A Ranma ½ Alternate Histories Company Presents:

Ranma ½ / BTVS

Ranma The Vampire Slayer

Book 2

Dark Love

By Felix Webster (Felix Warstar)

Chapter 1

New Faces

- - - -


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- - - -

Previously on Ranma The Vampire Slayer

"I told you bitch that I didn't like you messing in my business,"
Angelus spat into the red head's face as he held up the badly beaten
Ranma-chan, "You aren't stopping this!"

"Hold on mate, she's in no condition to stop anything," Spike said
with a smirk from his wheel chair. "That last demon saw to that."

"If I wanted your opinion I'd wheel you to a microphone," Angelus
snarled taking his eyes off the girl for a moment but before Ranma-
chan could do anything to get out of his grip he looked back to her
as the mouth of the statue behind him started to move. "Neither you
or the bimbo can stop this now!"

"I doubt that," a familiar voice said from behind him causing all to
look at the blonde holding a weapon. "Let her go."

"Not happenin. . . OW!" Angelus grabbed his arm that was just
holding the red head as it was suddenly in searing pain and not
wanting to work properly anymore.

Ranma-chan dropped and rolled away from the evil Vampire after
hitting a nerve that she hoped was still active in the walking dead
man's body.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you never take your eyes off what you
hunt," Spike laughed as Ranma-chan slowly stood up.

"Shut up gimpy!" Angelus snarled again but barely had time to
realize that Spike was standing before being hit by the other Vampire.

A fight began in real as both Buffy and Spike started to pound on
the tall dark haired Vampire all the while the mouth opened wider and
wider and a vortex started to form. After a minute Ranma-chan joined
in but she hadn't completely recovered and was hit by a brutal blow
to her head sending her into a wall where she crumbled to the floor.

"B. .Buffy? What. . ?" was all the newly awakened Angel got out
before receiving a solid kick sending him through the vortex. The
vortex closed with a violent burst of chaotic light before collapsing

Not taking time to grieve over Willow's success Buffy rushed to the
motionless body of her friend. After checking for a pulse she looked
up in tears at the blonde Vampire.

Spike knew he would kick himself later for this but the girl, Ranma,
had tried to give him a decent break every time they tangled and he
owed the girl. Pushing Buffy out of the way he brought strong breath
into his rarely used lungs and started to do the most basic CPR, he
really didn't know the procedure too well. Ranma-chan seemed to start
responding by the feel of her life essence but something was holding
her from coming back to them. Spike's gaze darkened as the only thing
he could think of was something he didn't want to do, it took only
another moment of feeling the red-head's life slip again to make up
his mind.

"Blood is life, life needs blood," he mumbled in angry tones to
himself as he created a small cut in the palm of his left hand,
before Buffy realized he had changed his actions he put the cut over
the Japanese girl's mouth and waited for the small sucking to start.
"Come on girl I know you want to live, I'm bleedin' here so start

After a few more moments Ranma-chan's body started to buck causing
Spike to jump back as blood bubbled back up out of her mouth and her
eyes opened. Before Spike could smile Buffy had him by the collar,

"Bleeding hell girl, nothing like that. . . the last thing I want is
a Vampiric Slayer, probably kill everyone just out of spite!" Spike
pulled himself away from Buffy and tried to straighten his jacket. "I
just used blood to pull her back, and it seems to have worked."

- - - -

Spike was driving out of Sunnydale like a bat out of proverbial hell
in a car covered with foil on all windows, he was trying to keep his
eyes on the road instead of looking at the unconscious Drusilla
laying next to him. He wanted to stay in the Hellmouth as the very
best of the nasties would be constantly drawn to the place but he had
given his word in exchange for another's word. Honour be damned as
far as he was concerned, but for once he wanted to keep his word, so
he was leaving with all speed he could.

- - - -

Buffy stood on the side of the Highway leading from town not knowing
what to do now that everything was falling apart. She couldn't go
home, she wasn't welcome at the school, and she had lost the one
person she thought she truly loved.

Standing there she did what she thought she had to do to keep her
sanity, she stuck out her thumb.

"Are you positive that is what's needed?" a scratchy voice asked
from behind Buffy causing her to jump and spin with a kick to attack
whatever demon crept up on her.

The kick was easily blocked with the staff Cologne always carried
and the old ghoul gave the girl what she must have thought was a
smirk, "Way too young to catch me with a move like that. I have given
lessons to Ranma in the Art and you are not even close to his skill.
. . but you could be. Focussing on the Art might even help you not
think of the pain and loss."

Buffy raised an eyebrow at the very old woman then shrugged, Cologne
made a motion for her to follow and the pair headed off away from the

[A Time Later]

Life had been mostly quiet after the Angelus encounter, a few minor
situations but nothing neither Ranma or Buffy couldn't handle with
ease. Buffy saw little of the outside world except for slaying and it
suited her fine at the moment as she found Cologne was part right
about the Art helping with the pain, to focus it and to use it
against those who deserved to feel it.

Ranma and Willow became closer over the summer. They spent hours
together trying figure out how the curse had really changed, and to
be sure whatever Spike had done to bring Ranma back didn't have any
after effects. Ryoga and Cordelia spent as much time as they could
when he showed up in Sunnydale and they seemed to break though some
of Ryoga's natural reactions to girls, so he didn't faint anymore
from bleeding noses when Cordelia hugged him.

When the summer started to wind down Cologne did her best to bring
Buffy and her mother back together, and the three of them gave
Principal Snyder a good talking to about Buffy returning to the
school. Snyder gave a good fight but relented against his better

Miyabi Gozumi came back to resumed her class responsibilities and
for other reasons, of which we will get to as the story moves along.
. . as for now the story starts a week into the new school year.

- A Day and a Night in the life of a Slayer -

"Hey," Ranma called out to a boy about his own age wearing a
Hawaiian shirt that didn't seem loud on him. Willow put her arm
around Ranma's waist and smiled at the boy who turned and started
walking towards them, the others looked confused.

"Hey Ranma," the boy replied with a small smile and nodded to
Willow. "Willow."

"Hi Oz," Willow greeted still smiling.

"Guys this Oz, Oz this is the guys," Ranma introduced the new boy to
Buffy and Xander.
"One of them isn't a guy Ranma," Oz replied straight faced although
he was obviously joking.

"That would be Buffy," Xander nodded his head to the side that Buffy
was standing. "I'm Xand. . ."

"Xander Harris and Buffy Summers, I know. . . Ranma and Willow have
talked about both you," Oz smiled and shrugged when the pair looked
at the couple.

"I met Oz when we had that career day, both of us were talked to by
that computer company," Willow explained.

"Me and Oz have a couple of classes together," Ranma added, "but we
met during the summer."

"Band being one of them. Ranma's getting pretty good on guitar," Oz
said as he gave Ranma a light slap on the back as Ranma tried not to
look embarrassed.

"Yeah, he's got really good rhythm," Oz continued. "Any time you
want to give a real try my band could always use another set of
strings. . . I don't mind sharing the spot."

"Ah. . . I don't think so, you said most of the time your band plays
at night. . . and I kinda get busy at night," Ranma smiled nervously
at Oz who simply shrugged again.

"Offer's always open. Look I've got to talk to a couple of teachers
before class so I'll see to you later," Oz replied then gave a small
wave as he started to walk off.

"We should be in the library during lunch," Willow called out before
he got too far and received another small nod from Oz who looked back
for a moment.

"Wil? Do you think it wise for him to be coming into the library
while we're discussing 'stuff'?" Xander asked after Oz was out of ear
shot, he turned a little to make sure no one else was overtly
listening in as well.

"Don't worry Xander, Oz is cool," Ranma replied smiling. "He's got a
very strong aura for a guy who doesn't fight."

"And that is supposed to make me feel more better about this?"
Xander asked rolling his eyes as the others started into the school.

- - - -

Willow tugged on Ranma's sleeve after entering the school, "So if
you met him during the summer how'd you meet him? And why didn't you
tell me?"

"Heard him and his band playing near the new house and just sorta
started talking to him about his music," Ranma shrugged with a small
smile. "He kept mentioning you and I was a little concerned about
having things start again. . ."

Willow gave him a small punch then latched on closer, "I barely know
him. . . and no one compares to you."

"I know, I know," Ranma laughed as he flexed his right arm showing
off, "No one could compare. . ."

Willow looked up into Ranma's face confused that he stopped dead in
his tracks, then she followed his gaze back towards a Japanese girl
with short blue-black hair.

"Hello Ranma," the girl said neither cold nor friendly as she stood
in the hallway and looked at the two. "I see you didn't waste time."

"A. Akane? What are you doing here?" Ranma sputtered in disbelief.
Akane Tendo standing in the hallway of Sunnydale High wearing causal
clothes and holding a small school backpack, instead of a school
satchel, was the last thing he ever expected.

"I'm on the exchange student program just like you are," Akane
replied as she approached the couple. Reaching them she smiled at
Willow and held out her hand, "I'm Akane Tendo, Ranma's ex-fiance."

"I know, Ranma has talked about you," Willow said nervously causing
Akane to narrow her eyes at Ranma. Willow gave Akane a weak smile and
tried to get Akane's attention off of her boyfriend, "I'm Willow
Rosenberg. . ."

"Why are you here?" Ranma repeated again this time more firmly.

"I told you why," Akane replied starting to get angry. "What I do
now is none of your business!"

"Who's your sponsor?" Willow asked quickly to diffuse the fight she
saw coming. "Every exchange student has to have a sponsor. Ranma's is
our Librarian, Mr. Giles, so who is yours?"

"Ms. Gozumi," Akane stated not looking at the girl.

"That explains a lot," Ranma rolled his eyes at mention of the name.

"What does she have to do with anything?" Akane challenged still
getting mad.

"She brought you here to get even for me refusing to obey her
'almighty orders'," Ranma shook his head slightly as he replied

"From what I hear you haven't been honouring your responsibilities,"
Akane sneered back.

"I have to!" Ranma nearly shouted at the girl causing several people
to turn and look for a moment before continuing on to where they were
going. "I just will have nothing to do with a person that would try
to force me to stay a girl just to kill Vampires."

"Ms Gozumi did some horrible things before Ranma left her," Willow
added looking worried. "And Cologne agreed with his decision to

"Oh, and you trust that old ghoul now!?! After all the problems she
put you through!" Akane argued still not bothering to look at the red-
haired girl.

"Cologne has been a real help here unlike certain other people,"
Ranma defended the old woman even though Akane wasn't completely
wrong. "Miyabi just wants a mindless killing machine that won't
question orders. . . I don't want you caught in that kind of

"Stop worrying about me, I can take care of myself!" Akane screamed
at Ranma then spun to walk away. "I've had to since you left me."

- - - -

"I'm telling you that Miyabi is going to get Akane hurt!" Ranma
complained as he paced the library. He had skipped his second class
to join Willow and Xander during their study period and to talk to
Giles about the new problem in his life. . . or was that old problem?

"I doubt Ms Gozumi would endanger a normal girl just to get back at
you. She is a member of the Watcher's Council after all," Giles
replied briefly looking up from the text he was translating. "She
knows better than putting a normal girl against things like Vampires."

"I'm not worried about Akane running into regular Vampires," Ranma
flopped himself into a nearby chair. "She's more than capable enough
to deal with them."

"She is?" Xander looked up from his math text. He had met the new
Japanese exchange student during his first class and she didn't seem
at all happy.

"She's as strong an ox. . . but she isn't anywhere near my level of
skill," Ranma explained shaking his head slightly. "After I showed up
in Nerima she seemed like she really wanted to learn unfortunately
she's one of those types that want it right now but isn't willing to
give it enough effort to learn properly."

"I don't get it," Xander looked very confused.

"She always went for the quick route to get what she wanted. She
can't swim so she was willing to wear a magical swimsuit that allowed
her to swim instead of being patient with lessons." Ranma tried to
explain again leaning back and looking at the ceiling. "Before I came
to Nerima she had been one of the best Martial Artists in the area,
this was in an area where martial arts was very important. After
people like Ryoga started to show up following me she barely rated at

"Ouch, must have made her feel a bit like a second stringer. . ."
Xander frowned then looked back at his textbook.

"She didn't take it well. . . nor the fact I looked better as a girl
then she did. . ." Ranma added putting his hands in front of his
chest and mimed bouncing two breasts a bit. He then stood and walked
up behind Giles to see what had the man's attention so directed.
"Chthonian? Wow, Cologne was wrong about that language never really
ever being useable."

"Chthonian? Damn it all, I was translating it from Alothorian,"
Giles pinched the top of his nose and closed his eyes in defeat. "It
explains why all the verbs are wrong."

"Sorry, that language spell gave me some real bizarre ones," Ranma
smiled apologetically as he moved back from the man to sit down again.

"Cat being the weirdest," Willow smirked as she came down from the
stacks and sat in Ranma's lap.

"Don't remind me!" Ranma shook slightly. "And the little beasts all
seem to know I can understand them!"

Willow started giggling then stopped when Ranma's face changed to
sudden realization, "What?"

"Damn it! I should have noticed!" Ranma stated loudly and slapped
his forehead.

"Noticed what?" Willow asked again now very worried.

"Akane spoke perfect english!" Ranma explained. "She wasn't very
good with it when I left!"

"Miyabi cast that spell again? After what she knew it did to you?"
Giles looked up again at the small group.

"She said it was a freak accident that I got so many languages so I
guess she didn't see it as a risk," Ranma replied not looking happy.
"I wonder what went wrong during the ritual this time?"

- - - -

"Excuse me?" Akane looked around confused having stopped someone who
looked like they could help her.

"I don't think excuses are enough for that outfit," Cordelia Chase
replied sneering at the foreign girl. . . who looked way too familiar
for some reason.

"What's wrong with my outfit!?!" Akane demanded loudly with her
hands in fists. She couldn't see anything wrong with wearing a
yellow sundress as Sunnydale was a hot place and the school didn't
have a school uniform.

"Cordelia stepped back with her eyes as wide as they could go,
"Whoa! I was just saying that it was just so last decade. . ."

"I haven't had a chance to shop here, okay!?" Akane stated still
looking angry not liking the fact she wasn't even close to
fashionable. It may have never seemed to be much on her mind when she
was in Nerima but she always had the latest styles in her closet,
even if they were knock offs sewn by Kasumi.

"Oh my god! Ohmygodohmygod!" Cordelia exclaimed as it finally hit
her why the girl looked so familiar, she was another of the people
from the tapes her cousin set her, "Oh my god, you're Akane Tendo!"

"Um, yes I am. . . have we met?" Akane asked blinking in
bewilderment that the girl could know her name just like that.

"No, no we haven't met, but I've admired that acting you did on
those tapes. . . although Ryoga and Ranma sorta proved that they
weren't acting and special effects," Cordelia replied still talking
in rapid speech.

"You know Ryoga?" Akane looked surprised.

"Well yeah, we're dating after all," Cordelia said as if the whole
world knew that bit of information.

"Dating!?!" Akane looked even more surprised. "He never mentioned
that the last time I saw him. . . although it was about two and a
half months ago."

"Come on, we should talk," Cordelia said with a smile as she grabbed
the Japanese girl and tried to lead her towards a quiet place.

"I. I guess. . But I really should get to class. . I only wanted to
know where the band class was," Akane allowed herself to be dragged
by the odd girl she just met. "I was told that if you wanted to learn
to sing you had to take band and I need it for my theatre class. . ."

- - - -

"No, not like that Ranma. . . you've got to spread your fingers more
to get a better feel," Oz corrected as he moved Ranma's hand into
proper position on the guitar neck.

"Geez, why'd I let you talk me into taking this class?" Ranma rolled
his eyes again as he tried the cord again.

"Don't be so down on it, you're doing incredibly for a beginner," Oz
leaned back against the nearby wall of the classroom and crossed his
arms giving Ranma a stoic smile. "It took me almost a week to learn
this cord and you've almost got it in less then an hour. . .
definitely got talent there."

"Nah, I just learn things quickly. . . and a good teacher," Ranma
smiled as he readjusted his fingers again and flexed them into a
variant before going back to the original position then nodded at the
ease of position changes. "It's kinda like learning a new kata, you
do it right and it makes music."

"Don't really know much about martial arts, not much use for it," Oz
replied as he moved to the other chair and picked up his guitar and
started playing a few cords. "But I get the idea you're trying to

"You okay about the other day?" Ranma asked as he set his guitar
down and remembered Oz's first taste of Vampire kind.

"What about the other. . . oh I guess Willow told you about the
incident," Oz looked up confused for a moment. "It was a little
weird, but it explains a lot."

"Yeah well it was even weirder then that. . . those ones were
obviously trained to fight," Ranma replied narrowing his eyes then
just shrugged and smiled. "Oh well, that's just going to make things
more fun."

"You related to that cute red-head that was with Willow who did all
those crazy moves?" Oz asked quirking an eyebrow, both Ranma and the
girl looked simular but that might just be his inexperience with

Ranma looked away for a moment before replying, "She's sorta my
sister. . . in a way. Her name's Ranko and she does that kinda thing
every night."

"Don't you worry about her fighting those things?" Oz looked
worried, even though she was an incredible fighter he couldn't figure
how any brother would allow his sister to do that without helping.
"Don't have much choice. . . she's what's called a 'Slayer', it her
job to hunt and kill Vampires. She's been given incredible abilities
to do this. . . except her Martial training makes those abilities
kinda moot," Ranma sighed as he explained, all the time expecting Oz
to make a comment about his sanity. "I can't be there for her the way
I'd like to be, but I am always there."

"That's cool. . . I guess," Oz nodded as he thought about it, he
wasn't going to question the 'Slayer' thing, after all he did see and
kill a Vampire just two nights prior. "I don't remember seeing her in
school here though. . ."

"I do school and she does 'saving of the world'. . it's kinda a deal
between us," Ranma smirked slightly. "She got the better part of the

"It must be tough with that kind of responsibility," Oz said leaning
back into the chair and closing his eyes for a moment as his fingers
started to change cord positions quickly.

"Nah, the only real problem is that both me and Ranko believe
killing is wrong," Ranma replied shaking his head slightly. "Kinda
puts a kink into the whole 'Slayer' thing, most of the time trying to
convince a Vampire or Demon to not kill things is just pointless. . .
but there are rare times when it's not."

"Sticking by morals is a good thing. . . but saving people is also a
good thing. . . I guess it's a tough decision either way," Oz
shrugged again then noticed Mr. Hamilton heading for them. "Hey Mr.

"Oz," Mr. Hamilton replied as he reached the pair. "So, how is Ranma

"He's got a good touch on the strings and a steady sound, he should
be playing professionally before graduation," Oz said smirking as he
was causing Ranma a lot of embarrassment. "He probably should try
some of the other instruments to see if he's good on them too."

"And his music reading?" Mr. Hamilton tried not to smile about the
boy's progress.

"I already knew how to read music, several different styles of
musical writing actually," Ranma replied not realizing he was
bragging. "It's kinda funny how a spoken language was formed from it.
. . if you can hit the notes."

"A spoken language. . .?" Mr. Hamilton repeated not completely
believing the boy. It wasn't that he hadn't ever heard of a language
like that but Ranma sounded like he knew it as fact.

"Sure. . . Just a sec," Ranma shrugged then closed his eyes to help
centred himself before opening his mouth and producing one of the
most beautiful and melodic sound anyone in the small class had ever
heard. It obviously meant something as it had a feeling to it that
translated but wasn't understood by those listening. After about a
minute Ranma finally stopped and looked embarrassed again as he
noticed a lot of students were now standing around him. "It would
have sounded better if it was a couple octaves higher. . . it was
designed for women."

"That was incredible," Oz's eyes were wide in disbelief. "That would
be a great background voice for some songs I've been writing."

"Could you do that again?" Mr. Hamilton asked as he started to look
for a tape recorder. "I have to have that on tape."

In the back of the room Akane stood in the doorway and blinked as
the sound washed over her. Shaking her head she cleared herself
enough to see that it came from Ranma who was far across the room.
Before he could see her she turned and left to get farther away from
the man that she was once to marry.

- - - -

"So this is the Batcave?" Oz asked with a small smile as he and
Ranma walked in to the school Library, "Strange, it looks just like a
school Library."

"Yeah, it was where the others met before I got here," Ranma
shrugged as they moved farther into the room. "Personally I would
have preferred a Dojo or something."

"Yes, well, we do with what we have to," Giles stated as he moved
out of his little office. "Tea?"

"Of course," Ranma smiled as he sat down at the large table then
remembered something. "Oh, sorry about that. Giles, I'd like you to
meet Oz. Oz, this is Giles. . . he's sorta the person who knows what
it is we fight."

"I have met Oz before," Giles said solemnly as he poured Ranma a cup
of the tea he offered. "I understand you had an encounter with some
of our nastier inhabitants of Sunnydale?"

"Yeah, wasn't really expecting Vampires on a Saturday night but hey
this is California and the crazies seem to migrate here after all,"
Oz smiled at the pair.

"Hey Oz," Willow greeted as she came into the library and came up to
Ranma to give him a little kiss.

"Hey," Oz replied then nodded to Xander who followed in behind her
and then walked over to the center table a plopped down into a well
used chair.

"Where's Buffy?" Ranma asked noticing that she wasn't right behind
the other two.

"She had to talk with Mrs. Reynolds about helping that new exchange
student get accustomed to our idea of an English class," Willow
replied not looking too happy. "It's sort of Buffy's penance from
Principal Snyder."

"Great, she's alone with Buffy. . . does Buffy even know about why
Akane's here? It effects her too," Ranma started to roll his eyes but
stopped and looked seriously at Willow.

"We didn't get the chance," Xander offered from across the room.

"But Akane knows about. . . Oh CRAP!" Ranma bolted for the door
after causing Willow to jump. Before the others could ask what was
wrong he was gone.

"I guess 'Follow him!' would be in order right now?" Oz asked
looking at the swinging library doors.

"Yeah, sounds about right," Xander replied as he ran for the door
followed by Willow and Oz.

Giles sat back and sipped his tea shaking his head slightly knowing
it was pointless to follow but the Library was quiet again, "Good

- - - -

Buffy flipped out of the way of another blindingly fast punch barely
avoiding getting tagged by the foreign girl, "I still don't see what
your sitch is but I won't hesitate to knock you down!"

"I yet to see that!" Akane pulled back to give the blonde a
disappointed look, the area around her was nearly destroyed with fist
and foot sized holes were everywhere. "So far it's been me doing the
knocking down."

"Maybe I'm just playing with you?" Buffy asked as she moved to the
side and prepared to attack again. The first few minutes she had
problems avoiding the hits came at her from this girl but now she
found a rhythm to this girl's moves and was ready to started taking
the fight back to what it should be, Slayer beating the crap out of
some demon influenced little bitch.

"Oh I know you can fight better, but I'm holding back too," Akane
smiled one of her sister's nasty smiles at the idea of what she was
capable of thanks to Miyabi.

The two leapt at each other and fought in away Akane remembered
seeing Ranma and his father do most mornings, suspended above the
ground for an impossible amount of time. Buffy wasn't really go at
this style but Ranma had taught her how to use her opponent's moves
to keep the fight in the air, obviously Akane was doing the same
thing. After a couple of seconds Buffy finally got a solid hit and
Akane flew across the room to impact with a near collapsed wall, it
fell on top of the girl.

"See, told you I was playing," Buffy said as she tried desperately
to get her breath back as those moves took almost everything out her.

"One hit and you're acting like you've won the fight," Akane stated
sounding both annoyed and disappointed. She stood up with rubble
falling all around her glowing and smiled evilly at the blonde, "I
expected more from a demon pretending to be the last dead Slayer. . .
I guess being blonde does lower your intelligence."

"Hey! That dumb blonde stuff is like so fifties!" Buffy reflectively
put a hand to her hair and looked hurt, then it clicked. "What do you
mean 'demon pretending to be the Slayer'!?! I am the Slayer! You're
the demon pretending to be human! Like how many real humans can put
their fists through cement!?"

"More then I can count on my hands that I know of," Akane replied
seriously and narrowed her eyes at the blonde. "You can't fool me,
Demon, I was warned about you. I know that the Slayer 'Buffy Summers'
died a long time ago and that you're just using her shell to fool the

"Who the hell would say something so stupid like that?" Buffy stood
up straight and gave the other girl a confused and blinking look.

"Miyabi Gozumi," Ranma answered sounding very angry at what he was
looking at. Willow, Xander, and Oz just barely caught up to him as
they reached the abandoned construction just outside the school.

"Stay out of this Ranma! She's got you as fooled as much as the
others!" Akane yelled at her old fiance not taking her eyes off of

"Miyabi lied to you," Ranma stated calmly as he slowly approached
Akane. "Just like she lied to me. . . about everything dealing with
being the Slayer."

"You do not want to be between me and this demon, Ranma! I've got
the power now," Akane set herself to attack Ranma if he continued
towards her.

"What power? I can see your stronger, you aura is almost as powerful
as mine, but it isn't the power of the Slayer," Ranma replied as he
stopped and shifted his gaze to see all that could not normally could
be seen. "And it's eating at you. . . at your soul."

"You're lying!! Just because I am finally as strong as you!" Akane
turned all of her attention to Ranma and looked ready to kill. "And
I'm not going to shirk my duty and responsibilities like you did over
some red piece of perverted tail!"

Willow looked slightly offended at the obvious referral to her.
Ranma's eyes narrowed at the girl he once thought he knew, "Akane. .
. You think you're as powerful now as I am now? Why don't we find out
huh? I mean here I am as a guy without the Slayer abilities so you
shouldn't have any problems right?"

Akane narrowed her eyes at Ranma, keeping the others in the corner
of her eyes to be sure that they weren't up to something, "Is that a
challenge? I thought you didn't fight girls?"

"Things change. I've had to adapt," Ranma replied with a small shrug
as if the whole idea wasn't important even thought what he was about
to do was killing him inside.

Akane watched Ranma shrug and it drove a wedge into her heart. Ranma
was willing to change here, for them, but not with her. The whole
time they were together she wanted him to take her seriously. . .
it's what started the whole hammer thing, but he just wouldn't fight
her. Now he was willing. Here, far from home, far from her, he would.
Akane clutched her head as the flashes of memories of all the hoping
she did when they were engaged caused an unexpected pain in her
frontal brain, something wasn't right. Snapping her head up she gave
Ranma an evil smile, "So you lost your honour huh? Or is it that you
never had any? You were more than willing to hit Kodachi, or even
Shampoo, so all that talk about not fighting girls was talk."

"I never hit you. . I never hurt you because I thought I was in love
with you," Ranma looked directly into Akane's eyes as a sadness crept
into his eyes.

"LIAR!!!" Akane burst forward in blinding speed and brought a kick
aimed at Ranma's neck with all her strength. Ranma blocked it but she
didn't stop there, she threw punch and kick after punch and kick as
the rage engulfed her, "LIAR! You always hurt me! You just never hit

"I never meant to," Ranma replied apologetically as he countered
each blow but didn't strike back. Akane wasn't getting much through
his defences but what did hit felt like Ryoga had hit him.

[Idiot!!] Akane screamed slipping back into Japanese needing to
concentrate on he moves more than all the languages in her head. She
tried a spin kick that went into a second spin kick on the opposite
foot then back to a spin kick using her strong foot as each barely
missed Ranma, [You always called me slow! Weak! Clumsy! UNCUTE!!]

"You were slower than me. You were weaker than me, Shampoo. . . even
Ukyo. You were clumsy, I would have been too but Pop pushed me past
that phase in growing up," Ranma said to each point she screamed at
him as he took a solid hit to his defending arm that bruised the
bone. "And you're only uncute because of how you acted towards me,
not because you were ugly. . . [You're beautiful]"

Akane nearly stopped at the last confession but the rage wasn't
going to let her as something held a hold on her anger, [You aren't
fighting back coward!]

Ranma dodged a snap fist and leapt back looking saddened even more,
he had hoped he could have talked her down but it didn't look like it
was going to work. Stepping back into a fighting distance he
swallowed his pride as struck up at Akane's stomach hoping to end it
on one hit, "I'm sorry Akane."

Akane sneered at the pigtailed boy as she easily block and brushed
away the attack showing she hadn't been showing her full speed,
"You're sorry? For what? Being a liar? A total loser? Or because
you're so conceded that you miss the obvious? I'm as good as you are

Ranma moved back avoiding a quick kick to his nose, it finally
clicked in to his brain that Akane was trying to kill him. Not hurt
him, but kill him. This wasn't Akane. It might be her body, her aura,
but what was flowing through her wasn't her. Possibly a demon. And
what do a Slayer and powerful martial artists do to demons? They made
them go away. Forever.

But he couldn't kill Akane.

Squaring his shoulders he decided that he would have to do what he
said he would do. With blinding speed he was suddenly in front of
Akane, so close that air had trouble passing, and this caused Akane's
eyes to go wide in shock as she jumped back, "Your right, you are
better than you have ever been, but you never got it. I. AM. THE.

"KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!!!" Ranma screamed out at the loudest his
voice could make it as he threw all of his energy into the speed of
his strikes. Akane was able to block a few blows but most of them got
through and hit her everywhere, even Ranma lost count of the number
of strikes he made with his full strength behind each blow. Akane
looked like a puppet on strings as the blows hit her but wouldn't let
her fall down, knock to one side then to the other, down then up then
down again. The others couldn't watch the brutality of the attack,
even Buffy had to look away praying for the poor girl.

Ranma stopped suddenly and moved to catch the falling body of Akane,
tears threatening in his eyes. Akane was still barely conscious and
it stunned Ranma to see a smile on her face, [You finally took me
serious. . . Thank you]

Ranma laid the limp body of Akane on the ground and did the least
manly thing he'd ever done someone in his life, twice, he cried.

Willow was the first to approach Ranma and hugged onto him as Buffy
moved in and checked Akane's pulse. Stepping back Buffy looked at the
two boys who couldn't believe what they saw and gave then a weak
smile, "She's still alive."

- - - - -

Tatewaki Kuno looked at the blonde foreigner who had attacked him
with indignant arrogance, [I know not were you. . creature came from
to befoul the Kuno house but know this, you face your destruction at
the hand of the Blue Thunder!]

The blonde man stood up from the crouch he had landed in, causing
his leather trench coat to brush around him, and gave Kuno a evil
smile around his inhuman features, [Don't know why Dru wanted you two
but I'm up for a little fun.]

"Don't kill him, Spiky, we need him alive to kill right," Drusilla
said as she looked from the limp form of a Japanese girl wearing a
black leotard. Blood was on her lips and her clothes looked a little
tattered from straight cuts here and there.

"Right Luv," Spike smiled again as he and the katana wielding boy
leapt at each other.

- - - -

AN: Well that took longer than expected. Life was getting in the way
of art and even though I know where I'm taking this 'book' I was
having problems starting it off. I still think it's a work in
progress but too many people have been begging for me to continue
that here it is. Akane is now in Sunnydale, Oz has been brought into
the story (for a reason), and there are problems on the wind.

As a reminder I am only paying lip service to the storyline in BTVS
as I want to allow creative juices flow around new ideas. Some things
from the season will come up but not much. As to the Mayor's
ascension in that season. . . think like this book is the first six
months of that season and the Mayor is in the second six months, I'm
not dealing with him or Faith yet (I do have plans).

Hope you continue to enjoy.

Felix Webster