AN: I have no idea where this came from. It just randomly popped into my brain and was all like WRITE ME, WOMAN! so I did. This is supposed to be funny, but I dunno. Excuse my English, I'm American! :D So, uh, yeah. I got tired of writing sad fanfiction for Loki, so instead I wrote this! Yeah you should check out my other story... I feel like I forgot something... OH! *Flashy light bulb goes off* Right, the disclaimer! England, say it!

England: There is no way in hell you will ever get me to say anything for you!

Me:B-But why not? It's not that hard all you have do is say 'Larrklopp does not own anything except the plot and that is all she will probably ever own.' in your sexy British accent.

England:...You said it, can I go now?

Me: Fine, but you will say it next chapter!

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America had an idea. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful idea, it just needed to be thought out a little more. He decided to visit England… Without telling him. Now America knew that England might not be happy to see him at first, but he would soon be glad for the hero's company! He didn't see why England wouldn't be happy to see him, anyways. So after the World Meeting for that month (coincidentally being held in London) America walked over to England's house.

Now some of you might be wondering how the heck the totally dense, unable to read the atmosphere, oblivious to everything American knew where England's house was. Um… That's a really good question. America had decided a long time ago (sometime right before the revolution) that he loved England. Well maybe not love, but he definitely had a crush. That is why he had the revolution after all! So anyways, America had decided to believe in the theory that It Isn't Stalking If You Love Them. Now obviously that rule isn't actually true, but don't tell our favorite American that!

While America is walking to England's house (cause who needs cars?) he decided to get a horror movie. This way there was no possible way that the Brit could say no to him! And if the chance to be chocked to death by a superstrong American didn't work, then America could just pull out the puppy dog eyes. Contrary to popular belief, America knew exactly how powerful they were and knew how to use them to their maximum extant. It isn't like he practiced in front of the mirror…. Ok maybe he did, but don't tell any of the other nations! He has a reputation to uphold, after all!

Right, where were we? Oh yeah… America finally reached England's house (seriously he had walked FOREVER~ about 2 miles) and was about to knock. Then he got a better idea. Instead of knocking and going through the door like a normal person, he was going to enter England's house like a hero! Basically he was going to try to climb the wall and go through the window. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

"First I need to find a window though… Oh there's one!" With his target in mind, America started climbing the ivy that just happened to be there. Cause you know there is ALWAYS ivy where you need it! He made it to the windowsill and then realized that he had a problem. He probably should have thought of this before climbing up but whatever. Basically he realized, the window opened from the inside. America was outside. Do you see the problem?

"Well, crap. Hopefully Artie isn't sleeping and he can answer the uh… window. I'm so screwed." After becoming depressed for about five seconds he suddenly brightened.

"Heh, now he can see that I'm so heroic I can climb walls! Ok, America you are literally the home of the brave. You are not scared at all of what Artie is gonna do to you. Let's do this!" With this little pep talk running through his brain he started knocking on the window. And promptly fell off the windowsill when he saw England. Fortunately for America England saw him fall. So while the American was lying in England's flowers looking at the sky (It's just so blue, y'know?) England was grabbing a coat, folding his wings against his back, and running outside to make sure that America wasn't dead.

"Just what I need! Bloody hell why is he over here?" Those were only some of the things that the Brit was mumbling under his breath while hurrying over to the self-proclaimed hero.

"A-Alfred? Are you okay? Come on, I need to get you inside!" The poor Brit was having a really hard time pushing America forward (Bloody wanker weighs a TON) so he was hoping that him talking would snap the American out of his trance. It worked... a little too well. America turned and in the same motion picked up England bridal style. Obviously England turned bright red (Hey now you look like Romano!) and started struggling. That didn't work because of America's super strength but as soon as they got inside America put him down and shut the door behind him.

"Um...Artie? Why are you wearing a dress?"