Maiden Rhea didn't know what to think.

She had just arrived in Firelink Shrine, and decided that she and her guards needed a rest before continuing their mission.

However, shortly after she had begun her afternoon prayers, she had heard a flapping of wings. Confused, the maiden turned, and came face to face with a Drake. After taking a moment to confirm that, yes, a Drake was staring at her, Rhea squealed and backed up against the wall, attempting to make herself look small.

It was in this state that Jack Slash found her in, when he came down from the Undead Parish.

"They have elevators here?" He asked. "Huh. More advanced then I thoug- Hey, what're you doing?"

"D-D-D-" Stuttered Rhea.

"What is it? Ducks? Do you have a phobia of Ducks or something?"

"Dragon!" Squealed the priestess.

Jack frowned. "Oh, is this a game?"


"Dragons. Bah! What a ridiculous idea." Snorted Jack.

"B-but- It's right there!" Exclaimed Rhea, forgetting her terror for a moment. The Hellkite Dragon growled, and the maiden eeped.

Jack blinked. "Wow. You're a good actor."

"Are you blind!" Whispered Rhea, as Solaire arrived from the second elevator, behind Jack.

"No. That's how I know that there is no dragon."

Solaire blinked in confusion, then waved at the Drake. The Hellkite Dragon waved back. Rhea's gave up.

"You know what? This is stupid, you're stupid, and I feel stupid just talking to you. I thought I might need rest before going to search the Catacombs, but I need my wits more, and being around you seems to drain me of them. I'm leaving."

Rhea stormed off, and her three protectors moved after her. Solaire watched them as they left.

"She seems like a nice person." He said.

That was when the giant crow swooped down from the heavens, and placed Taylor between Solaire and Jack.

Skitter sighed, before getting out of the mud that she had, once again, landed face-first into.

"Hey." Noted Jack. "You're back."

Solaire did a quick bow. "Hello, my lady. I assume that you know Noble Sir Jack?"

Taylor blinked. "Noble... Jack.?Heh... Hehehe... HehehHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Jack did his best not to react as Taylor laughed like Bonesaw in a morgue on Christmas.

"Anyway!" He shouted after a moment, just before he gave into the urge to stab her. "This is Solaire. You said you wanted to talk to him earlier."

Taylor took a moment to finish laughing, before standing and turning to Solaire.

"I will assume that you have personal reasons for your outburst." Said the Warrior of Sunlight. "An inside joke, or a type of insanity, I shouldn't pry either way. What did you wish to speak about?"

Taylor decided against telling him about 'Noble Sir Jack' and his deeds. For now.

"Yes." Replied Taylor. "The Crestfallen Warrior said I should talk to you about alternate worlds?"

"Hm..." Said Solaire. "I'll tell you what I know, but I don't know that much. For more information, you should consult a scholar. Like Big Hat Logan."

Taylor paid rapt attention, while Jack decided to go meet his old archnemesis: The Graveyard,

Solaire cleared his throat. "Anyway, about alternate worlds: Time in Lordran is cultivated. Heroes from the far past and future phase in and out, and even alternate timeline cross with ours from time to time. A while ago, someone discovered that using the right materials- The Soapstones- Can let you leave signs in alternate worlds. While most of these signs are messages, you can use some of these to summon a Phantom to fight by your side, or even to fight against you."

Taylor raised her hand. "Um... Is there any worlds that have been seen this way that are completely unlike Lordran? Like, it has more technology, and the people there have never heard of anyone well-known from this one?"

"Not that I am aware of." Replied Solaire, and Taylor sighed.

"Back to square one..." Muttered Taylor, as Jack returned, carrying a Zweihander. "I guess it's time to go look for a scholar, then."

"We could try looking in Blighttown." Suggested Jack.

Solaire looked at Jack in confusion. "Why, by Gwyn, would a scholar go to Blighttown? Hell, why would anyone go to Blighttown?"

"Ring the Bells of Awakening?"

"Bells of what now?" Asked Taylor.

"Bells of Awakening." Replied Jack. "No idea what they do, just something to do while waiting for a way back home."

Solaire looked like he was going to ask a question, but decided against it.

"By the way, Skitter, you're hand is on fire."

Taylor shrugged. "I know. It's magic. Watch."

Taylor threw a fireball toward a nearby cliff. The wind picked up just in time to blow it into Jack's face.

"How come she gets working magic?" Jack asked, as Solaire threw a bucket of water at him. "I can't get this freaking Lightening Spear thing to work, but she can throw fireballs just fine."

"Have you tried Praising the Sun?" Asked Solaire.

"Yes." Replied Jack bitterly. "I tried that. For four hours. Straight. My arms still hurt."

"Try Attuning it?" Suggested Taylor. Jack looked at her, tilting his head.

"That's what the guy said." She explained. "You need to rest a Bonfire and read a scroll."

Solaire facepalmed. "Ah. Sorry. It's been so long since I Attuned, I forgot it was necessary."

He took out a scroll, and three it at Jack. "First line or so." He explained.

Jack unrolled the Scroll, and began reading. "Dear Diary, those meanies at school taunted me about my sun feti-"

"Wrong scroll! Wrong scroll!" Panicked Solaire, snatching it off of Jack. "Try this one."

Jack looked at the scroll, then back at Solaire. "Really?"


Jack sighed. "Thunderbolts and lightening, very very frightening me."

Once he had finished reading, Jack stood up and looked towards the nearby cliff.

"This better fucking work." He said, making a throwing motion.

The Lightening Spear formed in his hand, and shot over the cliff, into the sky.

Jack grinned. "Yes!" He called. "Alright, off we go to ring these bells."