After the sun rose and bathed the canyon in early morning light Mac centred himself. He could feel Reggie's full-body trembling though he didn't know if it was from anticipation or fear.

Releasing a deep breath, Mac stepped back. "Let's get this shit done, fucker needs to be gone." He says as he turns and steps carefully over the uneven ground to the cave entrance.

Seth stays behind to check on the vehicles and pack some of the gear they'd dragged out. When he left this time, Mac wasn't coming back.

He and Reggie walk side by side with Reece a little ahead of them. When they're a distance inside they can hear Devon's calls. Screams rather.

He is screaming for Reggie, over and over. Walter's more plaintive calls join in every now and then. Reece thought it was interesting that neither of them called to each other though surely they had to hear each other.

He stepped forward, lengthening his stride and the distance between he, Mac and Reggie. Stepping forward, he pauses in the cave's entrance, watching Devon with wide eyes.

"Dude, what the fuck?" He says in shock.


"Bar guy, help me out of here." Devon calls as he stares at the long-haired man he'd spoken to in the bar last time he was there. He frowns, wondering how long ago that was.

The guy comes forward, he's dressed like he was in the bar, hair pulled back loosely, hiking boots, outdoor gear. He stares in concentration at Devon, then at his hands and feet where they're bound.

"Are you into some kind of kinky shit? Am I going to get in trouble because some crazy woman or leather daddy is going to beat the crap out of me if I let you go? This is some sick shit dude."

Devon growls as the guy, ambles, there is no other word for it, over to the table looking for something to help release Devon.

He watches, seething as he picks through stuff on the table. His fingers ghost over the worn wooden box that Devon knew of and then the matching polished one.

They pause on it and the guy slides his fingers over the varnish. "Smooth, he did good work." He mutters and Devon's breath wheezes in his chest.

"Who did good work, what are you talking about?" He demands, voice strident and shrill.

"Mac, he did good work when he polished it. He's good with wood, has a gift with it." The man says casually as he picks up the polished box and brings it forward.

"I expect he'll make his living at it when he settles with his wife." Devon is truly befuddled now.

"What the fuck are you talking about? You're fucking insane! Did you tie me up here? Where is Regina? Reegggiiiinnnnnaaaaaa!" He screams her name again, ignoring the man as he walked forward holding the box.

When Devon runs down again, the man speaks. "Well, the marriage certificate I'm looking at, says that a MacQuade Johnson married one Reggie," He breaks off with a wicked grin, "Sorry, Regina Ashton on…"

Time stopped. Devon knew he needed to breathe, knew he needed to swallow, knew he needed to blink, to process. But nothing worked. Black spots danced in front of his eyes as his vision swam.

Fading out of consciousness he vaguely hears another voice, a voice from the grave. "You are such a sneaky fuck, no wonder Seth keeps you around. Sick bastard." There is…affection in the tone Devon thinks, affection he'd never heard before in his life from the voice. Then, the black spots coalesce into a solid black hole that his consciousness falls into and he passes out.


A delighted peal of laughter sounds in the cave as Reggie watches Devon pass out in shock. "I can't believe he did that." Mac looks at her, she is a combination of amused and disgusted at Devon's lack of backbone.

Shaking his head at the fucked up people he was stuck with these days he is nevertheless smiling as he goes to check Devon's restraints. Fucker will be trying to get free even harder until he can't fight anymore when he wakes up.

Running his eyes over the implements on the table, Mac catalogues what he's got and looks back at Devon. His look is nothing but feral, calculating as he envisages what he will do to Devon. Looking at Devon's pale flesh as it gleams from the nervous sweat he'd sprung up before passing out Mac can't help but grin wider.

That sweat was going to sting him something fierce by the time he was finished. And that gave him an idea. "Salt, leave the salt." He says to Reece from where he's packing up their food supplies.

Setting it out on the table, Mac sees a faint grin on Reece's face as he turns back to his packing. Reggie begins to help him and they talk quietly, getting to know each other Mac realises as he listens absently.

His mind though is really on the dangling toy in front of him from where they'd straightened him back up. Walking carefully to Devon, Mac stands in front of him, just looking for a long time. He doesn't hear Seth return or Reece and Reggie take another load out to the vehicles.

Devon occupies his thoughts in full. And Reggie. And what Devon has done to Reggie. Mind leaping back years, Mac remembers that blur in the other cave the day he'd taken Reggie for the first time. Raped her.

There was no other word for what he'd done and while she hadn't been the first or the last woman Mac had raped, she had been the one he regretted. The only one.

But Mac had never only just raped women, it wasn't all he was.

Registering Seth's heat beside him, Mac waits for him to speak, knowing he's gearing up to from the way he breathes.

"You good with this?" Seth finally speaks.

"Very good." Mac answers as a grin flits over his mouth again, showing his new teeth. Biting on a thumb nail, he catches himself and stops. He's managed to break the habit with Reece's help as he rehabbed Mac's leg.

"Figured out where you're gonna start?" Seth wanders closer to Devon and lifts an eyelid, checking Devon's pupil with a light. "Won't be out long." He mutters as he steps back, standing beside Mac again. Where he belonged, he realised.

He curses Walter again, though silently. And he swears that Walter won't be left to find a way out of the pit Mac had stuck him in. Seth would make sure of that. Mac would just have to eventually suck that one up.

"I have, when Reggie gets back." Mac answers Seth. "Your boy told him we were married, sneaky fucker." There is admiration in his tone.

Seth laughs. "That he is, worth his weight in gold ten times over, never ever a fucking dull moment." He laughs again and catches Mac's amused grin.

Moving over to the table as he hears Reggie's light footfalls returning to the cave, he picks up a thick fishhook and then turns to the entrance, waiting for Reggie to appear.

Mac watches as she stops at the entrance. Her attention though, is focused further down the tunnel. Mac realises she's listening to Walter. Something crosses her face and then she turns and comes inside.

"Reece is packing it up." She says quietly as she comes to stand beside Mac, sliding an arm around his waist and down into the pocket of the cargo pants he's wearing. "He's still out?" She asks incredulously, still disgusted at his lack of spine.

"Yes, he's still out Pretty Girl." Mac answers her as he holds up the fish hook.

Raising an eyebrow Reggie looks at Devon's body. Mac raises a finger and points to where he's going to stick it and she just nods. Moving back to the table, she hitches herself up on it and swings her legs. One hand rests on the old, battered box on the table, the other rests on the still old, but newly polished one.

Her touch is possessive, making Mac's grin widen and crawl across his face as his animal rears and pulls on his reins. Letting it arch its neck and stretch a little, Mac rolls the fishhook between his fingers.

Then, without fanfare or any sign of what he's about to do, Mac steps up to Devon and pinching a nipple he pierces it with the fishhook.

With his animal tearing its reins out of his hands he shoves it through Devon's nipple and pulls on it harshly, waking him with a scream that is music to the ears of everyone in the cave with him.

Reggie finds herself relaxing in a way she doesn't think she has ever been relaxed as Devon literally screamed to consciousness. The end had finally, finally begun.

Seth rolled his neck and stretched his shoulders as his own animal strained to be free and to mire itself in the soon to be spilled blood and guts of Devon.

Reece, coming back down the tunnel stood and breathed deeply. He felt his cock jerk as he realised that what had just begun was going to be finished tonight with he and Seth and that Seth would be animal tonight. Running his hand down his body and stroking his cock, Reece shook his head and shook his arms, girding himself for the pained pleasure he knew was heading his way.

"Did I pierce the muscle?" Mac's voice floated to Seth over his own rising endorphins. Swallowing, Seth stepped up beside Mac and inspected Devon's new jewellery.

Picking it up from where Mac had let it dangle, he ignored Devon's pleading screams and tugged on it, eliciting another scream of pain. Not even bothering to stop himself, his hand snakes out and slaps Devon's face harshly. "Shut the fuck up, be a man for once in your fucking miserable life."

It's a useless demand but it makes him feel better. "No, you didn't pierce the muscle. Do the next one now." Seth hands Mac another fishhook and he takes it, still grinning maniacally.

"No, please Mac, no, please…" Devon breaks off with another scream as Mac ignores him and pulls on his second nipple before he pierces it too. Feeling his back arch in pain, Devon lets himself scream again, and then again because he can.

The three people in the room ignore him. He watches Regina, even as he shrinks away from the Mac clone as he inspects Devon's second fishhook to make sure it hasn't pierced the muscle as well.

"Regina, help me…" Devon trails off as her glimmering eyes fly up to him. There is nothing in them, they're pits of nothing, no feeling, not even hatred is in her eyes.

And that is not on. "I fucked her you know Mac, She liked it, she screamed and pleaded for more, for more of my come, she begged me to come all over her and rub it into her skin, she liked to wear my smell and nothing else." He spits the words, feeling each one of them to be true.

But that is the nature of his psychosis, Regina is his, whatever Devon wants, Regina wants. Regina lives to serve Devon, not for any other reason.

"Why did you fuck up her breasts then, if she loves you so much boy?" Mac asked him.

"Don't call me boy, I'm not your boy!" Devon screamed at Mac now, spittle flying though the dank air of the cave.

"But you are his boy…boy." The Mac clone speaks.

Devon interrupts before he can continue. "Regina, tell them!" He demands, nothing in his subconscious is making a dent in his brain.

The shrieking warnings of it to tell him to shut up, take a breath and think, none of it registers in his active brain at all.

And then, with an almost audible popping sound, Devon's remaining thread of sanity breaks and his brain floats through an impasse of blood and guts and gore, all of it looking like the image from his deepest darkest nightmare.

An image of Mac is at the heart of it all.

"Why didn't you die in the fall? You fucking fell of the cliff, I saw you land with Terra, there is no way you should have survived!" Screaming now, Devon's words are barely understandable to Mac and Seth as they've not spent any time with him.

But Reggie understands him perfectly. "Guess you should have checked for a pulse then big brother, shouldn't you?" Still resting her hands on the boxes Reggie looks back at Devon impassively.

"You're mine." Devon ignores Mac and his clone as he focuses on Reggie, only, ever and always on Reggie.

"No, I'm Mac's, he bought me from Mama. Didn't know that did you big brother?" Reggie smiled at Devon then. And the very marrow in Devon's bones shivered at the sight.

Because Reggie's smile was…beatifically horrific.

It was angelic.

It was animal.

It was feral.

More, it was a mirror image of Mac's.

Devon watched as Mac smiled and shook his head at Reggie before he stepped over to her, standing between her legs, and hand whipped out and fisted in her hair, pulling on it violently, baring her neck submissively for himself, just like the animal Devon knew him to be.

And looking back at Devon, Mac leaned down, bared his teeth and bit her.

Just like that day in the cave, Mac literally took a bite out of Reggie's neck, blood pooling and flowing down her neck, over her collarbone and down her chest, over her breasts.

The scream that floated in the air was anything but human. Devon felt his heart shatter at the sight. Regina wasn't his, had never been his, she was Mac's had always been Mac's. His shattered mind roars even as his screams continue.

He never feels the small prick of a stiletto knife in his thigh as his femoral artery is pierced with the smallest of pinpricks and blood begins to drip slowly from the wound.

Such a pinprick wasn't going to kill him fast but it would kill him, sooner than Mac had originally thought to.

But, Devon's mind had fractured so much more quickly than he'd anticipated.

He could draw it out, and he did have a few more things to do to Devon, but still, he had Reggie now. He wanted to get on with the rest of his life with her.

She was his and with him now, that was all that mattered.

Turning back to the shell that had once been Devon Ashton, Mac stepped away from Reggie as he licked his lips clean of her blood, swallowing it.

Reggie stepped up beside him and wiped his lips, sucking her thumb clean of her blood as she looked up at Mac.

Watching as Mac reached for the dripping blood on Devon's body, she knocked his hand away when he brought it back to his lips.

"No!" She said loudly as she forced Mac's hand away.

"I always swore I'd drink his blood." Mac said to her with a raised eyebrow.

"You don't have to, his blood is your blood, my blood is his blood, you drink mine, not his. He's…tainted." Reggie decides after a pause.

Mac sees Seth shudder out of the corner of his eye but ignores him. "You offering Pretty Girl?" He pushes up against Reggie, his hard cock making itself known.

"Not until he's done for good, stop teasing me. You promised Mac, get it done." Reggie orders him as she steps back again.

Narrowing his eyes at Reggie, Mac reaches for and grabs her by the waistband of her jeans. "Stay the fuck here." He orders her in return. He jerks his head at Seth to make sure he ensures she does and then he picks up the fishing line from the table and ties it through the fishhooks.

Devon ignores him as he stares at Reggie, he talks to her, nonsensical stuff, about how she's his, how much she loves him, how much he loves her and that he forgives her.

Reggie doesn't hear him as she watches Mac work. Tying the line though both fishhook eyes and then together. Then with a grin and a raised eyebrow, he jerks violently on the line.

Back arching, Devon screams again as his nipples are pulled on relentlessly. The pain is encompassing, overwhelming.

And it's not stopping. "You took my Pretty Girl's, I'll take yours." Mac's words barely register as Devon looks down to see his nipples stretched and stretched some more.

"Reegggiiiinnnnnaaaaaa!" Devon screams for Regina as he sees his flesh split and break and blood gush from the wounds.

His head falls back as sobs wrack his frame and he screams her name again. Then, words fail him as his now eviscerated nipples are abraded some more. Looking down he sees a layer of white in them even as he screams at the stinging that it causes, making him hurt just that bit more.

Mac steps up and his hands rub on Devon's chest as he grins. "Just rubbing salt in your wounds little brother." He says. Devon looks into his eyes and is caught by Mac.

Regina fades from his mind as he is caught by Mac's special brand of crazy. "You took her from me." He whispers, the salt no longer hurting. Nothing hurt really. His body is beginning to shut down from the blood continuing to drip down his leg from his nicked femoral artery.

"She was never yours to take, she was always mine. She'll always be mine." So saying, Mac swiped his finger through the blood on Devon's leg and stepped back.

Watching, Devon saw him step behind Reggie and raise her shirt. Then he wrote across her abdomen in capital letters MACS.

Eyes rolling in his head, Devon screamed again and again as that one word, written in his own blood drove home the fact that everything he'd ever wanted had never been his at all, no matter that he'd possessed it briefly.

He had never owned Reggie. Not even for a second.

And then, Reggie looks down. "It needs something." She says. Stepping forward she stuck her finger in the blood dripping from Devon. Then she pursed her lips and put in an apostrophe between the C and the S. So it read MAC'S.

Closing his eyes, Devon waited to die. He doesn't feel the third fishhook as it's pierced through his cock, though he screams when it's pulled through his flesh, destroying that with which he'd damaged Regina as well.

As blackness takes him over for the last time, his final thoughts are of his mother and the scars that had appeared on her nipples when Reggie was ten.

As death steals his rancid soul Devon realises that Mac had been the one to put them on her.


Walter stirred as a thud shuddered the bones serving as his carpet. Then a couple of glow sticks dropped around him. He sees that more water has been dropped. Rushing it he doesn't see the body as it's pushed over the edge.

When it lands Walter yelps and scrabbles back, thinking Mac had finally come to finish him off. But whoever it is doesn't move. Pushing the water under some bones so whoever it is doesn't steal it from him, Walter crawls forward.

They're dead, whoever they are, they're dead he realises. Pausing as he looks at the pale, naked flesh, Walter suddenly keens as he crawls forward heedlessly.

"Son, Devon!" He takes Devon in his arms as he rocks him and tears trickle down his face. "Devon, my boy."

A snicker from above takes his attention. "See how much you love your boy when you're so hungry your stomach is eating itself old man."


"Mac? Son? What, what have you done?" Walter asks as he continues to rock his beloved boy in his arms.

"What was long overdue…Daddy." This voice is female.

Squinting, Walter makes out four figures. One of them smaller than the others. "Regina? What have you done? You were always infected." Walter said in a whisper. "Wrong, always so wrong."

"But I'm only blood of your blood Daddy." Her voice filters down, sarcastic and amused.

"Mac infected you." Walter says as he cuddles Devon's corpse to him.

"No, you and my mother took care of that. She gave Mac to me you know." Regina speaks conversationally as she moves on the edge of the pit and sits down, legs dangling in the air, scattering some small pebbles to rain down on Walter.

"What?" Walter interrupts. "You're insane."

A rock pelts down on him, landing painfully on his shoulder. "Shut the fuck up old man. You've got no fucking idea what you're talking about." Mac again.

"I'd listen to him Walter." Seth.

"Who else is up there?" Walter quavers now as he looks up, wondering who the fourth figure was. Silent and still, he almost thinks he's imaging them until they move and a light shines on them.

It was the young man from the bar that had made Walter's spine tingle. "You scouted, I'm proud of you son." He says sarcastically to Mac even as he hunches down, expecting to be hit again.

"I learned it from you." Mac laughed and Regina smiled as she stared down at Walter. There is something fathomless in her gaze as she stares unblinkingly at Walter. He shudders even as he holds Devon to him.

Looking down he sees the damage to Devon, the fishhooks re-pierced into his flesh and the blood not even dry on his corpse.

Then, there is nothing.

Looking up, Walter sees the edge of the pit is vacant.

The four of them have disappeared as they came, like wraiths in the night.


Seth woke up silently. Dawn was a way off but he had a feeling today was the day. He dressed quietly and taking his boots with him, he padded down the hallway. In the kitchen doorway, he watches them take an apple and a banana and then look at the keys on the hooks at the back door.

"Take mine." He says as he steps forward and grabs two apples himself. "Grab my jacket and get one for yourself. It's fucking cold this morning. We can get some coffee on the way."

He puts the apples down on the counter by the back door as he steps into his boots and kneels to lace them quickly.

Then, opening the door, he motions Reggie through it. She steps through and they walk down the back steps to his truck in silence.

When they've been on the road for an hour, Seth speaks. "Tell me you're gonna kill him."

"I am." Reggie answers as she watches the sunrise on a new day that will bring her peace by the time it sets. "I don't tend to disagree with Mac, but this?" She shakes her head. "This was wrong."

"Agreed." Seth pulls over an hour later for gas, coffee and a bathroom break. When they get back to the truck, Reggie surprises him by taking the wheel. She's a competent driver, more than actually, given how she'd spent her last several years.

"Mac taught me actually." She answers him when he remarks on it. "The summer I was fifteen, he gave me my first orgasm and taught me to drive."

Shaking his head, Seth reclined in his seat and looked at her. Beautiful, bruised and whole, he thought. "You love him." He says out loud, to feel the words on the air and to see how Reggie will react.

"I've always loved him, he's the other half of my soul." Reggie answers simply as she reaches for a pair of sunglasses Seth had left on the dash and shoved them on her face making him grin. They dwarfed her features.

"Know what you mean." He returns her answer though as he thinks of the beautiful and bruised body he'd left snug and warm in bed this morning. "He's going to fucking kills us for going against him." He mutters now.

"No he won't." Reggie answers confidently.

"You don't know my Reece too well Little One." Seth answers before he realised she'd been talking about Mac.

They laughed together. Then, "We don't bother you now?" Seth asked her.

Shaking her head Reggie flicked a glance at him, before returning her eyes to the road. "No, it was never that, you love each other, that's obvious. It was that you had time with him that I never had."

"But you were the one who asked him to marry you and then leave you. Why did you do that?" Seth asked her now having gotten the story of the marriage certificate from Mac.

Tapping a finger against the side of her head Reggie sighed. "I had a reason at the time, I'm sure I did, but it's one of the holes I still have up here."

"Yeah, I just can't believe he fucking said yes." Seth still sounds shocked.

"Why? Because he's crazy? I'm crazy too you know. And so are you. And Reece." Reggie adds after a pause.

Wanting to snap at her, Seth stays silent. He'd like to deny it, but Reggie was right. None of them were anything close to sane, they just managed to hide their crazy from the rest of the world for the most part.

"We're just lucky you and I that we found our flip sides, our other halves, the yin to our yang, the black to our white." Reggie continued.

Huffing, Seth settled.

He saw Reggie grin as she continued to look at the road and huffed again. "Thanks for not rubbing it in." He finished after a while.

A soft laugh answers him. Then, "I have a confession to make." Reggie says softly.

"Yeah?" Seth perks up, this should be good.

"Two actually. One you'll be pissed at, the other…I'm hoping you'll be flattered." Reggie looked quickly at him again.

"Okay, tell me the one that's going to make me pissy." Seth says as he turns in his seat and hooks up a leg, keeping his eyes on Reggie.

"I haven't thought about how I'm going to kill Walter. I figured I'd work it out when I got there."

Nodding, Seth smiled. "Got you covered there, I'm not pissy either, I had a feeling you'd only think of going back." He laughed a little. "What's behind door number two?"

Because he's watching, she sees a flush cross Reggie's cheekbones. "I, uh, saw you and Reece the night before last, outside…making love." She said softly. "I watched."

Raising an eyebrow, Seth looked at her. The flush was all over her face now and her breathing had escalated a little. "I take it we turned you on?" He laughs as Reggie turns toward him briefly to lower his sunglasses and roll her eyes at him.

"Have you looked at yourselves in the mirror? You're both beautiful. Plus, you look like Mac." She winks at him and Seth's jaw drops.

"Uh," He swallows his suddenly dry mouth. "Little One, Mac is straight, sexually I mean." He says and qualifies his statement making Reggie laugh outright this time.

"I know, but you were both still hot. Besides, It was nice to see other's like we are you know?" She says as she settles down to focus on the road again.

"I do know. I never thought I'd find anyone who could take me, but Reece, it's like he's made for me, to counterbalance my crazy when it escapes. The damage I did before him, it wasn't pretty."

A soft hand reaches out and rests on Seth's knee, squeezes briefly and then drops away again.

Clearing his throat, Seth wondered how they'd gone from him coming with Reggie to make sure she was okay and protect her to her soothing him like only Reece had ever been able to.

"How do you feel about what the doctor said?" He asked after a while. They'd visited the doctor in New Mexico on the way home and then Reggie had been to see an obstetrician in Phoenix.

She had recommended surgery and Reggie was booked in for a few weeks time.

"Okay, sad, angry, irritated. But okay, kind of like it was inevitable anyway. It's not right that our bloodline continue." She answers after a while.

"Still sorry for you Little One." Seth answered, he reached out this time, hand clasping her shoulder briefly before dropping away.

When they refueled again, he took over driving. When they eventually pull up at the place they'd been not even two weeks ago, Seth got his bag out of the back and they covered the truck in silence.

Walking back down the tunnel, Reggie feels her muscles beginning to tense again. "If it looks like he's dead, I'm still going to check." She says to Seth with a stubborn tone in her voice.

"Seconded." Seth answers simply.

They walk past the cave where they'd spent time and where Devon had lost his life. The smell of bleach was still strong in it.

Passing it they continue on. When they're at the other entrance, they walk inside, their head lamps making weird shadows. Seth cracks some glow sticks and lets them fall down the pit.

A grotesque shadow moves slowly.

"Guess he's been rationing the water." Reggie says laconically making Seth laugh quietly.

"You are so Mac's." He muses and Reggie laughs this time.

"I am." She says simply and with pride making Seth roll his eyes, though really he was the same with Reece.

Opening the backpack he'd brought with him, Seth pulls out a chamois bag now. They both ignore the pleading whispers floating up the pit toward them.

Seth unrolls the bag and an old double-barreled shotgun, gleaming with oil appears in their lights. It shimmers as Reggie looks at it.

"It's beautiful, it looks old." She says as she reaches for it hesitantly, running an index finger along the short barrel. It ended about a quarter of an inch after the wooden fore-grip.

"It is, it came over with my great great grandfather from the old country." Seth answered. "It's all I have left of my family apart from Mac, Walter made my sister get rid of everything else."

Opening the shotgun, Seth opens a box of shells and takes out half a dozen. Shoving four in his pockets he puts two into the gun and then closes the barrel.

Then he steps behind Reggie and wraps his arms around her. "Together?" He asks, looking down at her. Looking back up at him, Reggie nods once.

"Okay then, she's got a bitching kick, so put your hands over mine, I'll pull the first trigger and then you pull the second and we'll obliterate him."

Bracing Reggie with his arm, Seth braces the shotgun against their sides, making sure they've got the recoil cushioned as well as they can. Then he lets Reggie put her hands on his over the fore grip and his hand on the trigger.

And waiting a few seconds to sync his breathing with Reggie's Seth pulls the trigger. He sighs as Walter's head is obliterated. The second blast makes him moan a little and he pulls his hips away as he feels his cock rise.

Opening the gun, Reggie plucks out the shells and tosses them down into the pit. Then Seth puts in two more shells.

They do the same thing again. Each shot destroying Walter, body and soul and freeing both Reggie and Seth in a way they've never been before.

Going through the entire box of shells, they slowly and repeatedly strip Walter down to nothing but a bunch of lead-filled muscle and tissue.

When they're done Seth's ears are ringing and Reggie's are ringing louder than usual. She stumbles, having a little trouble with her balance and Seth catches her, pushes her to the wall and finishes their work.

Taking out the accelerant, he tosses it down in the pit, covering everything. Then the timer and charge. When he's set it, he packs up the gun and puts it back in the bag carefully.

Reggie stands and stretches. "I feel good."

"Little One, you have no idea." Seth says as he presses his hand against his cock.

Laughing a little, Reggie leans in and hugs Seth and they walk away. Neither look back.


"MacQuade, wake-up!" Reece shoves at Mac and Mac squints into the sudden light.

"What's wrong?" He asks as he sits up. "Where's Reggie?" He asks as he feels that her side of the bed is cold.

"They went back." Reece stood, dressed and waiting for Mac to do the same. "To take care of Walter." He finished and Mac stopped and stared. Reece was fidgeting. Reece never fidgeted, he was always calm and collected, even under pressure. Especially under pressure.

"Fuck." Mac spoke. Getting out of bed, he stretched his leg carefully before putting his weight on it and standing. Then he pulls on the cargo's Reece tosses at him and shoves his feet into his boots.

Leaving the laces, he pulls on a t-shirt and grabs up the flannel one he'd worn yesterday and does up his belt as he follows Reece down the hall.

Reece grabs his keys and they're out the door still shoving on their jackets. Mac's blood is boiling. "Fucking retards." He mutters.

"What do you expect? You're the fucking retard for leaving Walter alive. Ego is all that fucking was." Reece snapped at him as he got in the driver's seat and gunned the engine.

Staring at Reece Mac's jaw dropped. He'd sworn. That stopped Mac in his tracks as nothing else would have. Reece didn't swear.

"Wanted the fucker to suffer." He muttered knowing full well he sounded like a petulant child.

Rolling his eyes, Reece laughed. "Who the fuck cares? He just needed to be dead. For Seth and Reggie, you should have gotten rid of him permanently before we left. For them to heal Mac." Reece argued now as he hadn't done at the cave.

"Fucking fine! I was wrong alright? And if you ever tell them I fucking said that I'll gut you like a fucking fish before you can say a fucking word!" Mac's words snarl across the cab of the pickup at Reece making him blink and shudder, thankful Seth wasn't around to hear the tone. The threat.

"Alright, let's just get there and get them back before they do any damage to the town or something. Fuck knows what they'll do when their blood is up." Reece says now as he shifts in his seat.

"Drive faster then." Mac orders Reece now and Reece obediently pushes his foot down, shooting the truck forward.

Stretching he his leg as much as he can the couple of times they stop, Mac is still stiff and moving badly when they pull up next to Seth's covered truck.

Just as he manages to get to the cave entrance, Seth and Reggie come laughing out of it.

Mac can smell the cordite on them, they're both covered in it and he can see it smudged on their hands. He knows immediately Seth has used his, their family's antique shotgun on Walter.

He stops and braces himself, feels Reece stop beside him and do the same.

"You done then?" He asks sarcastically. They stop in their tracks and look at them.

Reggie steps forward with a grin as she winds her arms around his neck, covering Mac in the smell of gun powder and the scent of her arousal and joy.

Helpless, he's fucking helpless against his Pretty Girl. He might own her, but she owns him right back.

Fisting his hand in her hair, ignoring Seth and Reece, Mac pulls on it and kisses her. Hard and fast, his tongue seeking her mouth, her essence. He fancies he can taste her sheer relief that both Devon and Walter were well and truly gone now.

Moaning into his kiss, Reggie pushes against his cock aggressively. Mac feels her fingers at his belt, heedless of Seth and Reece standing beside them.

"You want my cock Pretty Girl?" He groans into her ear as he grabs her biceps and pulls on them, making her stop the tugging of his clothes.

"Yes, Mac, yes." Reggie answers him as she pushes forward again, or tries to.

"What are you going to do for it then?" He asks her, wondering if she'll really go there in front of others. Hoping she will, knowing that Seth will get off on it and Reece by default.

Plus, he wasn't stupid, he knew Reggie had seen them the other night and he knew when she'd come to him afterward that her wetness was from what she'd witnessed.

Mac let's Reggie's body fall as she went to her knees willingly and her hands sought out his cock through his clothes again. "Make me come Pretty Girl." Mac ordered her now.

His head fell back as he ignored the moan that wasn't from he or Reggie and his hands grabbed hold of Reggie's hair again, still pulling at her. Bracing himself carefully, Mac let Reggie suck him down.

Her mouth was hot and wet, sucking on him like he was a fucking lollipop. Opening his eyes, Mac looked up at the sky around him. A cold, clear winter day greeted him. This was his land, his home.

Looking down, Mac saw and felt Reggie swallowing him down. He felt her fingers scratching at his balls and beyond, over his perineum lightly. "Harder." He said and felt her hand grasp his balls tightly and tug.

Moaning his pleasure now, Mac thrust in and out of her mouth, his cock dragging across her tongue, the cuts in it only arousing him further. That had been another gift from Devon. Scarred striations across Reggie's tongue. Punishment from when she'd bitten him.

But fuck, they were hot as sin on his cock. "You should feel her mouth, feels like heaven and hell wrapped into one." He says out loud to Seth and Reece. Teasing them.

"Yeah? Gonna share?" Seth asks, slightly strangled now.

"Nope." Mac answers with a grin as he looks across at Seth, Reece was nosing his neck, licking him lightly even as his hands moved down Seth's chest, opening buttons, stroking and pinching at skin along with way.

"No, you're mine and you're in trouble Seth." Reece spoke softly as he drew back and stared Seth down.

"Oh fuck." Mac watched bemused as Seth swallowed.

"Gonna spank him then Reece?" He asked as he groaned a little as Reggie nipped at him, wanting his full attention.

"More." Reece says quietly as he pulls back and jerks his head at Seth, "Do yourself up, I'll deal with you at home." Mac watches as Seth shudders and obeys Reece.

Then a bite on his own cock jerks him back to his Pretty Girl. Looking down he raises an eyebrow. "Jealous." He watches Reggie's eyes narrow at him before she pulls back. Then she closes her eyes and opens her mouth, taking all of him in.

"Fuck." Mac exclaims as he watches her lips, red and swollen now, swallow him down all the way, her throat is like a glove and while he loves it, suddenly he wants to come in her.

Pulling Reggie off his cock, Mac grabs her up and pushes her back into Seth. "Hold her." He says as he braces his leg and yanks on her jeans and panties. When he's got them down far enough, Mac turns her and pushes inside her from behind.

"Fuck." He says again as he feels her wetness coat him. Seth holds her and stares at Mac as he fucks Reggie. It is something they've done before, though not for years.

He startles when Reece pushes up against him from behind and his hands skate down his chest and open his buckle. Then they delve into his cargos and pull out his cock.

Reggie moans as she watches Reece's hands work Seth's cock. But she doesn't touch.

"You're lucky I like Mac and Reggie, I'm only letting you come now for them." Recce whispers in his ear and Seth shudders again as his balls draw up under the firm tugs and twists Reece gives his cock.

"Sorry." He says, knowing it won't make a difference, but needing to say it anyway.

"You broke your promise to me Seth." Reece whispers in his ear.

Reggie doesn't hear, too caught up in watching Reece jerk Seth off. But Mac hears and he shakes his head at Seth making Seth scowl at him. "It's your fucking fault." He moans as Reece pulls on him harshly, jerking him out of his dazed arousal. "Fuck!" He swears.

"Stow it." Reece orders him. Winding his other hand around his waist, Reece pulls him back, taking his weight, everyone's weight as Seth is supporting Reggie for Mac and Mac is leaning on her.

It's something he can cope with, taking their weight. And not just physically. It's what he does. What he's made for.

Watching Reece's strong hands manhandle Seth is a switch from what Reggie had watched the night before last. Then Seth had been completely in control of Reece, but now Reece was dominating Seth, no questions asked, no holds barred.

And Reggie realised that she was the same with Mac. His centre, his missing piece. Yes, she'd said it before, but now? Now she got it.

Closing her eyes to the pleasure she was seeing, Reggie let herself feel Mac instead. His cock, his hands branding her, his heart beating against her back. His soul reaching for and matching hers.

His animal stalking and dragging hers to the ground so she bared her belly in submission.

Arching her back, Reggie twisted and took Mac's lips in a bruising, messy kiss. "More." She demanded of him.

Mac delivered, his hands grasping her hips as he pushed into her violently, Reggie grasping every silky inch of him as he pushed inside her haven.

She was his home too, Mac realises. In more ways than one.

Seth's eyes rolled in his head as he watched Mac lose himself in Reggie. He had someone, finally he had someone.

Feeling his balls draw up, Seth released into Reece's waiting hand and sighed as he felt Reece bear his weight, just as he always would.

Reece grinned to himself as he felt Seth's heat splash across his hand. Keeping his arm around Seth, he drew his hand away and brought it to his mouth, sucking it clean. Seth groaned as he realised what Reece was doing and Reece just grinned wider.

Then he leaned back into Seth and whispered in his ear. "I hope you enjoyed it, it'll be a while before you come again Seth." He laughed outright as Seth moaned at his words.

Mac watched Seth and Reece and shook his head.

His eyelids flutter and he tilts his head back again to stare up at the late afternoon sun. Feeling Reggie clench down on him Mac groaned.

Needing to taste her suddenly, he let go of her hip and one of his hands skated down her ass, pushing in between their bodies, he pushes two fingers inside her, beside his thrusting cock.

Stretching Reggie in a beautifully burning, painful way Mac groans as it makes her tighter and his fingers brushing along his own cock were turning him on further. "Fuck, so tight still." He says, grateful Reggie still felt the same on the inside.

Home, she was home. Drawing his fingers back, Mac pushed them into his own mouth and sucked Reggie's essence down. He opened his eyes to see Seth and Reece looking at him. Reece smiled faintly and Seth licked his lips.

Bending over Reggie's back even as his balls draw up, Mac whispers in her ear. "They want to taste you Pretty Girl, both of them."

As his words filter to Reggie, Mac feels her spasm on his cock, his hand pushes under her to flick at her clit, keeping her orgasm going as he finds his own.

"Yes." His breath hitches as he feels himself explode inside her, splashing himself inside his Pretty Girl as he would continue to do so until the day he died.

Eventually stopping his hips thrusting, Mac stilled, his cock still inside Reggie. His fingers were coated in her juices as he pulled them away from her. Looking at Seth and Reece Mac grins wickedly.

Then he holds his fingers out to Reece making Seth curse him.

"You took her away from me." He says simply to Seth. "If Reece wants to share her, that's his business."

Keeping his eyes wide open, Reece watched Mac as he leaned forward and inhaled deeply, scenting Reggie just as Mac liked to.

Raising an eyebrow in question Reece paused, making sure Mac was okay with what he was about to do. Mac simply nodded and Reece opened his mouth, closing it over Mac's slick fingers.

"Oh God." Reggie murmured as she watched Reece suck her juices off Mac's fingers. She knew Mac wouldn't be doing anything else, she knew this was his twisted way of saying thank you for everything Reece and Seth had done over the last months. And she knew it was his even more twisted way of punishing Seth.

Because Seth swung both ways and Reece didn't.

"Sick, you're sick." Mac glanced at her with a wicked and yet open grin on his face. "But you're my kind of sick." Reggie finished with as she pulled up her panties and jeans. "We've got to go, the timer will go soon."

She stands though, still and silent as Reece cleans Mac's hand and then pulls away. She laughs a little in sympathy as Seth tries to kiss him and is rebuffed. Then she is surprised as Seth swoops in and takes her lips with his.

It's a hot kiss. Wet and sexual in the extreme and Reggie finds herself moaning helplessly even as she pushes away not knowing how Mac will take it.

He surprises her by laughing as he pulls her away. "Leave off. Man Reece is gonna whale the tar out of your ass and I don't blame him, fucking cheat." He steps carefully away and they all follow him.

Back at the trucks, they decide that Seth will go with Reece in his and Mac and Reggie will take Seth's back.

Their journey home in tandem is a comfortable one.


"When I die, I want to be spread over the canyon." Mac says softly as they reach the blacktop and begin their journey back to Arizona and their new home.

"Okay." Reggie answers him simply.


The SUV stops for gas in Cainville at a chain gas station. The driver's door opens and a man steps down.

He's old, his hair is grey, he walks stiffly and his hands are gnarled with arthritis. But for all that, he is steady on his feet as he opens the tank and begins to refuel the vehicle. His lined face peruses the town that he hasn't seen for decades.

It's grown, but he still feels the pit of evil that had a choke hold on it the last time he was in town. He feels it like a festering sore on his skin, trying to wrap around his soul and steal it from his body.

It was fitting, he thought as he rolled a cinnamon flavoured toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other laconically.

The passenger door opens, taking his attention. The woman is old too, her hair grey and pulled back in a messy ponytail sticking out from an old baseball cap. Her still bright eyes are shaded by prescription sunglasses.

The sleeveless blouse she wears shows years of heard wear and tear on her skin in the form of old scars and even some bite marks. They're marks she's not even aware of anymore.

"I'll go pay." She murmurs as she takes out her bag and walks toward the store entrance.

"I'll hit the head." The man answers as he locks the SUV. They both had keys.

When they're settled again, the man turns to her and asks for the last time. "You're sure?"

"I'm sure, it's what he wanted." She said opening the bottle of water she'd bought for herself.

"Okay then." The man starts the engine and they travel through town. Neither of them look left or right as they travel through. They'd seen enough at the gas station.

Pulling off the road some time later, the man engages the four-wheel drive and they travel over the harsh, red landscape.

After about an hour they stop and get out of the SUV, locking it after getting some water and a burnished wooden container.

Walking for a while, they eventually stop on a cliff overlooking the canyon.

Red Canyon.

Staring out over the canyon, Reggie felt her heart swell. "I had the best times and the worst times of my life here until I met you." She said quietly.

The man looked at her and smiled a little. "Been an interesting time with you in my life, that's for sure." He answered her as he turned to look out over the canyon again as well.

Watching, he saw Reggie open the wooden box. She gave him the lid. "Toss it over for me?" She asked.

Nodding, Reece tossed the lid of the box out into the canyon. They both watched it as it fell down and out of sight.

Then he took a step back, leaving the rest for Reggie. He watched as she took a deep breath and then flung the box in an arch.

The ashes spread out into the air, the breezes of the canyon picking them up and taking them to hell and back again. Just as Mac would want.

When the box was empty, Reggie looked back at Reece again and he stepped forward and threw it over the cliff as well.

As the sun began to slide toward the horizon, Reggie stirred and Reece prepared to leave.

But instead of stepping back, she turned to Reece and blew him a kiss.

Before he realised her intent, she'd stepped forward out into space, her arms out swept as if reaching for Mac.

"Reggie!" Reece called uselessly as he watched her fall. He stood there as the sun set around him and cold swept the canyon.

He stood there as the moon rose and then fell again and dawn broke.

Finally, when it was daylight again. Reece stepped away from the edge and began to turn. As he did, a shimmer caught his eye. Blinking he stared and then closed his eyes and opened them again. Shaking his head at the fancy, he turned away and walked back toward his SUV.

Behind him, in the early morning air, the air shimmers.

If he'd been a little more fanciful, Reece would have said that two figures embraced out there in the canyon, standing on thin air as their souls shimmered and merged in the early morning light.

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