcan humor or what existed was very dry, some would describe as humorlessness and normal Vulcan talk. His mother although laughed quite joyfully, when she felt his father was being 'quirky'.

"I think you're lying", Jim responded.

"Vulcans do not lie, it would be illogical-

"What else do Vulcan not do so I can make sure to prove them wrong?" Now with one hand cradling his head, Jim seemed to be inspecting the rough feel of the rock he reclined on. Spock would later have to meditate on why he found the sight pleasing.

Releasing an inaudible sigh. Spock's previous thoughts of Jim not changing in maturity were true. In fact it seemed he became more juvenile over the years. "Anyway I'm surprised that you actually still remember me, considering we were young." Growing bored with the rock Jim turned towards the sea and stretched his arms above his head then propped them on the rock with his back turned. Lazily he flicked his large tail up and down slowly surfacing and resurfacing.

Spock could not help but stare in wonderment. Jim's 'tail' was much larger and the very end resembled marine mammals in the order cetacean. Past research showed that Jim's specie's tails were brightly colored and were predicted to possess the same amount of muscles in humanoid legs. What Spock did not understand was how Jim seemed absolutely relaxed in Spock's presence. Passages and articles most being fiction but none the less, explained Jim's species to be skittish perhaps frightful of others not like them.

It would be difficult to forget you even if I tried. After that thought Spock quickly stored it in his mind for meditation later. Folding his hands behind his back and fixing his posture, "Vulcans have superior memory making it rather easy to remember something from one's youth;" pausing "In addition being five years of age at the time my memory encoding was at its full development."

A slow blink of large eyes and an unimpressed expression, "You really like to thoroughly explain things huh?"

I merely answered your question Jim."

"That you did."

"I did just state that." Spock did not understand this constant need of restatement.

"As fun as talking to you is Spock I should get going." Pushing from the rocky shore Jim turned to his person along the way causing small ripples in the water surrounding him. "

Spock could not understand where the particular idea had come from, but he assumed he had no other chance. To say Jim's presence did not calm a part of his mind would be false. He wished to come in contact with this information and why Jim, only seemed to do this to his person.

He would have to take his mutual relationship he had with Jim slowly. They barley had an inkling of trust. Honestly Spock did not know how to act in a 'friendship' if you will. He never had friends and it would be foolish and partially embarrassing in Human terms to call his parent his only companions.

There was an eighteen point two percent chance Jim would refuse his proposal. The remaining eighty one point eight percent Jim would agree but his manners would prove to add to his own inquires. And one did not learn how to reason with rejection without facing it first.

Jim would you be willing to meet with me to answer types of inquires I have of your person?"

You mean like studying?"It seemed like anger was beneath the surface of Jim large blue eyes. Later Spock would ask the reason for this sign of aggression but for now he had to remain stern if he wished to have a possible friend.

"You misunderstand. I mean as curiosity and maybe a form a friendship between the two of us." Anger quickly subsided and the same bright smile welcomed Spock as Jim quite willingly agreed.

Spock did not feel a sense of loss once he saw Jim return under the dark water to the place he called home. And he most certainly did not allow himself to smile softly as he retreated home.